The GOS 128 – Sinners are losers!

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

In household, “marital life” is blessed by the Almighty by weighing several things. Their marital life depends on factors like their past lives’ karma, the present karma, their parents’ karma. If good karma surrounds them, the life is peaceful and if bad karma surrounds, the life is troublesome. By spoiling others’ lives and think that one’s offspring should lead a happy life will never give peace.

Moreover, the marital life remains happy only if the marriage is conducted with the money got by fair means.

A couple came to me to seek Nadi reading and they came straight to the point. “This marriage should not happen. Agastya Muni should somehow stop this marriage” – they started of, fuming with frustration about their own daughter. As they were really frustrated, I gave them some time to settle down, remained quiet.

“Generally, Agastya Muni comes forward to conduct marriages and not to separate couples. You have come with a wrong intention. Please seek guidance elsewhere.”

“Please ask Agastya. He knows.” – they were adamant. I opened the Nadi.

Agastya also agrees that this marriage should not happen.” – said the Maha Muni and the parents faces resembled happiness.

But this marriage will happen.” – came the next word which made their faces shrink so much.

“This does not seem like a clairvoyance but like you say whatever crosses your mind. Isn’t there no other go?” – they asked.

No. All you want is your daughter should not get married to that boy but should get married as per your wish, isn’t it?” – asked Agastya.


Then in that case, you must cross four levels. One, you must do certain parikara. Second, you must seldom take any hasty decisions. Third, the marriage between that boy and your girl will happen. This cannot be stopped. Fourth, your daughter will return to your house.” – said Agastya.

“All these steps are contradicting to each other eh? Shouldn’t it be just black and white? If the marriage will happen anyway, it means that why we came here for, is not fruitful. What’s the use then if she returns to our house or not?” – they were really angry.

I said, “Ma’am, you asked a question and I got you an answer from Agastya. It is up to you to accept it or reject.”

“No sir. My daughter and the boy is getting married in 27 days. They both are in America. They have made all arrangements for the wedding without our permission. We don’t like it. Hence we have sought Agastya’s help in having this marriage stopped.”

“As you have come too late, Agastya cannot do anything. But He has given certain messages subtly. There must be some reason in this.” – I tried to convince.

“They said that everything happens if one seeks Agastya’s guidance and hence we came. But by looking at what you said, it appears you just say what crosses your mind to convince us.” – said the man.

“Not just you…those who seek Nadi or those who read the Nadi stories also think that these are all just imaginary stories. It is up to individuals’ wish” – I sat down saying so.

“Tell us the parikara. We shall do them and see.” – they gave up.

Chathru Samhara yagna should be done first. Then should do pooja of Karkotaka Yantra with the Naga.” – said Agastya.

They wrote it down, not very convinced and left. Eighteen days passed by.

“Sir. We have done the parikara suggested by Agastya. Nothing seems to happen. It looks like their marriage will happen anyway eh?” – they came back.

Let the marriage happen know?” – said Agastya Muni.

“What do we do if You say so?”

The marriage will happen. Then as per your wish, the marriage will happen within your caste only.” – said Agastya. But they were not convinced but were disappointed and left. Ten more days passed by.  They came again appearing grief stricken.

“Sir, just as Agastya said, they are married now. The man my daughter married is admitted in the hospital.”

“Oh my God! What happened?”

“Once they registered their marriage and were returning, they met with an accident and the man got hurt beneath his waist. My daughter is safe thankfully.”

“It is good that your daughter is safe. How is he now?”

“He is safe but below his waist, none of the organs will function. He will get discharged from the hospital but he cannot lead a normal marital life, the doctors there in the US have told.”


“He will be just a name-sake husband.”

“How then will your daughter live with him?”

“We’re thinking just the same. Our daughter should decide in this regard.”

I remained silent but got various thoughts in mind, about the possible decisions that she could make and finally opened the Nadi.

As soon as the man comes out of the hospital, he himself will have the re-marriage conducted to this girl. The second husband will be of the girl’s same caste, as her parents wanted. Since the second one is also in America, there won’t be any issues later as well.” – said Agastya.

Only after this, the parents let a sigh of relief and the faith towards Agastya came.

“All is ok. But why such a marriage happened? If Agastya wills, He could’ve stopped it right?” – I was scared, but dared to ask the Maha Muni.

Let Us explain the reason after this girl’s second marriage gets over.” – said He.

Nine months went by.

Just as Agastya said, the first husband convinced the girl to get re-married and the bridegroom was the girl’s distant relative, which was a happier turn of event. The parents attended the wedding in America and came back to me one day.

“Agastya said He will tell about the marital life of our daughter later. Did He say anything?”

I began to read. As I began, the parents’ face turned pale and their hands and legs started shivering.

You mishandled the money which was given to you in account of the temple and were maintaining a fraudulent account. That money, you had used to get your daughter educated. You cheated your own sister by taking over the wealth that belonged to her and with that money, you sent your daughter abroad to get educated and spent lavishly.

At the same time, when the sister asked for financial assistance to get her kid educated, you refused. Not just that, when that girl grew up, you gave the sinful money you got out of bribe, that too not with full consent, and conducted the marriage. Then you separated the couple as well.

Then how come your daughter’s marital life be peaceful (here Agastya uses the term ‘da’ in Tamil towards the person, which denotes lack of respect. This term is used also between friends and to younger ones). If you earn money through ill means and feed your children, it is like feeding sin (Paapa) to them. That’s why all these grief
happened in your daughter’s life.

For this second marriage to last, do not indulge in sin. Return the wealth that belongs to others. Else…! Your future itself will become a big question mark!” – whipped the Maha Muni.

They listened to these and left, only never to came back. I think that they must have done what the Maha Agastya asked them to do. The food we feed and the life we live will be peaceful only if it is related to good karma. It is good if everyone understands this. By thinking that no one is witnessing if someone indulges in whatever ways they want and commit sins, it results in a life that lacks the most important thing – peace!

Beware, realize and live a life of dharma. It is nice to be nice :).


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