The GOS 129 – Come let’s play!

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

Mankind…they are of many varieties. They think of something in mind and talk just the opposite. This is staying away from truthfulness. For those who continue to cheat others, the fate makes them get caught one day. It could be in front of the Almighty, or in front of the Siddhas that they get caught.

If one thinks that they can cheat the Siddhas and show their cheap plays, the Siddha plays with them. If we understand their playfulness, we can enjoy it. Is it even possible to cheat the Siddha? He atlast forgives the fraud, transforms the person and makes them turn towards Their way ensuring peace and happiness floats in their lives. Then He directs all the credit to the Almighty and goes on with His duties. Let us see one such incident in this post.

There came a person saying, “We don’t have any female child. All the three born are males with one having a hole in his heart, another is with inadequate mental growth and the other one hasn’t spoken a word till date.”

He appeared rich and was on his mid age. It is the attitude one gets when they are wealthy, that makes them speak whatever they want to whoever, without thinking.

“Ok. What should I do?” – I asked.

“All three male children of mine are having one or the other issues. I am wealthy. If a girl child is born to me, I will get her married to a person and make that son-in-law stay in our house to take care of my wealth. Agastya Muni should bless me for this.” – he said casually.

I thought, “What to ask a Maha Siddha and what not to, people seem to have lost that fine line of discrimination. They think of Him as some astrologer. Why isn’t this person getting the idea that He is a Maha Siddha?”

I would have felt very happy had he asked about methods to make the male children alright. Instead, he wants a girl child whom he will raise, get her married to a person to whom he will bestow all his wealth. How weird? What will he do if the fourth one is born male again? He probably got my thought frequency, he began to speak.

“Now my wife is pregnant. If the fetus turns out to be male, I will destroy it in the womb itself. If its a girl, I will let it take birth. Only Agastya can show me a way for this.” – he said just so casually.

I was surprised and got angry a bit too. There are numerous couple who are childless and are desperate, here’s a person who is ready to destroy a fetus. What sort of a person he is, I thought. I remained silent for a while and asked him what he wants to know from Agastya Muni.

“I want to know if the child about to be born is a male or a female.”

“If known?”

“I will proceed accordingly..”


“Abortion if its male, delivery if its a female.”

“What will you do if Agastya refuses to answer such queries?”

“I will assume that whatever comes in Agastya Jeeva Nadi is all lies. I will also broadcast that people need not have to believe in Nadi.” – he spoke arrogantly.

“What if I don’t read the Nadi at all?”

“I will tell others that out of fear, you avoided reading the Nadi for me.”

“As a matter of fact, I am least bothered or affected. By God’s grace, I am not in a position to run my life by reading Jeeva Nadi. More over, neither me or Agastya Muni needs fame or advertisements. If the Nadi is read and that does not happen, I will feel sad.

Instead, if no one comes to read the Nadi, it is sort of a relief for me.”

He did not expect such an answer probably. He was shocked slightly. Though the thought of his wealth makes him speak whatever, neither me or Agastya bothers to care about such people.

“What sir? You are just refusing? I was just playing with you. Please do not mistake me.” – he changed his tone and some politeness appeared in his voice.

I asked.

“It is illegal and a criminal offense to know the sex of the fetus. When the doctors themselves does not open their mouth, how can you expect Agastya to? Hence, do not ask such questions to Agastya Muni.”

“Sir, I have already asked my family doctor. He has mentioned it as a male child. I just wanted to get Agastya’s opinion and was about to perform an abortion. Agastya Muni who carries out so many good deeds will take care of this problem as well, I thought and have come from a long distance.” – truth emerged out.

I was in a dilemma now.

“Agastya O! You have made me get stuck in such a situation. Should I read the Nadi for this person or not? If it is said ‘Male’, he will make arrangements for abortion. If said ‘female’ and later if it turns out to be different, I don’t know what will be the after effects. Should I read the Nadi or just brush him off?”

I did not feel like saying ‘No’ to read Nadi for him. Let me just read. Let Agastya show me a way too and picked up the Nadi.

The one seated before Me, does not believe in his children. Had he asked the ways to make them healthy, I would have shown him the way. To save his wealth, he wants to write a new episode. He wants Agastya’s help in his plans. If refused, he says he will broadcast badly about Agastya’s words to everyone.

Has he ever thought for a second, as to how long is he going to live with that wealth? He wants to ask Agastya’s ‘opinion’ about doing a murder? How strange eh?!” – he said these only to me and then…

Your thoughts will be fruitful. Come back after 6 months.” – He just said these to the person.

The wealthy man became joyous. He thought that the child is going to be girl and left happily. Once he left, I got a doubt. Whatever Agastya Muni told me, are they correct? Or whatever He told the person is correct?

Wait and see…” – I got the reply later. Four months went by. The same person came running as though his own ship has sunk. I inquired.

“My business is at loss due to an accident leaving me in debt of 2 crores. I had to sell off all my wealth. My current debt after the selling is 1.5 crores. I am struggling between life and death. Only Agastya can save me..”

“How is your wife?”

“Her pregnancy is at the eighth month. I believe that luck will favor me if the child is born. Only Agastya can tell..” – he was mentally tired.

I asked Agastya.

All he wanted was a girl child right? We had answered this already that day that his thoughts will become fruitful right? Why is he then tensed?

“Agastya should bless that the child should be without any health issues and should live longer..”

That should be decided by The One with Three Eyes and Lord Brahma. Not Agastya.


Make arrangements for the male children’s treatment. In about one and a half month, a doctor from a foreign land will come. Through the blessings of a Pure Soul, the children will improve in their health. After nine years, all three will see a lot of growth.” – said Agastya.

“Thanks many many.” – the person thanked Agastya.

Not only that..write a will of all your wealth to these male children. This will not go off your hand and will protect like a banyan tree in the future.

“Just as you say O Lord! Then what about the girl child yet to be born…?”

Why worry about that now? You asked a girl child. We requested Brahma and as per Karma and Dharma and His acceptance, We’ve made arrangements for the same. That’s all. The rest will happen as per Karma, Dharma and Fate.

The person was happier and doubtful both. I thought, “this is indeed a strange case.”

He came back after two months.

“The three male children are showing progress. There was a foreign doctor who came to a hospital that runs through the grace of Puttabharthi Sai Baba and said that these children will become normal in due course of time. I am greatly relieved. I have written a will distributing the remaining wealth on these children. The business has also picked up now. I have the courage now that I will get back the lost wealth as well.” – he said all these and suddenly began to weep profusely.

I remained silent as I couldn’t guess why. He said…

“The girl child was born just as I wished. Along with that a male child was born too as twins. The male child is healthy now but the female child…passed away four hours after birth.”

Agastya’s words came true. But the person’s greed was broken in to pieces. Fate, has saved the three sons. Only by knowing this already, The Maha Siddha asked to write a will to all three children, I thought and opened the Nadi.

We thought of teaching his crooked attitude a lesson who thinks that by his wealth and his intelligence, he could play a clever game with God and Me. He just wanted a girl child but to decide a child’s time of stay, it’s age, is done by God. He seldom knows. It is the Almighty’s grace that the three male children should improve after the medical treatment and live longer.

Most of them do not know how to ask and what to ask. He is one such case.” – concluded Agastya!

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