The GOS 134 – Nambi Malai – 1

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I am an optimist. On many occasions, Agastya Muni has protected me from unforeseen dangers. I am merely a human and do get scared. In spite of it, I summon up courage, even blame Agastya Muni and manage things. At times, I even get frustrated thinking, “Why is He getting me in to all these troubles?”. I just pour out my heart when confusing situation occur, the Maha Muni listens to them, and whips me like anything.

Just so, when no one had come for Nadi reading, I had opened the Jeeva Nadi. The instruction was to visit a certain temple at a hill top at a certain date and time and He would say further there. I set forth along with a few of my friends at once. It was the 31st of July 2009, Friday, Anusha star, Shukla Paksha Dasami. He wanted me to visit Nambi Malai temple. This temple is located at Tirunelveli Jilla, near a village called Thirukurumkudi. The temple comes under the forest area that is part of the Tamilnadu Forest Department’s jurisdiction. It is one of the 108 Divya Desam of Vaishnava Sthalas. This is the place where a river called Nambiyaru is born and becomes Thamirabarani eventually.

The vehicle we went by reached late for whatever reasons I did not know. But the time Agastya Muni mentioned had elapsed and I kept murmuring about it on the way. My friends reasoned that there should be some purpose behind even this. I was running out of patience, looked out and said it is hot already and how are we going to climb up-hill. Today is Chandrashtamam and I wanted to be in Mouna Vrat. Agastya is testing me like these…I kept on.

When we reached the base of the hill, it was 10.30 in the morning. The exhaustion after traveling in a vehicle, sweat, the thought that the travel has not been like it was thought of, the mental block of how we are going to climb uphill all these made me think that we should sit somewhere and take some rest. I thought however, to check the Nadi to see what the Maha Muni feels. I have to mention, he just took me for a ride like anything.

This is what came in the Nadi…

“As the bright Anusha star is born, Agastya blesses with a pleased heart, He appreciates. For this beloved is lamenting all along for the vehicle to have reached a little late. He seldom understands. That was Rahu Kala. A good start is half the work done. Hence Agastya had clearly mentioned only to step up at 10.22. As it was Rahu Kala between 9 and 10.30, and that you should not step in before Rahu Kala passes, the vehicle itself came late. Agastya’s point is that a task and a word being spoken, should be done at the right time, good time. Hence Agastya is orchestrating these step by step. Though at his 50’s that he reads, Agastya firmly thinks that the Gnana is not sufficient enough in him till now. He was jumping and dancing saying ‘it’s time, time has elapsed’ etc., What rights does he have to blame the nature, the Almighty?

Time will elapse. You advice everyone to wait till the time ripens, then how come it does not apply to you? Why are you not controlling yourself? It is supposed to be that one steps up here at 10.30. You stepped up just as so. Just take some rest and along with your friends, reach Nambi Malai directly. The rest, We shall say at the entrance of the temple, blessings!

There is another thing da!*  – (* the term da is used in Tamil by elders when they point to the younger ones).

The Panchanga that humans prepare, it contains a thing called Chandrashtamam. The son of Mesha, you said today is Chandrashtamam. It will be always Chandrashtamam for you in all your travels. It is by fate. But let Agastya give you an assurance, “No Chandrashtamam will do anything to you hereafter!!” Why because, there was such a thought initially. Whenever he starts, he walks, when he goes, when he comes, he always says, Chandrashtamam! Let us be quiet, if been quiet, there are no words, no words means no future. No need to keep quiet, but avoid speaking harsh. That’s all I said. There is no point in being silent.

Hence I say this now, after speaking to the fate-goddess here. As per him, he is on his way to become a Siddha. Those who are on the way of becoming a Siddha, Chandrashtamam won’t do anything. Let Agastya say this as the breeze that flows through Podhigai Hills. Chandrashtamam won’t affect anyone. This is a gift from Agastya to those who have come to His place, it is a custom eh! Do not worry about Chandra or Ashtama’s. Just relax for a while and proceed towards Nambi Malai, blessings!” – concluded the Maha Siddha.

My friends started pulling my legs, “We told you then, that there is a purpose behind everything. Now you got a nice whipping from Agastya Guru.”

After relaxing sometime, we started walking towards the curvy pathway that lead to the top. As soon as we reached the temple, we did a Namaskaram, went straight to Nambiyaru (aaru means river) and took bath to exhaust our tiredness and freshen up. Then we came and had a darshan of the Nambi on the hill and sat straight opposite to Perumal, at the entrance of the temple and opened the Nadi. The information that came took me to a surprise!

“This is the time when the bright Anusha star is born. Why Agastya called you all here, about your future, etc., I am going to tell a big story. The time you had lived so far is not the time you lived. The time which is going to come from now on, is the time which you are really going to live. Agastya will list out many reasons. As Agastya speaks, not just you humans, the 17 other Maha Siddhas are gathered here too. After a long time, to hear what this Agastya is going to say, I called upon all my beloved sons and disciples. This is a wonderful time where everyone is gathered.

That day we said, “seated near the rounded rock, when the rounded moon comes for a stroll, when the melody of the nearby waterfalls come, as though a cuckoo sings, let us be seated here, the human siddhas and the deva siddhas, let us all chat, I said that day. To see a rehearsal, I invited you all now. There is going to be a big thing happening. Only after which there is going to be huge changes in this world. From then on, those who commit hideous sins are going to die, with their lives suffer. All those who commit Punya, this Agastya is going to show them a good life.

There is a reason for why I asked you all to come here. There are many a reasons as to why this remote place, this temple, this date and time which are like Deva Rahasya, though we shall say a few of them. My beloved brother Bhoga Siddha is nearby. It is the medicine of Bhoga which is the best out of all, in the entire world da! Even Agastya has bestowed the whole responsibility to Bhoga. Those who trust in Bhoga, worship Bhoga, the herbs they give to others, are not just herbs but are life savers it will be. Those herbs, there is a rule that only if it is given by a certain person, that it works well. That Bhoga is seated here. I must say a lot about Bhoga. He is the one who did Rasa-Vadha, He prepared Mercury out of which He made a method by which humans can live up to 400 or 500 years. This Bhoga has written all those secrets in a palm leaf.

In this auspicious day, to that person who bestows the herbs of Bhoga, I am going to give away that palm leaf of Bhoga for only 9 days. This I say, after getting the approval from Bhoga, as he nods. The reason for asking to bring “that” Nadi, is to bestow that palm leaf to the person who carries out health care in the name of Bhogafor 9 days, then We shall say. Each and every oushadha (herb) cures particular disease, this the entire world knows. Do not think that Agastya is talking about medicines and healthcare. As the three of them here are very good in healthcare, let Me speak about that first and then come to general life etc.,

Oushadha means Medicine. Medicine is not just to save the life but it is required even for the mind. Hence they say Ma Marundhu (Maha Oushadha). If the mind is under control, one can win life. There has been many an information, history, details about the mind. Many a sacred souls have spoken in detail, in short, step by step about this mind. Not just here, throughout the world, there is a great research about the mind, as to what it does, its potential power, how it can take oneself for a ride etc., They are spreading all these like a concept nowadays. If the mind is under control, one can go places.

“What did you bring here, that you are going to take?” – asked Bhagavan Shri Krishna in his Bhagavadh Gita that day. The truth of those word is going to be seen truly today!

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 133 – Karkotakanallur 3

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

In those days, there used to be a big Agraharam (the residential area where Brahmins live collectively is called so). There were amazing people. They all perished. Once there was a flood in Thamirabarani, when adharma started
increasing, We decided that a Pralaya should be there and We made the flood in Thamirabarani, which eradicated those evil minded people, about a lakh and above.

This surroundings, all these are excellent. This is all filled with utmost divinity. This is where the Gods walked around. To this day, you do not have to worship the Gods by looking up there in the sky. Just come here and roll over in this holy soil, all your doshas will be gone because, this soil has that fragrance, this river has that much specialty. Do not think of this Thamirabarani as any ordinary river. Even to this day, the sanctity of this river has not lessened.

When Agastya is saying these words, svayam Thamirabarani is sitting next to Agastya and is listening to His words. You will get goose pimps if you close your eyes and visualize it. A chillness will spread. Think that the chillness is a blessing that Thamirabarani gives you. The Akasha (sky) itself is seated here by all its will. The
strength for the sky is its clouds and who is the Lord of clouds? That Varuna Bhagavan, is seated here besides me. Not just that, I turn around slowly and what I see?

My beloved Lord, the almighty Hanuman, is seated here in Dasya Bhava (the pose with one hand covering the mouth or folded as if worshipping). I am narrating all that I see. If you can, close your eyes and visualize. Just listen to Agastya and visualize. You will get that vision as well. The reason? This is the time where the Gods are seated here. At a time, this is the place where Anjaneya Swami came along with Sri Rama, took bath, sat in the banks of this river and were chatting their heart’s wishes and spent a blissful time.


It’s rare that Rama laughed. Right from the beginning of His life till the end, it was all misery. But still, we all write ‘Rama Jayam’ but not ‘Krishna Jayam’ or any other Jayam. Hayagreeva Jayam? No we just write Rama Jayam. Lord Rama is such! This Pachchai Vannan (the green colored one) is seated here just as a re-incarnation of Lord Rama. I already said that it is this same day that he sat here as an idol. As it keeps coming to Me, I repeat. Such a holy day, such a blessed time, such a divine place is where we are all seated now.

A person, when does anything for the Almighty, his three generations get benefited by that one single act. All their sins will be powdered. His family will continue to flourish for three hundred years.” I mentioned about Naga Linga, it’s just an incarnation of Adi sesha. Here the milk abisheka is done for Garuda only, not to the snake. So, the anger equivalent to that of a snake, he was seated here and ruled. Hence the moment we say “Karkotaka”, they think evil.

But it is only after some evil that the good happens – to testify this example to be true, this Karkotaka is an example. The Garuda, is seated here and right next to him is none other than Adi Sesha. Can you see what a similarity here? It is only the humans who get separated out. The devas, though they do have some conflicts, they remain united irrespective of the differences.

In the Ramavatara, they say Ravana was killed. He was not. What I mean is, the one who is with the attributes and qualities of Ravana, must be eradicated and dharma should be established. Even that day, Adi Sesha was seated nearby. Even Garudazhwar (Garuda) is seated nearby and is looking at Lord Vishnu without even blinking, blissfully. No one can witness such rare visions anywhere else. See? The two opposite ones, seated next to each other are worshipping Bhagavan, that is Vishnu. This rare site, I see now. This wonderful day is very auspicious to Agastya. Hence I asked you all to be here today.

This Agastya is as Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. The place I stroll is Podhigai Hills. I spoke from the Podhigai Hills and just came here. Now I am seated next to you and am speaking. Those who are around me here and now, all of them wanted to go to Chathuragiri. If we fold our hands and worship through the direction of Chathuragiri hills, I could see all the Siddhas there are blessing. This is a rare occasion where all the divine aspects are culminating here. Who will get such a blessing?

Whoever prayed to Agastya in their previous births, who ever served to this Pachchai Vannan and prayed, only those are here today where I have washed off 33% of their sins already and have blessed them with Punya too. Whatever sins they have committed, knowingly or unknowingly, they are just humans right, they change color, attributes anything and must have spoken without thinking or hurt others. But still, the Thamirabarani Herself is bestowing 33% of Punya to them. You all are blessed with that much bhagya. I have already mentioned how holy Thamirabarani is. This river is where Ganga cleansed off her accumulated sins. That Thamirabarani says, “Whatever I could, I shall give 33% to all those present here.”

Even test your blood scientifically. There will be some vacuum there. That vacuum is none other than Her Punya that’s bestowed to you. Accept it. “From this day onwards, let all the welfare (kshema) be on to you all here. Let there be a great life. Let them throw away their past and start a fresh new life.” – I say this on behalf of this Karkotakanallur Vishnu, on behalf of the 204 Siddhas with me.

Maha Muni Jamadhagni is here. How great is He? In the banks of river Ganga, underneath the earth, one who has done penance for 4000 years, He is here. This Agastya, prostrates before the Jamadhagni Maha Muni. I get their blessings for you for its rare to get the Munivar’s blessings.

All of you must have performed severe penance in the jungle, even without water, for several years. There must have been ant-hills grown on you and in spite of it, you must have continued your penance. Only those get Moksha. Only those get Vaikunta Loka. But I see Muni like Jamadhagni blessing with so much of mercy. All is for you. In this Kotaka Nallur, all those lives that perform spiritual activities, this blessings shall reach them. Even if they are here or not, this day is like a very big gift. All that Agastya wants is that the people around here, should get a very good life, all Mangalam should happen to them. Inability should get away from them. Anger must leave them. In their minds, Punya should start pouring out.

Not just that…Agastya mentioned this many a times. Most of them here, do not have another birth. Let Agastya give away that blessing, on behalf of the fate herself. I won’t say who are those who do not have a birth after this but if I do, they will be caught with ego. They may think, “Ha, I don’t have any more births, I shall be whatever I want to be…” – so I am not naming them. But let Me assure that for most of you, I shall assure you that you don’t get a re-birth. I shall arrange for Moksha for you.

To sum up..

The one called as ‘My beloved Loba Mudra’, this Thamirabarani has given 33% of Punya. Agastya has bestowed Punya, the day in which the abhisheka was performed. This day, you have witnessed it all. That many incidents, I said earlier. All of you have the punya of witnessing those incidents. Hence you all have been blessed with such a Punya, I say and I hereby bless one and all – may you all be blessed!

The Kotakanallur series comes to an end hereby. We shall pray the almighty that all shall be blessed. Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu!

The amazing photograph of Garuda is by Greg. You can view its full blown beauty here at flickr.

The GOS 132 – Karkotakanallur – 3

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So, this Boomi is where the Siddhas walked around, Rishi Muni’s walked around here. Maha Purusha’s took holy dip in this Thamira Barani river to cleanse their sins. A few days back, this same Agastya asked you to read Nadi at 12 in the night. I mentioned about something. You may not have noticed, nevertheless, no harm in repeating why because…how holy this river Thamira Barani is, you all should know. Hence I say again.

That one day, the humans with all sorts of sins took holy dip in all the sacred rivers of their respective countries. A lot of them in Ganga, in Godhavari, in Yamuna, in Vaigai, they took bath and cleansed off their sins. All the rivers at last said, “As all the humans have washed off their sins on to us, where will we go to wash these off?” Lord Vishnu said, “Take bath in Holy Ganges. The accumulated sins of yours will be cleansed.” – which the Three Eyed Lord nodded too. Lord Brahma too said, “Yes, yes” – “Thathasthu”! All the rivers took a holy dip in Ganga whereby Ganga herself got polluted. Ganga came and cried to Agastya.

“O Agastya, Agasya! They have washed off their sins on to me. They are going to continue this, after they commit even more sins. I don’t have the strength to withstand all these. The Almighty Lord who adores me in His Head, is quiet in this regard. Can’t you help at least? Can’t you help me ward off these sins?”

Agastya then said: “Fear not! Come to Thamira Barani and take a holy dip. Your sister, she will absorb all the sins that you accumulated.”

Ganga is sensible. She asked, “What will she do with all the sins, if I take a dip?”

“I shall dissolve them. I have that power!” – said I. It was this same day that I said so. This same thing I said that day in Nambi Malai in the middle of the night when I gave a clairvoyance: {In this day, Ganga had come to take a holy bath here. See for yourself, that rounded rock will have the tamarind that she applied when taking bath.”
They went and saw and expressed their surprise and wonderment. This is not a surprise done by Agastya. The tamarind piece which was not to be seen all the while, how did that come? No human girl can visit that place to take bath, even if she is a forest-dweller (Adivasi). In that, it was Ganga who took the bath in Nambiyaru, a tributary of Thamirabarani. If one takes bath in this holy river just once, all the sins will be washed off. All the doshas will be gone. It is the day when Ganga Herself took a holy dip. This day, she got Agastya’s Upadesha. She came to this Kotakanallur this same day. This is very special.


I thought of letting you know in Nambi Malai the next day only. But some urge, whether everyone has the Bhagya (blessings) to listen to this tomorrow, not sure. Hence I said it right here. Ganga came to this Kotakanallur. The place where she took Her bath and did penance, this is exactly the same place where you are all seated. This is the same place where Ganga did Tapasya!

I say all these to mention about Thamirabarani. There is a wonderful place called “Karum Kulam” a little distance from this town. I have mentioned this many a times, but some may not know still, hence I repeat. On that day when Indra was cursed by Akalya, He had wounds all over His body and with tremendous suffering, He asked The Three Eyed Lord, “What should I do to cleanse off this sin?”, all the Gods pointed Him to Agastya. I took that responsibility.

“Indra, do not worry. Come to Karum Kulam and take a holy dip in Thamirabarani, and be seated there in the river for 37 minutes. The Nava Grahas will come along with their spouses and bless you. Once you take bath, prostrate before the Nava Grahas. All your doshas will be gone. Indra came to this very place which is called Sri Vaikuntam, took bath and when He opened His eyes, He saw the Nava Grahas with their spouses.

There is no place where the Nava Grahas give darshan with their wives but this Karum Kulam (Karungulam they say). They may have started doing the Avahana of Nava Graha with their spouses in other places afterwards, but this Karungulam was the first which has this grand history behind it. Indra came just as Agastya suggested, took bath, all His sins were washed off, the curse of Akalya, Vishwamitra etc. It is also this same day. I can say many more about this day, for hours.

What do these humans know? They put laws and regulations. Do they know anything about Agama rules? As long as they have flesh and blood, they can speak whatever they want, do whatever they want. But if they brush off everything and think, ‘God has blessed me with good. He gave me good health. This day, I should thank Him.’ At least after coming here, one should think straight.

The Atman which is in human is none other than God!

In every Atman, there is Paramatman, God. Agastya has never blamed any Atman. I have mentioned so many times. The one who is seated before you may be more Bhagyasali than you. He might have done a lot of Punya than you. Due to poverty or through situation, he might have spoken with frustration and spoke without thinking. That one, whatever he spoke, forgive him. I mentioned it many times.

This temple has seen Naga Prathishtai. The temple authorities who are here now are serving this temple for about 1547 years. They are not selected just randomly. There is a connection from their previous births (Janma’s). As per Agastya, this temple has a property of about 40 square miles, which were given by Anabaya Chozha and Kulothunga Chozha, who wrote them in copper plates, which are there in the north-eastern corner of this temple around 40 feet deep, around 6 such plates.

It it those people who are in-charge of this temple, birth after birth. Those who do any service to this temple, those who do an abhisheka with utmost devotion, they all have a connection from their previous births. Else, Agastya won’t say a word here. All of them have a lot of wealth, even now, but are hidden!

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 131 – Karkotakanallur – 2

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

This is the place where Garuda took the Vishwaroopa form. Have you heard of Garuda assuming Vishwaroopa form anywhere? Agastya sees that holy sight now, what a blissful sight it was? It happened around 1547 years back approximately. The Garudazhwar has greater respect in this place.

The place where you are reading Nadi, beneath that there is a Tamarind tree with 108 branches. In each of the 108 branches, 108 Gods reside. There are 108 Rishis who reside. 108 rare herbs are there beneath. I mentioned about life-saving herbs. This is the place where the blind got back his vision. There are herbs which restored hands and legs to those who had lost it. When taken the juice of these herbs, mix a bit of Sendhuram, a little Mercury, keep it inside the small hole under the Neem tree after having it covered with the cow-dung, if one consumes even a tiny amount of that herb after preserving it inside the Neem tree for 32 days, he shall not get aged, his hair does not become white. He will be able to see in the night as the owl. The skin does not shrink for that person who consumed this herb.

The herb is called ‘Vananga Mudi’ and it grows only once in 240 years.

There are 7747 nerves in the human body. The types of diseases that could come in these are 4148. Do not think that Agastya throws some numbers. If you happen to go to Vaideeswara temple, tilt the 8th stone which is in the north-eastern corner. There you shall find every details, right from sneezing ‘huch’ till ‘Kandamalai’, the terrible
disease, every detail. This herb has the capacity to nullify all that 4148 diseases. That herb, if you dig 48 feet beneath this temple, you will find a lush green plant. Agastya is not giving false information, does not do magic, is not scaring you, as a whole, He is not cheating you.

Today in this banks of Thamirabarani, this herb is growing. Agastya cannot say who is blessed to witness or consume that herb. But it is through this herb that many a Rishis, Munis are roaming here for a very long time. The 205 siddhas who are with Agastya now has reaped the benefit of this herb. Those who consume this herb once in 400 years will live for 400 years. Why not then the humans are blessed with this longevity? It is due to the sins they commit, the laws that they themselves have bound within. The rules that they try to impose even to the Almighty, which He seldom like.

When this place was a big Nandavanam (Garden), the Three Eyed Lord, various Brahma’s and other Gods roam around this place. In the months of Aipasi and Karthikai, they gather in this place and take part in the feast of consuming Amrut. Only after this, the humans got in to the habit of gathering in the river banks, cook food and consume it during the month of Adi, like Adi Amavasya, Adi Perukku etc. Agastya can recall and see that marvelous sight of Lord Shiva seated with Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, Saraswathi, and other gods and goddesses this same day. It is right on this place where Agastya is talking now.

The place Karkotakanallur is the holiest of places. This day is also the same day when Karkotaka was transformed to good. This is the place where Lord Vishnu came here and sat, turning green in color. He was earlier called as ‘The Green Colored’ (Pacchai Vannan) but somehow the name Bhruhan Madha lasted. They say this Lord as Para Brahma Swaroopa, they saw him as Madha (Mother) and all these got mixed to become Bhruhan Madha, which is only a colloquial term but the original name was Pacchai Vannan.

Those who have gathered here, all their sins have been washed out. They are going to continue to pray and are going to be benefited even more. Agastya guarantees you on behalf of this Pacchai Vannan and on behalf of all the Siddhas gathered. Agastya has done penance for about 4000 years. I have witnessed many a Pralaya. It is only two who has witnessed Pralaya. One is Kaka Bujunda, another is this Agastya. This Agastya is all powerful. One thinks of Agastya as the son of Shiva and is associated only with Shiva etc., It was Agastya who assumed Lord Karthikeya as my Guru. Lord Shiva has bestowed about 75% of His power. Lord Vishnu? He has bestowed all His powers to me, lying down on the bed of snake in that huge ocean. He bestowed His powers with Goddess Lakshmi Devi beside, by holding My hands on His and by pouring milk (as bestowing). This is that day. Lord Vishnu has said, “I have bestowed all my Sowbhagya to you. You may do as you wish. I won’t interfer.”

Lord Brahma and Saraswathi and asked what I wanted. Me? What does a Siddha want? – I said.

“No, no! Though being the creator, I formulate the fate of people as per their past deeds whereby some become weak in studies, some are mentally retarded, some are deaf, some blind etc. No one can ask me as to why I created so as they seldom know that it is their actions which resulted in the effects. But I bestow the secret of my creation to you. If you want…..change their fate!”

This is the same day which these things happened!

~ to be continued…!

The awesome featured image is rendered by Mystical Mike.

The GOS 130 – Karkotakanallur 1

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

This series and the forthcoming ones will have a different experience for the readers. We saw individual’s experiences through Nadi reading all the while. Now the story takes a deviation again as it did in Ahobilam series and we are about to witness another marvelous journey that Agastya leads. Agastya Muni has frequently asked me to visit many a places. I do just as he says without knowing what or why. But the incidents that He orchestrates thereafter never fails to surprise me. Mantrayalam, Rana Mandalam, Tirupathi, Bhadrachalam, Ahobilam, The Shiva temple hill which is near Erode, many such places He used to say about well in advance.

Just so, He chose a particular day, mentioned those who should accompany me and asked me to visit a place saying ‘We shall say a lot of things’. Though I was surprised at this specific instructions, myself and my friends went to the place He mentioned, to realize only later how blessed we were.

It was a village near Tirunelveli, which is one among those many many villages whose name is never heard of. It’s name is ‘Kotakanallur’. There are two temples in that village. A Shiva temple in the beginning of the village and at the other end of the village has ‘Bruhan Madhavan’ temple that of Lord Vishnu. The place we went and sat was Kotakanallur Bhruhan Madhar temple.

It was the 31st of October 2009, Saturday, Uthirattadhi star. Shukla Paksha Thrayodhasi Thithi. (It comes on the 14th of November on this year).

As per the instruction of Agastya Muni, I chose a shrine. With everyone seated around me, I opened the Nadi. The information that came thereafter surprised me so much. Let us see what Agastya Muni said, in His own words:

As the Uthirattadhi has arisen in the month of Aippasi, about a temple, about a future state, about the historical past, Agastya begins from within…as the one who circumbulated this temple for 6000 years. Long ago, on the same day and on the same star, at the same time when Agastya stayed in a garden (Nandavanam) nearby and conducted a Abhisheka to the One who is reffered to as ‘ParaBrahmam’, the Lord Venkatava. Today is the same exact day or else why would Agastya be here? It is the same Uthirattadhi star which is of my beloved Lord Shaneeshwara’s, when I conducted the Abhisheka to Lord Venkatava.

No one has written the history of this temple properly. This place was a Nandavanam 1747 years ago. Siddhas, Muni’s, Maha Muni’s, everyone gathered together and prayed to the Lord here, on this same day. Hence, there is a reason why these words are spoken in this place, in the banks of river Thamirabarani and on this day.

Many people do not know. They utter a name ‘Lopa Mudra’ referring to a lady, as my wife. No one asked who Lopa Mudra is. How was she born, where did she grow up etc., She is none other than Thamira Barani. This place is a miraculous place. Wherever you see, a river originates, gives out tributaries, runs across many a place and goes to a different state to merge in to a different ocean. Not just in Tamil Nadu but no where in the world we can see, that Thamirabarani river originates here, goes around Tirunelveli and merges only here.

Agastya has the pride of having this river originated and I have made this river Lopa Mudra. Apart from this, what is a wife for a Siddha or a Muni? Have you seen any Siddha with a wife? Never. Then why wasn’t this question asked, why only Agastya? No one asked. But it’s my duty to say it out as I made this Lopa Mudra here in the banks of Thamira Barani in this Kotakanallur. I have adorned this Thamira Barani as Lopa Mudra with me, not as a wife. I reside in Thamira Barani. I take a stroll in Podhigai Hills. Today I am here in the same place where 1800 years back, I made the Nandavanam and did Abhisheka to my beloved Lord as said earlier.

Today is the day where I made Thamira Barani as Lopa Mudra. I have made you all come here to narrate an incident that happened approximately 1477 years back. Not just Agastya, but around 205 Siddhas visit here, are strolling here. They talk about only the 18 primary Siddhas but there are countless Siddhas around. They call Agastya as the Thalayaya Siddha (the foremost Siddha), they call Son of Shiva as well. Agastya was born of fire, out of a yagna done by Lord Shiva, hence they call Me  as Son of Shiva.

Not just Lord Shiva, today is the day where Lord Vishnu gave total authority to Agastya. This day, there happened three important things. One, this is the day when Agastya performed 14 different types of Abhisheka to Lord Venkatava. Second, this day is when Agastya created Lopa Mudra. Third, Adishesha had bitten a child of a great Muni whereupon all the Muni’s prayed to Lord Vishnu. The father earnestly prayed ‘O Lord, I had performed different types of Abisheka to you, won’t you give me back my child who is bitten by snake?’. Agastya was there at that time when Garuda appeared. He took the poison out through his beak and it is that same day! No one knows this history.

This temple is very special like no other for Garuda. Why they perform Abisheka to this Garuda, is for this reason. This happened some 1477 years back. This holy soil is bearing all these wonderful holy incidents, do you know?

Why did We ask specific individuals to be along with you? Those gathered here, has once built a bathing tank. Not just that, they built a pond as well. Did I say, they also built a golden palaquin. This temple already had 300 acres of Nansei and 300 acres of Punsei land. In Agastya’s count, right from the tip of Tirunelveli to the base of Podhigai hills, the land belongs to this temple.

Vallabhaya Kulothunga Chozha has written a ‘Pattayam’ for this temple. To this day, the heirs of the same family who were the Dharma Kartha earlier continue to hold that post, whose forefathers held the same post right from Anabhaya, Kulothunga Chozha’s court. During their time, this temple had abisheka performed and had 6 kala puja.

Not just that, for this temple, for the offspring to continue to prosper, they only keep either of the three names: ‘Krishna swamy, Srinivasan and Thiru Venkatachari’. Thiru Venkatachari later got changed to Ramaswamy. The Pattayam that the Chozha kings Anabhaya and Kulothunga gave, is there in the ground, some 40 feet beneath,
in the north eastern corner of this temple. If one takes that Seppu Pattayam, one can know the amount of land for this temple.

So, this place was ruled by Kotaka, the serpent whose mere breath could destroy 300 miles around. Here in this place where Parasara Muni, Paranjyothi Muni did severe penance to Lord Venkatava in order to reduce the ferociousness of Karkotaka whereby Lord Venkata came and sat here as Bruhan Madhava. The Karkotaka did not spare even the Bruhan Madhava. He came and breathed heavily but nothing happened apart from Venkatava turning himself green. Karkotaka wanted to bite Bruhan Madhava. As the green has the tendency to break the poison and those who wears the Green stone (pachai kal) ring, they remain healthy and lead a good life. This green is Budha and Budha is Vishnu. There is a great relation between Green and Vishnu. This day revealed that great reason.

~ to be continued…!

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