The GOS 130 – Karkotakanallur 1

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This series and the forthcoming ones will have a different experience for the readers. We saw individual’s experiences through Nadi reading all the while. Now the story takes a deviation again as it did in Ahobilam series and we are about to witness another marvelous journey that Agastya leads. Agastya Muni has frequently asked me to visit many a places. I do just as he says without knowing what or why. But the incidents that He orchestrates thereafter never fails to surprise me. Mantrayalam, Rana Mandalam, Tirupathi, Bhadrachalam, Ahobilam, The Shiva temple hill which is near Erode, many such places He used to say about well in advance.

Just so, He chose a particular day, mentioned those who should accompany me and asked me to visit a place saying ‘We shall say a lot of things’. Though I was surprised at this specific instructions, myself and my friends went to the place He mentioned, to realize only later how blessed we were.

It was a village near Tirunelveli, which is one among those many many villages whose name is never heard of. It’s name is ‘Kotakanallur’. There are two temples in that village. A Shiva temple in the beginning of the village and at the other end of the village has ‘Bruhan Madhavan’ temple that of Lord Vishnu. The place we went and sat was Kotakanallur Bhruhan Madhar temple.

It was the 31st of October 2009, Saturday, Uthirattadhi star. Shukla Paksha Thrayodhasi Thithi. (It comes on the 14th of November on this year).

As per the instruction of Agastya Muni, I chose a shrine. With everyone seated around me, I opened the Nadi. The information that came thereafter surprised me so much. Let us see what Agastya Muni said, in His own words:

As the Uthirattadhi has arisen in the month of Aippasi, about a temple, about a future state, about the historical past, Agastya begins from within…as the one who circumbulated this temple for 6000 years. Long ago, on the same day and on the same star, at the same time when Agastya stayed in a garden (Nandavanam) nearby and conducted a Abhisheka to the One who is reffered to as ‘ParaBrahmam’, the Lord Venkatava. Today is the same exact day or else why would Agastya be here? It is the same Uthirattadhi star which is of my beloved Lord Shaneeshwara’s, when I conducted the Abhisheka to Lord Venkatava.

No one has written the history of this temple properly. This place was a Nandavanam 1747 years ago. Siddhas, Muni’s, Maha Muni’s, everyone gathered together and prayed to the Lord here, on this same day. Hence, there is a reason why these words are spoken in this place, in the banks of river Thamirabarani and on this day.

Many people do not know. They utter a name ‘Lopa Mudra’ referring to a lady, as my wife. No one asked who Lopa Mudra is. How was she born, where did she grow up etc., She is none other than Thamira Barani. This place is a miraculous place. Wherever you see, a river originates, gives out tributaries, runs across many a place and goes to a different state to merge in to a different ocean. Not just in Tamil Nadu but no where in the world we can see, that Thamirabarani river originates here, goes around Tirunelveli and merges only here.

Agastya has the pride of having this river originated and I have made this river Lopa Mudra. Apart from this, what is a wife for a Siddha or a Muni? Have you seen any Siddha with a wife? Never. Then why wasn’t this question asked, why only Agastya? No one asked. But it’s my duty to say it out as I made this Lopa Mudra here in the banks of Thamira Barani in this Kotakanallur. I have adorned this Thamira Barani as Lopa Mudra with me, not as a wife. I reside in Thamira Barani. I take a stroll in Podhigai Hills. Today I am here in the same place where 1800 years back, I made the Nandavanam and did Abhisheka to my beloved Lord as said earlier.

Today is the day where I made Thamira Barani as Lopa Mudra. I have made you all come here to narrate an incident that happened approximately 1477 years back. Not just Agastya, but around 205 Siddhas visit here, are strolling here. They talk about only the 18 primary Siddhas but there are countless Siddhas around. They call Agastya as the Thalayaya Siddha (the foremost Siddha), they call Son of Shiva as well. Agastya was born of fire, out of a yagna done by Lord Shiva, hence they call Me  as Son of Shiva.

Not just Lord Shiva, today is the day where Lord Vishnu gave total authority to Agastya. This day, there happened three important things. One, this is the day when Agastya performed 14 different types of Abhisheka to Lord Venkatava. Second, this day is when Agastya created Lopa Mudra. Third, Adishesha had bitten a child of a great Muni whereupon all the Muni’s prayed to Lord Vishnu. The father earnestly prayed ‘O Lord, I had performed different types of Abisheka to you, won’t you give me back my child who is bitten by snake?’. Agastya was there at that time when Garuda appeared. He took the poison out through his beak and it is that same day! No one knows this history.

This temple is very special like no other for Garuda. Why they perform Abisheka to this Garuda, is for this reason. This happened some 1477 years back. This holy soil is bearing all these wonderful holy incidents, do you know?

Why did We ask specific individuals to be along with you? Those gathered here, has once built a bathing tank. Not just that, they built a pond as well. Did I say, they also built a golden palaquin. This temple already had 300 acres of Nansei and 300 acres of Punsei land. In Agastya’s count, right from the tip of Tirunelveli to the base of Podhigai hills, the land belongs to this temple.

Vallabhaya Kulothunga Chozha has written a ‘Pattayam’ for this temple. To this day, the heirs of the same family who were the Dharma Kartha earlier continue to hold that post, whose forefathers held the same post right from Anabhaya, Kulothunga Chozha’s court. During their time, this temple had abisheka performed and had 6 kala puja.

Not just that, for this temple, for the offspring to continue to prosper, they only keep either of the three names: ‘Krishna swamy, Srinivasan and Thiru Venkatachari’. Thiru Venkatachari later got changed to Ramaswamy. The Pattayam that the Chozha kings Anabhaya and Kulothunga gave, is there in the ground, some 40 feet beneath,
in the north eastern corner of this temple. If one takes that Seppu Pattayam, one can know the amount of land for this temple.

So, this place was ruled by Kotaka, the serpent whose mere breath could destroy 300 miles around. Here in this place where Parasara Muni, Paranjyothi Muni did severe penance to Lord Venkatava in order to reduce the ferociousness of Karkotaka whereby Lord Venkata came and sat here as Bruhan Madhava. The Karkotaka did not spare even the Bruhan Madhava. He came and breathed heavily but nothing happened apart from Venkatava turning himself green. Karkotaka wanted to bite Bruhan Madhava. As the green has the tendency to break the poison and those who wears the Green stone (pachai kal) ring, they remain healthy and lead a good life. This green is Budha and Budha is Vishnu. There is a great relation between Green and Vishnu. This day revealed that great reason.

~ to be continued…!

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7 thoughts on “The GOS 130 – Karkotakanallur 1

  1. balraj k says:

    dear sir
    u have mentioned two different dates to visit Karkotakanallur one is 25-10-2015(in and another in the above article 14-11-2015.Kindly clarify the exact date to go to Karkotakanallur .

  2. Arjun says:

    There is a typing error in this page. One line it was written as 1477 years ago and in other place 1377.Kindly update.

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