The GOS 131 – Karkotakanallur – 2

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

This is the place where Garuda took the Vishwaroopa form. Have you heard of Garuda assuming Vishwaroopa form anywhere? Agastya sees that holy sight now, what a blissful sight it was? It happened around 1547 years back approximately. The Garudazhwar has greater respect in this place.

The place where you are reading Nadi, beneath that there is a Tamarind tree with 108 branches. In each of the 108 branches, 108 Gods reside. There are 108 Rishis who reside. 108 rare herbs are there beneath. I mentioned about life-saving herbs. This is the place where the blind got back his vision. There are herbs which restored hands and legs to those who had lost it. When taken the juice of these herbs, mix a bit of Sendhuram, a little Mercury, keep it inside the small hole under the Neem tree after having it covered with the cow-dung, if one consumes even a tiny amount of that herb after preserving it inside the Neem tree for 32 days, he shall not get aged, his hair does not become white. He will be able to see in the night as the owl. The skin does not shrink for that person who consumed this herb.

The herb is called ‘Vananga Mudi’ and it grows only once in 240 years.

There are 7747 nerves in the human body. The types of diseases that could come in these are 4148. Do not think that Agastya throws some numbers. If you happen to go to Vaideeswara temple, tilt the 8th stone which is in the north-eastern corner. There you shall find every details, right from sneezing ‘huch’ till ‘Kandamalai’, the terrible
disease, every detail. This herb has the capacity to nullify all that 4148 diseases. That herb, if you dig 48 feet beneath this temple, you will find a lush green plant. Agastya is not giving false information, does not do magic, is not scaring you, as a whole, He is not cheating you.

Today in this banks of Thamirabarani, this herb is growing. Agastya cannot say who is blessed to witness or consume that herb. But it is through this herb that many a Rishis, Munis are roaming here for a very long time. The 205 siddhas who are with Agastya now has reaped the benefit of this herb. Those who consume this herb once in 400 years will live for 400 years. Why not then the humans are blessed with this longevity? It is due to the sins they commit, the laws that they themselves have bound within. The rules that they try to impose even to the Almighty, which He seldom like.

When this place was a big Nandavanam (Garden), the Three Eyed Lord, various Brahma’s and other Gods roam around this place. In the months of Aipasi and Karthikai, they gather in this place and take part in the feast of consuming Amrut. Only after this, the humans got in to the habit of gathering in the river banks, cook food and consume it during the month of Adi, like Adi Amavasya, Adi Perukku etc. Agastya can recall and see that marvelous sight of Lord Shiva seated with Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, Saraswathi, and other gods and goddesses this same day. It is right on this place where Agastya is talking now.

The place Karkotakanallur is the holiest of places. This day is also the same day when Karkotaka was transformed to good. This is the place where Lord Vishnu came here and sat, turning green in color. He was earlier called as ‘The Green Colored’ (Pacchai Vannan) but somehow the name Bhruhan Madha lasted. They say this Lord as Para Brahma Swaroopa, they saw him as Madha (Mother) and all these got mixed to become Bhruhan Madha, which is only a colloquial term but the original name was Pacchai Vannan.

Those who have gathered here, all their sins have been washed out. They are going to continue to pray and are going to be benefited even more. Agastya guarantees you on behalf of this Pacchai Vannan and on behalf of all the Siddhas gathered. Agastya has done penance for about 4000 years. I have witnessed many a Pralaya. It is only two who has witnessed Pralaya. One is Kaka Bujunda, another is this Agastya. This Agastya is all powerful. One thinks of Agastya as the son of Shiva and is associated only with Shiva etc., It was Agastya who assumed Lord Karthikeya as my Guru. Lord Shiva has bestowed about 75% of His power. Lord Vishnu? He has bestowed all His powers to me, lying down on the bed of snake in that huge ocean. He bestowed His powers with Goddess Lakshmi Devi beside, by holding My hands on His and by pouring milk (as bestowing). This is that day. Lord Vishnu has said, “I have bestowed all my Sowbhagya to you. You may do as you wish. I won’t interfer.”

Lord Brahma and Saraswathi and asked what I wanted. Me? What does a Siddha want? – I said.

“No, no! Though being the creator, I formulate the fate of people as per their past deeds whereby some become weak in studies, some are mentally retarded, some are deaf, some blind etc. No one can ask me as to why I created so as they seldom know that it is their actions which resulted in the effects. But I bestow the secret of my creation to you. If you want…..change their fate!”

This is the same day which these things happened!

~ to be continued…!

The awesome featured image is rendered by Mystical Mike.

7 thoughts on “The GOS 131 – Karkotakanallur – 2

  1. Soham says:

    My son who is 10 yrs old has multiple calcification. Can u suggest when & how the medicines be obtained. Is my son eligible to take this medicine.please help us out.

  2. YOGvivek says:

    Oh my lord Agastya ,you are just blissfull.Ever youthfull.I dont know how to express my preyers to you but what I say how Im enjoying your mercy through this chapter.I feel i dont need anything else to read here onwards.Thanks to Gnanaboomi too.

  3. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

    Oh my Lord Agathyar!!! What kind of blessings is this..I don’t have word to explain….You have explained the real gnanaganga on this gnanabhoomi.


  4. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

    I really feel like this is a actual invitation to see You and Loop Mudra mata along with all Gods and Goddess at Korkotakanaluur specifically..

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