The GOS 132 – Karkotakanallur – 3

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So, this Boomi is where the Siddhas walked around, Rishi Muni’s walked around here. Maha Purusha’s took holy dip in this Thamira Barani river to cleanse their sins. A few days back, this same Agastya asked you to read Nadi at 12 in the night. I mentioned about something. You may not have noticed, nevertheless, no harm in repeating why because…how holy this river Thamira Barani is, you all should know. Hence I say again.

That one day, the humans with all sorts of sins took holy dip in all the sacred rivers of their respective countries. A lot of them in Ganga, in Godhavari, in Yamuna, in Vaigai, they took bath and cleansed off their sins. All the rivers at last said, “As all the humans have washed off their sins on to us, where will we go to wash these off?” Lord Vishnu said, “Take bath in Holy Ganges. The accumulated sins of yours will be cleansed.” – which the Three Eyed Lord nodded too. Lord Brahma too said, “Yes, yes” – “Thathasthu”! All the rivers took a holy dip in Ganga whereby Ganga herself got polluted. Ganga came and cried to Agastya.

“O Agastya, Agasya! They have washed off their sins on to me. They are going to continue this, after they commit even more sins. I don’t have the strength to withstand all these. The Almighty Lord who adores me in His Head, is quiet in this regard. Can’t you help at least? Can’t you help me ward off these sins?”

Agastya then said: “Fear not! Come to Thamira Barani and take a holy dip. Your sister, she will absorb all the sins that you accumulated.”

Ganga is sensible. She asked, “What will she do with all the sins, if I take a dip?”

“I shall dissolve them. I have that power!” – said I. It was this same day that I said so. This same thing I said that day in Nambi Malai in the middle of the night when I gave a clairvoyance: {In this day, Ganga had come to take a holy bath here. See for yourself, that rounded rock will have the tamarind that she applied when taking bath.”
They went and saw and expressed their surprise and wonderment. This is not a surprise done by Agastya. The tamarind piece which was not to be seen all the while, how did that come? No human girl can visit that place to take bath, even if she is a forest-dweller (Adivasi). In that, it was Ganga who took the bath in Nambiyaru, a tributary of Thamirabarani. If one takes bath in this holy river just once, all the sins will be washed off. All the doshas will be gone. It is the day when Ganga Herself took a holy dip. This day, she got Agastya’s Upadesha. She came to this Kotakanallur this same day. This is very special.


I thought of letting you know in Nambi Malai the next day only. But some urge, whether everyone has the Bhagya (blessings) to listen to this tomorrow, not sure. Hence I said it right here. Ganga came to this Kotakanallur. The place where she took Her bath and did penance, this is exactly the same place where you are all seated. This is the same place where Ganga did Tapasya!

I say all these to mention about Thamirabarani. There is a wonderful place called “Karum Kulam” a little distance from this town. I have mentioned this many a times, but some may not know still, hence I repeat. On that day when Indra was cursed by Akalya, He had wounds all over His body and with tremendous suffering, He asked The Three Eyed Lord, “What should I do to cleanse off this sin?”, all the Gods pointed Him to Agastya. I took that responsibility.

“Indra, do not worry. Come to Karum Kulam and take a holy dip in Thamirabarani, and be seated there in the river for 37 minutes. The Nava Grahas will come along with their spouses and bless you. Once you take bath, prostrate before the Nava Grahas. All your doshas will be gone. Indra came to this very place which is called Sri Vaikuntam, took bath and when He opened His eyes, He saw the Nava Grahas with their spouses.

There is no place where the Nava Grahas give darshan with their wives but this Karum Kulam (Karungulam they say). They may have started doing the Avahana of Nava Graha with their spouses in other places afterwards, but this Karungulam was the first which has this grand history behind it. Indra came just as Agastya suggested, took bath, all His sins were washed off, the curse of Akalya, Vishwamitra etc. It is also this same day. I can say many more about this day, for hours.

What do these humans know? They put laws and regulations. Do they know anything about Agama rules? As long as they have flesh and blood, they can speak whatever they want, do whatever they want. But if they brush off everything and think, ‘God has blessed me with good. He gave me good health. This day, I should thank Him.’ At least after coming here, one should think straight.

The Atman which is in human is none other than God!

In every Atman, there is Paramatman, God. Agastya has never blamed any Atman. I have mentioned so many times. The one who is seated before you may be more Bhagyasali than you. He might have done a lot of Punya than you. Due to poverty or through situation, he might have spoken with frustration and spoke without thinking. That one, whatever he spoke, forgive him. I mentioned it many times.

This temple has seen Naga Prathishtai. The temple authorities who are here now are serving this temple for about 1547 years. They are not selected just randomly. There is a connection from their previous births (Janma’s). As per Agastya, this temple has a property of about 40 square miles, which were given by Anabaya Chozha and Kulothunga Chozha, who wrote them in copper plates, which are there in the north-eastern corner of this temple around 40 feet deep, around 6 such plates.

It it those people who are in-charge of this temple, birth after birth. Those who do any service to this temple, those who do an abhisheka with utmost devotion, they all have a connection from their previous births. Else, Agastya won’t say a word here. All of them have a lot of wealth, even now, but are hidden!

~ to be continued…!

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