The GOS 133 – Karkotakanallur 3

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In those days, there used to be a big Agraharam (the residential area where Brahmins live collectively is called so). There were amazing people. They all perished. Once there was a flood in Thamirabarani, when adharma started
increasing, We decided that a Pralaya should be there and We made the flood in Thamirabarani, which eradicated those evil minded people, about a lakh and above.

This surroundings, all these are excellent. This is all filled with utmost divinity. This is where the Gods walked around. To this day, you do not have to worship the Gods by looking up there in the sky. Just come here and roll over in this holy soil, all your doshas will be gone because, this soil has that fragrance, this river has that much specialty. Do not think of this Thamirabarani as any ordinary river. Even to this day, the sanctity of this river has not lessened.

When Agastya is saying these words, svayam Thamirabarani is sitting next to Agastya and is listening to His words. You will get goose pimps if you close your eyes and visualize it. A chillness will spread. Think that the chillness is a blessing that Thamirabarani gives you. The Akasha (sky) itself is seated here by all its will. The
strength for the sky is its clouds and who is the Lord of clouds? That Varuna Bhagavan, is seated here besides me. Not just that, I turn around slowly and what I see?

My beloved Lord, the almighty Hanuman, is seated here in Dasya Bhava (the pose with one hand covering the mouth or folded as if worshipping). I am narrating all that I see. If you can, close your eyes and visualize. Just listen to Agastya and visualize. You will get that vision as well. The reason? This is the time where the Gods are seated here. At a time, this is the place where Anjaneya Swami came along with Sri Rama, took bath, sat in the banks of this river and were chatting their heart’s wishes and spent a blissful time.


It’s rare that Rama laughed. Right from the beginning of His life till the end, it was all misery. But still, we all write ‘Rama Jayam’ but not ‘Krishna Jayam’ or any other Jayam. Hayagreeva Jayam? No we just write Rama Jayam. Lord Rama is such! This Pachchai Vannan (the green colored one) is seated here just as a re-incarnation of Lord Rama. I already said that it is this same day that he sat here as an idol. As it keeps coming to Me, I repeat. Such a holy day, such a blessed time, such a divine place is where we are all seated now.

A person, when does anything for the Almighty, his three generations get benefited by that one single act. All their sins will be powdered. His family will continue to flourish for three hundred years.” I mentioned about Naga Linga, it’s just an incarnation of Adi sesha. Here the milk abisheka is done for Garuda only, not to the snake. So, the anger equivalent to that of a snake, he was seated here and ruled. Hence the moment we say “Karkotaka”, they think evil.

But it is only after some evil that the good happens – to testify this example to be true, this Karkotaka is an example. The Garuda, is seated here and right next to him is none other than Adi Sesha. Can you see what a similarity here? It is only the humans who get separated out. The devas, though they do have some conflicts, they remain united irrespective of the differences.

In the Ramavatara, they say Ravana was killed. He was not. What I mean is, the one who is with the attributes and qualities of Ravana, must be eradicated and dharma should be established. Even that day, Adi Sesha was seated nearby. Even Garudazhwar (Garuda) is seated nearby and is looking at Lord Vishnu without even blinking, blissfully. No one can witness such rare visions anywhere else. See? The two opposite ones, seated next to each other are worshipping Bhagavan, that is Vishnu. This rare site, I see now. This wonderful day is very auspicious to Agastya. Hence I asked you all to be here today.

This Agastya is as Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. The place I stroll is Podhigai Hills. I spoke from the Podhigai Hills and just came here. Now I am seated next to you and am speaking. Those who are around me here and now, all of them wanted to go to Chathuragiri. If we fold our hands and worship through the direction of Chathuragiri hills, I could see all the Siddhas there are blessing. This is a rare occasion where all the divine aspects are culminating here. Who will get such a blessing?

Whoever prayed to Agastya in their previous births, who ever served to this Pachchai Vannan and prayed, only those are here today where I have washed off 33% of their sins already and have blessed them with Punya too. Whatever sins they have committed, knowingly or unknowingly, they are just humans right, they change color, attributes anything and must have spoken without thinking or hurt others. But still, the Thamirabarani Herself is bestowing 33% of Punya to them. You all are blessed with that much bhagya. I have already mentioned how holy Thamirabarani is. This river is where Ganga cleansed off her accumulated sins. That Thamirabarani says, “Whatever I could, I shall give 33% to all those present here.”

Even test your blood scientifically. There will be some vacuum there. That vacuum is none other than Her Punya that’s bestowed to you. Accept it. “From this day onwards, let all the welfare (kshema) be on to you all here. Let there be a great life. Let them throw away their past and start a fresh new life.” – I say this on behalf of this Karkotakanallur Vishnu, on behalf of the 204 Siddhas with me.

Maha Muni Jamadhagni is here. How great is He? In the banks of river Ganga, underneath the earth, one who has done penance for 4000 years, He is here. This Agastya, prostrates before the Jamadhagni Maha Muni. I get their blessings for you for its rare to get the Munivar’s blessings.

All of you must have performed severe penance in the jungle, even without water, for several years. There must have been ant-hills grown on you and in spite of it, you must have continued your penance. Only those get Moksha. Only those get Vaikunta Loka. But I see Muni like Jamadhagni blessing with so much of mercy. All is for you. In this Kotaka Nallur, all those lives that perform spiritual activities, this blessings shall reach them. Even if they are here or not, this day is like a very big gift. All that Agastya wants is that the people around here, should get a very good life, all Mangalam should happen to them. Inability should get away from them. Anger must leave them. In their minds, Punya should start pouring out.

Not just that…Agastya mentioned this many a times. Most of them here, do not have another birth. Let Agastya give away that blessing, on behalf of the fate herself. I won’t say who are those who do not have a birth after this but if I do, they will be caught with ego. They may think, “Ha, I don’t have any more births, I shall be whatever I want to be…” – so I am not naming them. But let Me assure that for most of you, I shall assure you that you don’t get a re-birth. I shall arrange for Moksha for you.

To sum up..

The one called as ‘My beloved Loba Mudra’, this Thamirabarani has given 33% of Punya. Agastya has bestowed Punya, the day in which the abhisheka was performed. This day, you have witnessed it all. That many incidents, I said earlier. All of you have the punya of witnessing those incidents. Hence you all have been blessed with such a Punya, I say and I hereby bless one and all – may you all be blessed!

The Kotakanallur series comes to an end hereby. We shall pray the almighty that all shall be blessed. Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu!

The amazing photograph of Garuda is by Greg. You can view its full blown beauty here at flickr.

2 thoughts on “The GOS 133 – Karkotakanallur 3

  1. Yogvivek says:

    Om Agathiswaray namah.We say a shlok ‘Gurur brahma gurur vishnu gurur devo maheshwara’ every now and then but today came to know this in actual.Lord Agastya is everything for us.I think there should be only Thursdays in a week which give chance to gain the divine knowledge through gnanaboomi.I cant bear the gap between two thursdays.

  2. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah
    Om loapmudra matay Namah

    O my Lord Agasthya You blessed here a shower of divinity on all of us. You delivered a way to Moksha in simplest form.

    This life is nothing without You.

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