The GOS 134 – Nambi Malai – 1

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I am an optimist. On many occasions, Agastya Muni has protected me from unforeseen dangers. I am merely a human and do get scared. In spite of it, I summon up courage, even blame Agastya Muni and manage things. At times, I even get frustrated thinking, “Why is He getting me in to all these troubles?”. I just pour out my heart when confusing situation occur, the Maha Muni listens to them, and whips me like anything.

Just so, when no one had come for Nadi reading, I had opened the Jeeva Nadi. The instruction was to visit a certain temple at a hill top at a certain date and time and He would say further there. I set forth along with a few of my friends at once. It was the 31st of July 2009, Friday, Anusha star, Shukla Paksha Dasami. He wanted me to visit Nambi Malai temple. This temple is located at Tirunelveli Jilla, near a village called Thirukurumkudi. The temple comes under the forest area that is part of the Tamilnadu Forest Department’s jurisdiction. It is one of the 108 Divya Desam of Vaishnava Sthalas. This is the place where a river called Nambiyaru is born and becomes Thamirabarani eventually.

The vehicle we went by reached late for whatever reasons I did not know. But the time Agastya Muni mentioned had elapsed and I kept murmuring about it on the way. My friends reasoned that there should be some purpose behind even this. I was running out of patience, looked out and said it is hot already and how are we going to climb up-hill. Today is Chandrashtamam and I wanted to be in Mouna Vrat. Agastya is testing me like these…I kept on.

When we reached the base of the hill, it was 10.30 in the morning. The exhaustion after traveling in a vehicle, sweat, the thought that the travel has not been like it was thought of, the mental block of how we are going to climb uphill all these made me think that we should sit somewhere and take some rest. I thought however, to check the Nadi to see what the Maha Muni feels. I have to mention, he just took me for a ride like anything.

This is what came in the Nadi…

“As the bright Anusha star is born, Agastya blesses with a pleased heart, He appreciates. For this beloved is lamenting all along for the vehicle to have reached a little late. He seldom understands. That was Rahu Kala. A good start is half the work done. Hence Agastya had clearly mentioned only to step up at 10.22. As it was Rahu Kala between 9 and 10.30, and that you should not step in before Rahu Kala passes, the vehicle itself came late. Agastya’s point is that a task and a word being spoken, should be done at the right time, good time. Hence Agastya is orchestrating these step by step. Though at his 50’s that he reads, Agastya firmly thinks that the Gnana is not sufficient enough in him till now. He was jumping and dancing saying ‘it’s time, time has elapsed’ etc., What rights does he have to blame the nature, the Almighty?

Time will elapse. You advice everyone to wait till the time ripens, then how come it does not apply to you? Why are you not controlling yourself? It is supposed to be that one steps up here at 10.30. You stepped up just as so. Just take some rest and along with your friends, reach Nambi Malai directly. The rest, We shall say at the entrance of the temple, blessings!

There is another thing da!*  – (* the term da is used in Tamil by elders when they point to the younger ones).

The Panchanga that humans prepare, it contains a thing called Chandrashtamam. The son of Mesha, you said today is Chandrashtamam. It will be always Chandrashtamam for you in all your travels. It is by fate. But let Agastya give you an assurance, “No Chandrashtamam will do anything to you hereafter!!” Why because, there was such a thought initially. Whenever he starts, he walks, when he goes, when he comes, he always says, Chandrashtamam! Let us be quiet, if been quiet, there are no words, no words means no future. No need to keep quiet, but avoid speaking harsh. That’s all I said. There is no point in being silent.

Hence I say this now, after speaking to the fate-goddess here. As per him, he is on his way to become a Siddha. Those who are on the way of becoming a Siddha, Chandrashtamam won’t do anything. Let Agastya say this as the breeze that flows through Podhigai Hills. Chandrashtamam won’t affect anyone. This is a gift from Agastya to those who have come to His place, it is a custom eh! Do not worry about Chandra or Ashtama’s. Just relax for a while and proceed towards Nambi Malai, blessings!” – concluded the Maha Siddha.

My friends started pulling my legs, “We told you then, that there is a purpose behind everything. Now you got a nice whipping from Agastya Guru.”

After relaxing sometime, we started walking towards the curvy pathway that lead to the top. As soon as we reached the temple, we did a Namaskaram, went straight to Nambiyaru (aaru means river) and took bath to exhaust our tiredness and freshen up. Then we came and had a darshan of the Nambi on the hill and sat straight opposite to Perumal, at the entrance of the temple and opened the Nadi. The information that came took me to a surprise!

“This is the time when the bright Anusha star is born. Why Agastya called you all here, about your future, etc., I am going to tell a big story. The time you had lived so far is not the time you lived. The time which is going to come from now on, is the time which you are really going to live. Agastya will list out many reasons. As Agastya speaks, not just you humans, the 17 other Maha Siddhas are gathered here too. After a long time, to hear what this Agastya is going to say, I called upon all my beloved sons and disciples. This is a wonderful time where everyone is gathered.

That day we said, “seated near the rounded rock, when the rounded moon comes for a stroll, when the melody of the nearby waterfalls come, as though a cuckoo sings, let us be seated here, the human siddhas and the deva siddhas, let us all chat, I said that day. To see a rehearsal, I invited you all now. There is going to be a big thing happening. Only after which there is going to be huge changes in this world. From then on, those who commit hideous sins are going to die, with their lives suffer. All those who commit Punya, this Agastya is going to show them a good life.

There is a reason for why I asked you all to come here. There are many a reasons as to why this remote place, this temple, this date and time which are like Deva Rahasya, though we shall say a few of them. My beloved brother Bhoga Siddha is nearby. It is the medicine of Bhoga which is the best out of all, in the entire world da! Even Agastya has bestowed the whole responsibility to Bhoga. Those who trust in Bhoga, worship Bhoga, the herbs they give to others, are not just herbs but are life savers it will be. Those herbs, there is a rule that only if it is given by a certain person, that it works well. That Bhoga is seated here. I must say a lot about Bhoga. He is the one who did Rasa-Vadha, He prepared Mercury out of which He made a method by which humans can live up to 400 or 500 years. This Bhoga has written all those secrets in a palm leaf.

In this auspicious day, to that person who bestows the herbs of Bhoga, I am going to give away that palm leaf of Bhoga for only 9 days. This I say, after getting the approval from Bhoga, as he nods. The reason for asking to bring “that” Nadi, is to bestow that palm leaf to the person who carries out health care in the name of Bhogafor 9 days, then We shall say. Each and every oushadha (herb) cures particular disease, this the entire world knows. Do not think that Agastya is talking about medicines and healthcare. As the three of them here are very good in healthcare, let Me speak about that first and then come to general life etc.,

Oushadha means Medicine. Medicine is not just to save the life but it is required even for the mind. Hence they say Ma Marundhu (Maha Oushadha). If the mind is under control, one can win life. There has been many an information, history, details about the mind. Many a sacred souls have spoken in detail, in short, step by step about this mind. Not just here, throughout the world, there is a great research about the mind, as to what it does, its potential power, how it can take oneself for a ride etc., They are spreading all these like a concept nowadays. If the mind is under control, one can go places.

“What did you bring here, that you are going to take?” – asked Bhagavan Shri Krishna in his Bhagavadh Gita that day. The truth of those word is going to be seen truly today!

~ to be continued…!

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    Why there is no improvement in any aspect of life , feeling like helpless, what to do and how to proceed with my son’s career

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