The GOS 138 – Nambi Malai 5

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“O Agastya! Say something to us as well know!” – ask my beloved Siddhas. Agastya has to give a few lessons even to these Siddhas. Sometimes, even the Siddhas cross their limits, they remain silent! I would say one thing to the Siddhas:

Those who seek my refuge, ensure that they are living a good life, make sure no misery touches them. This is one order that Agastya gives you.”

“Thereby, whoever worships these Siddhas from wherever, from whatever country, in whatever form, to those, ensure that no misery touches them, no shortcomings in their lives, the task they undertake be successful, this Agastya shall ensure. These Siddhas will be with you as well. We Siddhas do not have partiality or difference. Whoever you may worship, it reaches Agastya!”

In this holy place, many a sacred rituals have taken place. Agastya has witnessed many a yagnas. If we cross a few distance (12 kaadha thooram, as He says), there is a wonderful cave, which is safe-guarded by dangerous tigers. The Siddhas are all seated there. One can get a spot to stay there at all times! I have already mentioned
that there are a lot of miracles in Podhigai hills. The one who is seated left to me, I have asked him to visit that cave for a few miracles will happen. But the humans grieve that I did not point them the direction for the cave. They are humans right, so they expect, nothing wrong. They may blame, Agastya said, but never kept that word etc. Nothing wrong in blaming. Agastya does speak like this sometimes and then correct myself afterwards. At times, for some reasons, whatever I said may not happen.

Even now, there is a Siddha seated next to me. You do not know the story of him throwing away some 5000 palm leaves in to the ocean, all written by Agastya. They are floating in the Nagapattinam sea. I told him, “Go at once to Nagapattinam and be seated facing the north eastern direction. Count the waves. On the 89th wave, extend your hands and you shall get all the palm leaves of Agastya, all the 5000 of them. I leave it to him.

There are no marital information or secret there in them. They are all but wonderful secrets. If one man reads them even once, the entire world will be enlightened. His family won’t have any dosha for 333 years. From his generation, his family will flourish, even if the rest of the world perishes, his won’t, even if Pralaya comes and destroys everything, they will survive. Such things I have said in those palm leaves. The one who reads it, registers them in his mind, his life will be peaceful, blissful. I mentioned about a life-saving mantra as well in it.

When talking of life-saving mantra, here is one, who yearns about when his child will be saved and begin to walk. He has done all that Agastya suggested and is pleading to Agastya on a daily basis, all these I am aware of. However people are, they turn towards Agastya, is not something that I feel proud of. It is just that the child should
walk normally, jump and dance and sing, this is all that Agastya accounts for. I shall rewrite the fate of that child. What happened one and a half year is different. Agastya is not boasting that I saved that child’s life. It is his Punya, he sought of Agastya, Agastya sought of the fate, which sought Lord Brahma and gave back the life.

There are still some shortages, the effects of previous births’ karma. Those effects are manifesting and hence the time taken. If all goes well, his life will change. I gave that small grief and have diverted him towards me. Let him not think of it as Agastya’s punishment. If the child was hale and healthy, his life would have turned upside down. Hence this twist, to turn him towards good and his good merits of the previous births to give him the benefits.

I mentioned that day itself, in the banks of Kaveri in Kodumudi, I recall that now. Kaveri took bath in Ganga to cleanse her sins. Ganga took bath in this Thamirabarani river to cleanse off her sins. Ganga and Kaveri are pure and haven’t lost their sanctity, till date. They don’t lose their purity even thousands of years may pass. The reason, the root cause, is Thamirabarani river. Everyone goes to Ganga to cleanse off their sins. But that Ganga comes to Thamirabarani to cleanse herself. The rock in which she sat and applied turmeric on herself is still there. If Agastya points out clearly, they will uproot the rock and take it away! So Agastya won’t point that rock.

In that rock, Agastya is seated and is saying these words. May be for that reason, this Ahobila Lord is listening to me. Such wondrous things happen. I long to say so many other things too.

Let me go and show Deepa Aradhana and be back. Wait for half a nazhigai. Let me show the aradhana to Nambi and everyone else and then shall be back and talk.

Nambi Malai 5

…to be continued…!

The GOS 137 – Nambi Malai 4

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Swayam Adi Sesha is seated here as the ant-hill da! This is the truth. It is not an ordinary ant-hill as you may think. Have you ever heard of Adi Sesha seated in the form of an ant-hill? Not just that, the natural enemy of the snake, Garuda Azhwar, is seated along with Adi Sesha, something that is never heard of, can’t be seen. The enemies may pretend to be together but here it is a miracle. The Adi Sesha is seated next to Garuda, by holding His right hand in a friendly, affectionate manner, how is this possible? I think this is a respect given to Agastya as they came along for the love of Agastya. Everyone is surprised at this sight. Who is the enemy of whom? It is just an act, a drama but never an enmity. There is never an enmity.

That day, Rama avatar happened for the world. Ravana Vadha happened. Ravana neither was born, nor was killed. This is all just a play of God. They enacted this drama, to set the people in the right path. Hence happened Ramayana. There are 5 characters. Even in the Mahabharata, there are 5. There is Pancha-bhoota. Only to show people the right path, all these happened. Duryodhana, Ravana, Hiranya Kasipu, all these are of the same clan. Their creation itself is designed in such way. They cannot but act in that way.

If you look at it from here, who committed a mistake? Ravana? Duryodhana? Hiranya Kasipu? Weren’t any good qualities in them at all? It is err to human. But when one commits a sin, there is its effect, a punishment. Only to emphasize this truth, Ramayana and Mahabharata were written. That who acted as Ravana, Hiranya Kasipu, He is seated right next to Narasimha Deva, holding His hands and chatting with Him happily, no one can get such a sight anywhere save mountains. Lord Varuna is witnessing all these on top of the clouds, I could see. Therefore, all those seated around you are not humans but devas. I am narrating what I am witnessing, though these are deva rahasya, Agastya narrates them to you all, human-siddhas. That’s why I called you here.

There is quite an information about this tamarind tree base. There are a lot of Siddhas who do penance here. A branch of the water fall runs beneath the root of this tree, where there is a cave. All the 18 Siddhas are there in that cave. Those 18 Siddhas are not among the 17 who are seated here next to me. They come out during Pournami day to breath the world. It is not to breath the air, but they breath and know the pulse of these humans when they are out. These Siddhas, in order not to reveal themselves to the outer world, they jump out of the ant-hill, who are just 3 feet tall. By resounding the birds’ chirping, they talk. They clap hands and rejoice. How many will get the rare sight of these Siddhas having a good time?

If possible, during a Chitra Pournami day or even in any Pournami (full moon) day, in the early morning, close your eyes and sit in the north-eastern direction facing the Tamarind tree and peep inside. You will hear those sounds clearly, just only to you. Agastya gives this blessing to you. These Siddhas are very wonderful. They seldom come out. They remain underneath the earth, along with the mercy of Booma Devi, they protect the wealth of mountain, river and the soil fertility. There is still more. There are a lot of precious gems, diamonds and navaratnas here. No one knows. They are all buried underneath. They are all brought by many, for this Nambi. These are such rare stones which can never be obtained anywhere. If Agastya says where, everyone will start digging those places and hence Agastya won’t!

Even now, Navaratna Abisheka is happening. After all these abisheka, now the abisheka is happening with diamonds. The Nambi is gracefully accepting these abishekas done with Navarathnas. When talking about these precious stones, one must be said. The crown adorned by the king, embedded with Navarathnas is not for boasting but to protect him from the Nava Grahas’ effects. The one who wears the Navarathna, even if he does not have bhakthi, they will protect him. But one should not think that Agastya is recommending Nava Rathna stones. Each of these stones have a life, an athma. It sacrifices itself to protect the wearer. Thereby, they too have a history. How many such stones should be embedded in the crown, how long can one rule with these stones. If one or more stones come out of the crown, falls down, the king either loses his throne or his very life or his rule ends. All these are big calculations, which are not required for you now.

The stones however, has issues. The real and genuine stones as per Booma Devi’s count, crosses crores. Let this information be with you. Just because I told you, don’t look in there and think whatever shines there is a diamond perhaps or the stones that Agastya mentioned etc. They are all protected by Adi Sesha beneath the ground, safely. One day, one may happen to see, which is a punya done by that one.

Now let me speak about my Siddhas. My beloved Siddhas are urging me to do so.

~ to be continued…!

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The Grace of Siddha – 136 – Nambi Malai 3

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The Three Eyed Lord seated in Chathuragiri, Kailaya, seated yesterday in the Manasarovar, the day before, he was seen on the peak of a mountain in a foreign land, enjoying Paramananda. That Lord, is on His way here. He loves Agastya so very much as He wants to listen what this Agastya is about to say. He is here now, with His hands placed in His ears, as focussing entirely on what Agastya is saying, who will ever get such a sight? What sort of a respect bestowed on Agastya?

I have mentioned already who this Agastya is. I have the rights of most part of what Lord Brahma does. Lord Shiva has bestowed His powers on me to do anything that He does Himself. Lord Vishnu went even further and has given me the power of attorney saying ‘All yours’. This means, this Agastya is the personification of the Tri-Murti. They all think Agastya as ordinary. The old man with beard, someone who lives for more than 4000 years, the one who roams with Lopa Mudra with lust on her etc etc. They are not true. This Agastya has received the core powers of the Tri-Murti.

Agastya is NOT boasting as many do not know who this Agastya is!

Agam – means inner self (in Tamil). I reside in the inner self of everyone. There is no bias with Agastya with regards to race, creed, religion, sex or geographical boundaries, never heard of Agastya worrying about any of these. But whoever trusts in Agastya, surrenders himself completely, Agastya never abandons him, ever.

I have mentioned it many a times. I am babysitting you all, making you sit in a jhoola and swing it, make you all very comfortable and protect you, fanning you with the peacock feather. Do not think why such a punishment to Agastya. If Agastya does not show the love to His children, who else will? Such a blessings you all have.

Do not think of Agastya as a Maha Muni or something. I am a mere child in my mind. I am desiring to show some gratitude to you all! One may ask, what is that you have done to Agastya for He says all these?

They have trusted in Agastya, left out everything, their profession, future, time everything and seated here, shouldn’t I do anything to them? As part of displaying that gratitude, let me say this…

From today, I am bestowing a purity on you all. I mentioned in the morning, even scolded my beloved son asking why did you forget thinking of Agastya in the Rahu Kala. Not that, as I do scold sometimes. There is a difference in how a cat carries its baby and how it catches the mice with the same mouth. I was concerned that my son should not commit mistake when he was hasting, checking the time every now and then and was lamenting. Such hastiness won’t help. I struck a blow on his head as he descended from the Siddha state and for him to get some maturity.

I also mentioned that there is no Chandrashtamam for you. Who created it? It’s humans! When did God create Chandrashtamam? How does it apply to the Almighty? I know what you ask, why are you deviating? This topic indeed is deviating.

So now, the abhisheka and aradhana are happening. Mangala Sasanam is happening now. Right here, all the 27 stars, all the Devas, Nandi Deva, Shiva-Brahma-Vishnu, all are assembled here. Lord Vishnu has applied Tirumann on 12 places, you know how this sight looks? Wonderful! There are 17 other Siddhas as well and now, our Nambi is looking at them all with His lotus eyes. His eyes are brimming with that divine bliss da! No one will get such a sight of having all of them
assembled here. All the Siddhas with the Three Eyed Lord Shiva at the same place, can’t be seen anywhere. One cannot open their eyes to see. Just close your eyes with Bhakthi-bhava (the emotion of bhakthi), and ye shall see this rare sight, Agastya says!

There is a big history about this Nambi. Though Lord Vishnu has taken many a avatars, this Nambi Avatar is one too. I can see that this Ahobila Narasimha, has manifested Himself in many a forms. That Vishnu is Narasimha who is seated on a golden palaquin with His beloved wife looking at us all with a divine bliss and is massaging His feet. This sight is not only bestowed to you, but also to Agastya.

Though it was Agastya who requested them all to come, what sort of a respect they have for Agastya?

Not only the humans trust Agastya but also these divine belings. So in order to get such a rare experience, I asked you all to be here at this moment, to share that bliss which multiplies. The experience that you may get in Deva Loka, the bliss you may get there, the respect you may get there, that, Agastya will give you right here.

As we see, along with the Siddhas, Maha Muni’s such as Vishwamitra, Jamadhagni,

Durvasa and many other important rishi-munis are gathered here near the Tamarind tree and are having sweet conversation. They all came out of the ant-hill nearby, which is not more than three feet.

There, Mangalasasanam is over. Nambi blesses all with Lord Shiva seated with Parvathi worshiping. These are like a movie scenes right? I just narrate what I see, as it is. As the temple door is closed, you may not see anything but if you close your eyes, Nambi in His divine bliss, is blessing everyone with Goddess Lakshmi. The greatest of surprise here is the Three Eyed Lord is here worshiping Him. The Ahobilam itself is here, who will get such a bhagya? All the 17 siddhas are worshiping Nambi and are coming out.

As we speak about the ant-hill, there happened a very interesting thing which even I didn’t expect.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 135 – Nambi Malai 2

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Hence, many a people know what is Nithya, what is Anithya (permanent and impermanent) but still, they commit many a Papa (sins) knowingly. Those who are here, even if you have all committed many a Papa even knowingly, this Agastya assures you of freedom from those sins. This is the important information now. You might have committed it knowingly, unknowingly, through someone’s influence, or through anger, any how. Agastya assures you by pouring water from this holy river as from this moment on, all of you have become Punyavaan.

I asked to bathe the other day. When I said, I just pointed and said ‘its enough if bathed and come’. I myself help you take a holy bath with this holy water, no one has ever heard of anything like this that Agastya helped someone take holy bath. There is nowhere that one has heard that Agastya took a holy bath. There is no necessity for Him to do so. Whatever I have done, I have bathed Lord Shiva, Lord Nambi. Right in this same date and nakshatra, right here in this moment, I am bathing the Nambi who is inside here. No one knows. If one closes his eyes, abhisheka of milk is happening to Nambi now, which this Agastya is performing.

I assure you when I am doing this abhisheka. This holy river that runs by, listen to the sound it makes and one can derive 9 different Raga in it. With this 9 different raga only this river runs. That holy water, Agastya has taken and have sprinkled it on all of you. He must have told a while back, “about two nazhigai ago, water droplets fell from the sky”. It is the water that I sprinkled on you, have made all of you Punyavaan and have brought you here.

I asked you all to walk for a while, not to know how difficult it is to walk in this hilly area. It is such hilly area that the Siddhas stroll. A siddha came to Agastya a while back. He walks with his toe, not through his legs. You do not know that He walked right in front of you. He is the one who brought all of you up here. He is seated next to me. He is a marvelous one and is my beloved. Who He is, I shall tell you later. He is the one who bestowed happiness to you in the form of breeze, leaves of the tree etc., There are 17 other Siddhas around Agastya, even more are about to come at this time. How many will get such a vision you think? So, the human mind should be devoid of differences.

One of you said a while back, “I belong to a different caste. How will I get such a bhagya?” Do you think “Devar” kula is an ordinary one? You seldom know the history of this kula. Your ancestors have done many a anna-dhana,
have cooled many hearts, gave life to many a people. Agastya can tell you the list of anna-dhana done by your ancestors but this is no time for it. But…it is humanity which is important, who cares about what Kula one belongs to?

Has Agastya seen any difference in the kula? Hasn’t the Three Eyed Lord showed His mercy and gave moksha to Kannappa, who came from a sect of hunters? The God and Siddhas do not have any difference among caste, creed or religion. It is the Atma that’s important. That Atma must be pure and hence I brought you all here. All these people have carried siddhas like Me to this hill in palaquins, made them have darshan of Nambi, helped them downhill in the same palaquin, all of that I recall now. The one who carried the palaquin is shining as a star in this sky, all these are great history da!

Da, there is another thing in this Nambi Malai. Agastya is witnessing a wondrous sight. Close your eyes and when thought of, this surroundings, atmosphere, the waterfalls, all these reminds one of Ahobilam. Only those who have been to Ahobilam know its value. That Ahobilam Narasimha Deva, is seated right next to me and is looking at me as I speak. What other pride do I need? Swayam Narasimha Deva is here, listening to me. I have done a lot of Seva for Him. I have done anna-dhana in His name. Rang the temple bell for Him. I served Him in many a ways and have asked him with utmost devotion and reverence as to, “How did you do the Hiranya Vadha?”

Narasimha Deva showed me on how He killed Hiranya, in Ahobilam. They say that Agastya has witnessed only the divine wedding of Shiva-Parvathi, they do not know that Narasimha Deva showed me on how He killed Hiranya. Oh, what a wondrous sight it was! He himself is seated next to me, listening to me. There is no need for you to go to Ahobilam to have darshan of Narasimha Swamy. Just close your eyes, think of Him and He will show up. I request this to Narasimha Swamy and here, He smiles!

What does it mean? It means He is going to show His darshan to you. So all of you, think of Him now. Why is He here now? This is an important day as the Nambi and Ahobilam Narasimha are one and the same. I am performing some 28 types of Abisheka to this Nambi like Milk, Pannneer, Honey etc.

It is difficult for humans to see the Gods but vice versa, it is easy. It is rare that a human gets the darshan of God, very rare. But Agastya will fight for and get my beloved sons a darshan. It is a phenomenon that when a person gets darshan of God, he does not live longer. I have given an example of the person who directed an English movie, where he saw God in the form of light and wasn’t alive the next day.

But to my beloved son, Agastya has shown God’s darshan many a times. The rest here, have fought for their rights asking, ‘is it only for that beloved son and not for us?’. All of you are beloved to Agastya for you all have orshipped Agastya like anything. Some of you have even considered Agastya as a lovely little child. Not now, but in your previous births.

Gratitude is a big thing and Agastya returns that pure love bestowed. Agastya has to give you all a good life right? Only to say this, on this day of Anusha star, in this Nambi Malai, Saturday…even this Anusha star is seated right there. All the 27 stars, have taken 27 golden pots to do Aradhana for Nambi, right at this time…where I have called you all upon, made you sit in front of His shrine, to witness the abisheka-aradhana happening to Him and to get you all that punya. Not just this, I have to say many a things.

Ah! I see that the Supreme Lord Shiva Himself will be here. Doesn’t it sound like in those movies? Can we believe it or not? Ever heard of Lord Shiva appearing in a Vishnu temple? Ha, here it happens, a history is being written!

~ to be continued…!

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