The GOS 135 – Nambi Malai 2

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

Hence, many a people know what is Nithya, what is Anithya (permanent and impermanent) but still, they commit many a Papa (sins) knowingly. Those who are here, even if you have all committed many a Papa even knowingly, this Agastya assures you of freedom from those sins. This is the important information now. You might have committed it knowingly, unknowingly, through someone’s influence, or through anger, any how. Agastya assures you by pouring water from this holy river as from this moment on, all of you have become Punyavaan.

I asked to bathe the other day. When I said, I just pointed and said ‘its enough if bathed and come’. I myself help you take a holy bath with this holy water, no one has ever heard of anything like this that Agastya helped someone take holy bath. There is nowhere that one has heard that Agastya took a holy bath. There is no necessity for Him to do so. Whatever I have done, I have bathed Lord Shiva, Lord Nambi. Right in this same date and nakshatra, right here in this moment, I am bathing the Nambi who is inside here. No one knows. If one closes his eyes, abhisheka of milk is happening to Nambi now, which this Agastya is performing.

I assure you when I am doing this abhisheka. This holy river that runs by, listen to the sound it makes and one can derive 9 different Raga in it. With this 9 different raga only this river runs. That holy water, Agastya has taken and have sprinkled it on all of you. He must have told a while back, “about two nazhigai ago, water droplets fell from the sky”. It is the water that I sprinkled on you, have made all of you Punyavaan and have brought you here.

I asked you all to walk for a while, not to know how difficult it is to walk in this hilly area. It is such hilly area that the Siddhas stroll. A siddha came to Agastya a while back. He walks with his toe, not through his legs. You do not know that He walked right in front of you. He is the one who brought all of you up here. He is seated next to me. He is a marvelous one and is my beloved. Who He is, I shall tell you later. He is the one who bestowed happiness to you in the form of breeze, leaves of the tree etc., There are 17 other Siddhas around Agastya, even more are about to come at this time. How many will get such a vision you think? So, the human mind should be devoid of differences.

One of you said a while back, “I belong to a different caste. How will I get such a bhagya?” Do you think “Devar” kula is an ordinary one? You seldom know the history of this kula. Your ancestors have done many a anna-dhana,
have cooled many hearts, gave life to many a people. Agastya can tell you the list of anna-dhana done by your ancestors but this is no time for it. But…it is humanity which is important, who cares about what Kula one belongs to?

Has Agastya seen any difference in the kula? Hasn’t the Three Eyed Lord showed His mercy and gave moksha to Kannappa, who came from a sect of hunters? The God and Siddhas do not have any difference among caste, creed or religion. It is the Atma that’s important. That Atma must be pure and hence I brought you all here. All these people have carried siddhas like Me to this hill in palaquins, made them have darshan of Nambi, helped them downhill in the same palaquin, all of that I recall now. The one who carried the palaquin is shining as a star in this sky, all these are great history da!

Da, there is another thing in this Nambi Malai. Agastya is witnessing a wondrous sight. Close your eyes and when thought of, this surroundings, atmosphere, the waterfalls, all these reminds one of Ahobilam. Only those who have been to Ahobilam know its value. That Ahobilam Narasimha Deva, is seated right next to me and is looking at me as I speak. What other pride do I need? Swayam Narasimha Deva is here, listening to me. I have done a lot of Seva for Him. I have done anna-dhana in His name. Rang the temple bell for Him. I served Him in many a ways and have asked him with utmost devotion and reverence as to, “How did you do the Hiranya Vadha?”

Narasimha Deva showed me on how He killed Hiranya, in Ahobilam. They say that Agastya has witnessed only the divine wedding of Shiva-Parvathi, they do not know that Narasimha Deva showed me on how He killed Hiranya. Oh, what a wondrous sight it was! He himself is seated next to me, listening to me. There is no need for you to go to Ahobilam to have darshan of Narasimha Swamy. Just close your eyes, think of Him and He will show up. I request this to Narasimha Swamy and here, He smiles!

What does it mean? It means He is going to show His darshan to you. So all of you, think of Him now. Why is He here now? This is an important day as the Nambi and Ahobilam Narasimha are one and the same. I am performing some 28 types of Abisheka to this Nambi like Milk, Pannneer, Honey etc.

It is difficult for humans to see the Gods but vice versa, it is easy. It is rare that a human gets the darshan of God, very rare. But Agastya will fight for and get my beloved sons a darshan. It is a phenomenon that when a person gets darshan of God, he does not live longer. I have given an example of the person who directed an English movie, where he saw God in the form of light and wasn’t alive the next day.

But to my beloved son, Agastya has shown God’s darshan many a times. The rest here, have fought for their rights asking, ‘is it only for that beloved son and not for us?’. All of you are beloved to Agastya for you all have orshipped Agastya like anything. Some of you have even considered Agastya as a lovely little child. Not now, but in your previous births.

Gratitude is a big thing and Agastya returns that pure love bestowed. Agastya has to give you all a good life right? Only to say this, on this day of Anusha star, in this Nambi Malai, Saturday…even this Anusha star is seated right there. All the 27 stars, have taken 27 golden pots to do Aradhana for Nambi, right at this time…where I have called you all upon, made you sit in front of His shrine, to witness the abisheka-aradhana happening to Him and to get you all that punya. Not just this, I have to say many a things.

Ah! I see that the Supreme Lord Shiva Himself will be here. Doesn’t it sound like in those movies? Can we believe it or not? Ever heard of Lord Shiva appearing in a Vishnu temple? Ha, here it happens, a history is being written!

~ to be continued…!

The awesome featured image is by Arun

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