The Grace of Siddha – 136 – Nambi Malai 3

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

The Three Eyed Lord seated in Chathuragiri, Kailaya, seated yesterday in the Manasarovar, the day before, he was seen on the peak of a mountain in a foreign land, enjoying Paramananda. That Lord, is on His way here. He loves Agastya so very much as He wants to listen what this Agastya is about to say. He is here now, with His hands placed in His ears, as focussing entirely on what Agastya is saying, who will ever get such a sight? What sort of a respect bestowed on Agastya?

I have mentioned already who this Agastya is. I have the rights of most part of what Lord Brahma does. Lord Shiva has bestowed His powers on me to do anything that He does Himself. Lord Vishnu went even further and has given me the power of attorney saying ‘All yours’. This means, this Agastya is the personification of the Tri-Murti. They all think Agastya as ordinary. The old man with beard, someone who lives for more than 4000 years, the one who roams with Lopa Mudra with lust on her etc etc. They are not true. This Agastya has received the core powers of the Tri-Murti.

Agastya is NOT boasting as many do not know who this Agastya is!

Agam – means inner self (in Tamil). I reside in the inner self of everyone. There is no bias with Agastya with regards to race, creed, religion, sex or geographical boundaries, never heard of Agastya worrying about any of these. But whoever trusts in Agastya, surrenders himself completely, Agastya never abandons him, ever.

I have mentioned it many a times. I am babysitting you all, making you sit in a jhoola and swing it, make you all very comfortable and protect you, fanning you with the peacock feather. Do not think why such a punishment to Agastya. If Agastya does not show the love to His children, who else will? Such a blessings you all have.

Do not think of Agastya as a Maha Muni or something. I am a mere child in my mind. I am desiring to show some gratitude to you all! One may ask, what is that you have done to Agastya for He says all these?

They have trusted in Agastya, left out everything, their profession, future, time everything and seated here, shouldn’t I do anything to them? As part of displaying that gratitude, let me say this…

From today, I am bestowing a purity on you all. I mentioned in the morning, even scolded my beloved son asking why did you forget thinking of Agastya in the Rahu Kala. Not that, as I do scold sometimes. There is a difference in how a cat carries its baby and how it catches the mice with the same mouth. I was concerned that my son should not commit mistake when he was hasting, checking the time every now and then and was lamenting. Such hastiness won’t help. I struck a blow on his head as he descended from the Siddha state and for him to get some maturity.

I also mentioned that there is no Chandrashtamam for you. Who created it? It’s humans! When did God create Chandrashtamam? How does it apply to the Almighty? I know what you ask, why are you deviating? This topic indeed is deviating.

So now, the abhisheka and aradhana are happening. Mangala Sasanam is happening now. Right here, all the 27 stars, all the Devas, Nandi Deva, Shiva-Brahma-Vishnu, all are assembled here. Lord Vishnu has applied Tirumann on 12 places, you know how this sight looks? Wonderful! There are 17 other Siddhas as well and now, our Nambi is looking at them all with His lotus eyes. His eyes are brimming with that divine bliss da! No one will get such a sight of having all of them
assembled here. All the Siddhas with the Three Eyed Lord Shiva at the same place, can’t be seen anywhere. One cannot open their eyes to see. Just close your eyes with Bhakthi-bhava (the emotion of bhakthi), and ye shall see this rare sight, Agastya says!

There is a big history about this Nambi. Though Lord Vishnu has taken many a avatars, this Nambi Avatar is one too. I can see that this Ahobila Narasimha, has manifested Himself in many a forms. That Vishnu is Narasimha who is seated on a golden palaquin with His beloved wife looking at us all with a divine bliss and is massaging His feet. This sight is not only bestowed to you, but also to Agastya.

Though it was Agastya who requested them all to come, what sort of a respect they have for Agastya?

Not only the humans trust Agastya but also these divine belings. So in order to get such a rare experience, I asked you all to be here at this moment, to share that bliss which multiplies. The experience that you may get in Deva Loka, the bliss you may get there, the respect you may get there, that, Agastya will give you right here.

As we see, along with the Siddhas, Maha Muni’s such as Vishwamitra, Jamadhagni,

Durvasa and many other important rishi-munis are gathered here near the Tamarind tree and are having sweet conversation. They all came out of the ant-hill nearby, which is not more than three feet.

There, Mangalasasanam is over. Nambi blesses all with Lord Shiva seated with Parvathi worshiping. These are like a movie scenes right? I just narrate what I see, as it is. As the temple door is closed, you may not see anything but if you close your eyes, Nambi in His divine bliss, is blessing everyone with Goddess Lakshmi. The greatest of surprise here is the Three Eyed Lord is here worshiping Him. The Ahobilam itself is here, who will get such a bhagya? All the 17 siddhas are worshiping Nambi and are coming out.

As we speak about the ant-hill, there happened a very interesting thing which even I didn’t expect.

~ to be continued…!

This wonderful featured image is from: Bliss of Hinduism


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