The GOS 137 – Nambi Malai 4

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

Swayam Adi Sesha is seated here as the ant-hill da! This is the truth. It is not an ordinary ant-hill as you may think. Have you ever heard of Adi Sesha seated in the form of an ant-hill? Not just that, the natural enemy of the snake, Garuda Azhwar, is seated along with Adi Sesha, something that is never heard of, can’t be seen. The enemies may pretend to be together but here it is a miracle. The Adi Sesha is seated next to Garuda, by holding His right hand in a friendly, affectionate manner, how is this possible? I think this is a respect given to Agastya as they came along for the love of Agastya. Everyone is surprised at this sight. Who is the enemy of whom? It is just an act, a drama but never an enmity. There is never an enmity.

That day, Rama avatar happened for the world. Ravana Vadha happened. Ravana neither was born, nor was killed. This is all just a play of God. They enacted this drama, to set the people in the right path. Hence happened Ramayana. There are 5 characters. Even in the Mahabharata, there are 5. There is Pancha-bhoota. Only to show people the right path, all these happened. Duryodhana, Ravana, Hiranya Kasipu, all these are of the same clan. Their creation itself is designed in such way. They cannot but act in that way.

If you look at it from here, who committed a mistake? Ravana? Duryodhana? Hiranya Kasipu? Weren’t any good qualities in them at all? It is err to human. But when one commits a sin, there is its effect, a punishment. Only to emphasize this truth, Ramayana and Mahabharata were written. That who acted as Ravana, Hiranya Kasipu, He is seated right next to Narasimha Deva, holding His hands and chatting with Him happily, no one can get such a sight anywhere save mountains. Lord Varuna is witnessing all these on top of the clouds, I could see. Therefore, all those seated around you are not humans but devas. I am narrating what I am witnessing, though these are deva rahasya, Agastya narrates them to you all, human-siddhas. That’s why I called you here.

There is quite an information about this tamarind tree base. There are a lot of Siddhas who do penance here. A branch of the water fall runs beneath the root of this tree, where there is a cave. All the 18 Siddhas are there in that cave. Those 18 Siddhas are not among the 17 who are seated here next to me. They come out during Pournami day to breath the world. It is not to breath the air, but they breath and know the pulse of these humans when they are out. These Siddhas, in order not to reveal themselves to the outer world, they jump out of the ant-hill, who are just 3 feet tall. By resounding the birds’ chirping, they talk. They clap hands and rejoice. How many will get the rare sight of these Siddhas having a good time?

If possible, during a Chitra Pournami day or even in any Pournami (full moon) day, in the early morning, close your eyes and sit in the north-eastern direction facing the Tamarind tree and peep inside. You will hear those sounds clearly, just only to you. Agastya gives this blessing to you. These Siddhas are very wonderful. They seldom come out. They remain underneath the earth, along with the mercy of Booma Devi, they protect the wealth of mountain, river and the soil fertility. There is still more. There are a lot of precious gems, diamonds and navaratnas here. No one knows. They are all buried underneath. They are all brought by many, for this Nambi. These are such rare stones which can never be obtained anywhere. If Agastya says where, everyone will start digging those places and hence Agastya won’t!

Even now, Navaratna Abisheka is happening. After all these abisheka, now the abisheka is happening with diamonds. The Nambi is gracefully accepting these abishekas done with Navarathnas. When talking about these precious stones, one must be said. The crown adorned by the king, embedded with Navarathnas is not for boasting but to protect him from the Nava Grahas’ effects. The one who wears the Navarathna, even if he does not have bhakthi, they will protect him. But one should not think that Agastya is recommending Nava Rathna stones. Each of these stones have a life, an athma. It sacrifices itself to protect the wearer. Thereby, they too have a history. How many such stones should be embedded in the crown, how long can one rule with these stones. If one or more stones come out of the crown, falls down, the king either loses his throne or his very life or his rule ends. All these are big calculations, which are not required for you now.

The stones however, has issues. The real and genuine stones as per Booma Devi’s count, crosses crores. Let this information be with you. Just because I told you, don’t look in there and think whatever shines there is a diamond perhaps or the stones that Agastya mentioned etc. They are all protected by Adi Sesha beneath the ground, safely. One day, one may happen to see, which is a punya done by that one.

Now let me speak about my Siddhas. My beloved Siddhas are urging me to do so.

~ to be continued…!

This beautiful featured image is from To Kailash Amarnath blog. This multi-faceted image makes us feel it shows all in one, Shiva, the sadhakas, ant-hill (metaphorically) etc.,

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