The GOS 138 – Nambi Malai 5

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“O Agastya! Say something to us as well know!” – ask my beloved Siddhas. Agastya has to give a few lessons even to these Siddhas. Sometimes, even the Siddhas cross their limits, they remain silent! I would say one thing to the Siddhas:

Those who seek my refuge, ensure that they are living a good life, make sure no misery touches them. This is one order that Agastya gives you.”

“Thereby, whoever worships these Siddhas from wherever, from whatever country, in whatever form, to those, ensure that no misery touches them, no shortcomings in their lives, the task they undertake be successful, this Agastya shall ensure. These Siddhas will be with you as well. We Siddhas do not have partiality or difference. Whoever you may worship, it reaches Agastya!”

In this holy place, many a sacred rituals have taken place. Agastya has witnessed many a yagnas. If we cross a few distance (12 kaadha thooram, as He says), there is a wonderful cave, which is safe-guarded by dangerous tigers. The Siddhas are all seated there. One can get a spot to stay there at all times! I have already mentioned
that there are a lot of miracles in Podhigai hills. The one who is seated left to me, I have asked him to visit that cave for a few miracles will happen. But the humans grieve that I did not point them the direction for the cave. They are humans right, so they expect, nothing wrong. They may blame, Agastya said, but never kept that word etc. Nothing wrong in blaming. Agastya does speak like this sometimes and then correct myself afterwards. At times, for some reasons, whatever I said may not happen.

Even now, there is a Siddha seated next to me. You do not know the story of him throwing away some 5000 palm leaves in to the ocean, all written by Agastya. They are floating in the Nagapattinam sea. I told him, “Go at once to Nagapattinam and be seated facing the north eastern direction. Count the waves. On the 89th wave, extend your hands and you shall get all the palm leaves of Agastya, all the 5000 of them. I leave it to him.

There are no marital information or secret there in them. They are all but wonderful secrets. If one man reads them even once, the entire world will be enlightened. His family won’t have any dosha for 333 years. From his generation, his family will flourish, even if the rest of the world perishes, his won’t, even if Pralaya comes and destroys everything, they will survive. Such things I have said in those palm leaves. The one who reads it, registers them in his mind, his life will be peaceful, blissful. I mentioned about a life-saving mantra as well in it.

When talking of life-saving mantra, here is one, who yearns about when his child will be saved and begin to walk. He has done all that Agastya suggested and is pleading to Agastya on a daily basis, all these I am aware of. However people are, they turn towards Agastya, is not something that I feel proud of. It is just that the child should
walk normally, jump and dance and sing, this is all that Agastya accounts for. I shall rewrite the fate of that child. What happened one and a half year is different. Agastya is not boasting that I saved that child’s life. It is his Punya, he sought of Agastya, Agastya sought of the fate, which sought Lord Brahma and gave back the life.

There are still some shortages, the effects of previous births’ karma. Those effects are manifesting and hence the time taken. If all goes well, his life will change. I gave that small grief and have diverted him towards me. Let him not think of it as Agastya’s punishment. If the child was hale and healthy, his life would have turned upside down. Hence this twist, to turn him towards good and his good merits of the previous births to give him the benefits.

I mentioned that day itself, in the banks of Kaveri in Kodumudi, I recall that now. Kaveri took bath in Ganga to cleanse her sins. Ganga took bath in this Thamirabarani river to cleanse off her sins. Ganga and Kaveri are pure and haven’t lost their sanctity, till date. They don’t lose their purity even thousands of years may pass. The reason, the root cause, is Thamirabarani river. Everyone goes to Ganga to cleanse off their sins. But that Ganga comes to Thamirabarani to cleanse herself. The rock in which she sat and applied turmeric on herself is still there. If Agastya points out clearly, they will uproot the rock and take it away! So Agastya won’t point that rock.

In that rock, Agastya is seated and is saying these words. May be for that reason, this Ahobila Lord is listening to me. Such wondrous things happen. I long to say so many other things too.

Let me go and show Deepa Aradhana and be back. Wait for half a nazhigai. Let me show the aradhana to Nambi and everyone else and then shall be back and talk.

Nambi Malai 5

…to be continued…!

6 thoughts on “The GOS 138 – Nambi Malai 5

  1. Jagadeesan says:

    Ayya, I do not know how to type in Tamil….you are also very noble in doing this write up, to share the divine history of Thalayaya siddhar sri Agasthiyar….Seek your blessings and other Siddhars for a swift and peaceful end to this birth of mine, and remain at the holy feet of the Siddhas…in aavi roopam….postponing the next birth for a long time…..With namaskarangal and pranams…..

  2. vasudevarao says:

    how to reach this holy place from tiruvannamalai my name is vasudevarao my mobile 9843074386 someone has to guide me to visit this holy place please

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