The GOS 143 – Nambi Malai 8

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This is wonderful da! The greatest gift Agastya gives today is this indeed da! You got the grace of Ganga. I left out one other thing. Ganga asked, “O Sister, you have taken all the sins I carried. How are you going to get rid of all that?” Before that, there is a story.

Once Indra, due to the greatest mistake he did, Yoni (private part of the feminine) appeared all over his body, embarrassing him. He went and prostrated before the Lord Almighty many a times at Chathuragiri and Kailash.
“I made a mistake. Yoni has appeared all over my body and is embarrassing me”.

Blood oozing out with bad odour made everyone run away from him. Don’t ask if this was the state of Lord Indra himself. One must say what really happened. No one knew this. The flesh he desired, the mistake he made because of that lust, got him a curse and all his body became yoni. One may think, is this ever possible, how can
yoni appear in all over the human’s body and all that. If cursed by such a pure soul, anything can happen. This boomi is a place where such people lived. If they say, it will happen. Even Agastya intervened to fix that problem but couldn’t. So I left it.

That Indra went to Kailaya as I told where even Nandikeshwara moved away closing His nostrils. All the devas left and Lord Shiva was the only one left alone. He fell at Mahadeva’s feet where the blood that spread out due to his falling down made even the Mount Kailash dirty. But still, the Supreme Lord asked. “What do you want?”

“I made a big mistake. Please forgive me and cure me.” – said Indra.

Lord Shiva turned away and said at once, “Take bath in holy Ganga.”

Ganga ran to Me at once. “Oh no! If he takes bath in me, my holiness will be gone! No one will take bath in me thereafter. I cannot accept this.” – and she went away. That reason, Indra still has an anger left for Ganga. But he couldn’t do anything, can’t even look up at her as she was right on Mahadeva’s matted lock. He wanted to bite
her and swallow her out of his anger but she was up there! As Ganga abandoned him, he asked Lord Shiva again.

Lord Shiva then replied, “In this Chathuragiri area, near Sri Vaikuntam, there seated is Thamirabarani quietly. Go fall at her feet. All the yoni in your body will become golden in color and you will be cured.”

Indra came to Sri Vaikuntam at once, took a holy dip in Thamirabarani where all the Nava Grahas were seated blissfully. Indra asked what to do. Ganga herself said, “Go straight to Thamirabarani and take a holy bath, pray to Nava Grahas thereafter. Your curse will be cured.” Thereby he took bath as said, and his curse was cured. He fell at the feet of Nava Grahas. They, seated with their wives, changed him, cured him.

The place where Nava Grahas were seated as couple is located at Karumkulam, near Sri Vaikuntam, near Thiruchendur. At hill top, there is Lord Venkatava and at the base, there is Nava Graha shrines with their wives. If you can, seek their blessings. Why I say this is because….

That Thamirabarani river, has dispelled the sins of Ganga, took away the curse of Indra. This is the place where Ganga’s sins were washed. The place Indra was cured is Sri Vaikuntam. It was that day when Nava Graha shrines, with their wives was made. It is still there. Though this incident happened some 2500 years back, they are still there blessing. It is a rarest of the rare sight. Do you know something else? There is Venkatava, not just an idol. The idol was though was sculpted some 2500 years back and is receiving all abishekas till now, nothing happened to that idol till date. Best part still, the idol can be dismantled, like head, legs, hands etc., It’s a wonder isn’t it? The place is also called as Then-Tirupathi (Southern Tirupathi). I could go on all night. They have come far and with a lot of expectation that Agastya will tell them some good information. Hence I mentioned. This is the place where
Ganga took bath. I am seated here and saying all these for you to listen. Not just you, all the Devas here are listening to it now. So you are given the Punya, where you are able to witness the abisheka that Agastya performed 200 years back.”

This is the place where Agastya sat down and meditated. All the mountains here are mine. I used to stroll in the north-eastern direction. When I walk under the shade of neem tree, I walk fast. Lord Vayu helps me do so. According to your calculation, within one hour, I can go to Mumbai and come back. All these western ghats are
mine. There are many a wonderful Siddhas. When am I going to show them to you all? There is no time for you humans, not for me. If you are hungry the next moment, you will start looking for food and water right then, won’t listen to Agastya. It is your nature and so I can’t say everything first.

Now, let me narrate about Thiru Kurungudi. One of them asked when coming in the vehicle as to why it became Kurungudi. Let me answer.

“As all the Siddhas gathered by assuming smaller form, this place is called Kurungudi.”

The humans sculpt the deities at 6 or 7 feet height but here, it was made shorter. All the Vaishnava temples will have 6 or 7 feet idol of the deity, why is it shorter here. It is the Lord’s will that He wanted to reduce Himself in size and sat here. Hence the name. They added the prefix ‘Thiru’ for respect and made it ThiruKurungudi.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 142 – Nambi Malai 7

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The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!

A wonderful sight, a rare one, there..Jamadagni worships and goes. With mercury, he prepares a substance, takes a small piece of round in shape and hands it over to all the Siddhas, the Jamadagni who makes the Siddhas prosper, he has come with the mercury substance even today. He hands it over to all the Siddhas and the 17 others who are behind me. When these Siddhas consume this, they will walk around for another 400 years. Even such a wondrous thing is happening now. In a marriage, only the events related to the marriage happen. But here in Nambi temple, what all we get to see? I have gathered you all, but I should tell you what’s happening. So here, I am narrating.

The next natural question then is…will I get that mercury substance like those Siddhas? Nothing wrong in that. You are human-siddhas and therefore, a number of auspicious things is going to happen. I mentioned already. The life spent so far is not a life. But the life you are going to live, is what is life. There is a new episode written today. Not just your family, but you are going to live healthy, when you lie down, you can sleep peacefully, live peacefully and are going to live a very happy and prosperous life.

Not just that, there is Bhoga Siddha who has written wonderful things about medicines. Rarest of the rare ones. I mentioned already again, when God gave a disease, He also has given a herb for that medicine already. As said, there are about 4418 types of diseases that can affect the body and for all, each one of them, Bhoga has written the medicinal cure. Those scribblings written by His own hands, is next to me. Let Him, seated to my left, shall take those palm leaves and do Aradhana.

Let me speak about Vruksha Shastra. There are 27 different trees for all the 27 stars. This day, Agastya bestows one more. Every tree associated with each of the star, has the quality of curing a particular disease. Even the life saving ones, they say in English, called AIDS, there are trees which can cure even that. I shall list those trees that belong to each of the stars 9 days from today.

Once found those trees, if taken in a 3:3 ratio of pieces, make a kashayam of that mixture, kept in the hole beneath the neem tree for 40 days, then filter it, and when a drop is given to people, every disease will get cured. The blind will be able to see, those with kidney failure will get cured, the cruel most disease of all, cancer, even when a person is at the advanced or last stage, when consumed this drop, that person will get up and sit alright. This is an important aspect in the Vaidya Shastra.

Before I say about that, I must talk about the trees related to the 27 stars. Not just about the trees, but I should say where these trees are. Its qualities, how they grow, I must say. The age of the tree and depending on that, where should one cut those pieces, I must say. The Bhoga Siddha has mentioned all these in his palm leaves. THAT ONE, shall receive it in this holy place, this Nambi Malai. Let him pray to it. The ninth day, I shall say about those star-trees. Everything is there within da!

Since Bhoga confesses about His writings by placing His hands on the palm leaves he has written, I read this long one. Bhoga does not do anything that I don’t agree upon. He has given the authority to me. Hence I had called ‘that one’ today. Let him receive these leaves. Let him pray to the leaves every day. Agastya will give the details on the 27 trees, how to take out the wooden pieces, how to preserve it etc., If prepared in the right method, one or two drops is enough to be given to anyone. There is no other life saving medicine like this one.

I seek the permission from the Three Eyed Lord too. Whoever consumes the medicine prepared as per Bhoga’s instructions, please do not invoke Mrutyu (death) on them. This is my request to the Three Eyed Mahadeva and he nods with a smile. So I say this after His permission. One who has read the secrets of Bhoga, anywhere in the world if he opens his mouth, the disease will be cured. That, I this Agastya, bestow in this day, in this shore where Ganga took a holy dip.

Agastya can say what sort of diseases can come from head to toe. Before that, let me say a thing. Let them have whatever disease, from the medicine ‘this one’ will give, let them sprinkle this holy water a drop and rub it in that teeth of the elephant, nervous weakness, bone related ailments, brain related ailments, all will get cured. They say in English for the ‘one-sided headache’ right – Migraine – Agastya doesn’t know. Those who suffer with it, let them all mix Sukku, Milagu (pepper), Thippili mixed with Virali Manjal (a type of turmeric), mix it with the teeth of the elephant, apply it as a paste in the forehead for three days, Migraine will disappear, won’t come back even if invited. The reason, the water that got stored between the Siru-moolai and Peru Moolai (here the brain is mentioned as small and large brain by Maharishi) gets absorbed by this mixture.

Hole in the heart? Fear not! The solution is there in Vruksha Shastra. I mentioned about Ekki tree. It’s roots, the fruits are going to give excellent remedies. When a life is saved, through that life, many other lives should also be saved. This is Agastya’s intention. That child which cannot walk, through that, it is destined to save many others and not just to make that child suffer. It is for sure that the child will get up and walk. Since the research had to be done with that child, so as to save everyone from getting affected by polio, those who suffer with greater diseases, it is divined that the drama be played with the child as the main character.

The child will walk and the medicines for that will be given in advance. It will walk beautifully. Agastya is talking about that wondrous sight. Many such wonderful things are going to happen. If only you can list these out, a huge Vaidya Shastra. I shall tell you secrets that are not known to anyone. But though there is a rule that I cannot say
everything, what’s the use of Agastya if He is not sharing life saving requirements and remedies? I promised that I will repay my gratitude, this is my way of showing it. Many here might have imagined as to why I called them here.

Such a great day, a drop of water fell and you ran away. In spite of all good thoughts, the human tendency is to think that way. When is the day you are going to correct yourselves? One should withstand and win life. There are many who did tapasya on harsh rain, bitter cold and all that. Shouldn’t you all be sitting there in that tapasya? What if the palm leaves get drenched, won’t Agastya tell you? Wouldn’t I talk through those leaves? Why this tension? But Agastya will whip you at times like this and  ye shall have to receive it. No other go!

It is a blessing from the heavens da! The blessings given to you. What if you refuse the Punya that comes your way? A while back, the beloved son of Agastya, when he was climbing up, he gasped for breath. His close friend is admitted in a hospital, struggling for his life. He had gone to save his life, that’s the truth. So there is nothing to the beloved son of Agastya and that its just a drama, which no one knows. I had mentioned already that he had done the act of entering another body. Through the grace of Bhoga, Gorakka (Gorakh Nath) and Ramadeva, that Tirumula who walked around Tiruvannamalai with one foot, He was here all the while. So nothing will happen to him.

I have brought you here with the help of my beloved Siddhas, who carried you all here. How can I let anything happen to anyone here? I mentioned the reason for why you are called. That Ganga who took a holy dip here says: “The punya of Ganga will be upon you, whether you take a holy dip or not, you have now. It was Ganga Jal
which fell from the sky. Had I told you this before, you will have got drenched in the whole rain, for sure. I won’t say but. On seeing your pulse, I say. This is Agastya’s way. Neither can you be corrected, nor can Agastya be corrected :).

It is surprising to see Agastya talking freely. You should visit such holy places in ayear or so, hilly places that are holy. The Siddhas there are ready to bless you. You shall live great on their blessings. Why? You can get the grace of Siddhas, become the Siddhas yourselves and end up blessing others. Let Agastya fight for such a glorious thing for you too!

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 141 – From Nambi Mali to Karkotakanallur 2

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[This episode is about the experiences a person who reads the Siththan Arul blog had during his visit to Nambi Malai and Karkotakanallur. It is being published here without any editing, in English.]

14/11/2013, Thursday, Uthirattadhi star, Trayodasi Thithi in the evening. There was only one thought – Kotakanallur. It was that auspicious day that Agastya Muni had mentioned as came in Siththan Arul. All the Gods had assembled and worshiped the Green-colored Perumal in Kotakanallur. A blessed day. It was merely an expectation, won’t they bless us like a drop? What will we ask? Just this: “Please bless us..”

I got up at 3.30 in the morning, cleansed my body and mind, prayed to the Almighty for blessing and protection and awaited till my friend brought the vehicle. The pain in the right knee was as it is. I wrapped the typical cloth used for such pains (called Patti or Pattis in Tamil) tightly, ignored the pain, sat in the front seat with my right leg raised a little.

En-route, we prayed to Lord Vinayaka to remove all obstacles and offered a coconut. There were 5 adults and a child. As the vehicle moved on, I got a thought. Today we should find a solution to this pain. It is possible only if Thamirabarani and Pachchai Vannan (Lord Narayana of Kotakanallur) thinks so. Let us take a holy dip in the river
and then have the darshan of the Lord, I resolved.

The place we went first was an Agastya temple. It was probably a special day there as there were a number of people offering service in the temple. I prayed to Agastya with folded hands: “O Sire! Today is the day You had mentioned. We are on our way to Kotakanallur. Please be with us and bless us. Please let your blessing be with us
at all times, at all places.”

We received the Prasad given by the priest with respect and started. The pain had not reduced still that I had to limp. There was a Subramanya Swamy temple named “Kozhundhu Malai Subramanya Swamy” near Seran Maha Devi that we wanted to visit before Kotakanallur. But the priest had locked the temple and left, we had missed it in 10 minutes.

Kozhundu Ma Malai is in a beautiful open space. Behind the temple, the mountain curves like “U” and touches the sky. We peeped in the iron gate to see the temple which looked like a small and simple one. There were silence all around. Not a single house or people passing by. The temple is open from 8 to 10 in the morning, we came to know.

I said, “If not today, I will definitely come and have your darshan some other day. How can you be left alone peacefully?” and we moved towards Kotakanallur, reached there around 11.15. A relative of mine came running, “You are late! Come at once, let’s have the darshan!”

I gave him the garland I had brought and said, “Please offer this to the Lord and ask the priest to hold on, let us quickly take bath in Thamirabarani and come back for darshan.”

When looked around, there were a few vehicles parked. Maybe they knew the importance of today! I removed the cloth tied in my knee, placed it safely and limped to the river. I touched the water and prayed to it, sprinkled a little on my head, washed my leg by taking the water in both my hands and then got down in the water slowly. I stood in knee deep water while poured the water (it is called giving Argyam) and prayed.

“O Mother Thamirabarani! As per Agastya Peruman’s words, we have come here to take bath in thy holy water, to cleanse ourselves. If there is any sins committed, let it all be washed away. Let all the souls go in good direction. Let good happen to everyone. Let everyone do only good. When I take my holy dip in you and get up, let all the sins, poisons, the pain that makes this body suffer all should vanish and become alright at once. Please, bless for this!” – I closed my nose with my fingers and took a dip.

The water wasn’t as cold as the Nambiyaru, it was pleasant. There was a slight pull in the water flow also. We bathed blissfully while my mind was closely observing the happenings. There was a power which orchestrated everything, surrounding everyone, I felt.

Once bathed, I walked in the water and as usual, took the right leg and placed it in the step that was immersed in the water, and pressed it to place the left leg on the next step and began to walk normally.

The pain had gone!

I was not limping. The leg had become alright! Thamirabarani Mother only knows what she did to cure it. But I realized something. If we have truth, if our prayer is genuine, here everything is possible. My friend who stood in the banks before me watched me in awe. I showed him my leg and said, “It’s alright, all because of Mother Thamirabarani’s blessings.” and began to move towards the temple.

There were crowd till the Kodi-Maram (Dwajasthamba). Such a crowd, even the temple authorities did not expect they said. They all had come in group and many had visited in group since morning. A number of them were inquiring others and everyone’s answers were the same.

As it came in the blog of Siththan Arul, they had noted down the date and had visited this place today!

Whoa! I was surprised as I thought there may not be much crowd and that many won’t remember this date where we could get the darshan simply. Everyone was asking the other, “How did you come on this day?” and everyone’s answer was this:

Siththan Arul

The temple authorities couldn’t understand anything where a person explained them later. Right from the priest, everyone was surprised and was taken aback. There were so much of crowd that I could not move beyond the Dwajasthamba. Half an hour later, a portion of the crowd came out and Deepa Aradhana happened. I took my darshan by standing where I was and slowly entered inside. On looking closely at everyone, something was clear. They are all expecting someone. They all were searching for the blog author “Velayutham Karthikeyan”.

I thought, ‘Man he escaped or what. All these people would have prostrated before him than to the Perumal.”

As the crowd cleared off, I went close to Lord Narayana and wow, what a beauty?! He was covered with garlands so much that it appeared he did not require any clothing! When the priest showed the Deepa Aradhana, it was as if the Lord’s both eyes were looking at us! Whatever I was thinking, all gone but one prayer:

Please guide everyone in the right path, O Bruhan Matha”!

Kotakanallur Pachchai Vanna Perumal

As we celebrated my friend’s son’s first birthday there, we all got the nevadhana prasad of Swamy. To summarize it all short:

1. Search for the Almighty, the Siddha’s blessings. It will all be good at the end.
2. That search will give a lot of experience and will guide you in the right path.
3. As far as I, I realized that I could lead a blessed, blissful and peaceful life with ‘Their’ blessings, as my body pain had gone. Yes! In everyone, within, dwells the Almighty!
4. The reason for all these are: “Agastya Maha Muni” and “Siththan Arul” Blog!

Anantha Koti Namaskaram for Agastya Maha Muni and many many thanks to Him!

The featured image is proudly being presented here, beautifully photographed by Jaganathan.


~ to be continued…!

The GOS 140 – From Nambi Malai to Karkotakanallur

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

[This episode is about the experiences a person who reads the Siththan Arul blog had during his visit to Nambi Malai and Karkotakanallur. It is being published here without any editing, in English.]

Om Agatheesaya Namaha!

To tell the truth, there is just One. “Siththan Arul” series (the original Tamil series of The Grace of Siddha) has bring out many a good things and have registered several information within me. In every episode, in every week, there will be either a message or an advice, appearing as if they were mentioned to me, myself. Truly. There will be a question for which I won’t have an answer and hence confused. In that week’s episode of Siththan Arul, the answer will be given either directly or indirectly, or there will be a guidance. This truth, I have experienced.

When the series of Kotakanallur got published, I registered the date mentioned (14/11/2013) and thought I should make a visit to that place, for it is the date where all the deva-devatas gathered and blessed all. There will be a good outcome or I will get some revelation, I thought.

When Shri Karthikeyan finished Kotakanallur series and went to Nambi Malai episodes, my surprise grew manifold. Ha! The almighty has given many such spiritually wonderful places, why didn’t we know it all these days? May be the time had to ripe.

The rivers that flow in both the places, are clean to this day and when one takes a holy dip in them, he becomes pure, devoid of any sins, Agastya had said. I had registered this in mind and decided that I should take a holy dip at Nambi Malai first and then should visit Kotaka Nallur.

I called my friend and on a Sunday (10/11/2013 – DD-MM-YYYY), I set forth to Nambi Malai. En-route, we halted and prayed in an Agastya temple, where I prayed…”O Sire! Based on what You said, this is going to Nambi Malai. With Your blessing, this should blissfully feel God. For this, your grace is requested..” – before even I could finish saying this prayer, a electrical pulse kind of a sensation ran from my feet, travelled upwards all the way to the head and stood, as if an armor was put on.

“Thank you Ayya! You have given a very good blessing. This is enough!” – we began our journey and reached the base of Nambi Malai around 10 in the morning. Whenever I climb a mountain, I climb slowly, doing any japa,  enjoying the natural beauty around. Even now, the mind and ears were in full alert. I had moved away a little and walked alone where I felt as if I dashed in to someone. I turned around to see no one. I prayed within saying, “I did not know, please forgive” and moved on.

Agastya had already mentioned that in hilly areas, the Siddhas take a relaxing stroll either in their physical form or in Aroopa (invisibly). But only when I looked at myself carefully that I realized, as if someone has injected a source of physical energy in to me. From then on, I did not feel any fatigue will I reached atop, did not feel thirsty. Maybe some Siddha who took a stroll gave me this energy and lifted me up, it was the truth. We saw an ant-hill and we prayed in front of it. As it was mentioned in Agastya’s Nadi, every ant-hill was around 3 feet in height.

My friend looked at me with a thought and I said, “No, let’s go. We should not disturb their Tapas” and we moved on.

As it was a rainy season, water was flowing here and there as though in a Laya. Chirping of birds, the screech of monkeys, made the surrounding lovely. Then there was this roar of a bear, and the monkeys ran in all directions, climbed the trees they could find and started screeching back all at once in the direction the roar was heard. We had no idea. But after two such roars, no sound was heard. Even the heat by the risen sun wasn’t felt. It was very pleasant. We reached the temple around 11.15 in the morning.

First holy bath, then darshan, we decided and moved to Nambiyaru. A good running water, clear and cold. A board was kept that said that one should not use soaps, oil or shikakai as this is a holy water and is believed that Lord Narayana takes bath here.

We reached a safe place in the stream. First, as per Agastya’s words about Nambiyaru (Nambi river), we touched the water, prayed to it, sprinkled it on our heads, dipped our feet and got down slowly. The chillness of the water made the part it touched go numb. I stood in a knee-deep water and prayed to the direction of Nambi temple.

“Nambi Lord! As per Agastya’s clairvoyance, I have come here to take a holy dip and to have Your darshan. Let this dip take away every kind of sin that I have committed, knowingly or unknowingly. Let no poison and evil come near me. Till the time I live, let me get the mindset of doing good to others, just that thought be there. Forever, let my mind be thinking of the holy feet of Agastya, Nambi, the Almighty’s.” – by thinking this, I took a dip. All the heat in my body rose up to the head. For a minute, I had lost my eye-sight and in five minutes, the body became normal.

I looked at myself. It was as if something had gone out of my body where I realized like a just born baby. A blissful bath of about 30 minutes after which we got out of the water and felt so very good. This water, with all its medicinal herbs, it will feel good indeed. We applied the holy bhasm, kumkum and went inside the temple. They said that it is Tiruvona star and is very auspicious for Perumal (Lord Narayana).

The morning abisheka was over where Lord Nambi stood, just like a mountain, adorned with pushpa-alankara. When I looked at His feet, the same electric pulse I felt in Agastya’s temple ran through. I felt ‘O, this probably is realizing’ and looked at His face.

When the deepa-aradhana was shown near His face, I felt two eyes were looking at me. A flash of light appeared in His eyes and right at that moment, the thought flow in my mind stopped! Along with it disappeared the rest of the devotees around, the sound, the priest, everything disappeared. All that was there was Him, as a light, everywhere, within me, everywhere, I realized.

This! Just this is enough! Nothing else is required. What do I ask Him who gives the highest of things even before asking? What will I get for me to keep? Nothing is required! Nothing is required for me.

“O Perumale! Let everyone be good. Let good things happen. Please guide everyone in the right path. Please help everyone get salvation” – I prayed, humbly received the Tulasi prasad the priest gave and stood aside to continue my darshan.

That experience made my mind stand still. It was subdued. Then it slowly descended and the thought naturally went to Agastya. The thought was:

“Will Siththan Arul give this much? Ahobilam sight came in my mind. The person who read the Nadi is coming down. The priest gives him a plate of prasad, covered with banana leaf. He opens the plate to find curd rice, puliodharai rice, sakkarai pongal etc., As he was very hungry, he ate them all and looked around only to find the priest not around.”

“You had known what happened. It’s just desire thats remaining, right?” – I felt as if someone said this. I opened my eyes and looked around to find my friend who stood with his eyes closed. I then decided to do a pradakshina and to continue my meditation. I did one pradakshina. I was’nt sure what the priest thought, he asked.

“O Swami, have you eaten?”

“No Swami. I took a holy dip and had darshan. I thought I will get down and find some place to eat.”

“Hold on, let me be back.” – he walked towards the madappalli (the place where food items are cooked for the temple). When he came back, he had an oval, silver like plate. It had curd rice, puliodharai rice, sakkarai pongal that had a lot of cashew nuts with lots of, I mean lots of ghee. He handed it over to me and said, “Please go to the
Prahara behind Perumal and have this.”

I was taken away by shock.

Nambi stood there as if saying, “You had desired that day and asked if only ‘that’ person will be given prasad, in the form of Narasimha, who will give for people like me? Here, today is your turn. Go and have it peacefully.” – He was smiling.

“Hmm! I should never think of anything, never should ask. If done, They give it right away and blow our mind away. O Lord! I will not think such things again. It’s a promise!” – I took my friend to the Prahara and began to eat.

“This is just a beginning as there are still more tests to be done.” – my mind said. I realized then that the food variety I was given was as if customized completely to my taste. The curd rice that did not taste too salty, puliodharai that was not too spicy, the sakkarai pongal that tasted just like how it was when I had once in a Perumal temple in my childhood (till now I haven’t tasted one such again). It was as if they were prepared very meticulously, carefully. I felt if the food in deva-loka will be such tasty. It was as if Nambi Himself was asking if there is anyone in the world who can cook like this.

We ate blissfully, washed the plate in the Nambi river and gave it back to the priest, thanked him, thanked the Nambi, bid farewell from all and began to get down. My friend was in a state of shock seeing all these. I was in a trance like state after the food. Wonderful breeze. I even thought we should lie down near the temple and sleep. But we had a plan to find out ‘another temple’ and so we began to get down.

I slipped when getting down once and I balanced where I felt some pain. It slipped again slightly in a while when the pain rose up the head. I felt again, ‘these are all tests, be ready!’. We got down and went to a place called ‘Vijaya Narayanam” and worshipped the Lord Shiva there and came back to my place. I could not get up in the morning due to so much of body-ache.

I took off work that day and went to office the next day when around 1 in the afternoon, I felt some pain in the right knee. I could not press the foot down. I reached home somehow, applied some ointment but the pain increased. The knee and the surrounding places were swollen.

I have to go to Kotakanallur in two days and I am stuck like this. I got angry, really. I could only pray to the ‘Pachchai Vannan’ of Kotakanallur thus: “You know how important this Thursday is. Make sure that my leg is cured before that. Otherwise, I will hire an ambulance and even if I have to lie down, I will come there to see you. You decide!”

It was Wednesday night and the pain did not reduce. I did not lose patience and was waiting that something will happen.

~ to be continued…!

 The featured image is the that ant-hill that Agastya Muni mentions in these series!

The GOS 139 – Nambi Malai 6

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

As Agastya went for the Deepa Aradhana, the people who were waiting thought that they could take a stroll and relax a bit, and began to walk in different directions. One of them went to circumbulate the temple, none of them spoke but it was clear that all of them were thinking something. What were they thinking became clear once the
Maharishi came back and started speaking again in the Nadi.

“When I was mentioning about Ganga taking a holy bath here, many here raised a question among themselves. All the devas, devis, erected a shelter in yellow, kept turmeric in, planted banana, jack-fruit and coconut trees, and took a blissful bath, such a wondrous scene and so, a question arises. Ganga being a feminine force, why did Agastya see that? Oh you are all rationalists. You will raise all sorts of questions, so can Agastya see a woman taking bath?

Agastya just mentioned about Her taking bath but never mentioned that I witnessed it. But that turmeric piece was lying there all along. When Ganga finished her bathing, Tamirabarani embraced her, blessed her and felt very blissful. Ganga then asked her, “You have taken all the sins I carried, I am worried now, how are you going to get rid of them?” It is that very day that she asked. Do you know how many information I have kept in it when I said these?

It is the time when Agastya did Abisheka to Nambi, a time that is blissful. It is not once in a year but once in 200 years can one get such a rarest of the rare sight. Agastya is performing one such in 200 years today. You have all come. Just so, 200 years back, all of you had gathered here, doing various services for Agastya. I had called for you then too, but you are seldom aware of it.

You were lying down near that Tamarind tree. You were lying on the laps of the Siddhas as this tree is not an ordinary tamarind tree. In between the Tamarind tree and the ant-hill, you were lying in the bare ground with your hands being your head rest and were sleeping blissfully without any thoughts, with your minds pure. It is the same day. I have gathered you all after 200 years. Another thing like this will happen only after 200 years now. Agastya won’t know if all of you will be here then, as Agastya cannot say how many of you will be re-born. But I can say one thing. When you were present 200 years back when Agastya performed abisheka to this Nambi, the Ahobila Narasimha Deva who was present 200 years back then, has come today as well. Lord Shiva was here too. He said “Dei, open everyone’s ‘eyes'” and went off.

Not just in Tamilnadu, Agastya has brought in all the rivers of Bharat and have done abisheka. To this day, all the rivers have gathered here and are performing milk abisheka to Nambi, but He has not allowed them to complete the abisheka. Once Agastya has done the abisheka, no abisheka is allowed hereafter, He said. So the rivers are doing the pada-pooja to Nambi. There are different kinds of abisheka that Agastya has done. I then decorated Him with flowers, and with the Shenbaga flower which is native to this soil, showed him deepa arathi, did neivedhya and showed Mangala Arathi. There is still pooja rituals happening in full swing.

That is being witnessed by great rishis like Jamadagni, Vishwamitra and many more rishi-munis of the northern side, blissfully chatting among themselves. There is Adi-Sesha on another side seated right next to Garduazhwar. Who will get such a rare sight? Why am I repeatedly narrating this sight over and over again, because this time won’t be there again. You all are blessed, only the few of you. None else. Let many people desire for this, but they don’t get it. Agastya has written already on who all will get this and have called only those. All the devas are doing to be here the whole night. All the temples tonight, will just have the idols but the dwelling lords have come here and they cannot be seen all at once anywhere else.

Not just that, those who have gathered here, how blessed they are, I must say. None should think that they are sinful, they are not qualified, they don’t deserve etc., Every life has done some merit (punya). If I list them, all you will get is head-weight. You will descend from the Siddha-level and think that I have done some merit, Agastya Himself has mentioned it, your ego will rise. As long as there is blood in you, sweat in you, you may commit mistakes. So I just say by filtering out, that you all have done Punya.

I mentioned in the morning itself, there is no Chandrashtamam for you, don’t worry. I have got this approval from Chandra deva himself. Let Chandra be in whatever direction, be with anyone like Rahu, Kethu, Guru or Shaneeshwara, He won’t trouble you. Chandra has given this promise to me. I am just giving away the merits slowly, drop by drop. Everyone is sticking their tongue out, to drink the amrut completely. This is but a spiritual desire, the only desire one can have. There is no harm in desiring for the spiritual, like they ask from me like the grand-children, right-royally. But there is a desire in their minds. What Agastya is going to say next? We must just grab it as it is. This is expected too. Agastya has already mentioned, in Kodumudi also, it is difficult to get re-birth, it’s rare. I shall tell you all, who have done many a sins before.

“You don’t have another birth”! – the reason to say this? As Lord Shiva ordained, you have 9 births, not that they should be human birth. Whether you help the human kind or not, you have a necessity to be born. But I will nullify all those nine births and will prioritize you. There is a reason to say this too. As you don’t have another birth, just
play safe, be careful. Have faith in a good life. Have faith in God, not in Me. It is true that Agastya is the foremost of Siddhas, but I will only guide you in the right direction.

I will throw away all your nine births and will place you ahead, no re-birth. Not just that, how to lead the rest of the life, what sort of miseries may come, how to overcome them, to bear all these, I shall grant you the will as well. First, all the mistakes happen because of Chandrashtama.

….when Agastya was narrating this, it began to drizzle. We all went inside the temple as we did not want the Nadi to get wet. We thought we shall resume our reading by sitting outside once the rain is off. The drizzling was on for fifteen minutes. Agastya understood my mindset at that time and when I resumed reading, He whipped me right so I could understand.

~ to be continued…!

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