The GOS 140 – From Nambi Malai to Karkotakanallur

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[This episode is about the experiences a person who reads the Siththan Arul blog had during his visit to Nambi Malai and Karkotakanallur. It is being published here without any editing, in English.]

Om Agatheesaya Namaha!

To tell the truth, there is just One. “Siththan Arul” series (the original Tamil series of The Grace of Siddha) has bring out many a good things and have registered several information within me. In every episode, in every week, there will be either a message or an advice, appearing as if they were mentioned to me, myself. Truly. There will be a question for which I won’t have an answer and hence confused. In that week’s episode of Siththan Arul, the answer will be given either directly or indirectly, or there will be a guidance. This truth, I have experienced.

When the series of Kotakanallur got published, I registered the date mentioned (14/11/2013) and thought I should make a visit to that place, for it is the date where all the deva-devatas gathered and blessed all. There will be a good outcome or I will get some revelation, I thought.

When Shri Karthikeyan finished Kotakanallur series and went to Nambi Malai episodes, my surprise grew manifold. Ha! The almighty has given many such spiritually wonderful places, why didn’t we know it all these days? May be the time had to ripe.

The rivers that flow in both the places, are clean to this day and when one takes a holy dip in them, he becomes pure, devoid of any sins, Agastya had said. I had registered this in mind and decided that I should take a holy dip at Nambi Malai first and then should visit Kotaka Nallur.

I called my friend and on a Sunday (10/11/2013 – DD-MM-YYYY), I set forth to Nambi Malai. En-route, we halted and prayed in an Agastya temple, where I prayed…”O Sire! Based on what You said, this is going to Nambi Malai. With Your blessing, this should blissfully feel God. For this, your grace is requested..” – before even I could finish saying this prayer, a electrical pulse kind of a sensation ran from my feet, travelled upwards all the way to the head and stood, as if an armor was put on.

“Thank you Ayya! You have given a very good blessing. This is enough!” – we began our journey and reached the base of Nambi Malai around 10 in the morning. Whenever I climb a mountain, I climb slowly, doing any japa,  enjoying the natural beauty around. Even now, the mind and ears were in full alert. I had moved away a little and walked alone where I felt as if I dashed in to someone. I turned around to see no one. I prayed within saying, “I did not know, please forgive” and moved on.

Agastya had already mentioned that in hilly areas, the Siddhas take a relaxing stroll either in their physical form or in Aroopa (invisibly). But only when I looked at myself carefully that I realized, as if someone has injected a source of physical energy in to me. From then on, I did not feel any fatigue will I reached atop, did not feel thirsty. Maybe some Siddha who took a stroll gave me this energy and lifted me up, it was the truth. We saw an ant-hill and we prayed in front of it. As it was mentioned in Agastya’s Nadi, every ant-hill was around 3 feet in height.

My friend looked at me with a thought and I said, “No, let’s go. We should not disturb their Tapas” and we moved on.

As it was a rainy season, water was flowing here and there as though in a Laya. Chirping of birds, the screech of monkeys, made the surrounding lovely. Then there was this roar of a bear, and the monkeys ran in all directions, climbed the trees they could find and started screeching back all at once in the direction the roar was heard. We had no idea. But after two such roars, no sound was heard. Even the heat by the risen sun wasn’t felt. It was very pleasant. We reached the temple around 11.15 in the morning.

First holy bath, then darshan, we decided and moved to Nambiyaru. A good running water, clear and cold. A board was kept that said that one should not use soaps, oil or shikakai as this is a holy water and is believed that Lord Narayana takes bath here.

We reached a safe place in the stream. First, as per Agastya’s words about Nambiyaru (Nambi river), we touched the water, prayed to it, sprinkled it on our heads, dipped our feet and got down slowly. The chillness of the water made the part it touched go numb. I stood in a knee-deep water and prayed to the direction of Nambi temple.

“Nambi Lord! As per Agastya’s clairvoyance, I have come here to take a holy dip and to have Your darshan. Let this dip take away every kind of sin that I have committed, knowingly or unknowingly. Let no poison and evil come near me. Till the time I live, let me get the mindset of doing good to others, just that thought be there. Forever, let my mind be thinking of the holy feet of Agastya, Nambi, the Almighty’s.” – by thinking this, I took a dip. All the heat in my body rose up to the head. For a minute, I had lost my eye-sight and in five minutes, the body became normal.

I looked at myself. It was as if something had gone out of my body where I realized like a just born baby. A blissful bath of about 30 minutes after which we got out of the water and felt so very good. This water, with all its medicinal herbs, it will feel good indeed. We applied the holy bhasm, kumkum and went inside the temple. They said that it is Tiruvona star and is very auspicious for Perumal (Lord Narayana).

The morning abisheka was over where Lord Nambi stood, just like a mountain, adorned with pushpa-alankara. When I looked at His feet, the same electric pulse I felt in Agastya’s temple ran through. I felt ‘O, this probably is realizing’ and looked at His face.

When the deepa-aradhana was shown near His face, I felt two eyes were looking at me. A flash of light appeared in His eyes and right at that moment, the thought flow in my mind stopped! Along with it disappeared the rest of the devotees around, the sound, the priest, everything disappeared. All that was there was Him, as a light, everywhere, within me, everywhere, I realized.

This! Just this is enough! Nothing else is required. What do I ask Him who gives the highest of things even before asking? What will I get for me to keep? Nothing is required! Nothing is required for me.

“O Perumale! Let everyone be good. Let good things happen. Please guide everyone in the right path. Please help everyone get salvation” – I prayed, humbly received the Tulasi prasad the priest gave and stood aside to continue my darshan.

That experience made my mind stand still. It was subdued. Then it slowly descended and the thought naturally went to Agastya. The thought was:

“Will Siththan Arul give this much? Ahobilam sight came in my mind. The person who read the Nadi is coming down. The priest gives him a plate of prasad, covered with banana leaf. He opens the plate to find curd rice, puliodharai rice, sakkarai pongal etc., As he was very hungry, he ate them all and looked around only to find the priest not around.”

“You had known what happened. It’s just desire thats remaining, right?” – I felt as if someone said this. I opened my eyes and looked around to find my friend who stood with his eyes closed. I then decided to do a pradakshina and to continue my meditation. I did one pradakshina. I was’nt sure what the priest thought, he asked.

“O Swami, have you eaten?”

“No Swami. I took a holy dip and had darshan. I thought I will get down and find some place to eat.”

“Hold on, let me be back.” – he walked towards the madappalli (the place where food items are cooked for the temple). When he came back, he had an oval, silver like plate. It had curd rice, puliodharai rice, sakkarai pongal that had a lot of cashew nuts with lots of, I mean lots of ghee. He handed it over to me and said, “Please go to the
Prahara behind Perumal and have this.”

I was taken away by shock.

Nambi stood there as if saying, “You had desired that day and asked if only ‘that’ person will be given prasad, in the form of Narasimha, who will give for people like me? Here, today is your turn. Go and have it peacefully.” – He was smiling.

“Hmm! I should never think of anything, never should ask. If done, They give it right away and blow our mind away. O Lord! I will not think such things again. It’s a promise!” – I took my friend to the Prahara and began to eat.

“This is just a beginning as there are still more tests to be done.” – my mind said. I realized then that the food variety I was given was as if customized completely to my taste. The curd rice that did not taste too salty, puliodharai that was not too spicy, the sakkarai pongal that tasted just like how it was when I had once in a Perumal temple in my childhood (till now I haven’t tasted one such again). It was as if they were prepared very meticulously, carefully. I felt if the food in deva-loka will be such tasty. It was as if Nambi Himself was asking if there is anyone in the world who can cook like this.

We ate blissfully, washed the plate in the Nambi river and gave it back to the priest, thanked him, thanked the Nambi, bid farewell from all and began to get down. My friend was in a state of shock seeing all these. I was in a trance like state after the food. Wonderful breeze. I even thought we should lie down near the temple and sleep. But we had a plan to find out ‘another temple’ and so we began to get down.

I slipped when getting down once and I balanced where I felt some pain. It slipped again slightly in a while when the pain rose up the head. I felt again, ‘these are all tests, be ready!’. We got down and went to a place called ‘Vijaya Narayanam” and worshipped the Lord Shiva there and came back to my place. I could not get up in the morning due to so much of body-ache.

I took off work that day and went to office the next day when around 1 in the afternoon, I felt some pain in the right knee. I could not press the foot down. I reached home somehow, applied some ointment but the pain increased. The knee and the surrounding places were swollen.

I have to go to Kotakanallur in two days and I am stuck like this. I got angry, really. I could only pray to the ‘Pachchai Vannan’ of Kotakanallur thus: “You know how important this Thursday is. Make sure that my leg is cured before that. Otherwise, I will hire an ambulance and even if I have to lie down, I will come there to see you. You decide!”

It was Wednesday night and the pain did not reduce. I did not lose patience and was waiting that something will happen.

~ to be continued…!

 The featured image is the that ant-hill that Agastya Muni mentions in these series!

5 thoughts on “The GOS 140 – From Nambi Malai to Karkotakanallur

  1. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    llOm Agastheshwaray Namahll

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and fully Agathyar and Nambi blessed experience.

    Here, I just want to mentioned like a author of this session I visited Nambi Malai and Kodagnallur on 21 Oct2015, which places were unknown to me unless I read in gnanaboomi. Its been a wonderful miraculous journey towards Agathyar.

    सब दरवाजे बन्द हो जाएँ तो भी एक दरवाजा कभी बन्द नही होता, और वह है परमात्मा का दरवाजा । सब उम्मीद परमात्मा से रखिए दुनिया से नही ।
    मैंने कहा गुनहगार हूँ मैं।
    सत्गुरु ने कहा बख्श दूँगा ।।
    मैंने कहा परेशान हूँ मैं।
    सत्गुरु ने कहा संभाल लूँगा।।
    मैने कहा अकेला हूँ मैं ।
    सत्गुरु ने कहा साथ हूँ मैं ।।
    और मेने कहा आज बहुत उदास हूँ मै
    सतगुरु ने कहा नजर उठा के देख कितने पास हूँ मै।।

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