The GOS 141 – From Nambi Mali to Karkotakanallur 2

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[This episode is about the experiences a person who reads the Siththan Arul blog had during his visit to Nambi Malai and Karkotakanallur. It is being published here without any editing, in English.]

14/11/2013, Thursday, Uthirattadhi star, Trayodasi Thithi in the evening. There was only one thought – Kotakanallur. It was that auspicious day that Agastya Muni had mentioned as came in Siththan Arul. All the Gods had assembled and worshiped the Green-colored Perumal in Kotakanallur. A blessed day. It was merely an expectation, won’t they bless us like a drop? What will we ask? Just this: “Please bless us..”

I got up at 3.30 in the morning, cleansed my body and mind, prayed to the Almighty for blessing and protection and awaited till my friend brought the vehicle. The pain in the right knee was as it is. I wrapped the typical cloth used for such pains (called Patti or Pattis in Tamil) tightly, ignored the pain, sat in the front seat with my right leg raised a little.

En-route, we prayed to Lord Vinayaka to remove all obstacles and offered a coconut. There were 5 adults and a child. As the vehicle moved on, I got a thought. Today we should find a solution to this pain. It is possible only if Thamirabarani and Pachchai Vannan (Lord Narayana of Kotakanallur) thinks so. Let us take a holy dip in the river
and then have the darshan of the Lord, I resolved.

The place we went first was an Agastya temple. It was probably a special day there as there were a number of people offering service in the temple. I prayed to Agastya with folded hands: “O Sire! Today is the day You had mentioned. We are on our way to Kotakanallur. Please be with us and bless us. Please let your blessing be with us
at all times, at all places.”

We received the Prasad given by the priest with respect and started. The pain had not reduced still that I had to limp. There was a Subramanya Swamy temple named “Kozhundhu Malai Subramanya Swamy” near Seran Maha Devi that we wanted to visit before Kotakanallur. But the priest had locked the temple and left, we had missed it in 10 minutes.

Kozhundu Ma Malai is in a beautiful open space. Behind the temple, the mountain curves like “U” and touches the sky. We peeped in the iron gate to see the temple which looked like a small and simple one. There were silence all around. Not a single house or people passing by. The temple is open from 8 to 10 in the morning, we came to know.

I said, “If not today, I will definitely come and have your darshan some other day. How can you be left alone peacefully?” and we moved towards Kotakanallur, reached there around 11.15. A relative of mine came running, “You are late! Come at once, let’s have the darshan!”

I gave him the garland I had brought and said, “Please offer this to the Lord and ask the priest to hold on, let us quickly take bath in Thamirabarani and come back for darshan.”

When looked around, there were a few vehicles parked. Maybe they knew the importance of today! I removed the cloth tied in my knee, placed it safely and limped to the river. I touched the water and prayed to it, sprinkled a little on my head, washed my leg by taking the water in both my hands and then got down in the water slowly. I stood in knee deep water while poured the water (it is called giving Argyam) and prayed.

“O Mother Thamirabarani! As per Agastya Peruman’s words, we have come here to take bath in thy holy water, to cleanse ourselves. If there is any sins committed, let it all be washed away. Let all the souls go in good direction. Let good happen to everyone. Let everyone do only good. When I take my holy dip in you and get up, let all the sins, poisons, the pain that makes this body suffer all should vanish and become alright at once. Please, bless for this!” – I closed my nose with my fingers and took a dip.

The water wasn’t as cold as the Nambiyaru, it was pleasant. There was a slight pull in the water flow also. We bathed blissfully while my mind was closely observing the happenings. There was a power which orchestrated everything, surrounding everyone, I felt.

Once bathed, I walked in the water and as usual, took the right leg and placed it in the step that was immersed in the water, and pressed it to place the left leg on the next step and began to walk normally.

The pain had gone!

I was not limping. The leg had become alright! Thamirabarani Mother only knows what she did to cure it. But I realized something. If we have truth, if our prayer is genuine, here everything is possible. My friend who stood in the banks before me watched me in awe. I showed him my leg and said, “It’s alright, all because of Mother Thamirabarani’s blessings.” and began to move towards the temple.

There were crowd till the Kodi-Maram (Dwajasthamba). Such a crowd, even the temple authorities did not expect they said. They all had come in group and many had visited in group since morning. A number of them were inquiring others and everyone’s answers were the same.

As it came in the blog of Siththan Arul, they had noted down the date and had visited this place today!

Whoa! I was surprised as I thought there may not be much crowd and that many won’t remember this date where we could get the darshan simply. Everyone was asking the other, “How did you come on this day?” and everyone’s answer was this:

Siththan Arul

The temple authorities couldn’t understand anything where a person explained them later. Right from the priest, everyone was surprised and was taken aback. There were so much of crowd that I could not move beyond the Dwajasthamba. Half an hour later, a portion of the crowd came out and Deepa Aradhana happened. I took my darshan by standing where I was and slowly entered inside. On looking closely at everyone, something was clear. They are all expecting someone. They all were searching for the blog author “Velayutham Karthikeyan”.

I thought, ‘Man he escaped or what. All these people would have prostrated before him than to the Perumal.”

As the crowd cleared off, I went close to Lord Narayana and wow, what a beauty?! He was covered with garlands so much that it appeared he did not require any clothing! When the priest showed the Deepa Aradhana, it was as if the Lord’s both eyes were looking at us! Whatever I was thinking, all gone but one prayer:

Please guide everyone in the right path, O Bruhan Matha”!

Kotakanallur Pachchai Vanna Perumal

As we celebrated my friend’s son’s first birthday there, we all got the nevadhana prasad of Swamy. To summarize it all short:

1. Search for the Almighty, the Siddha’s blessings. It will all be good at the end.
2. That search will give a lot of experience and will guide you in the right path.
3. As far as I, I realized that I could lead a blessed, blissful and peaceful life with ‘Their’ blessings, as my body pain had gone. Yes! In everyone, within, dwells the Almighty!
4. The reason for all these are: “Agastya Maha Muni” and “Siththan Arul” Blog!

Anantha Koti Namaskaram for Agastya Maha Muni and many many thanks to Him!

The featured image is proudly being presented here, beautifully photographed by Jaganathan.


~ to be continued…!

6 thoughts on “The GOS 141 – From Nambi Mali to Karkotakanallur 2

  1. Yogvivek says:

    Koti koti pranaam to Lord Brihan madhav and Mahamuni.We too are feeling inner bliss.We ,the non tamil people have immensely benefitted by Gnanaboomi.Many thanks for the same.Keep posting we are very much in need for it.This is Dnyanamrit indeed.

  2. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

    Ohh My Lord Bruhan Madhavan and Agathyar Your shower of blessings keep on all of Us. Mata Tambrabharani is really feel like a mother when you take dip in Her with surrender. When I first time touch the Tambrabharani tears fallen downs just like when you meet your mother after long time.

    Kodagnallur and Nambi Malai is my super ever and fully loaded miraculous journey I have.

    These both places were just unknown to me until I got Gnana from Gnanabhoomi. Thank you very much for all the team who is working behind this.

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