The GOS 142 – Nambi Malai 7

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A wonderful sight, a rare one, there..Jamadagni worships and goes. With mercury, he prepares a substance, takes a small piece of round in shape and hands it over to all the Siddhas, the Jamadagni who makes the Siddhas prosper, he has come with the mercury substance even today. He hands it over to all the Siddhas and the 17 others who are behind me. When these Siddhas consume this, they will walk around for another 400 years. Even such a wondrous thing is happening now. In a marriage, only the events related to the marriage happen. But here in Nambi temple, what all we get to see? I have gathered you all, but I should tell you what’s happening. So here, I am narrating.

The next natural question then is…will I get that mercury substance like those Siddhas? Nothing wrong in that. You are human-siddhas and therefore, a number of auspicious things is going to happen. I mentioned already. The life spent so far is not a life. But the life you are going to live, is what is life. There is a new episode written today. Not just your family, but you are going to live healthy, when you lie down, you can sleep peacefully, live peacefully and are going to live a very happy and prosperous life.

Not just that, there is Bhoga Siddha who has written wonderful things about medicines. Rarest of the rare ones. I mentioned already again, when God gave a disease, He also has given a herb for that medicine already. As said, there are about 4418 types of diseases that can affect the body and for all, each one of them, Bhoga has written the medicinal cure. Those scribblings written by His own hands, is next to me. Let Him, seated to my left, shall take those palm leaves and do Aradhana.

Let me speak about Vruksha Shastra. There are 27 different trees for all the 27 stars. This day, Agastya bestows one more. Every tree associated with each of the star, has the quality of curing a particular disease. Even the life saving ones, they say in English, called AIDS, there are trees which can cure even that. I shall list those trees that belong to each of the stars 9 days from today.

Once found those trees, if taken in a 3:3 ratio of pieces, make a kashayam of that mixture, kept in the hole beneath the neem tree for 40 days, then filter it, and when a drop is given to people, every disease will get cured. The blind will be able to see, those with kidney failure will get cured, the cruel most disease of all, cancer, even when a person is at the advanced or last stage, when consumed this drop, that person will get up and sit alright. This is an important aspect in the Vaidya Shastra.

Before I say about that, I must talk about the trees related to the 27 stars. Not just about the trees, but I should say where these trees are. Its qualities, how they grow, I must say. The age of the tree and depending on that, where should one cut those pieces, I must say. The Bhoga Siddha has mentioned all these in his palm leaves. THAT ONE, shall receive it in this holy place, this Nambi Malai. Let him pray to it. The ninth day, I shall say about those star-trees. Everything is there within da!

Since Bhoga confesses about His writings by placing His hands on the palm leaves he has written, I read this long one. Bhoga does not do anything that I don’t agree upon. He has given the authority to me. Hence I had called ‘that one’ today. Let him receive these leaves. Let him pray to the leaves every day. Agastya will give the details on the 27 trees, how to take out the wooden pieces, how to preserve it etc., If prepared in the right method, one or two drops is enough to be given to anyone. There is no other life saving medicine like this one.

I seek the permission from the Three Eyed Lord too. Whoever consumes the medicine prepared as per Bhoga’s instructions, please do not invoke Mrutyu (death) on them. This is my request to the Three Eyed Mahadeva and he nods with a smile. So I say this after His permission. One who has read the secrets of Bhoga, anywhere in the world if he opens his mouth, the disease will be cured. That, I this Agastya, bestow in this day, in this shore where Ganga took a holy dip.

Agastya can say what sort of diseases can come from head to toe. Before that, let me say a thing. Let them have whatever disease, from the medicine ‘this one’ will give, let them sprinkle this holy water a drop and rub it in that teeth of the elephant, nervous weakness, bone related ailments, brain related ailments, all will get cured. They say in English for the ‘one-sided headache’ right – Migraine – Agastya doesn’t know. Those who suffer with it, let them all mix Sukku, Milagu (pepper), Thippili mixed with Virali Manjal (a type of turmeric), mix it with the teeth of the elephant, apply it as a paste in the forehead for three days, Migraine will disappear, won’t come back even if invited. The reason, the water that got stored between the Siru-moolai and Peru Moolai (here the brain is mentioned as small and large brain by Maharishi) gets absorbed by this mixture.

Hole in the heart? Fear not! The solution is there in Vruksha Shastra. I mentioned about Ekki tree. It’s roots, the fruits are going to give excellent remedies. When a life is saved, through that life, many other lives should also be saved. This is Agastya’s intention. That child which cannot walk, through that, it is destined to save many others and not just to make that child suffer. It is for sure that the child will get up and walk. Since the research had to be done with that child, so as to save everyone from getting affected by polio, those who suffer with greater diseases, it is divined that the drama be played with the child as the main character.

The child will walk and the medicines for that will be given in advance. It will walk beautifully. Agastya is talking about that wondrous sight. Many such wonderful things are going to happen. If only you can list these out, a huge Vaidya Shastra. I shall tell you secrets that are not known to anyone. But though there is a rule that I cannot say
everything, what’s the use of Agastya if He is not sharing life saving requirements and remedies? I promised that I will repay my gratitude, this is my way of showing it. Many here might have imagined as to why I called them here.

Such a great day, a drop of water fell and you ran away. In spite of all good thoughts, the human tendency is to think that way. When is the day you are going to correct yourselves? One should withstand and win life. There are many who did tapasya on harsh rain, bitter cold and all that. Shouldn’t you all be sitting there in that tapasya? What if the palm leaves get drenched, won’t Agastya tell you? Wouldn’t I talk through those leaves? Why this tension? But Agastya will whip you at times like this and  ye shall have to receive it. No other go!

It is a blessing from the heavens da! The blessings given to you. What if you refuse the Punya that comes your way? A while back, the beloved son of Agastya, when he was climbing up, he gasped for breath. His close friend is admitted in a hospital, struggling for his life. He had gone to save his life, that’s the truth. So there is nothing to the beloved son of Agastya and that its just a drama, which no one knows. I had mentioned already that he had done the act of entering another body. Through the grace of Bhoga, Gorakka (Gorakh Nath) and Ramadeva, that Tirumula who walked around Tiruvannamalai with one foot, He was here all the while. So nothing will happen to him.

I have brought you here with the help of my beloved Siddhas, who carried you all here. How can I let anything happen to anyone here? I mentioned the reason for why you are called. That Ganga who took a holy dip here says: “The punya of Ganga will be upon you, whether you take a holy dip or not, you have now. It was Ganga Jal
which fell from the sky. Had I told you this before, you will have got drenched in the whole rain, for sure. I won’t say but. On seeing your pulse, I say. This is Agastya’s way. Neither can you be corrected, nor can Agastya be corrected :).

It is surprising to see Agastya talking freely. You should visit such holy places in ayear or so, hilly places that are holy. The Siddhas there are ready to bless you. You shall live great on their blessings. Why? You can get the grace of Siddhas, become the Siddhas yourselves and end up blessing others. Let Agastya fight for such a glorious thing for you too!

~ to be continued…!

4 thoughts on “The GOS 142 – Nambi Malai 7

  1. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

    “The life spent so far is not a life. But the life you are going to live, is what is life. There is a new episode written today.”… This is what really I am feeling now as I am continuously praying Agathyar to bless and give a way in my life, and here I get His blessings.

    As a pharmacist I think I was useless to other souls as everywhere going wrong things in this Industry, but now Agathyar blessed my soul a way towards the changing the life of others. On this way my friend also going as per Maharishi’s guidance for Siddha Medicine to help different souls.

    I am really thankful to Gnanabhoomi team for sharing this life changing guidance of my lord Agathyar.

  2. Thanks Gnanabhoomi for all your excellent articles. Every week I wait for your latest article.
    I have learned much from you. Kindly also post if possible, Agasthiar Maharishi’s answers to generic questions by devotees. I have requested my friends to read your Siththan Arul series. Once again Thanks.

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