The GOS 143 – Nambi Malai 8

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This is wonderful da! The greatest gift Agastya gives today is this indeed da! You got the grace of Ganga. I left out one other thing. Ganga asked, “O Sister, you have taken all the sins I carried. How are you going to get rid of all that?” Before that, there is a story.

Once Indra, due to the greatest mistake he did, Yoni (private part of the feminine) appeared all over his body, embarrassing him. He went and prostrated before the Lord Almighty many a times at Chathuragiri and Kailash.
“I made a mistake. Yoni has appeared all over my body and is embarrassing me”.

Blood oozing out with bad odour made everyone run away from him. Don’t ask if this was the state of Lord Indra himself. One must say what really happened. No one knew this. The flesh he desired, the mistake he made because of that lust, got him a curse and all his body became yoni. One may think, is this ever possible, how can
yoni appear in all over the human’s body and all that. If cursed by such a pure soul, anything can happen. This boomi is a place where such people lived. If they say, it will happen. Even Agastya intervened to fix that problem but couldn’t. So I left it.

That Indra went to Kailaya as I told where even Nandikeshwara moved away closing His nostrils. All the devas left and Lord Shiva was the only one left alone. He fell at Mahadeva’s feet where the blood that spread out due to his falling down made even the Mount Kailash dirty. But still, the Supreme Lord asked. “What do you want?”

“I made a big mistake. Please forgive me and cure me.” – said Indra.

Lord Shiva turned away and said at once, “Take bath in holy Ganga.”

Ganga ran to Me at once. “Oh no! If he takes bath in me, my holiness will be gone! No one will take bath in me thereafter. I cannot accept this.” – and she went away. That reason, Indra still has an anger left for Ganga. But he couldn’t do anything, can’t even look up at her as she was right on Mahadeva’s matted lock. He wanted to bite
her and swallow her out of his anger but she was up there! As Ganga abandoned him, he asked Lord Shiva again.

Lord Shiva then replied, “In this Chathuragiri area, near Sri Vaikuntam, there seated is Thamirabarani quietly. Go fall at her feet. All the yoni in your body will become golden in color and you will be cured.”

Indra came to Sri Vaikuntam at once, took a holy dip in Thamirabarani where all the Nava Grahas were seated blissfully. Indra asked what to do. Ganga herself said, “Go straight to Thamirabarani and take a holy bath, pray to Nava Grahas thereafter. Your curse will be cured.” Thereby he took bath as said, and his curse was cured. He fell at the feet of Nava Grahas. They, seated with their wives, changed him, cured him.

The place where Nava Grahas were seated as couple is located at Karumkulam, near Sri Vaikuntam, near Thiruchendur. At hill top, there is Lord Venkatava and at the base, there is Nava Graha shrines with their wives. If you can, seek their blessings. Why I say this is because….

That Thamirabarani river, has dispelled the sins of Ganga, took away the curse of Indra. This is the place where Ganga’s sins were washed. The place Indra was cured is Sri Vaikuntam. It was that day when Nava Graha shrines, with their wives was made. It is still there. Though this incident happened some 2500 years back, they are still there blessing. It is a rarest of the rare sight. Do you know something else? There is Venkatava, not just an idol. The idol was though was sculpted some 2500 years back and is receiving all abishekas till now, nothing happened to that idol till date. Best part still, the idol can be dismantled, like head, legs, hands etc., It’s a wonder isn’t it? The place is also called as Then-Tirupathi (Southern Tirupathi). I could go on all night. They have come far and with a lot of expectation that Agastya will tell them some good information. Hence I mentioned. This is the place where
Ganga took bath. I am seated here and saying all these for you to listen. Not just you, all the Devas here are listening to it now. So you are given the Punya, where you are able to witness the abisheka that Agastya performed 200 years back.”

This is the place where Agastya sat down and meditated. All the mountains here are mine. I used to stroll in the north-eastern direction. When I walk under the shade of neem tree, I walk fast. Lord Vayu helps me do so. According to your calculation, within one hour, I can go to Mumbai and come back. All these western ghats are
mine. There are many a wonderful Siddhas. When am I going to show them to you all? There is no time for you humans, not for me. If you are hungry the next moment, you will start looking for food and water right then, won’t listen to Agastya. It is your nature and so I can’t say everything first.

Now, let me narrate about Thiru Kurungudi. One of them asked when coming in the vehicle as to why it became Kurungudi. Let me answer.

“As all the Siddhas gathered by assuming smaller form, this place is called Kurungudi.”

The humans sculpt the deities at 6 or 7 feet height but here, it was made shorter. All the Vaishnava temples will have 6 or 7 feet idol of the deity, why is it shorter here. It is the Lord’s will that He wanted to reduce Himself in size and sat here. Hence the name. They added the prefix ‘Thiru’ for respect and made it ThiruKurungudi.

~ to be continued…!

This wonderful featured image is from the blog My Travelogue by Bhushavali. There are marvelous other images in the blog which I am sure will mesmerize me as it did for me.

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