The GOS 147 – Nambi Malai 12

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“He will get you all the darshan of God. For sure. But when, that I do not know.” – I said.

Agastya continued…

“Not just that, there are a lot of Munivars. I will show you. I will get you their blessings as well. This is a promise. In this wonderful Nambi Malai, you can take this as a guarantee from Agastya!”

“One asked, what will happen to me. Only if asked, it shall be said. He was a zamindar in his previous birth, one might feel happy if said so. He has lost all that he earned, has gained the enmity of all his relatives and is standing on his own legs and is coming up in life. As the grace of Siddhas are with him, he has run a business related to the field of art, though he earns well in it, the status is with ups and downs. If possible, on a Chathurthi (Valar Pirai Chathurthi as the Maha Muni said in Tamil), do a yagna for Vigneshwara and do a yagna for Dana Akarshana, Jana Akarshana yagna and keep the copper plate with you, there will be good progress.

People around him, though he appears very simple, are envious about him. I must say. Those you may believe so well, may just cheat you. It is such a time. There has been some unwanted incidents in a family. Some unwanted things has happened in his ancestors’ time as well. For such reasons, he has always intending to have his mind unattached and to devote it towards God. Only the spiritual path is giving him the solace. If not, he will just abandon his life and will go wander somewhere. He has got such thoughts so fierce-fully and has fallen from it and has made himself like a slave of God.

He searches for punya through whatever service he will do for the Siddhas. For him, there are many a wounds in his mind which cannot be said. No one will believe if said also. As he has surpassed all these things and is in a state of disappointment, no, to the state of being spiritual, there will be a strange incident that will happen in 13 days after which, his mind will be in happiness. He will build a Siddha Ashram in the future and will help many as far as he can. He will do many anna-dhana. There are chances that Siddhas will bless him. Not just that, he will make use of the right chances to do good for the world. His future will be good.

I had said this already. The moment one steps towards Agastya here, when one steps on the hill of Agastya, all will be victorious. I am not boasting that as ‘My Mountain’. I am not claiming it as mine and cannot file a case saying so. This was my mountain as I did the yagna here at first. Due to this, this place is holy, as all the Devas and Devis are seated here, all the Muni’s are here, and you have come here right at this time. When Agastya said that this is a rare happening and no one will get such a bhagya, there will be a reason. There will be a Shukshuma.

Why I say all these is, I know where your mind is headed, after experiencing all the karma. How much you suffered, how much you cried by losing sleep, how many days you suffered because of the cheat and betrayal done to you, how many days you had stared at the night sky without sleep or dinner. I know everything da!

I called upon you because, your Atma is pure, hence it is beautiful. It is blissful. You forsake your job with the thought of doing some good to others. They stabbed you in the heart without gratitude, these happened in the past which no one will believe if said so. But  you have surpassed everything, made your mind still, and are standing quietly like a very ordinary person, won’t I know you? Right from now, you are a pure soul. Why are you worrying about your future? Why are you worrying about your future? Just leave it to Agastya. I shall get you to the shore. Do not fear!

“Oh adada! Everything is just the truth Swami!” – said the friend.


“Not a single word is wrong.”

Agastya continued…”To say about that one, I have already written a 64 leaves. In that, his life history, his ancestor’s history, his horoscope detail, everything I have written. But still, there has been a mistake in his family. Due to some mistakes by his ancestors, he has suffered and has fallen down. Though he is trying to get up, what
can he do, all alone? What can he do when all those he trusted and held hands, their hands changed to fangs and bit him? Now after all his youth, his leadership everything he crossed and he has come with just this thought, whether a good word from Agastya will come or not. Agastya knows that as well. To reach your state of mind, one has to cross three levels. They are:
“Opposition, Ridicule and then Acceptance”

Now you are in the second stage. Everyone is eyeing his wealth and no one is there to help him genuinely. To sum it up, that human-siddha whom he met the other day in the ashrama, there isn’t any difference between that Siddha and him. He lived in the hill and had remained a Siddha for long, hence he was called Vinayaka Siddha. No one knows. As he worships Vinayaka, Lord Ganesha himself has given His darshan to him many times. He is full of divinity and hence he never speaks anything. It is indeed the way of Siddhas right? Agastya knew it the moment he smiled, ha, how well he is acting, hiding his true self. He is a wonderful human-siddha.

He went through many a misfortune incidents in life, no one knows but Agastya. He threw everything that he wanted to experience in life and has remained a Siddha, that Vinayaka Siddha is not an ordinary one. He is wearing a green saree, He will be called as Pachchai Pudavai Siththan (Pachchai – green, Pudavai – saree) in the
future. There is no difference between Him and this one because, He renounced everything but this one, in spite of having everything, has renounced everything. That is the truth da!” – said the Maha Muni.

“They call him Kalangi Siddha. He never says anything.” – said that friend.

“Yes. He never says anything.” – said I.

“Swami, we get darshan all of a sudden right? Why is that?” – he asked.

“That is Punya Sir. Without a ‘link’, you won’t come here.” – I replied.

“We have seen many a Swami’s. For instance, now we have seen you.” – he said.

“Oh come on! Do not add me in to that list. Say his name, it is fair indeed. He has done tapasya for 70 years. Me, I am a very very, very ordinary human.” – said I, which is the truth as well.

“There was one Mouna Swami (the one who seldom speaks, mouna – silence) who had an Ashram.” – said he.

“They are the ones who dedicated their lives to it sir! I am not so. I read this Nadi for the past 50 years. Whatever He says, I listen. He whips me at times, I receive. I am just like you. I should have been seated there, but I am here, that’s all.” – I said.

“Anything else to ask?” – I said.

“He said 13 days, what’s the matter?”

“You must have expected something. A good news will be heard soon.” – I said.

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 146 – Nambi Malai 11

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


A friend posted another doubt in a while..whether he can print the Dhanvantri Yantra in his visiting card. Agastya Siddha replied,

“We said that day itself, the Dhanwantri Yantra, Dhanwantri Chakra can be printed in the card alright.”

I said, “Dhanwantri chakra is a one which wards off diseases. Please use.” as well.

Another friend said, “I have been practising Vasi Yoga. Am I doing it in the right way? I should progress in it. I request the Kundalini Yoga be awakened in me.”

Agastya said:

“It was a method that Agastya Himself gave. I am aware that you have been practising it regularly. Have patience. I shall give you an alternate and just as they get promoted, I shall elevate you. Have patience for sometime. As a knower of all, Agastya knows when to bestow you the great Gnana, Kundalini Shakti as well. Just leave that responsibility to me. I shall take care. At least now, you are on the way to have the maturity and composed mindset. You will definitely realize the Kundalini shakthi.”

The friend asked right after, “Should I practise it or not?”

“Not now. You have a family, children, some responsibilities too. There is a requirement that you have to do some service to the mankind. If and when that yoga is performed, the attention goes to nothing else thereafter. It turns out everything. Some people just go stranded, for you may think that it is a sort of Kundalini’s shakthi as well. The right time will come. Agastya Himself, will align a guru on a Tuesday morning at Brahma Muhurtha. There will appear a guru and align it to you and will disappear. He won’t be there wherever you search for thereafter. That could be even Agastya.”

“Oh wow! Look at this! He says that He Himself will come and bestow that Shakthi to you. What a great gift this is!” – said I.

“Anything else?” – I asked the friends.

“What sort of a life will be of us? Why is that we four alone?” – asked a friend.

“These are those who dedicated their very lives to Siddhas and spent their lives. They did not expect anything and were roaming in the mountains like cavemen. No one liked them as they appeared with long moushtache and beard, matted locks, like beggars. Even the wild animals gets scared on seeing them for they knew how they communicate. They tamed those animals, sat with them and lived in forests. They had reached the highest state of Siddhas. They took birth as humans because of the mistakes done knowingly or unknowingly. As the state of Siddha is there right in their blood, they naturally got drawn towards the Siddha marga. It is also because of the Punya done in their previous births. They took birth only to spend the effects of Karma though they did not have a re-birth at that time.

Their effects of karma has ended today, note, it ended today and so, they will travel towards the Siddha state. The state of Siddha is not to anoint Sanyasa, remember clearly. It is to remain in the Siddha state within the mind. No one understands the siddha state. Only the Rishis, Munis, Siddhas, Gnanis and the Lord know that secret. Agastya knows who all are in that state. In that list, the one who did tapasya in the banks of river Kaveri, he has. The one seated on the right side, he has it too. These two others, they have it too. All four have attained that state. All four have been the palanquin-lifters for Agastya. For them, and for you all, Agastya hinted indirectly, I, the Agastya, have become the palanquin lifter!”

“Oh great! This reading is the best. All great information.” – I said.

“I wanted to go on a pilgrimage to the northern side of the country. Will that happen?” – asked one.

“Just as you visited Thirukurungudi, the northern pilgrimage is already a written one in your fate. Even Agastya cannot change it. Therefore, soon, very sooner, on a auspicious day, all four of these will being their journey northwards. Not just Siddhas, I shall even arrange for the darshan of the Gods. I mentioned already. A normal person cannot see the Almighty. If seen, either they become blindfolded or they themselves will be gone. By going against that very rule, I shall give this assurance that these four will have the darshan of the Lord. I assure you on this auspicious day. They will go. They will have the darshan of the Lord. One cannot share this happiness to everyone. They have to experience it within themselves. Therefore, at their prayer’s peak, Agastya shall guide.

I shall repeat this again and again. You all believe in Agastya. Not everyone. If one believes, truly believes in Agastya, that darshan will be given to you. This is Satyam (a promise). I am not blaming anyone. Humans can get angry, lose hope, lose faith. But going beyond all that, if someone holds on to the holy feet of the Lord tightly, Agastya will guide them.

This is the time of Siddhas! As the holy-three has bestowed the responsibilities to the Siddha, not just to Agastya, they have given many of their responsibilities to various other Siddhas. We Siddhas should carry them out properly. That’s what I am doing. That’s what I am going to do!”

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 145 – Nambi Malai 10

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!

Agastya began to speak in a while!

“Long time ago, some were called Palanquin-lifters. They had dedicated their lives in lifting palanquins. The one seated on it felt, “When am I going to return this gratitude to these palanquin-lifters?” When God Himself sat on that palanquin, he was in disguise. They carried them without any difference and so the Lord thought that He should make this lifter sit in the palanquin and He, the Lord Almighty, should carry him in the palanquin!

Thereby, the Lord became the palanquin lifter one day, made that man sit inside it and blissfully carried him along. Likewise, this one made Agastya sit in a palanquin and carried along. So, like the Lord, I will make him sit on a palanquin and carry him along!”

In the meanwhile, one of the friend asked about a particular disease and He replied:

“I said that there are herbs for such a disease and many others. I mentioned how many types of diseases can appear in a human body. I gave it via Bhoga only after calculating the types of diseases that can come. A short distance from here, there is a garden with a specific herb, that Bhoga planted, and it is being protected by wild animals. The question is, who will dare to go near, pluck and prepare the medicine. Give me two days time. I shall ask the goddess of fate whether the effect of the karma is spent, why it happened, what is the remedy and so on and get an answer. Have patience till that time.”

Another one asked about his own life for which Agastya…

“It is an effect when that one took responsibility, when Surya and Shani sat in the same place. He plays with this one due to his anger on Shani. There are four who is responsible for making his mind dull. As he is their enemy, it is getting delayed. After the Kaka-Peyarchi (Shani Peyarchi or the transition of Shani), good will happen. They will stand beside till the end. Do not fear.”

That friend but requested that it should be cured within three days. Agastya said:

“Da! I told that Shani is the reason the moment you asked me for details. You are trying to change the rule of Agastya Nadi itself. For good to happen to this one, you are asking to go against the Nadi itself. Is this fair?”

We all laughed at once. But Agastya was not ready to leave..

“By this time, had he sought Agastya’s guidance, I should have healed his wounded mind and guided him in a new route. But he is asking this way. It is alright you have the rights to ask, but is this how you ask? He totally forgot the effects of Karma. I just said, there is an effect of Karma. It’s there for every individual. Like him, there is no effect of karma to his wife. Like how she has got, her child doesn’t. It differs from individuals, it has to. Apart from all these, I am mentioning all these. But you crossed the very limits. Due to the limitless affection towards me, and thinking that He will tell you only good things, you are asking so. I know that the mind is being wounded. The reason why I said two days is that within that time, good news will come.”

A friend asked in the meantime:

“It is very confusing while at meditation. Thou please grant dhyana and a state of equality in it.”

The Maha Siddha said: “Dhyana is to control the human instincts. It is to focus the mind. Everyday at sunrise, while sitting in the bed with eyes closed and mind focused on almighty, it is to control the mind. If there is confusion in it, it means that you are just an ordinary human still. Meditation is not like a fast-food to get it instantly. It comes stage by stage.

On a day during sunrise, sit facing north-east or east with eyes closed, try meditating for five minutes. At first there will be a lot of confusion. Increase the duration to ten the next day. The confusion reduces a bit. Increase it to 15 the next day.


Keep the meditation away from the clock. The moment you look at the clock while at meditation, it means that you are not fit for it. You can increase the duration even in an increment of one minute. Dhyana happens, when the mind settles down. There are many ways to it. Noble souls have suggested them beautifully. Many Gnani’s have written a lot of books on it. If trying all these and you haven’t got the meditation, it means that you are still at an ordinary human’s state of mind. Dhyana is the very state after crossing all these. At least from tomorrow, control your mind, with great difficulty of course. Set aside the materialistic thoughts and ensure that nothing comes between you and the sunlight, close your eyes and sit. The light within you should move like waves. Seeing that, think of the Lord and try meditating. Dhyana will happen, for sure!”

Another friend requested that he should be able to understand what He suggests in the field of medicine and should serve others in a good manner. He sought Agastya’s blessings.

“If not…I wouldn’t have handed over the palm leaves of Bhoga. Agastya has tremendous confidence that you will complete what you have committed. Hence I am handing this over to you.”

As a next question, the same person himself, “Seeking your blessing to go in the path of Gnana.”

“Some effects of karma here and there makes you walk in the path of humans. You cannot leave it and run away in a day’s time. It is possible only for the trained Siddhas and Munivars. But as you are progressing, you will reach that Siddha-state step by step. There are many a changes happening. Just give it sometime, like that person who said ‘here’s another climb’ and took you all here, I am just manipulating you. If you climb this, you will get gnana. Just as you all reached the top of Nambi Hills, you will all reach the top of Gnana as well.


~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 144 – Nambi Malai 9

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!

Hello! Of late, it might have been a different experience for our readers to see the episodes about Nambi Malai, Karkotakanallur and the incidents related to it. This series was describing how Agastya Muni helps an individual or a group to get rid of their karmic effects. Without a surprise, one may think that the incidents are only related to Agastya.

A wise man (Agastya) says something and it comes out at a particular time means, we get to know something. The Grace of Siddha series is not published by us. Every week, once we publish, we just leave it ‘His’ grace and say ‘all the credits goes to you’. So it simply means, what He wants to say this week, whom He wants certain information to be conveyed, we do not know. But still, some of you have said that they get answers to their questions. Glad!

We just want to say this. We don’t know if the post comes out as expected or not, but there will be some information or a message to someone, by the grace of Siddha Agastya, for sure. What is that message, is left to the individual to rationalize and know, for it is destined to them. We shall now continue with the 9th part of this series…


So, the Lord came from the skies, showed His Vishwaroopa. That Lord, reduced His size and stood here to listen to His devotees’ plea. He bent down to listen to their prayers and hence this place became Kurungudi. Someone asked know, why this name? Here I have given the reason, is this enough?

What else do you want? You all can feel free and ask. Not just Agastya, all the Siddhas have come here, onderful. Ask whatever you want to ask. Let me speak openly. Let there be auspiciousness. Open up! Ask whatever you want from Agastya! You can ask without feeling any difference. So the answer I give is not just for you, but all the Devas are going to hear that as all of them are present here. So ask freely.

(He has agreed right? Wherever you are, ask openly and freely to the Maha Siddha whenever you want and receive! Though it was said that day, it applies to all of us even now is what He says to us, indirectly!)

For that one (person) to read all the 1814 palm leaves, it won’t be sufficient even if he takes 8 Janmas for the Siddha Bhoga has prescribed medicines to some 70 different diseases in one palm leaf! There are medicines prescribed for diseases you haven’t even heard of now. There are medicines for 947 different diseases that are about to come in the coming 90 years. They are all new diseases da! You wouldn’t have heard of them now, for which there are no medicines. Go whichever country you want to, you wouldn’t find those diseases now.

There are herbs for all possible diseases that mankind can get, right here in ThiruKurungudi. This is a top secret. I wouldn’t point it to you. I will show the right medicine at the right time, truly! This is deva rahasya but Agastya is not going to care about this being Deva Rahasya or whatever. How long are you going to keep something as a secret? It has to help the mankind isn’t it? That is why, in this auspicious day, I requested the Three Eyed Lord, please do not bestow Mrutyu (death) to anyone. If they get any disease, let them pray to Agastya. Agastya will seek Bhoga’s help.

Bhoga is right here. The herb that he created, should be brought to life. There are 17 different herbs, each of them a wonderful one. They illumine in the night. In the night, it coils down and remains dark. Each leaf has a metallic attribute to it. Each leaf’s nerve has the capacity to cure a particular disease. Just as the spine that runs in the human body, if the middle portion of the nerve from the leaf is cut in to three, it cures Tuberculosis. If taken the bottom portion, eye diseases gets cured. If taken the first portion, all diseases related to stomach, intestine etc. gets cured. If one leaf has such a capacity, think of the tree!

These herbs are here in this wonderful Thirukurungudi and in Chathuragiri. I shall give a time period of 15 years within which, all these herbs should reach the public. After that, these herbs will be gone for how long can Agastya save these as Deva Rahasya?

Bhoga, what do you say? Let me ask Him.

“O the foremost of Siddhas!
I shall pray to carry out your bidding” – He says.

“I was born in the country of Mangolia, still, You are my master. Have I ever opposed whatever you said? I have only bowed down and carry them out. So, O Agastya, whatever you do, is completely agreeable to this Bhoga!”

“I have written so many secrets in this palm leaf bundle. In this earth, those who have born in Bharatha Boomi, no one else can get this secret which I have written here.”

“That day, one (person) asked these for a price of ten lakhs but did he give? He could have earned a lot but he did not. Had he done that, all the rahasyas would have got destroyed. All the credits to have found the cure for all diseases would have gone to a stranger’s country. But it was not given. So Agastya, for what you said, this Bhoga bows!” – so says the Bhoga Siddha.

Now that Bhoga himself has blissfully given me the permission, hand over the Bhoga Nadi to this person on an auspicious day. Today is no Chandrashtamam and therefore no need to calculate. Such an incident is happening which is a pointer for Chandrashtama to have gone by. So accept it right now, keep it. Let Me say, that you may be blessed with all the bhagyas of Oushada (medicines). At times, I shall mention about the star-trees as well as some more secrets.

Let me say, you can use this. God has created you only to help save lives. Otherwise, there was no need for you to change profession. Your life would have taken a different direction. That day, Agastya said, “come out”. You trusted Agastya and came out. People ridiculed you on the decision and gave you a title of foolish man. I know, the person seated in front of me said, “O you have done the wrong thing. You have quit your job. Is this fair? You have done the most foolish thing etc.” – I hear all of those screaming. But he left his job just because Agastya said so and therefore, Agastya owes him much. He will accept this job. To those who will be benefited because of this, they will be benefited.

Medicine is the God that saves lives today. There is yoga to take care of the mind, there is Dhyana but the medicine will surpass this and work. That herb, such a medicine that no one has ever got, I shall give you right today, my blessings!” When I finished reading and looked up, my friends remained silent. I said, “This day, is to be marked in the history as a very important day. Agastya Siddha is in a jubilant mood today. Let us wait and see what else He says…”

~ to be continued…!

This episode’s featured image is that of a small water falls from Nambi Malai.