The GOS 144 – Nambi Malai 9

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Hello! Of late, it might have been a different experience for our readers to see the episodes about Nambi Malai, Karkotakanallur and the incidents related to it. This series was describing how Agastya Muni helps an individual or a group to get rid of their karmic effects. Without a surprise, one may think that the incidents are only related to Agastya.

A wise man (Agastya) says something and it comes out at a particular time means, we get to know something. The Grace of Siddha series is not published by us. Every week, once we publish, we just leave it ‘His’ grace and say ‘all the credits goes to you’. So it simply means, what He wants to say this week, whom He wants certain information to be conveyed, we do not know. But still, some of you have said that they get answers to their questions. Glad!

We just want to say this. We don’t know if the post comes out as expected or not, but there will be some information or a message to someone, by the grace of Siddha Agastya, for sure. What is that message, is left to the individual to rationalize and know, for it is destined to them. We shall now continue with the 9th part of this series…


So, the Lord came from the skies, showed His Vishwaroopa. That Lord, reduced His size and stood here to listen to His devotees’ plea. He bent down to listen to their prayers and hence this place became Kurungudi. Someone asked know, why this name? Here I have given the reason, is this enough?

What else do you want? You all can feel free and ask. Not just Agastya, all the Siddhas have come here, onderful. Ask whatever you want to ask. Let me speak openly. Let there be auspiciousness. Open up! Ask whatever you want from Agastya! You can ask without feeling any difference. So the answer I give is not just for you, but all the Devas are going to hear that as all of them are present here. So ask freely.

(He has agreed right? Wherever you are, ask openly and freely to the Maha Siddha whenever you want and receive! Though it was said that day, it applies to all of us even now is what He says to us, indirectly!)

For that one (person) to read all the 1814 palm leaves, it won’t be sufficient even if he takes 8 Janmas for the Siddha Bhoga has prescribed medicines to some 70 different diseases in one palm leaf! There are medicines prescribed for diseases you haven’t even heard of now. There are medicines for 947 different diseases that are about to come in the coming 90 years. They are all new diseases da! You wouldn’t have heard of them now, for which there are no medicines. Go whichever country you want to, you wouldn’t find those diseases now.

There are herbs for all possible diseases that mankind can get, right here in ThiruKurungudi. This is a top secret. I wouldn’t point it to you. I will show the right medicine at the right time, truly! This is deva rahasya but Agastya is not going to care about this being Deva Rahasya or whatever. How long are you going to keep something as a secret? It has to help the mankind isn’t it? That is why, in this auspicious day, I requested the Three Eyed Lord, please do not bestow Mrutyu (death) to anyone. If they get any disease, let them pray to Agastya. Agastya will seek Bhoga’s help.

Bhoga is right here. The herb that he created, should be brought to life. There are 17 different herbs, each of them a wonderful one. They illumine in the night. In the night, it coils down and remains dark. Each leaf has a metallic attribute to it. Each leaf’s nerve has the capacity to cure a particular disease. Just as the spine that runs in the human body, if the middle portion of the nerve from the leaf is cut in to three, it cures Tuberculosis. If taken the bottom portion, eye diseases gets cured. If taken the first portion, all diseases related to stomach, intestine etc. gets cured. If one leaf has such a capacity, think of the tree!

These herbs are here in this wonderful Thirukurungudi and in Chathuragiri. I shall give a time period of 15 years within which, all these herbs should reach the public. After that, these herbs will be gone for how long can Agastya save these as Deva Rahasya?

Bhoga, what do you say? Let me ask Him.

“O the foremost of Siddhas!
I shall pray to carry out your bidding” – He says.

“I was born in the country of Mangolia, still, You are my master. Have I ever opposed whatever you said? I have only bowed down and carry them out. So, O Agastya, whatever you do, is completely agreeable to this Bhoga!”

“I have written so many secrets in this palm leaf bundle. In this earth, those who have born in Bharatha Boomi, no one else can get this secret which I have written here.”

“That day, one (person) asked these for a price of ten lakhs but did he give? He could have earned a lot but he did not. Had he done that, all the rahasyas would have got destroyed. All the credits to have found the cure for all diseases would have gone to a stranger’s country. But it was not given. So Agastya, for what you said, this Bhoga bows!” – so says the Bhoga Siddha.

Now that Bhoga himself has blissfully given me the permission, hand over the Bhoga Nadi to this person on an auspicious day. Today is no Chandrashtamam and therefore no need to calculate. Such an incident is happening which is a pointer for Chandrashtama to have gone by. So accept it right now, keep it. Let Me say, that you may be blessed with all the bhagyas of Oushada (medicines). At times, I shall mention about the star-trees as well as some more secrets.

Let me say, you can use this. God has created you only to help save lives. Otherwise, there was no need for you to change profession. Your life would have taken a different direction. That day, Agastya said, “come out”. You trusted Agastya and came out. People ridiculed you on the decision and gave you a title of foolish man. I know, the person seated in front of me said, “O you have done the wrong thing. You have quit your job. Is this fair? You have done the most foolish thing etc.” – I hear all of those screaming. But he left his job just because Agastya said so and therefore, Agastya owes him much. He will accept this job. To those who will be benefited because of this, they will be benefited.

Medicine is the God that saves lives today. There is yoga to take care of the mind, there is Dhyana but the medicine will surpass this and work. That herb, such a medicine that no one has ever got, I shall give you right today, my blessings!” When I finished reading and looked up, my friends remained silent. I said, “This day, is to be marked in the history as a very important day. Agastya Siddha is in a jubilant mood today. Let us wait and see what else He says…”

~ to be continued…!

This episode’s featured image is that of a small water falls from Nambi Malai.

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