The GOS 145 – Nambi Malai 10

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

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Agastya began to speak in a while!

“Long time ago, some were called Palanquin-lifters. They had dedicated their lives in lifting palanquins. The one seated on it felt, “When am I going to return this gratitude to these palanquin-lifters?” When God Himself sat on that palanquin, he was in disguise. They carried them without any difference and so the Lord thought that He should make this lifter sit in the palanquin and He, the Lord Almighty, should carry him in the palanquin!

Thereby, the Lord became the palanquin lifter one day, made that man sit inside it and blissfully carried him along. Likewise, this one made Agastya sit in a palanquin and carried along. So, like the Lord, I will make him sit on a palanquin and carry him along!”

In the meanwhile, one of the friend asked about a particular disease and He replied:

“I said that there are herbs for such a disease and many others. I mentioned how many types of diseases can appear in a human body. I gave it via Bhoga only after calculating the types of diseases that can come. A short distance from here, there is a garden with a specific herb, that Bhoga planted, and it is being protected by wild animals. The question is, who will dare to go near, pluck and prepare the medicine. Give me two days time. I shall ask the goddess of fate whether the effect of the karma is spent, why it happened, what is the remedy and so on and get an answer. Have patience till that time.”

Another one asked about his own life for which Agastya…

“It is an effect when that one took responsibility, when Surya and Shani sat in the same place. He plays with this one due to his anger on Shani. There are four who is responsible for making his mind dull. As he is their enemy, it is getting delayed. After the Kaka-Peyarchi (Shani Peyarchi or the transition of Shani), good will happen. They will stand beside till the end. Do not fear.”

That friend but requested that it should be cured within three days. Agastya said:

“Da! I told that Shani is the reason the moment you asked me for details. You are trying to change the rule of Agastya Nadi itself. For good to happen to this one, you are asking to go against the Nadi itself. Is this fair?”

We all laughed at once. But Agastya was not ready to leave..

“By this time, had he sought Agastya’s guidance, I should have healed his wounded mind and guided him in a new route. But he is asking this way. It is alright you have the rights to ask, but is this how you ask? He totally forgot the effects of Karma. I just said, there is an effect of Karma. It’s there for every individual. Like him, there is no effect of karma to his wife. Like how she has got, her child doesn’t. It differs from individuals, it has to. Apart from all these, I am mentioning all these. But you crossed the very limits. Due to the limitless affection towards me, and thinking that He will tell you only good things, you are asking so. I know that the mind is being wounded. The reason why I said two days is that within that time, good news will come.”

A friend asked in the meantime:

“It is very confusing while at meditation. Thou please grant dhyana and a state of equality in it.”

The Maha Siddha said: “Dhyana is to control the human instincts. It is to focus the mind. Everyday at sunrise, while sitting in the bed with eyes closed and mind focused on almighty, it is to control the mind. If there is confusion in it, it means that you are just an ordinary human still. Meditation is not like a fast-food to get it instantly. It comes stage by stage.

On a day during sunrise, sit facing north-east or east with eyes closed, try meditating for five minutes. At first there will be a lot of confusion. Increase the duration to ten the next day. The confusion reduces a bit. Increase it to 15 the next day.


Keep the meditation away from the clock. The moment you look at the clock while at meditation, it means that you are not fit for it. You can increase the duration even in an increment of one minute. Dhyana happens, when the mind settles down. There are many ways to it. Noble souls have suggested them beautifully. Many Gnani’s have written a lot of books on it. If trying all these and you haven’t got the meditation, it means that you are still at an ordinary human’s state of mind. Dhyana is the very state after crossing all these. At least from tomorrow, control your mind, with great difficulty of course. Set aside the materialistic thoughts and ensure that nothing comes between you and the sunlight, close your eyes and sit. The light within you should move like waves. Seeing that, think of the Lord and try meditating. Dhyana will happen, for sure!”

Another friend requested that he should be able to understand what He suggests in the field of medicine and should serve others in a good manner. He sought Agastya’s blessings.

“If not…I wouldn’t have handed over the palm leaves of Bhoga. Agastya has tremendous confidence that you will complete what you have committed. Hence I am handing this over to you.”

As a next question, the same person himself, “Seeking your blessing to go in the path of Gnana.”

“Some effects of karma here and there makes you walk in the path of humans. You cannot leave it and run away in a day’s time. It is possible only for the trained Siddhas and Munivars. But as you are progressing, you will reach that Siddha-state step by step. There are many a changes happening. Just give it sometime, like that person who said ‘here’s another climb’ and took you all here, I am just manipulating you. If you climb this, you will get gnana. Just as you all reached the top of Nambi Hills, you will all reach the top of Gnana as well.


~ to be continued…!

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3 thoughts on “The GOS 145 – Nambi Malai 10

  1. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

    I got my answers and guidance in easiest way from my Guru Agathyar.

    Thank you Guruji.

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