The GOS 146 – Nambi Malai 11

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A friend posted another doubt in a while..whether he can print the Dhanvantri Yantra in his visiting card. Agastya Siddha replied,

“We said that day itself, the Dhanwantri Yantra, Dhanwantri Chakra can be printed in the card alright.”

I said, “Dhanwantri chakra is a one which wards off diseases. Please use.” as well.

Another friend said, “I have been practising Vasi Yoga. Am I doing it in the right way? I should progress in it. I request the Kundalini Yoga be awakened in me.”

Agastya said:

“It was a method that Agastya Himself gave. I am aware that you have been practising it regularly. Have patience. I shall give you an alternate and just as they get promoted, I shall elevate you. Have patience for sometime. As a knower of all, Agastya knows when to bestow you the great Gnana, Kundalini Shakti as well. Just leave that responsibility to me. I shall take care. At least now, you are on the way to have the maturity and composed mindset. You will definitely realize the Kundalini shakthi.”

The friend asked right after, “Should I practise it or not?”

“Not now. You have a family, children, some responsibilities too. There is a requirement that you have to do some service to the mankind. If and when that yoga is performed, the attention goes to nothing else thereafter. It turns out everything. Some people just go stranded, for you may think that it is a sort of Kundalini’s shakthi as well. The right time will come. Agastya Himself, will align a guru on a Tuesday morning at Brahma Muhurtha. There will appear a guru and align it to you and will disappear. He won’t be there wherever you search for thereafter. That could be even Agastya.”

“Oh wow! Look at this! He says that He Himself will come and bestow that Shakthi to you. What a great gift this is!” – said I.

“Anything else?” – I asked the friends.

“What sort of a life will be of us? Why is that we four alone?” – asked a friend.

“These are those who dedicated their very lives to Siddhas and spent their lives. They did not expect anything and were roaming in the mountains like cavemen. No one liked them as they appeared with long moushtache and beard, matted locks, like beggars. Even the wild animals gets scared on seeing them for they knew how they communicate. They tamed those animals, sat with them and lived in forests. They had reached the highest state of Siddhas. They took birth as humans because of the mistakes done knowingly or unknowingly. As the state of Siddha is there right in their blood, they naturally got drawn towards the Siddha marga. It is also because of the Punya done in their previous births. They took birth only to spend the effects of Karma though they did not have a re-birth at that time.

Their effects of karma has ended today, note, it ended today and so, they will travel towards the Siddha state. The state of Siddha is not to anoint Sanyasa, remember clearly. It is to remain in the Siddha state within the mind. No one understands the siddha state. Only the Rishis, Munis, Siddhas, Gnanis and the Lord know that secret. Agastya knows who all are in that state. In that list, the one who did tapasya in the banks of river Kaveri, he has. The one seated on the right side, he has it too. These two others, they have it too. All four have attained that state. All four have been the palanquin-lifters for Agastya. For them, and for you all, Agastya hinted indirectly, I, the Agastya, have become the palanquin lifter!”

“Oh great! This reading is the best. All great information.” – I said.

“I wanted to go on a pilgrimage to the northern side of the country. Will that happen?” – asked one.

“Just as you visited Thirukurungudi, the northern pilgrimage is already a written one in your fate. Even Agastya cannot change it. Therefore, soon, very sooner, on a auspicious day, all four of these will being their journey northwards. Not just Siddhas, I shall even arrange for the darshan of the Gods. I mentioned already. A normal person cannot see the Almighty. If seen, either they become blindfolded or they themselves will be gone. By going against that very rule, I shall give this assurance that these four will have the darshan of the Lord. I assure you on this auspicious day. They will go. They will have the darshan of the Lord. One cannot share this happiness to everyone. They have to experience it within themselves. Therefore, at their prayer’s peak, Agastya shall guide.

I shall repeat this again and again. You all believe in Agastya. Not everyone. If one believes, truly believes in Agastya, that darshan will be given to you. This is Satyam (a promise). I am not blaming anyone. Humans can get angry, lose hope, lose faith. But going beyond all that, if someone holds on to the holy feet of the Lord tightly, Agastya will guide them.

This is the time of Siddhas! As the holy-three has bestowed the responsibilities to the Siddha, not just to Agastya, they have given many of their responsibilities to various other Siddhas. We Siddhas should carry them out properly. That’s what I am doing. That’s what I am going to do!”

~ to be continued…!

One thought on “The GOS 146 – Nambi Malai 11

  1. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

    Guru Agathyar,

    This soul is really blessed with the

    “You all believe in Agastya. Not everyone. If one believes, truly believes in Agastya, that darshan will be given to you. This is Satyam (a promise).”

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