The GOS 147 – Nambi Malai 12

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“He will get you all the darshan of God. For sure. But when, that I do not know.” – I said.

Agastya continued…

“Not just that, there are a lot of Munivars. I will show you. I will get you their blessings as well. This is a promise. In this wonderful Nambi Malai, you can take this as a guarantee from Agastya!”

“One asked, what will happen to me. Only if asked, it shall be said. He was a zamindar in his previous birth, one might feel happy if said so. He has lost all that he earned, has gained the enmity of all his relatives and is standing on his own legs and is coming up in life. As the grace of Siddhas are with him, he has run a business related to the field of art, though he earns well in it, the status is with ups and downs. If possible, on a Chathurthi (Valar Pirai Chathurthi as the Maha Muni said in Tamil), do a yagna for Vigneshwara and do a yagna for Dana Akarshana, Jana Akarshana yagna and keep the copper plate with you, there will be good progress.

People around him, though he appears very simple, are envious about him. I must say. Those you may believe so well, may just cheat you. It is such a time. There has been some unwanted incidents in a family. Some unwanted things has happened in his ancestors’ time as well. For such reasons, he has always intending to have his mind unattached and to devote it towards God. Only the spiritual path is giving him the solace. If not, he will just abandon his life and will go wander somewhere. He has got such thoughts so fierce-fully and has fallen from it and has made himself like a slave of God.

He searches for punya through whatever service he will do for the Siddhas. For him, there are many a wounds in his mind which cannot be said. No one will believe if said also. As he has surpassed all these things and is in a state of disappointment, no, to the state of being spiritual, there will be a strange incident that will happen in 13 days after which, his mind will be in happiness. He will build a Siddha Ashram in the future and will help many as far as he can. He will do many anna-dhana. There are chances that Siddhas will bless him. Not just that, he will make use of the right chances to do good for the world. His future will be good.

I had said this already. The moment one steps towards Agastya here, when one steps on the hill of Agastya, all will be victorious. I am not boasting that as ‘My Mountain’. I am not claiming it as mine and cannot file a case saying so. This was my mountain as I did the yagna here at first. Due to this, this place is holy, as all the Devas and Devis are seated here, all the Muni’s are here, and you have come here right at this time. When Agastya said that this is a rare happening and no one will get such a bhagya, there will be a reason. There will be a Shukshuma.

Why I say all these is, I know where your mind is headed, after experiencing all the karma. How much you suffered, how much you cried by losing sleep, how many days you suffered because of the cheat and betrayal done to you, how many days you had stared at the night sky without sleep or dinner. I know everything da!

I called upon you because, your Atma is pure, hence it is beautiful. It is blissful. You forsake your job with the thought of doing some good to others. They stabbed you in the heart without gratitude, these happened in the past which no one will believe if said so. But  you have surpassed everything, made your mind still, and are standing quietly like a very ordinary person, won’t I know you? Right from now, you are a pure soul. Why are you worrying about your future? Why are you worrying about your future? Just leave it to Agastya. I shall get you to the shore. Do not fear!

“Oh adada! Everything is just the truth Swami!” – said the friend.


“Not a single word is wrong.”

Agastya continued…”To say about that one, I have already written a 64 leaves. In that, his life history, his ancestor’s history, his horoscope detail, everything I have written. But still, there has been a mistake in his family. Due to some mistakes by his ancestors, he has suffered and has fallen down. Though he is trying to get up, what
can he do, all alone? What can he do when all those he trusted and held hands, their hands changed to fangs and bit him? Now after all his youth, his leadership everything he crossed and he has come with just this thought, whether a good word from Agastya will come or not. Agastya knows that as well. To reach your state of mind, one has to cross three levels. They are:
“Opposition, Ridicule and then Acceptance”

Now you are in the second stage. Everyone is eyeing his wealth and no one is there to help him genuinely. To sum it up, that human-siddha whom he met the other day in the ashrama, there isn’t any difference between that Siddha and him. He lived in the hill and had remained a Siddha for long, hence he was called Vinayaka Siddha. No one knows. As he worships Vinayaka, Lord Ganesha himself has given His darshan to him many times. He is full of divinity and hence he never speaks anything. It is indeed the way of Siddhas right? Agastya knew it the moment he smiled, ha, how well he is acting, hiding his true self. He is a wonderful human-siddha.

He went through many a misfortune incidents in life, no one knows but Agastya. He threw everything that he wanted to experience in life and has remained a Siddha, that Vinayaka Siddha is not an ordinary one. He is wearing a green saree, He will be called as Pachchai Pudavai Siththan (Pachchai – green, Pudavai – saree) in the
future. There is no difference between Him and this one because, He renounced everything but this one, in spite of having everything, has renounced everything. That is the truth da!” – said the Maha Muni.

“They call him Kalangi Siddha. He never says anything.” – said that friend.

“Yes. He never says anything.” – said I.

“Swami, we get darshan all of a sudden right? Why is that?” – he asked.

“That is Punya Sir. Without a ‘link’, you won’t come here.” – I replied.

“We have seen many a Swami’s. For instance, now we have seen you.” – he said.

“Oh come on! Do not add me in to that list. Say his name, it is fair indeed. He has done tapasya for 70 years. Me, I am a very very, very ordinary human.” – said I, which is the truth as well.

“There was one Mouna Swami (the one who seldom speaks, mouna – silence) who had an Ashram.” – said he.

“They are the ones who dedicated their lives to it sir! I am not so. I read this Nadi for the past 50 years. Whatever He says, I listen. He whips me at times, I receive. I am just like you. I should have been seated there, but I am here, that’s all.” – I said.

“Anything else to ask?” – I said.

“He said 13 days, what’s the matter?”

“You must have expected something. A good news will be heard soon.” – I said.

~ to be continued…!

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