The GOS 151 – Nambi Malai 16

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He also longs that he hasn’t got a suitable bride for himself. But in his family, there is a big Brahma Hathi Dosha. Not just that. I already mentioned that many of his ancestors were Zamindars in their previous births. Approximately some 333 years back, they ruled this entire place with the hill where they committed a mistake knowingly or unknowingly. Five boys were blindfolded with cloth and their eyes were pierced with the Karuvelam stick and they were pushed from this hill. At that time itself Agastya thought. His father’s great grand father, when he searched for Agastya’s Nadi, I mentioned that there is a Brahma Hathi Dosha and to remediate it, go to Rameshwaram. Had he done a Thila Tharpana in Rameshwaram that day itself, your family wouldn’t have suffered Nethra Dosha. Nethra means eye and dosha is a mistake. But he is not the reason for this. It is his father’s great grand father’s.

There is a herb called Nethra Dosha Nivarani, as I mentioned many a times before. A herb which is many times powerful than that has grown now. I saw that and I wanted to tell you about it, hence I called you here. Else, this is a time Agastya roams around the hill. He never speaks now. As this is the time of Rahu, I suggested not to discuss auspicious things. I however speak once I got the consent from Rahu Himself.

So let this one do one thing. There is a beautiful plant in about 42 kadha distance. It is called Nethra Dosha Nivarani. The plant looks like the Third Eye of Lord Shiva.  There will be totally 9 plants, 9 leaves. Beneath that, a ray of light will be going upwards, from its root. It can be plucked only in the midnight. Bear in mind that one must visit that place with adequate protection. That plant will look like it is showing lights to all other plants. If one goes there without taking any light emitting device, from the pathway around 12 kadha distance, right in the center of a Nandavana (garden), it is right next to the Black-Thulasi plant. If one witnesses from a distance, one can see that light comes out of the earth beneath the plant and goes upwards. This plant turns to a huge tree in 12 years time. But whether they will leave it or cut it off, I cannot say. But this plant is there as of today and one can very well go there and pluck those leaves.

If the drops of the leaves’ juice is squeezed in to castor oil, that mixture when kept in the hole of the neem tree’s stem, protect it for 32 days and when those drops are poured in one or two drops for the children or adult who lost their vision, right at 12 in the night till 2 in the morning, around 3rd Jama, it will do the miracle that no doctor can perform. That sapling was planted by Bhoga Himself da! It was the first sapling that He planted. He has just written ‘right from the head till toe’ as I got His permission to read it and hence I am speaking on behalf of Him. But this plant blossoms only once in 24 years. The flower does not have a fragrance as such, but when gone closeby, sandalwood and Magizham flower’s fragrance comes out. When there is Maghizham flower, there will be snakes. One can witness wonderful snakes, harmless ones. If one happens to witness such a snake, it is as good as having the darshan of Adi Sesha Himself. It just coils itself and remains silent. But even that illumines.

You might have seen those marks on their back in the head. Three types of such marks are there, one in the top, one in the middle and another one beneath. Why I say this is, if you happen to see such snakes, as they come to Nambi temple as well. They seldom do any harm to others, they don’t bite. But they are deadly poisonous. Such cobras coil around the tree and the light from the leaves, they can see too. If that leaf is plucked, mixed with castor oil and poured in drops as per the procedure mentioned before, the lost eye-sight can be brought back, I mentioned. No doctor has done such miracle in the past, none can do it in the future either.

I wanted to help this one, who in his previous birth has lived as Zamindar, ruled over mountains, helped many a people and because of his forefathers’ mistake, his family members have lost their sight and I wanted to help him.

I mentioned right, those who are affectionate to Agastya, He wants to pay back that gratitude. This is just that. They say that it is the greatest merit to have one’s eyesight restored. It is a great sorrow if one is blind. Agastya has saved numerous such who were blind.

I got an idea just a while back. Else, I wouldn’t have spoken this much and would have strolled silently. I made the 9 Siddhas wait as well. You, the king of gold, you said, ‘Agastya, you are there’, those words made Agastya very pleased. What a faith you have in Agastya! What sort of things you are doing these days and when I see these, I praise myself once, what excellent people have I got. But Agastya should not lose balance for He is a Muni who is there for 4000 years, surpassing bondage. One may ask why I speak of all these when having Lopa Mudra nearby. She is none other than Kaveri, who is there in the form of Kaveri for 6 months with me and in the form of Lopa Mudra for 6 months with me, then Thamira Barani for 6 months.

It is Thamira Barani which Agastya has with me. Else, can that river get such a speciality than any other? You worship Thamira Barani, you end up worshipping Mother Kaveri. Agastya is a Brahmachari. He does not have a wife. But they may speak whatever they want and hence I made Lopa Mudra who is none other than Kaveri aka Thamira Barani.

This water is such that when kept even for a month, the water doesn’t get polluted. Such a sacred river it is. They all took bath in the river a while back. They don’t have to worry that they took a hasty bath. It is the time when Thamira Barani came down as the waterfalls and hence they are all blessed. It is a great merit. They are all going to witness many a miracles in the coming days.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 150 – Nambi Malai 15

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From there in about 58 kadha distance, when one meditates on the hill top, like the other day when he asked about his future and present days by sitting on a rock on the Chatura Giri mountain, near Thavasi Parai. From the rock, one can hear a voice that tells the past present and future. Just like that rock in Chatura Giri, in this mountain if one sits on a rock facing south-east, 3 Siddhas tells about ones past, present and future respectively. There are a number of wild animals there like tigers, wild boars, elephants, deer and so on. Even they transforming in to Siddhas after hearing about all the clairvoyance on a daily basis.

Another mind blowing information, from here to Podhigai hills, there is a bee-hive when one crosses a distance that takes two days travel. Beneath that bee hive, there is a small pit. If one descends that pit, a cave can be seen. On turning south, one can find a lamp being lit even now. No one knows who lit that, when etc. But it is lit for at least 1000 years. If one worships that lamp, it is none other than Agni for He himself is seated there. If one visits in the night, there will be some 108 fire flies that will stand on either side (like the runway lights) and will guide you towards Podhigai. All these miracles are happening, even now. Those who want to travel that side should get those visions, hence I am saying all these.

But very less people visit there, very rare on any occasional days. But so far, there is no track of people falling down the rock or slipped and died etc. When one worships the Agni Theertha, has the darshan of the Siddhas flying as butterflies and worships Agni Deva in the form of a lamp, that very moment, all the ailment in one’s body will vanish. Those heart patients, those who suffer from chronic ailment, all will be saved. Now comes a natural doubt. When someone has chronic ailment, how can they climb up a mountain then? They will be cured only if they climb up right? One may ask. O you are all rationalists right! Such thoughts will indeed come, and I have answers for them.

The one who resolves to go via the Thaai Padham, to Podhigai hills, I, Agastya will grant him complete freedom, free from dangers, a life without any dosha. I myself will guide him. Those who will take these trip will happen to see many such miracles. Not just that, those family members who might have committed sins in their lives, lost their wealth, it will be obtained back, those who thought ill about them, those who initiated the devi called Yakshini through Atharvana Veda to destroy the individual, those who thought that this individual should not come up in life, everyone will be blown away in to pieces.

No one can do any harm to these individuals. This place is that powerful with so many wonderful and powerful Siddhas roam around. Why I say all these, I mentioned about a few tasks in Nambi Temple. Some I didn’t.

As per your calculations, when the clock crosses 9.30, if looked at that direction and close your eyes and meditate, they will get the clairvoyance and blessings of 9 Siddhas through which their entire life will be changed. These people are really blessed as the Siddhas roam around here. They will get many a strengths and their weakness will vanish. Those who think good for others, help others without expectation, there is place reserved for all in heaven. Why I speak of heaven? One may feel frustrated about things not happening, even genuine wishes and may feel hopeless, turn towards unwanted superstitions. Agastya bestows them the blessings. Even things you might have lost to others, you shall get it back.

Here, the 9 Siddhas come. They bow to Agastya and return, I see now. All these Siddhas will bless these. Those who have lost all hope in life, frustrated, turning towards disappointment, Agastya shall give them hope. Agastya will help them.

No one should have taken anything from this place. None should have possessed others’ belongings. If someone has cheated these, I am going to make them feel for it, realize their mistake and beg for these people’s pardon. I am going to make these happen. Not just humanity, but there is also the dharma of God. The rarest of the tasks that we Siddhas are performing, as a perfect example, something will be shown. That’s when I indicated to a friend, that after 13 days, something will happen. Don’t open the door on the 13th day and blame Agastya that nothing worked. Why because only on that day, your very fate is going to change!

The GOS 149 – Nambi Malai 14

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Though Agastya displayed slight anger on my friend’s question related to politics, He instantly became cool and started narrating a new episode, whose information took us by surprise.

“Let the one who went for food come back. I shall say a few things then. There lies some information.” – it came.

When we saw, one of them was returning from food. The others nodded him to come quickly. We were naturally interested in knowing what Agastya Muni is going to say. Once everyone was present, I opened the Nadi.

“There are countless information about this mountain. There is a ‘pathway of the Mother’ which got created some 1246 years back. The Gods who visit here stay in a place called ‘Holy feet of the Mother (Thaai Padham)’ than staying in the temple, take bath in the spring which comes out from the earth and with that spring water, they offer the Amrutha that the Devas bring, have a feast and take a stroll. That ‘holy feet’ is still here. About 12 Kadha distance from there (one Kadha is referred to 1 kilo meter), there is a huge cave. In that cave lies a Muni who is doing tapasya for approximately 4214 years.

One might ask his name. He is called the ‘Nameless Munivar’. How did he come, why, all these are big research topic da! That Muni used to sit right in the pathway inside that cave. Besides the rock He is seated runs a river, that of Amrutha. He lives this long just by drinking that water. Hence He is also called as ‘Neer Kudi Siththan’ (Neer – water, Kudi – drinks, Siththan – Siddha). Even today if one puts a drop, just a drop of that water, he won’t feel hunger for one full year.

If one goes 12 Kadha distance from the Mother’s Holy Feet (Thaai – Mother, Padham – feet), on that cave comes the sacred sound ‘Narayana Narayana’ for sure. If one hears that, they can have the darshan of the Almighty Himself if one bends down and goes. Due to His penance, including Agastya and Nambi Perumal, everyone goes
there to worship Him. Why da?! A holy one, who lives approximately 123 years ahead of Me, such a miracle is happening here. He seldom comes out. It is not known that He performed any Siddhis or so. It is however a surprise indeed that there is a holy one who lives just by drinking a river water next to Thaai Padham. If possible, if ventured, one may have His darshan. But one has to be extremely cautious. He is protected by dangerous insects and wild animals that roam around there.

Goddess Manonmani Devi - Thaai Padham The GOS 149 post1 The GOS 149 post2







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Agastya got some more information just a while back. Today, there are 9 Siddhas who circumbulate Nambi Malai. Agastya know that these Siddhas are protecting the ones here. Few of them were so scared that they are stuck here alone. Let Me tell you, there are 9 Siddhas who are here, protecting you, every single day. Not just they protect, but their grace will be falling on you as well. No harm will happen, all will be good and the morning will rise and shine well.

“If one goes 32 Kadha distance towards the north, there is a small mountain which has a small peak nearby. Towards the south-eastern side of that peak, there is a sprint called as Agni Theertham. It is a surprising one as it is not cold but a boiling hot one. Similar one to this can be found in the northern side of this country in the banks
of Ganga. This theertha here is on top of a peak. It is not only boiling hot, but when one tastes that water once, he won’t be affected by fever for the next 30 years. In whatever names the heat related devata is called, she won’t dare to come near (He refers to various ailments that arises out of heat). Nothing will happen to him.

There is a temple called Jureswarar (Juram means fever). One can see even today, they take the children suffering from fever, make them lie down in His shrine and do the abisheka for that Lord with hot water and pepper kashayam (a mixture made out of pepper and water after heating it up). If that abisheka is done once and the pepper kashayam is offered as nivedhanam, any type of fever comes down. This temple is in the outskirts of Thanjavur (Tanjore). Everyone might have heard about it. Why I say this is, the one who is named as king of gold (Thanga Rajan, thangam – gold and Rajan is king), I must tell him some good things.

He climbs this mount without any fear, circumbulates, gets the darshan of the Siddhas, goes on his way to Podhigai hills and returns. When he goes the next time, he could go 30 kadha distance to find a cave near the Agni Theertha. When touched the peak, one may find it warm. It is very rocky and is slightly covered with algae. It
might stink as well sometimes. One must not fear. In that Agni Theertha, there comes a Siddha called ‘Azhuguni Siddha’ who takes bathi in that theertha by sitting there quietly.

If one brings out the water from Agni Theertha and makes a kashayam with pepper and consume it, no fever will come near him for the next 42 years, nothing related to heat, memory, anything related to the skull, brain damage, nothing will happen. It is medicinally rich. If one goes 48 kadha distance from there, one may find another wonderful cave, with a natural water falls that looks beautiful. To drink that water, the Siddhas assume the form of butterflies, bees etc., and come there. Have you heard of such a wonder anywhere else?

The butterflies take honey from the flowers, but on this water falls, you can see them drinking the water through their trunk. Honey gets mixed in this water. There is Agni Theertha, there is also this theertha which is honey-mixed, this wonder is in 42 kadha distance from there. Why I say this is because, it is a dangerous place with slippery rocks. If one slips, he will shiver and fall down some 2000 feet. Not a safe place.

But whoever goes there, the Siddhas Azhuguni Siddha and Idaikaatu Siddha protects them by standing in either side of the individual, helps them cross the place. Not just that, there is another very surprising thing da!

The GOS 148 – Nambi Malai 13

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“He said 13 days…” – I said while opening the Nadi.

“In the nights as well in the Sandhya, Agastya does not speak of auspicious things.” – said Agastya.

“Let us avoid it in the night. Rahu and Kethu remains stronger at these times.” – I said. One asked, “In my body, there are some boils. Will I get the medicines for it in the ways mentioned before?”

“Only to cure such things that Agastya has come with Bhoga Siddha. There is reason for why those boils came. Not just you, some of your ancestors too have this trouble.” – said the Siddha.

“Oh is it? Does any elders in your family have such boils?” – I asked.

“Still, I won’t forsake you by saying everything has its time. Your disease will be cured soon. This has been there sticking to your body for a year and a half.”

“Is it true?” – I asked. The friend nodded.

“They showed a programmed in the television that the world will come to an end by 2012. Is there a chance for that?” – asked one.

“Why are you provoking Agastya da?! I had kept some as secret. But let me tell you this. These, they don’t have the rights to calculate the happenings of the world. The humans cannot persuade the grahas. Only when the Grahas unite and get furious, then the world will come to an end. On that day when the Mangolia King will try to
send a space craft to ‘Kaari’, five years from that day, a huge Tsunami will burst out in the Pacific Ocean, which will destroy most part of the world. This is the truth.

Whatever they said about 2012, Agastya does not agree to it!”

“Is He referring to a rocket launch from China?”

“From China, they will launch a rocket to Kari aka Shani graha. Five years from then, a Tsunami will burst in Pacific which will destroy half of the world. Agastya said that this is the truth and not to provoke Him.” – I said.

“I truly wanted to ask this question for the world and so I dared to ask.” – said the friend.

I said what Agastya mentioned, not to ask questions in the night. I mentioned His recommendation of not talking about marriages, good things etc.,

“I always wanted to maintain a garden of useful herbs. Will this happen?” – asked one.

“Is this all his desire? He has started thinking about the world and society for quite a while. He often speaks to the beloved son of Agastya that he wants to do something for the world without wishing for himself. This is not new right? This is a small wish, a genuine one too. To give this opportunity, a very rich man will come and ask this one
that he wants to raise such gardens. That garden will be made by this one. Have patience. Let Me send that person to you. You can fulfill your desire through that person.”

“I plan to publish a book on Acupuncture. Your blessings are requested.” – said one.

“Fair enough. It is good that it gets published. Many can benefit from it. Do it by all means.” – said Agastya.

“For me, the planetary positions has changed from Sevvai Dasai to Rahu Maha Dasai. I request Your blessing that this Dasai should go fine.” – said another.

“You ask this because it is said Rahu’s time? Rahu is right next to me. Adi Sesha is Rahu himself. I pray to Him, stroke Him and say this. He has gone to Ahobilam. Lord Shiva and the God of creation has left this place too. Only Adi Sesha remains. Let me speak to him and get you a good word. Pray to Adi Sesha for a second by closing
your eyes.”

This friend closed his eyes and prayed to Adi Sesha for a few seconds.

“Mangalam. Thathaasthu.” – this is what Adi Sesha said. – said Agastya.

Thathaasthu means ‘blessings, so be it’. – said I.

“You have the punya of receiving Ashirwad from Adi Sesha da!” – said Agastya.

“You are you all thinking da? Only for him, not for us etc? Why grief? Let me get you all that blessings for Agastya is never partial. Else, why would I call you all? You all have the blessings. He just asked that all the punya should reach everyone and I got such a blessings, thats all. Why are you asking such a question within yourself?”

“Someone must have thought about it.” – said I.

“Yes its me. I thought it will be good if we also get such blessings.” – said a friend.

“He can read our thoughts very well.” – said I.

“So, when Chandrashtama effects won’t be there for us, there won’t be any confusions in our mind right?” – asked one.

“Yes, it won’t affect you.” – I replied.

“It won’t. We won’t think evil and do anything wrong.” – said another.

“Can we ask about politics?” – asked one.

“We won’t say a word about Politics.” – said Agastya. “There is NO relation between Agastya and Politics. Do you want to accumulate money in short cut? You seem to have forgotten all that was said a while ago. When I said that you are a Punyavan who searched for Purity, you ask ‘can I enter politics?’ right after. Do you have the capacity to withstand the happenings of politics? Are you ready to kill four or five and get to jail? Can you say blatant lies in the stage before public and receive applause? Do you want to lose all the wealth and search for fame through wall posters? Politics is such a big gambling! When Agastya was referring you as Punyavan, your mind is going haywire. I don’t know how to set you right eh?!” – said the Maha Muni.

“Ah right! Do you need this? Why Sir, you desire for politics? See, how angry He got!” – I said.

~ to be continued…!