The GOS 148 – Nambi Malai 13

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“He said 13 days…” – I said while opening the Nadi.

“In the nights as well in the Sandhya, Agastya does not speak of auspicious things.” – said Agastya.

“Let us avoid it in the night. Rahu and Kethu remains stronger at these times.” – I said. One asked, “In my body, there are some boils. Will I get the medicines for it in the ways mentioned before?”

“Only to cure such things that Agastya has come with Bhoga Siddha. There is reason for why those boils came. Not just you, some of your ancestors too have this trouble.” – said the Siddha.

“Oh is it? Does any elders in your family have such boils?” – I asked.

“Still, I won’t forsake you by saying everything has its time. Your disease will be cured soon. This has been there sticking to your body for a year and a half.”

“Is it true?” – I asked. The friend nodded.

“They showed a programmed in the television that the world will come to an end by 2012. Is there a chance for that?” – asked one.

“Why are you provoking Agastya da?! I had kept some as secret. But let me tell you this. These, they don’t have the rights to calculate the happenings of the world. The humans cannot persuade the grahas. Only when the Grahas unite and get furious, then the world will come to an end. On that day when the Mangolia King will try to
send a space craft to ‘Kaari’, five years from that day, a huge Tsunami will burst out in the Pacific Ocean, which will destroy most part of the world. This is the truth.

Whatever they said about 2012, Agastya does not agree to it!”

“Is He referring to a rocket launch from China?”

“From China, they will launch a rocket to Kari aka Shani graha. Five years from then, a Tsunami will burst in Pacific which will destroy half of the world. Agastya said that this is the truth and not to provoke Him.” – I said.

“I truly wanted to ask this question for the world and so I dared to ask.” – said the friend.

I said what Agastya mentioned, not to ask questions in the night. I mentioned His recommendation of not talking about marriages, good things etc.,

“I always wanted to maintain a garden of useful herbs. Will this happen?” – asked one.

“Is this all his desire? He has started thinking about the world and society for quite a while. He often speaks to the beloved son of Agastya that he wants to do something for the world without wishing for himself. This is not new right? This is a small wish, a genuine one too. To give this opportunity, a very rich man will come and ask this one
that he wants to raise such gardens. That garden will be made by this one. Have patience. Let Me send that person to you. You can fulfill your desire through that person.”

“I plan to publish a book on Acupuncture. Your blessings are requested.” – said one.

“Fair enough. It is good that it gets published. Many can benefit from it. Do it by all means.” – said Agastya.

“For me, the planetary positions has changed from Sevvai Dasai to Rahu Maha Dasai. I request Your blessing that this Dasai should go fine.” – said another.

“You ask this because it is said Rahu’s time? Rahu is right next to me. Adi Sesha is Rahu himself. I pray to Him, stroke Him and say this. He has gone to Ahobilam. Lord Shiva and the God of creation has left this place too. Only Adi Sesha remains. Let me speak to him and get you a good word. Pray to Adi Sesha for a second by closing
your eyes.”

This friend closed his eyes and prayed to Adi Sesha for a few seconds.

“Mangalam. Thathaasthu.” – this is what Adi Sesha said. – said Agastya.

Thathaasthu means ‘blessings, so be it’. – said I.

“You have the punya of receiving Ashirwad from Adi Sesha da!” – said Agastya.

“You are you all thinking da? Only for him, not for us etc? Why grief? Let me get you all that blessings for Agastya is never partial. Else, why would I call you all? You all have the blessings. He just asked that all the punya should reach everyone and I got such a blessings, thats all. Why are you asking such a question within yourself?”

“Someone must have thought about it.” – said I.

“Yes its me. I thought it will be good if we also get such blessings.” – said a friend.

“He can read our thoughts very well.” – said I.

“So, when Chandrashtama effects won’t be there for us, there won’t be any confusions in our mind right?” – asked one.

“Yes, it won’t affect you.” – I replied.

“It won’t. We won’t think evil and do anything wrong.” – said another.

“Can we ask about politics?” – asked one.

“We won’t say a word about Politics.” – said Agastya. “There is NO relation between Agastya and Politics. Do you want to accumulate money in short cut? You seem to have forgotten all that was said a while ago. When I said that you are a Punyavan who searched for Purity, you ask ‘can I enter politics?’ right after. Do you have the capacity to withstand the happenings of politics? Are you ready to kill four or five and get to jail? Can you say blatant lies in the stage before public and receive applause? Do you want to lose all the wealth and search for fame through wall posters? Politics is such a big gambling! When Agastya was referring you as Punyavan, your mind is going haywire. I don’t know how to set you right eh?!” – said the Maha Muni.

“Ah right! Do you need this? Why Sir, you desire for politics? See, how angry He got!” – I said.

~ to be continued…!

4 thoughts on “The GOS 148 – Nambi Malai 13

  1. appu says:

    only if one is called to nambi malai, should one go there? what happens when ordinary people, like me, want to go there, without any divine summons? will we also get the blessings of MAHARISHI?

  2. Adi says:

    Hi Appu,

    From what I believe in, He shall shower blessings on you overwhelmingly, even when u go there without His invitation. Such is His large heart.
    The fact that He is making us read the blog, itself feels like it is an invitation to us to visit Nambi.
    May all of us be lead to the right path by Maha Guru.
    May the dust from His lotus feet cleanse our minds and make us suitable vehicles to receive the grace of Nambi 🙂

    Be blessed 🙂

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