The GOS 149 – Nambi Malai 14

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Though Agastya displayed slight anger on my friend’s question related to politics, He instantly became cool and started narrating a new episode, whose information took us by surprise.

“Let the one who went for food come back. I shall say a few things then. There lies some information.” – it came.

When we saw, one of them was returning from food. The others nodded him to come quickly. We were naturally interested in knowing what Agastya Muni is going to say. Once everyone was present, I opened the Nadi.

“There are countless information about this mountain. There is a ‘pathway of the Mother’ which got created some 1246 years back. The Gods who visit here stay in a place called ‘Holy feet of the Mother (Thaai Padham)’ than staying in the temple, take bath in the spring which comes out from the earth and with that spring water, they offer the Amrutha that the Devas bring, have a feast and take a stroll. That ‘holy feet’ is still here. About 12 Kadha distance from there (one Kadha is referred to 1 kilo meter), there is a huge cave. In that cave lies a Muni who is doing tapasya for approximately 4214 years.

One might ask his name. He is called the ‘Nameless Munivar’. How did he come, why, all these are big research topic da! That Muni used to sit right in the pathway inside that cave. Besides the rock He is seated runs a river, that of Amrutha. He lives this long just by drinking that water. Hence He is also called as ‘Neer Kudi Siththan’ (Neer – water, Kudi – drinks, Siththan – Siddha). Even today if one puts a drop, just a drop of that water, he won’t feel hunger for one full year.

If one goes 12 Kadha distance from the Mother’s Holy Feet (Thaai – Mother, Padham – feet), on that cave comes the sacred sound ‘Narayana Narayana’ for sure. If one hears that, they can have the darshan of the Almighty Himself if one bends down and goes. Due to His penance, including Agastya and Nambi Perumal, everyone goes
there to worship Him. Why da?! A holy one, who lives approximately 123 years ahead of Me, such a miracle is happening here. He seldom comes out. It is not known that He performed any Siddhis or so. It is however a surprise indeed that there is a holy one who lives just by drinking a river water next to Thaai Padham. If possible, if ventured, one may have His darshan. But one has to be extremely cautious. He is protected by dangerous insects and wild animals that roam around there.

Goddess Manonmani Devi - Thaai Padham The GOS 149 post1 The GOS 149 post2







[ The picture above is that of the Thaai Padham, courtesy]

Agastya got some more information just a while back. Today, there are 9 Siddhas who circumbulate Nambi Malai. Agastya know that these Siddhas are protecting the ones here. Few of them were so scared that they are stuck here alone. Let Me tell you, there are 9 Siddhas who are here, protecting you, every single day. Not just they protect, but their grace will be falling on you as well. No harm will happen, all will be good and the morning will rise and shine well.

“If one goes 32 Kadha distance towards the north, there is a small mountain which has a small peak nearby. Towards the south-eastern side of that peak, there is a sprint called as Agni Theertham. It is a surprising one as it is not cold but a boiling hot one. Similar one to this can be found in the northern side of this country in the banks
of Ganga. This theertha here is on top of a peak. It is not only boiling hot, but when one tastes that water once, he won’t be affected by fever for the next 30 years. In whatever names the heat related devata is called, she won’t dare to come near (He refers to various ailments that arises out of heat). Nothing will happen to him.

There is a temple called Jureswarar (Juram means fever). One can see even today, they take the children suffering from fever, make them lie down in His shrine and do the abisheka for that Lord with hot water and pepper kashayam (a mixture made out of pepper and water after heating it up). If that abisheka is done once and the pepper kashayam is offered as nivedhanam, any type of fever comes down. This temple is in the outskirts of Thanjavur (Tanjore). Everyone might have heard about it. Why I say this is, the one who is named as king of gold (Thanga Rajan, thangam – gold and Rajan is king), I must tell him some good things.

He climbs this mount without any fear, circumbulates, gets the darshan of the Siddhas, goes on his way to Podhigai hills and returns. When he goes the next time, he could go 30 kadha distance to find a cave near the Agni Theertha. When touched the peak, one may find it warm. It is very rocky and is slightly covered with algae. It
might stink as well sometimes. One must not fear. In that Agni Theertha, there comes a Siddha called ‘Azhuguni Siddha’ who takes bathi in that theertha by sitting there quietly.

If one brings out the water from Agni Theertha and makes a kashayam with pepper and consume it, no fever will come near him for the next 42 years, nothing related to heat, memory, anything related to the skull, brain damage, nothing will happen. It is medicinally rich. If one goes 48 kadha distance from there, one may find another wonderful cave, with a natural water falls that looks beautiful. To drink that water, the Siddhas assume the form of butterflies, bees etc., and come there. Have you heard of such a wonder anywhere else?

The butterflies take honey from the flowers, but on this water falls, you can see them drinking the water through their trunk. Honey gets mixed in this water. There is Agni Theertha, there is also this theertha which is honey-mixed, this wonder is in 42 kadha distance from there. Why I say this is because, it is a dangerous place with slippery rocks. If one slips, he will shiver and fall down some 2000 feet. Not a safe place.

But whoever goes there, the Siddhas Azhuguni Siddha and Idaikaatu Siddha protects them by standing in either side of the individual, helps them cross the place. Not just that, there is another very surprising thing da!

One thought on “The GOS 149 – Nambi Malai 14

  1. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

    Wah wah wah…O my Guru with your blessings and guidance I will be going to each and every place you mentioned. I think this article is invitation card for this soul.

    This soul pray You please give me place in YOUR feet.

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