The GOS 150 – Nambi Malai 15

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From there in about 58 kadha distance, when one meditates on the hill top, like the other day when he asked about his future and present days by sitting on a rock on the Chatura Giri mountain, near Thavasi Parai. From the rock, one can hear a voice that tells the past present and future. Just like that rock in Chatura Giri, in this mountain if one sits on a rock facing south-east, 3 Siddhas tells about ones past, present and future respectively. There are a number of wild animals there like tigers, wild boars, elephants, deer and so on. Even they transforming in to Siddhas after hearing about all the clairvoyance on a daily basis.

Another mind blowing information, from here to Podhigai hills, there is a bee-hive when one crosses a distance that takes two days travel. Beneath that bee hive, there is a small pit. If one descends that pit, a cave can be seen. On turning south, one can find a lamp being lit even now. No one knows who lit that, when etc. But it is lit for at least 1000 years. If one worships that lamp, it is none other than Agni for He himself is seated there. If one visits in the night, there will be some 108 fire flies that will stand on either side (like the runway lights) and will guide you towards Podhigai. All these miracles are happening, even now. Those who want to travel that side should get those visions, hence I am saying all these.

But very less people visit there, very rare on any occasional days. But so far, there is no track of people falling down the rock or slipped and died etc. When one worships the Agni Theertha, has the darshan of the Siddhas flying as butterflies and worships Agni Deva in the form of a lamp, that very moment, all the ailment in one’s body will vanish. Those heart patients, those who suffer from chronic ailment, all will be saved. Now comes a natural doubt. When someone has chronic ailment, how can they climb up a mountain then? They will be cured only if they climb up right? One may ask. O you are all rationalists right! Such thoughts will indeed come, and I have answers for them.

The one who resolves to go via the Thaai Padham, to Podhigai hills, I, Agastya will grant him complete freedom, free from dangers, a life without any dosha. I myself will guide him. Those who will take these trip will happen to see many such miracles. Not just that, those family members who might have committed sins in their lives, lost their wealth, it will be obtained back, those who thought ill about them, those who initiated the devi called Yakshini through Atharvana Veda to destroy the individual, those who thought that this individual should not come up in life, everyone will be blown away in to pieces.

No one can do any harm to these individuals. This place is that powerful with so many wonderful and powerful Siddhas roam around. Why I say all these, I mentioned about a few tasks in Nambi Temple. Some I didn’t.

As per your calculations, when the clock crosses 9.30, if looked at that direction and close your eyes and meditate, they will get the clairvoyance and blessings of 9 Siddhas through which their entire life will be changed. These people are really blessed as the Siddhas roam around here. They will get many a strengths and their weakness will vanish. Those who think good for others, help others without expectation, there is place reserved for all in heaven. Why I speak of heaven? One may feel frustrated about things not happening, even genuine wishes and may feel hopeless, turn towards unwanted superstitions. Agastya bestows them the blessings. Even things you might have lost to others, you shall get it back.

Here, the 9 Siddhas come. They bow to Agastya and return, I see now. All these Siddhas will bless these. Those who have lost all hope in life, frustrated, turning towards disappointment, Agastya shall give them hope. Agastya will help them.

No one should have taken anything from this place. None should have possessed others’ belongings. If someone has cheated these, I am going to make them feel for it, realize their mistake and beg for these people’s pardon. I am going to make these happen. Not just humanity, but there is also the dharma of God. The rarest of the tasks that we Siddhas are performing, as a perfect example, something will be shown. That’s when I indicated to a friend, that after 13 days, something will happen. Don’t open the door on the 13th day and blame Agastya that nothing worked. Why because only on that day, your very fate is going to change!

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