The GOS 156 – Papa Nasam, the divine bathing!

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Why because, there are wondrous mountains near this Thirukurungudi, some which no one has ever seen so far. From these falls, there are about 147 herbs which if combined, that very medicinal water is flowing from one of the falls near Thirukurungudi. The water does not drip drop by drop or it falls just like a waterfalls. But it falls as if it fell on a palm leaf and sprinkles. I first thought of asking you all to take bath there. But here, all the holy rivers have gathered and I am here too. So let us get this punya first. Those who take bath within 3 PM today, not just you, whoever takes bath today before 3, ye all will get that merit, their sins will be washed off, their friends or family or relatives will get a portion of this merit, all that.

Once you take bath, go straight to Lord Muruga’s shrine via Karumkulam. If you get time and happen to visit a holy place en route, you can very well have a darshan of that place and get its merit too. You will now on earn only punya. No sins. All these punyas you will accumulate today and tomorrow, will protect you for the next 27 years from any sins. You all will become like a just born kid, who is the purest without any trace of sins. When you take a holy dip here, you will become just like a newborn.

Not just that, I mention this very often that the name Lopa Mudra is never mentioned. Even Agastya feels sometimes that those who install the image of Agastya, does not do that for Lopa Mudra, doesn’t care to ask about her. I am a Siddha, Sannyasin of course, but I ask this as a question, a concern indeed. You are all my beloved children. But you have never asked this yourself. Why this partiality? If one visits home, won’t you ask if he has taken his wife along. This is the place where Agastya is present with his better half, which is a rare thing.

It is different to worship Shiva alone than worshipping Him with Goddess Parvathi. The same is with Lord Muruga and Valli-Devasena, His spouses. It is a great merit to have the darshan with their spouses. Krishna, when worshipped with Bama-Rukmini has greater merits. Rama is better worshipped with Sita Devi. When all these are with their spouses, Agastya thinks sometimes, what sin have I committed? SO, knowingly or unknowingly, Lopa Mudra (or Thamirabarani or Kaveri) is right here along with the other rivers. I am here with my family. So take bath, relax for a while and go to Karumkulam. Have darshan of any other shrines en route as well and tonight, stay in My Divine Father Lord Muruga’s shrine. Blessings!”

We all were very excited to take bath in the falls. One of my friend said, “can there be any better blessings?” for I smiled and thought “This time, He has bestowed so many things. I wonder what more He is going to say..”

The water from the falls fell at a place and turned in to a river. We saw that wonderful sight while entering the falls. It was cold. In spite of that heat around, the chillness went straight in and cooled us off. Though it was dizzy for a second, it was a great experience to bath. After a while in the falls, I felt like I should dip in the place where it runs as a river. When I expressed it, my friends said, “here itself it is so great, its enough right?”

I mentioned that I will go to that place and asked them to stay back. When I went there, made a choice of where to get down, lo, all my friends have come there.
Now this water wasn’t cold. It was surprising. We prayed to Lord Agastya and all the 8 holy rivers and took a dip. I did not feel like coming out at all as I felt like I was lying in a cotton cusion bed. Though I just bent down to take a dip, I felt the water was as if someone is rubbing my back with their hands, so soothingly, like that of the Mother’s or Father’s with so much of love. I was not sure how long I stayed there. I came out to find all my friends waiting in the banks.

“Swami, surprising, how could you hold on so long inside the water?”

“Come here and experience it for yourself, then ye shall know”

They were waiting as if. All of them jumped in again. It went on for a while. We will get out, then get in the water, then climb back and the sense of time wasn’t felt at all. I did feel however that we have to go to Karumkulam. I got out and started drying up but none of my friends felt like coming out of the water.

“If you continue doing this, Agastya Muni won’t wait till we reach Karumkulam. Should we get His blessings there or not?” – I said. The next minute, everyone was back and got ready within 5 minutes.

We reached Karumkulam village and Lord Muruga’s shrine while discussing about His clairvoyance. We had darshan of Lord Muruga and when I opened the Nadi, Agastya Muni started whipping me as a Father’s rightfully does it to his son.

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 155 – Papa Nasam – for relatives and friends!

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[Papa Nasam, Tirunelveli]

When the Kettai star came up, I mentioned some wonderful words early in the morning. The Nava Siddhas were protecting you in the form of air all night. I mentioned it only after bathing as certain things ought to be said and done only after bathing. The air flow that you might experienced is none other than the Siddhas. It wasn’t any evil spirit or anything. The Siddhas came in the form of air. They did it just to protect you all. I didn’t expect this myself. I just said ‘stand by their side for protection’ and went to Chathura Giri but they have protected you all.

I went to Chathura Giri to massage the Holy Feet of Lord Shiva. Why? It is indeed my duty to massage His son Karthikeya’s for He is my Guru. I asked, why should I massage Your feet and Lord Shiva replied. Here, let me tell you.

The Lord who lies in the snake bed in the great ocean Parkadal with His beloved wife Lakshmi Devi seated beside, massaging His feet. Lord Shiva asked Parvathi Devi, His consort in a lighter vein to massage His feet and She replied, “Why I? I am in the equal part of your body. Who will massage my feet. Will you?” Then I took the privilege and said that I will massage their feet. The truth is, it is Shiva’s desire to massage his feet. He has never desired for anything for He is the foremost of all Siddhas, who govern and guide us. He got this desire of having His feet massaged as that of Parandhama. A Siddha should be devoid of desires. The foremost of Siddhas, Lord Muruga, His father, Lord Shiva, shouldn’t have got this desire. But Parvathi Devi refused, only with love and not with anger.

Had it been another instance, Shiva would have performed the Rudra Thandava. Hence I was there, massaging both their feet and was giving you my words. What a divine sight da! The Ambal, the Holy Mother, she blessed me as I massaged Her feet, where she kissed me on my forehead.

I am in Papa Nasam now, seated in the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Muruga, in a corner. When you all are going to take bath, I will come there in the form of water to rub your back, where I have come with the same hands which massaged the holy feet of the divine Father & Mother. For those who take bath in the Papa Nasam river, even those who have never done any good, done enough sins, have not been devoted, whoever it is, when they take bath in this river, their sins will be washed off. The ignorant, illeterates, those who only believe in God, can they sit and do prayers? No. For them, I have got the boon that they could come here and take a holy bath to ward off any bit of sins.

It does not mean that when one takes bath, all the sins are cleansed. But here, I got tihs boon from Lord Shiva that their sins will be washed off completely, just that they have to ensure that they don’t commit further sins. This is exactly that holy place where I got the boon from.

Where he is reading the Nadi, this is exactly where I performed the second Yagna. Not just me, Brahma Deva on my right, Lord Nandi on a corner chanting Veda Mantras, and everyone took part in the yagna some 4817 years back. It is that very place where I am talking this now. Not just the ignorant and illeterates, even the children, the sins they committed without knowing, will be washed off here. Some might think. I have come here but how will my family members who could not come here get benefitted by this holy place? I say this now, that when one takes a holy dip here, on your behalf, your family will get 33.1/33 percentage of that Punya”

A person interrupted at this time and said, “I can’t hear properly. Please say that again.”

He was right. There were people who came to the temple, the children playing and shouting, the place was a bit noisy where they could not hear properly. So I explained the gist of what the Maha Muni said.

“That is, those who are ignorant, innocent or those who cannot come to this temple, if they come here and take a holy dip, their sins will be washed off. But Agastya has argued with Lord Shiva and got this boon that even for those who do not show any devotion, their sins should be washed off as well, if they take a bath here. Second, the place where I am seated now, is exactly where He was seated and performed the second Yagna. Third, some of you may think that your family members could not reach this place and the Maha Muni said that around 33.1/33 percentage of the Punya that you will get from here will be given to your family members, relatives or friends who could not come here. You need to think of those whom you could not bring here when taking a holy dip, that’s all. So there is a chance that you get the Punya not only for yourself, but for those whom you thought of, and could not take along.”

“Not just that, the devis and devas who took bath in Thamirabarani yesterday have come here. So if you take bath calmly and happily, all the rivers, Yamuna, Saraswathi, Thungabadhra, Godavari, Vaigai, Thamirabarani, Kaveri & Krishna, all 8 rivers’ devata are here. So if you take bath here, you get the merit of taking a holy bath in all these 8 rivers at once. Ah you think that I am cooking up some story don’t you?! No No! The humans but can think only that way. Do you know why I keep on reminding you these? Ah because you are all Rationa…..lists!! Can this happen? He just says something out of the palm leaves etc., you may think. Don’t! I said that this is the rarest of opportunity and hence I took you here. Else, I would have easily diverted you elsewhere!” – said Agastya!

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 154 – Nambi Malai 19 – The darshan of Naga Siddha!

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As Lord Agastya went in to do service for Lord Shiva, we knew that there won’t be anything coming out of the Nadi and so we thought of taking some rest. A couple of our group went to circumbulate the temple once.

It was pinch dark, chill breeze embraced us at times and slapped us at times. We thought that it might be very cold during the night. The ones who went to circumbulate the temple came back running. I asked what the matter was.

One of them breathed heavily to relieve himself and said, “Swami, please open the Nadi and ask what’s happening know!”

“Tell me what happened clearly. I cannot ask anything to Agastya now. Let us ask Him later. Now please tell me what you were trying to say clearly.”

“Swami, when walking, I casually looked in to the direction of where that ant-hill is, there went a snake, emitting light. I clealy saw the marks of Shanka and Chakra near its face. I felt its strange and wonderful, hence I wanted to ask Agastya Himself.”

“He may not answer now…” — I began to open the Nadi doubtfully but even to my surprise, Agastya came and replied.

“He said a while back know! Even I said ‘Rahu Kal’ has come. I even said that it is the ant-hill of Adi Sesha. Everyone has a desire to see Adi Sesha. One can imagine if it would bite, will it make us unconscious etc etc. They say Adi Sesha has 7 primary heads, but some said the snake here has 5 heads. Be it 7 or 5, this snake is a Siddha Snake. He is called Naga Pambu Siddhar and he is also called as Pambatti Siddha. He has spotted not a snake, but Pambatti Siddha.”

“Enough?” – I asked my friend and said, “If I keep this in hand, it looks like some or ther other news will keep coming, like it comes in Sun TV every half an hour. Sir, if there is any news, please give. If I keep this in my hand like this, the entire night will be spent. Had I been at my residence, I would have gone to sleep by now.” – I said.

One of the two said, “Let’s not go there! He peeped in and got scared now.”

“One day, He (Agastya) pointed out Idaikadar (another Siddha). One day he shows Pambatti Siddha. He gave information about Azhuguni Siddha today.” – I said.

We all remained silent for a while.

Suddenly, there came a message in the Nadi.

“You were feeling bad on not seeing the asteroid. Look up in the sky during the third Jama. You’ll see it, also a wonderful thing will happen there. Agastya won’t tell you now. If you see, ask me later and I shall say.” – said Agastya!

“What is third Jama?” – I asked.

“Twelve O clock”  – said one.

“Lopa Mudra is none other than Kaveri and Thamira Barani. There is no wife for me. They say that the hermit shouldn’t be kept at home, not that they will banish Agastya. It’s just the ways of the world. Even Athri Maharishi has wife and child. Kaka Pujunda has a wife. Sage Athri’s wife is Anusuya and the son born to Anusuya is our Markandeya.”

“Today is Markandeya’s birthday. Agastya only says the relevant information now. All of you get up in Brahma Muhurtha, take bath and cleanse yourself and got to Papa Nasam (a place) and from there, continue your journey. I shall speak once you reach Papa Nasam. Do not disturb Agastya in the meantime, give Him some time.” – said Agastya.

“Ok, let’s not trouble Him anymore.” – I bundled the Nadi.

We all had dinner and retired.

Just as He said, we got up in Brahma Muhurtha, took bath and stood before Nambi’s shrine, paid our gratitude and opened the Nadi where Agastya appeared immediately. We all were shaken on what He said.

“When Kettai star appeared, I sat on that mountain and said so many different things but still, many felt that they did not get the darshan of Siddhas. They but came, however a little late. When you all were sleeping, they blessed you all, kissed you and said a nice blessing. In order to protect you all, the Siddhas kept going on rounds around the mountain. It is a surprise to know that the Siddhas were roaming around to protect you humans. As per Agastya’s instructions, they all went back to their residence. Even those Siddhas who live beneath the Tamarind tree worshipped Nambi and blessed you all enroute.

When looked at the sky, we saw that magnificient sight, but everyone were asleep and right at that time, this magnificient thing happened. It was between 3 and 3.30, the third Jama, whatever the time shows in your wrist watch, that wonderful thing happened. I even thought of showing you all the rare sight. But you were sleeping so deep and so I thourhgt let’s leave it as you were sleeping at the basement of the temple and so let him get the darshan by himself.

All the Siddhas came as per my instructions, sat on this holy mountain, sat in front of Nambi, sat in these stairs, facing east and north and listened to all the instructions that Agastya gave. Hence I am bestowing a greater Punya to you all. The purpose of your birth has been served now, you can assume. Though there are a few more journeys for you, whatever happened in this holy mountain will happen only after 200 years again. Hence, to see such a spectacular sight and to know all these, you all came listening to Agastya, which is itself a great merit. For me to say further, go to PapaNasam, let Me say further. Blessings!”

As per His orders, we came down and started our journey towards Papa Nasam, reached there, had darshan of Lord Shiva there, sat down in a corner of the temple and opened the Nadi.

The GOS 153 – Nambi Malai 18 – The Tamarind Tree

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That state of being a Siddha, not everyone gets. This has not been attained in Chathura Giri, which is a surprise. There are countless wonders that happened in Chathura Giri, happening now and will happen in the future. But everyone wants to get to the state of Siddha. They want to become a Siddha at once, do whatever they want, everyone should respect them etc etc., This is natural and nothing wrong in it. There is nothing wrong in aiming for the high. One can come up in life only if one has desires. If one does not desire for anything, his life is wasted. If you ask how, it is like how a snake should just hiss, but never should bite. So, one can desire, but for that desire, he should never hurt anyone, in any way, neither physically nor mentally. One should not cheat others by possessing their wealth in unfair means, one should not covet, one should never scold the children, should never speak ill of others assuming something. One should understand that anyone might have the state of Siddha hidden in them. That state of Siddha is made here, in this holy place, in this time.

I mentioned that around 414 Siddhas are there in the Tamarind tree. They all came, worshipped Nambi and without leaving, they are waiting to have the darshan of Lord Shiva. Do you know why they stay here very often? It is because Lord Shiva frquents here, chats with Nambi and goes. Hence the Siddhas are here too. This tree itself was planted by a Siddha. He lives in the root of the tree. This tamarind tree itself is a Siddha da!

There is a relation between that Vinayaka Siddha and this tamarind tree. I said that Vinayaka is Kethu himself. He said as a clairvoyance, “Climb up this mountain and stay there tonight.” Even Agastya was looking at Him with wonder till then. How many mountains has he crossed. How many hurdles he crossed? He is with such a courageous heart that can bear anything for he must have been a Siddha in his previous birth, this Thanga Rasu. Hence he is seated right next to him. Once got his affection, complete knowledge of Kethu is obtained then. He got that knowledge, that of Gnana Karaka or Kethu naturally. He hasn’t come but the Guru himself has come to him. This is the big surprise.

I mentioned already that the Siddhas are coming out of the Tamarind tree. Why? Is it to scare you off or to boast about being a Siddha? No! They will breathe once circumbulating this mountain and will go away. It is that day today. I got diverted and started saying about Karumkulam etc., When these Siddhas complete their darshan of Nambi, they will then breathe, which sprinkles like a rosewater. These are miraculous fragrances. If one comes in to contact with any of these fragrances, no skin ailment of any type will touch him or his family. These are deva rahasyas and Agastya felt like sharing them today.

I thought of explaining all these by sitting on the circular rock some other day but I ended up converting this place itself as the circular rock. This Thanga Rasu gave a beautiful explanation about the circular rock. He said that they are beheading sheep in that rock. Agastya was listening. Do you recall it? The rock which is circular shape is indeed a rock where they give offerings of sheep etc., But it is on this rock where I along with 17 other Siddhas, the human Siddhas seated opposite, asking lot of questions in this rock, right when the moon goes high and when breeze soothes you down. This wonderful thing happens in 1540 years I said. Just to do a rehearsal of it, I called upon you. I shall explain you all in detail later.

It is true what you said about circular rock that they do give offerings of lives. It is also true that there was a Maha Bhadra Kali. But Nambi and Lord Shiva persuaded her not to show off her horrifying face and scare people off and they applied a sandalwood paste given by Indra for three days and said ‘Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi’ and she became cool after three days. It is that Bhadra Kali who goes for a round, without harming anyone in this jungle and when she does that, no one should go in front of her. No human body should stand here. I have got a promise that day, no one would stay here and no offerings will be given. But the offerings given by the humans still happen.

They do these unnecessary mistakes (offering lives of animals to deities) to cover up their other mistakes. I did think that the sanity of this place will get spoiled. Many a times, in spite of warning him in many ways, the one who thinks so holy of himself brought that 22 year old girl and pushed her down from here right? You don’t know who that was. Due to that act, the holiness and sanity of this mountain has been stained a bit. Then I requested river Ganga to come here. She came and on the place I mentioned a while back, both Ganga and Thamirabarani sat on that place and have removed its stains. So, there has been some murders, some lives have been taken but the rivers Ganga and Thamirabarani has cleansed those sins and sanctified this place once again.

Hence this place is a very very, add how much ever ‘very’ you want in front, it is that very holy. If one can get such a blessing even to come once, think of these. Hence you are all blessed, pure souls, and therefore can come here.

Now Agastya has a task. He needs to sit in Chathuragiri and massage the holy feet of Lord Shiva, hence He won’t lie down. So I am going in for it. Till then, my Siddhas shall save you all, blessings!

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 152 – Nambi Malai 17

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Why because, these two are going to get to the state of Siddha in the future. The state of Siddha is not just the unattached state, but they will also be able to do anything, even a mistake where the forgiveness will be granted to them instantly. They won’t commit any mistakes. They won’t get angry as the service they render, everyone will get carried away. If one offers ‘anna-dhana’ (offering of food for free to the needy) for one day, he lives one year longer, it is said. But these ones, they don’t expect any returns, work really hard and are doing anna-dhana. They bowed down to the very Vinayaka Siddha. Who is Vinayaka? He is Kethu right? Kethu is Gnanakaraka. The one beneath the Gnana, how come he is not blessed with the Gnana itself? So it is not to get them to an unattached state, but to get them to Gnana. Their life is going to change in three years. They will be at the peak. There will be a difference in what they are now and what you’ll see them as, in three years.

They are going to do a lot of wonderful things to the people…while saying this..Now the Siddhas are leaving the tamarind tree. If you see in a nazhigai time, you can hear the chirping sound of tiny insects. You could also hear the Siddhas’ walking and talking. You should just hear, don’t try to see for you need to leave them free. You can hear from right here, like the birds chirping for they speak just like that. You may know that the Siddhas are here, they’re protecting and why, you might have his darshan in the third Jama if you are awake.

The beloved son of Agastya looked at the sky, whether any stars that look like a firefly is seen and was blaming Agastya. Let me tell him. You are rushing too fast. To get the darshan, for you to be a Mahan (a great soul), you need to be deserving. Just because you are associated with Agastya for the past 50 years doesn’t get you
qualified. I am in your tongue. I asked others. But for you, you have committed two mistakes since morning. If you are not getting the darshan, why are you blaming Agastya? Just because Agastya is in your hands (referring to the clairvoyance He delivers through the person’s tongue) and Bhoga is in the bag (referring to the Nadi of Bhoga that’s in the bag), the Siddhas won’t appear before you in the sky. Had you asked this question in Chathura Giri mountain, I would have shown you at least a lakh of Siddhas.

All the Siddhas are in Chathura Giri. Why? I myself am talking from Chathura Giri now. This is the time of Varuna. He showers or sprinkles a few drops for the good souls who live around this mountain, for their welfare, for the welfare of this land etc. Treat them as Panneer (rosewood water). See if possible. Else, do not blame Agastya. This is the time the Siddhas come out of the tamarind tree. They are around 422 feet beneath, around 16 of them. Not sure if all 16 Siddhas come but some of them surely will. As Agastya himself performed the abisheka Himself, they are pretty happy and might peep out in the night. So, do not lie down in the pathway or stairs but lie down in some corner. You might smell beautiful fragrance when they pass by.

Even if the left out food if any, might get that taste. They might peep in from anywhere. Even if there is water, it will taste very sweet, if they had tasted a little of that water. In any left over food, that taste will be seen in 3rd or 4th Jama in the night. If not, do not blame Agastya. I say this as I see the symptoms of their coming. This place is wonderful and so is this time. All those gathered here have connections in the past, in every Janma. They all have circumbulated this mountain. They all have attained the state of Siddha. If you ask what that state is, it is not obtained just by doing tapasya (penance). If one prays to a Siddha, or to his Ishta Devata, he will get the Siddha state. This mountain has that speciality, nowhere else. Else, where have you heard of having darshan of Siddha in a Vaishnava temple? There is a great history. Else, what’s the relation between Vaishnavam and Siddhas? The Siddhas are assumed to be associated with the Three Eyed Lord. I mentioned in the morning itself.

When performing the abisheka for Nambi, the Lord Shiva Himself was present here. If He himself is here, then obviously the Siddhas will be here. Lord Shiva frequents here, every Vaikasi Visaka, Adi Krithika, Amavasya nights, like brothers they meet. Miraculous things happen when He visits. The animals scream. Sudden lightning appears. Strange light appears and disappears. Some may feel that a light form entered their bodies. It is no illusion. You may feel that some light has actually gone past you as a breeze. It may happen anytime. Those who felt it, are blessed really. They are the ones who reached the state of Siddhas. The state of a Siddha is not sitting in a place for a long time doing tapasya by hurting his body. It is just focusing on the God who is a Ishta Devata, a Siddha, a Maha Muni with a pure heart here, and he attains the state of Siddha.

~ to be continued…!

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