The GOS 152 – Nambi Malai 17

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Why because, these two are going to get to the state of Siddha in the future. The state of Siddha is not just the unattached state, but they will also be able to do anything, even a mistake where the forgiveness will be granted to them instantly. They won’t commit any mistakes. They won’t get angry as the service they render, everyone will get carried away. If one offers ‘anna-dhana’ (offering of food for free to the needy) for one day, he lives one year longer, it is said. But these ones, they don’t expect any returns, work really hard and are doing anna-dhana. They bowed down to the very Vinayaka Siddha. Who is Vinayaka? He is Kethu right? Kethu is Gnanakaraka. The one beneath the Gnana, how come he is not blessed with the Gnana itself? So it is not to get them to an unattached state, but to get them to Gnana. Their life is going to change in three years. They will be at the peak. There will be a difference in what they are now and what you’ll see them as, in three years.

They are going to do a lot of wonderful things to the people…while saying this..Now the Siddhas are leaving the tamarind tree. If you see in a nazhigai time, you can hear the chirping sound of tiny insects. You could also hear the Siddhas’ walking and talking. You should just hear, don’t try to see for you need to leave them free. You can hear from right here, like the birds chirping for they speak just like that. You may know that the Siddhas are here, they’re protecting and why, you might have his darshan in the third Jama if you are awake.

The beloved son of Agastya looked at the sky, whether any stars that look like a firefly is seen and was blaming Agastya. Let me tell him. You are rushing too fast. To get the darshan, for you to be a Mahan (a great soul), you need to be deserving. Just because you are associated with Agastya for the past 50 years doesn’t get you
qualified. I am in your tongue. I asked others. But for you, you have committed two mistakes since morning. If you are not getting the darshan, why are you blaming Agastya? Just because Agastya is in your hands (referring to the clairvoyance He delivers through the person’s tongue) and Bhoga is in the bag (referring to the Nadi of Bhoga that’s in the bag), the Siddhas won’t appear before you in the sky. Had you asked this question in Chathura Giri mountain, I would have shown you at least a lakh of Siddhas.

All the Siddhas are in Chathura Giri. Why? I myself am talking from Chathura Giri now. This is the time of Varuna. He showers or sprinkles a few drops for the good souls who live around this mountain, for their welfare, for the welfare of this land etc. Treat them as Panneer (rosewood water). See if possible. Else, do not blame Agastya. This is the time the Siddhas come out of the tamarind tree. They are around 422 feet beneath, around 16 of them. Not sure if all 16 Siddhas come but some of them surely will. As Agastya himself performed the abisheka Himself, they are pretty happy and might peep out in the night. So, do not lie down in the pathway or stairs but lie down in some corner. You might smell beautiful fragrance when they pass by.

Even if the left out food if any, might get that taste. They might peep in from anywhere. Even if there is water, it will taste very sweet, if they had tasted a little of that water. In any left over food, that taste will be seen in 3rd or 4th Jama in the night. If not, do not blame Agastya. I say this as I see the symptoms of their coming. This place is wonderful and so is this time. All those gathered here have connections in the past, in every Janma. They all have circumbulated this mountain. They all have attained the state of Siddha. If you ask what that state is, it is not obtained just by doing tapasya (penance). If one prays to a Siddha, or to his Ishta Devata, he will get the Siddha state. This mountain has that speciality, nowhere else. Else, where have you heard of having darshan of Siddha in a Vaishnava temple? There is a great history. Else, what’s the relation between Vaishnavam and Siddhas? The Siddhas are assumed to be associated with the Three Eyed Lord. I mentioned in the morning itself.

When performing the abisheka for Nambi, the Lord Shiva Himself was present here. If He himself is here, then obviously the Siddhas will be here. Lord Shiva frequents here, every Vaikasi Visaka, Adi Krithika, Amavasya nights, like brothers they meet. Miraculous things happen when He visits. The animals scream. Sudden lightning appears. Strange light appears and disappears. Some may feel that a light form entered their bodies. It is no illusion. You may feel that some light has actually gone past you as a breeze. It may happen anytime. Those who felt it, are blessed really. They are the ones who reached the state of Siddhas. The state of a Siddha is not sitting in a place for a long time doing tapasya by hurting his body. It is just focusing on the God who is a Ishta Devata, a Siddha, a Maha Muni with a pure heart here, and he attains the state of Siddha.

~ to be continued…!

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