The GOS 153 – Nambi Malai 18 – The Tamarind Tree

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That state of being a Siddha, not everyone gets. This has not been attained in Chathura Giri, which is a surprise. There are countless wonders that happened in Chathura Giri, happening now and will happen in the future. But everyone wants to get to the state of Siddha. They want to become a Siddha at once, do whatever they want, everyone should respect them etc etc., This is natural and nothing wrong in it. There is nothing wrong in aiming for the high. One can come up in life only if one has desires. If one does not desire for anything, his life is wasted. If you ask how, it is like how a snake should just hiss, but never should bite. So, one can desire, but for that desire, he should never hurt anyone, in any way, neither physically nor mentally. One should not cheat others by possessing their wealth in unfair means, one should not covet, one should never scold the children, should never speak ill of others assuming something. One should understand that anyone might have the state of Siddha hidden in them. That state of Siddha is made here, in this holy place, in this time.

I mentioned that around 414 Siddhas are there in the Tamarind tree. They all came, worshipped Nambi and without leaving, they are waiting to have the darshan of Lord Shiva. Do you know why they stay here very often? It is because Lord Shiva frquents here, chats with Nambi and goes. Hence the Siddhas are here too. This tree itself was planted by a Siddha. He lives in the root of the tree. This tamarind tree itself is a Siddha da!

There is a relation between that Vinayaka Siddha and this tamarind tree. I said that Vinayaka is Kethu himself. He said as a clairvoyance, “Climb up this mountain and stay there tonight.” Even Agastya was looking at Him with wonder till then. How many mountains has he crossed. How many hurdles he crossed? He is with such a courageous heart that can bear anything for he must have been a Siddha in his previous birth, this Thanga Rasu. Hence he is seated right next to him. Once got his affection, complete knowledge of Kethu is obtained then. He got that knowledge, that of Gnana Karaka or Kethu naturally. He hasn’t come but the Guru himself has come to him. This is the big surprise.

I mentioned already that the Siddhas are coming out of the Tamarind tree. Why? Is it to scare you off or to boast about being a Siddha? No! They will breathe once circumbulating this mountain and will go away. It is that day today. I got diverted and started saying about Karumkulam etc., When these Siddhas complete their darshan of Nambi, they will then breathe, which sprinkles like a rosewater. These are miraculous fragrances. If one comes in to contact with any of these fragrances, no skin ailment of any type will touch him or his family. These are deva rahasyas and Agastya felt like sharing them today.

I thought of explaining all these by sitting on the circular rock some other day but I ended up converting this place itself as the circular rock. This Thanga Rasu gave a beautiful explanation about the circular rock. He said that they are beheading sheep in that rock. Agastya was listening. Do you recall it? The rock which is circular shape is indeed a rock where they give offerings of sheep etc., But it is on this rock where I along with 17 other Siddhas, the human Siddhas seated opposite, asking lot of questions in this rock, right when the moon goes high and when breeze soothes you down. This wonderful thing happens in 1540 years I said. Just to do a rehearsal of it, I called upon you. I shall explain you all in detail later.

It is true what you said about circular rock that they do give offerings of lives. It is also true that there was a Maha Bhadra Kali. But Nambi and Lord Shiva persuaded her not to show off her horrifying face and scare people off and they applied a sandalwood paste given by Indra for three days and said ‘Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi’ and she became cool after three days. It is that Bhadra Kali who goes for a round, without harming anyone in this jungle and when she does that, no one should go in front of her. No human body should stand here. I have got a promise that day, no one would stay here and no offerings will be given. But the offerings given by the humans still happen.

They do these unnecessary mistakes (offering lives of animals to deities) to cover up their other mistakes. I did think that the sanity of this place will get spoiled. Many a times, in spite of warning him in many ways, the one who thinks so holy of himself brought that 22 year old girl and pushed her down from here right? You don’t know who that was. Due to that act, the holiness and sanity of this mountain has been stained a bit. Then I requested river Ganga to come here. She came and on the place I mentioned a while back, both Ganga and Thamirabarani sat on that place and have removed its stains. So, there has been some murders, some lives have been taken but the rivers Ganga and Thamirabarani has cleansed those sins and sanctified this place once again.

Hence this place is a very very, add how much ever ‘very’ you want in front, it is that very holy. If one can get such a blessing even to come once, think of these. Hence you are all blessed, pure souls, and therefore can come here.

Now Agastya has a task. He needs to sit in Chathuragiri and massage the holy feet of Lord Shiva, hence He won’t lie down. So I am going in for it. Till then, my Siddhas shall save you all, blessings!

~ to be continued…!

4 thoughts on “The GOS 153 – Nambi Malai 18 – The Tamarind Tree

  1. Yogvivek says:

    State of sidhha is aptly defined and very inspiring.Really,our love and focus towards Mahamuni and Ishtadeva will lead us living true life the sidhha way.Thanks for Gnanaboomi too.otherwise it wouldnt have possible for us who are non tamil to gain this much holy knowledge.

    Can anybody or karthikeyan ji know about Thangarajan?
    Karthikeyan ji please share your at least e mail id to share and discuss some serious things.

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