The GOS 154 – Nambi Malai 19 – The darshan of Naga Siddha!

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As Lord Agastya went in to do service for Lord Shiva, we knew that there won’t be anything coming out of the Nadi and so we thought of taking some rest. A couple of our group went to circumbulate the temple once.

It was pinch dark, chill breeze embraced us at times and slapped us at times. We thought that it might be very cold during the night. The ones who went to circumbulate the temple came back running. I asked what the matter was.

One of them breathed heavily to relieve himself and said, “Swami, please open the Nadi and ask what’s happening know!”

“Tell me what happened clearly. I cannot ask anything to Agastya now. Let us ask Him later. Now please tell me what you were trying to say clearly.”

“Swami, when walking, I casually looked in to the direction of where that ant-hill is, there went a snake, emitting light. I clealy saw the marks of Shanka and Chakra near its face. I felt its strange and wonderful, hence I wanted to ask Agastya Himself.”

“He may not answer now…” — I began to open the Nadi doubtfully but even to my surprise, Agastya came and replied.

“He said a while back know! Even I said ‘Rahu Kal’ has come. I even said that it is the ant-hill of Adi Sesha. Everyone has a desire to see Adi Sesha. One can imagine if it would bite, will it make us unconscious etc etc. They say Adi Sesha has 7 primary heads, but some said the snake here has 5 heads. Be it 7 or 5, this snake is a Siddha Snake. He is called Naga Pambu Siddhar and he is also called as Pambatti Siddha. He has spotted not a snake, but Pambatti Siddha.”

“Enough?” – I asked my friend and said, “If I keep this in hand, it looks like some or ther other news will keep coming, like it comes in Sun TV every half an hour. Sir, if there is any news, please give. If I keep this in my hand like this, the entire night will be spent. Had I been at my residence, I would have gone to sleep by now.” – I said.

One of the two said, “Let’s not go there! He peeped in and got scared now.”

“One day, He (Agastya) pointed out Idaikadar (another Siddha). One day he shows Pambatti Siddha. He gave information about Azhuguni Siddha today.” – I said.

We all remained silent for a while.

Suddenly, there came a message in the Nadi.

“You were feeling bad on not seeing the asteroid. Look up in the sky during the third Jama. You’ll see it, also a wonderful thing will happen there. Agastya won’t tell you now. If you see, ask me later and I shall say.” – said Agastya!

“What is third Jama?” – I asked.

“Twelve O clock”  – said one.

“Lopa Mudra is none other than Kaveri and Thamira Barani. There is no wife for me. They say that the hermit shouldn’t be kept at home, not that they will banish Agastya. It’s just the ways of the world. Even Athri Maharishi has wife and child. Kaka Pujunda has a wife. Sage Athri’s wife is Anusuya and the son born to Anusuya is our Markandeya.”

“Today is Markandeya’s birthday. Agastya only says the relevant information now. All of you get up in Brahma Muhurtha, take bath and cleanse yourself and got to Papa Nasam (a place) and from there, continue your journey. I shall speak once you reach Papa Nasam. Do not disturb Agastya in the meantime, give Him some time.” – said Agastya.

“Ok, let’s not trouble Him anymore.” – I bundled the Nadi.

We all had dinner and retired.

Just as He said, we got up in Brahma Muhurtha, took bath and stood before Nambi’s shrine, paid our gratitude and opened the Nadi where Agastya appeared immediately. We all were shaken on what He said.

“When Kettai star appeared, I sat on that mountain and said so many different things but still, many felt that they did not get the darshan of Siddhas. They but came, however a little late. When you all were sleeping, they blessed you all, kissed you and said a nice blessing. In order to protect you all, the Siddhas kept going on rounds around the mountain. It is a surprise to know that the Siddhas were roaming around to protect you humans. As per Agastya’s instructions, they all went back to their residence. Even those Siddhas who live beneath the Tamarind tree worshipped Nambi and blessed you all enroute.

When looked at the sky, we saw that magnificient sight, but everyone were asleep and right at that time, this magnificient thing happened. It was between 3 and 3.30, the third Jama, whatever the time shows in your wrist watch, that wonderful thing happened. I even thought of showing you all the rare sight. But you were sleeping so deep and so I thourhgt let’s leave it as you were sleeping at the basement of the temple and so let him get the darshan by himself.

All the Siddhas came as per my instructions, sat on this holy mountain, sat in front of Nambi, sat in these stairs, facing east and north and listened to all the instructions that Agastya gave. Hence I am bestowing a greater Punya to you all. The purpose of your birth has been served now, you can assume. Though there are a few more journeys for you, whatever happened in this holy mountain will happen only after 200 years again. Hence, to see such a spectacular sight and to know all these, you all came listening to Agastya, which is itself a great merit. For me to say further, go to PapaNasam, let Me say further. Blessings!”

As per His orders, we came down and started our journey towards Papa Nasam, reached there, had darshan of Lord Shiva there, sat down in a corner of the temple and opened the Nadi.

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    • GnanaBoomi says:

      Dear Abul
      Agastya is answering generic questions in Thanjavur through Mr. Ganesan. But we haven’t heard about the readings so far in the recent past. There are many others who claim to read the Jeeva Nadi but we cannot recommend or suggest anyone in person.


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