The GOS 156 – Papa Nasam, the divine bathing!

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Why because, there are wondrous mountains near this Thirukurungudi, some which no one has ever seen so far. From these falls, there are about 147 herbs which if combined, that very medicinal water is flowing from one of the falls near Thirukurungudi. The water does not drip drop by drop or it falls just like a waterfalls. But it falls as if it fell on a palm leaf and sprinkles. I first thought of asking you all to take bath there. But here, all the holy rivers have gathered and I am here too. So let us get this punya first. Those who take bath within 3 PM today, not just you, whoever takes bath today before 3, ye all will get that merit, their sins will be washed off, their friends or family or relatives will get a portion of this merit, all that.

Once you take bath, go straight to Lord Muruga’s shrine via Karumkulam. If you get time and happen to visit a holy place en route, you can very well have a darshan of that place and get its merit too. You will now on earn only punya. No sins. All these punyas you will accumulate today and tomorrow, will protect you for the next 27 years from any sins. You all will become like a just born kid, who is the purest without any trace of sins. When you take a holy dip here, you will become just like a newborn.

Not just that, I mention this very often that the name Lopa Mudra is never mentioned. Even Agastya feels sometimes that those who install the image of Agastya, does not do that for Lopa Mudra, doesn’t care to ask about her. I am a Siddha, Sannyasin of course, but I ask this as a question, a concern indeed. You are all my beloved children. But you have never asked this yourself. Why this partiality? If one visits home, won’t you ask if he has taken his wife along. This is the place where Agastya is present with his better half, which is a rare thing.

It is different to worship Shiva alone than worshipping Him with Goddess Parvathi. The same is with Lord Muruga and Valli-Devasena, His spouses. It is a great merit to have the darshan with their spouses. Krishna, when worshipped with Bama-Rukmini has greater merits. Rama is better worshipped with Sita Devi. When all these are with their spouses, Agastya thinks sometimes, what sin have I committed? SO, knowingly or unknowingly, Lopa Mudra (or Thamirabarani or Kaveri) is right here along with the other rivers. I am here with my family. So take bath, relax for a while and go to Karumkulam. Have darshan of any other shrines en route as well and tonight, stay in My Divine Father Lord Muruga’s shrine. Blessings!”

We all were very excited to take bath in the falls. One of my friend said, “can there be any better blessings?” for I smiled and thought “This time, He has bestowed so many things. I wonder what more He is going to say..”

The water from the falls fell at a place and turned in to a river. We saw that wonderful sight while entering the falls. It was cold. In spite of that heat around, the chillness went straight in and cooled us off. Though it was dizzy for a second, it was a great experience to bath. After a while in the falls, I felt like I should dip in the place where it runs as a river. When I expressed it, my friends said, “here itself it is so great, its enough right?”

I mentioned that I will go to that place and asked them to stay back. When I went there, made a choice of where to get down, lo, all my friends have come there.
Now this water wasn’t cold. It was surprising. We prayed to Lord Agastya and all the 8 holy rivers and took a dip. I did not feel like coming out at all as I felt like I was lying in a cotton cusion bed. Though I just bent down to take a dip, I felt the water was as if someone is rubbing my back with their hands, so soothingly, like that of the Mother’s or Father’s with so much of love. I was not sure how long I stayed there. I came out to find all my friends waiting in the banks.

“Swami, surprising, how could you hold on so long inside the water?”

“Come here and experience it for yourself, then ye shall know”

They were waiting as if. All of them jumped in again. It went on for a while. We will get out, then get in the water, then climb back and the sense of time wasn’t felt at all. I did feel however that we have to go to Karumkulam. I got out and started drying up but none of my friends felt like coming out of the water.

“If you continue doing this, Agastya Muni won’t wait till we reach Karumkulam. Should we get His blessings there or not?” – I said. The next minute, everyone was back and got ready within 5 minutes.

We reached Karumkulam village and Lord Muruga’s shrine while discussing about His clairvoyance. We had darshan of Lord Muruga and when I opened the Nadi, Agastya Muni started whipping me as a Father’s rightfully does it to his son.

~ to be continued…!

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