The GOS 160 – To lit a lamp, life of a Sannyasin, blessings to be a Siddha!

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If there is anything as ‘written in the fate’ or destined even while at the womb, it is his. If you analyze it with your modern science, there is a strong relation between spirituality and his previous births. He lit one lakh lamp in the banks of Godhavari to Lord Rama and felt wondrous about it. The next time when he was lighting them, unexpected flood surrounded the Godhavari Rama. No one could enter. I am not sure what you know about Godhavari Rama. It is a temple on top of a small mount. The water surrounded at hip level with people suffering. This one but was carrying the ingredients like ghee, oil, the thread on top of his head to lit a lakh and eight thousand lamps and was waiting.

Just like how it rained during the birth of Sri Krishna where Adi Sesha came as an umbrella, when he was carrying the ghee and oil etc to the hill top, someone just snatched all of them and placed it in a safe place in the pathway to the hill. It was saved from getting drenched. That person threw a towel to this one to grab on to and saved him. That night, all the lakh and eight thousand lamps were lit beautifully midst that heavy rain da! We see that even if one lamp is lit, Lord Vayu will come and blow it away (He says it in a lighter vein), but here it was a lakh and eight thousand lamps, all glowing to glory. It was a help from Lord Varuna too.

I could have mentioned this in the morning itself but it might have sounded like praising a particular one and he might end up carrying ego or might cause embarrassment. But the truth is a truth. He therefore got the bhagya today. Whether it is one face lamp or anything, whatever he thought of when litting it up, to whoever he lit that lamp for, be it anything but as the lamp glows and glows, it is glory to him and his family. All good will happen to whoever he asks for, thinks about when praying.

Even today, he thought about the poor people when he lit the lamp today. All the merits will be of him. It will also protect his family and give a great life. But however, there are small boils in his body for which he prays to Agastya for one and a half years. Agastya does not seem to pay attention. Truly, for Agastya who carries out so many things, He could have dissolved those boils but he didn’t, one may feel dissappointed. Nothing wrong in it. Why I keep coming to him is because, there is a relation between him and the ‘Moola’.

Why everything, the time that Agastya speaks, the time you sought Agastya, everything revolves around Moola is because, he was born in the Moola star in his previous birth. All the lamps he has lit, all the merits he has accumulated, I am reminding him of all these and feel like patting him on the back and bless him, that’s why I said all these. All of those in front of me are heading towards the Siddha State. They all have left everything they do and have come for the love of Agastya. With them, like a small monkey grabs his mother tightly, there is this small boy who accompanied all of you. Agastya is very pleased as I said in the morning and wanted to show some gratitude, hence I asked you to come over.

It is impossible to change the fate. Everyone will say, I shall change the fate. Not possible. But Agastya can. Agastya does and is doing. But I don’t interfere in the way that system work, neither do I hurt Brahma, Vishnu or Maheshwara, I won’t interfere but at the same time, have given them some rest and taken over the responsibility. Those who were about to get distracted out of tiny little issues, I grabbed them and have gathered them all here. There are so many things in one’s life, merits, grief, disappointments, loss, everything. They exist in both the lives of a family man as well as a saint.

Agastya feels sorry about a few who lives like a hermit in their family life, that they are not carrying out their duties properly. But a state of Siddha is altogether different, it is wonderful. I have granted them to you already. Some more will come closer too, I shall grant them that state too. Who is blessed, this I won’t say now. There are things that even Agastya wouldn’t say, for it may not happen if I say it out loud. Let them come, I shall take care I say.

Therefore, even if one lives a life of a hermit, they shouldn’t leave away the responsibilities of the family man, the dharma of a gruhasta. Agastya wishes that they shouldn’t hurt anyone and should carry out their dharma properly. This life is to spend the effects of Karma for there are two types of Karma (good and bad or papa and punya). Though there may have been papa karma for them, their search for Rishi-Muni, Siddha has reduced the sinful karma. I can say even more bravely, this day, for all of you, the burden of previous birth, the burden of three previous births, has been nullified this morning, when you all took the holy dip.

[[[ Let us sincerely pray to Agastya Maha Siddha that those who read this post, let their bad karma get reduced too!]]]

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 159 – Thiruchendur – 2

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To say the truth, Lord Muruga has appeared after a long time here, even I suspect that it is probably for the darshan of Hanuman because, Muruga was not here during the Kumbabisheka. I felt very sorry about that. For Lord Muruga is known for His anger. You all know the stories of how he threw away the family for a small fruit etc. They have played with such a God, Muruga. It wouldn’t be a surprise if tsunami comes when He is not present here. It is worrisome to think about the incidents that might happen. I did speak to Muruga a while back where His face was reddish with anger, though He did bless you all, hugged Hanuman and stood peacefully, I do feel that the happenings here might have frustrated Him.

I am meeting my beloved Lord Muruga after a long time today. I was worshipping and going behind the Three Eyed Lord and others so far. I am not sure if Lord Muruga is angry with me, I don’t know but I just discuss it with you. But even if Muruga gets angry, it will be with a reason. Though He is angry, He will change the next moment. I said it the other day, I say it again here. It is different to be angry and to be sorry. But if Lord Muruga is angry, it will be for the good, but if He is sad, then it is dangerous. I need to know whether He is angry or sad, only after which I could give any clairvoyance, for this day is a great day today. It started with Lord Vinayaka and ended with Lord Hanuman.

I asked to offer a coconut to Lord Vinayaka before you start. I am not sure if you remember or not but the moment you prayed there and came out, you saw Vinayaka Siddha only. Keep it as a starting point. It started with Ganesha and ended with Hanuman. No one knows that Hanuman visits here to see Muruga, have a conversation with him, hug him and go, on the day His star birthday. I had come here at that time and so did you. I saw that wonderful sight of them both when you came. The light which came from inside the sanctum sanctorum touched you all. It is a very important thing.

I mentioned about Navagrahas being with their spouses, which is unheard of too. They talk about Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma with their spouses but nava grahas? They do not have power during the day. Except Surya, all others are under the dominance of Rahu and Kethu and so their real power manifests only in the nights.

Those nava grahas’ curse has what made those who are born in holy lands to suffer. It is rare to see the happy face of Rahu, Kethu and Shani. I saw that today. The moment that beloved son lit a lamp with 5 faces, the place which was dark was illumined. Lord Muruga and His Father Shiva was seated there too. When the lamp was lit, all the nava grahas were happy and even if they say a word ‘Thathasthu’, it is sufficient for you do not have to search for parikara (remedial measure), temple or holy ponds, horoscope etc.,

The son seated in front of me has an adamant thought that the Atman resides within oneself and that is not there inside a temple. Whatever happened in Chendur temple was a reflection of that thought itself. Those who come with devotion see what is happening here. They literally sell the Lord in pieces where I said ‘Muruga is not here’. He is here now but he will go away in a few minutes. If I say these, they will scold me as to who am I to say that Muruga is not here and all the blame will be on my beloved son who prays to me and reads this Nadi. But there has been innumerable sins happened today, whatever should not happen happened. They circumbulate Lord Muruga after having all the sins committed, they just enact a drama.

If I say that all the brahmins there are ‘frauds’, don’t feel bad. The terms between Agastya and Brahmins is not good nowadays. But I sure will say this, as long as these brahmins are here, Lord Muruga is not going to be here. I am sure Lord Muruga will agree too. He came here and after seeing the ‘impurity’ during the kumbabisheka, He went back. The kumbabisheka happened without Muruga being present. Everyone shouted at the Gopuram as ‘Arohara’ but the Atma of that sound, Lord Muruga was not there at that time. I saw His face and found that out. He was not at all happy with the kumbabisheka.

The holy fire was lit by those brahmins who did fraud, covet, loot, those with sins, all of them. The attribute of Agni is that it burns sins. When it was lit, due to its natural attribute of burning sins, the place became a little peaceful or else, those who committed the sins would have suffered so very much by falling in to the anger of Agni. Do not think that Agastya is talking all these in the shrine of Lord Muruga. When He is not happy about what has happened, all the unwanted, sinful things that happened, and when He Himself has left, what do I have anything left here? Thankfully that Hanuman came and you all were saved or else the purpose of asking you to visit here would have been useless.

Now let me come back. You lit the lamp and felt happy. The one seated on my right, the one who speaks a different langugage, he has lit lamps not today or yesterday, but also in his previous births, for about 77 years. It is that merit, somehow that he has this habit even in this birth. He never bothers about anything but lits a lamp in the holy places and that is something which is written right when he was born.

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 158 – Thiruchendur, darshan of Lord Muruga and Hanuman!

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We reached Thiruchendur as per Agastya Muni’s order. We relaxed in a hotel room for a while, took bath and went to the temple. It was noisy as there were a lot of people. We gasped for a moment and decided to have the darshan first. The crowd was there too and so was noisy. The priest showed his frustration while coming out of Sanctum Sanctorum and was displaying his frustration even when entering the shrine. This made us feel very irritated. A brahmin came to us and asked whether we would like to do the archana or to have the darshan first. We just replied that we wanted to have the dharma darshan (free queue to darshan) and moved away.

The dharma darshan queue was moving a little faster. We could get only a little closer to the shrine. When we reached there, we saw the handsome Lord Subramanya while the temple staff who was organising the flow of crowd, chasing them away, just moved out. We wanted to utilise the opportunity and took a good darshan of the Lord. Not sure how, all the noise subdued. Deepa aradhana happened where the Lord’s face showed such a compassion and majesticity, I stored that image well in my mind. The priest came out and gave us the Vibuthi (holy ash) to us, placed in a leaf. The darshan gave a very peaceful feeling inside.

Till the time we came out and looked for a place to rest in the prakara, the peace remained. We could know the reason for this peace only when Agastya explained later. It is all Lord Subramanya’s grace.

We could not find a place to sit and so we decided to move to our hotel room, deciding to tell the Maha Muni that we couldn’t find a place and hence we came to the hotel itself. Let us then follow what he suggests.

We chose a clean spot in the hotel and seated facing north, prayed well and opened the Nadi. The information that came was like a bomb exploding and some information which took us to the core of happiness.

“This is the time Moolam star appeared. We are seated right in front of Our beloved Father Lord Muruga’s shrine and say a few things. I asked you to visit the place where Nava Grahas are present with their spouses. You did.  We mentioned a lot about that shrine in that hill the other day. Now in this place near the ocean, we are going to tell a few things for them to get a peaceful life.

You do not know much about astrology, you should. The Moolam star, which I mentioned as Ozhi Marai Moolam, the mighty Lord Hanuman, who is of Moola, is right here. There is a surprising thing, if you get a chance, you can witness it. In the Raja Gopura sculptures, you can spot a Hanuman statue. You had had darshan in the shrine right at the time when Hanuman of Moola star, came in to have Lord Muruga’s darshan, right when Moola star appeared. Agastya was present there as well. I was there waiting for you all when that surprising thing happened. The Lord Hanuman whom I praise and worship myself, came here to have darshan of Lord Subramanya. When I had the darshan of Hanuman, you all entered and had darshan.

But you all had a thought, a nagging one at that. In a temple, there should be peace, tranquility, bliss, a place to sit and meditate etc. Nothing is there in this temple, you all thought. Let me tell you something. When you had darshan, it was the time that I had darshan of Lord Hanuman and Subramanya and Hanuman had the darshan of Lord Subramanya. It all happened at the same time. You cannot fix the world and so don’t worry.

Lord Muruga is my God, He is my Guru, Teacher, He asked me to come here for a reason, many. If I say, one has to write them pages out of pages. Why I asked you to come here is because, I wanted you to have His darshan and get His complete blessings. You had an indirect darshan of Nambi in a hill. You had darshan of those holy rivers, then I asked you to come near this seashore temple to have the darshan of this Lord. Just think of all these, peaceful life, mountain, river and then ocean, right from the beginning. That is, from Lord Vinayaka till Hanuman, a very good thing has happened. Don’t begin researching as to why Hanuman should come here. He is seated in 9 different sculptures here, blissfully. See if you can, I said.

You may think, ok we are here, what next. The place where Agastya is saying His clairvoyance, the room number is 203, becomes 5 when added, which denotes the Pancha Bootha (5 elements). I opened my mouth here and didn’t do it in the temple because of the noise and all the crowd. You may not be able to concentrate and would become frustrated. I wanted to say some things without bias. There one rascal interrupted when Agastya was saying, do you know how big of a sin he has committed? He peeped in when he knew that Agastya is speaking! I am not frustrated or am cursing, but his act was such! I narrated so many things there, how Indra got cured, how it is rare to see the Nava Grahas in a straight line, which you would never see anywhere, a wondrous thing that happened some 2400 years back, why I say all these is because, when I was saying all those, all the nava grahas turned towards my direction.

Right at that time, that ignorant person got stuck by interfering. One can see nava grahas in a straight line only in Panchesti Gopura’s top. That I showed you all here. The nava grahas blessed you all. I then said we shall see the rest in Chendur but never said that let’s talk further in Thiruchendur temple for I know that there are a lot of sinful activities that’s happening there!!!

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 157 – Karumkulam, Lord Muruga’s shrine

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As soon as Agastya Muni came in the Nadi, His instructions came flying.

“This is the time Kettai is born. Before sharing a wondrous history, would Agastya’s son do such a mistake? Remove the upper garment you’re wearing!”

One of my friends said, “Swami! He is referring to you only”

“Hmm. It seems a pleasure if I get a whipping.” – I removed my shirt and kept it aside, opened the Nadi again.

“To tell the truth, one should not wear a shirt when entering a temple as per the rule nowadays. Don’t you know that this rule prevails from right here till Chendur Muruga temple? Hence, it is Agastya’s rule to read His Nadi without wearing a shirt. How dare you wear a shirt da? You should be wearing a ‘Anga Vastra’, apply a mark in your forehead (like sacred ash or the holy mark of Vaishnavas etc), but you are reading the Nadi as though you’re a foreigner, wearing a shirt and all, that too in a Navagraha sthala? I won’t accept it.

Hence I say, if the methods are not followed properly, it further strengthens the possibility of mistakes to happen. Agastya is not happy. Though it is advisable not to wear a shirt, though it is a practice of nowadays, it is not good to wear shirts of black colour, stripes going cross way, whatever type of shirts etc., and read an auspicious thing.”

“He just tore me apart.” – I said.

“I ordered since it is not supposed to be read that way. You shouldn’t be feeling that Agastya is scolding or is angry etc. I just mentioned that you are not supposed to read these wearing black shirt.

I further say. As per my instructions, these people have carried out all that I said, I indeed blessed them all when they took a holy dip in Thamirabarani. You may ask, what is the identification mark that I had blessed? I did that whenever you took a dip in the right side (valampuri). All the merits as I said (to the relatives and friends, family etc for 33.1/3 percent) have been added to your account. I got this information from Chitra Gupta (the secretary of Yama Dharma who keeps an account of every individual’s punya and papa whose effects are returned to them in different ways, as per Hindu religion) just now and I felt happy as my orders are being accepted.

Sometimes, the holy trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) does not listen to what Agastya says. Only when I stand next to them, they rub my back and say ‘ok, here we accept’. Agastya used to wish that this should change. As I blessed you all today with all the merits said above, I came to know that they have been added to your accounts. Your friends and family will start feeling really fresh from this afternoon as there is no danger for them. They will feel happy as they received something without expecting. I hope that Chitra Gupta will continue to listen to what I say.

Today is a special day. In about a Naghigai, I will be behind Lord Subramanya in his sanctum sanctorum. In this nazhigai now, I asked you to reach Karumkulam and mentioned its story. The curse of Indra got cured here. He did not come with his spouse there, he came alone, suffering. This place and this time is right exactly the same when the nava grahas and their spouses blessed Indra. As per your calculations, it happened some 3241 years back, the same Sunday after 4.30, in Rahu Kala. If this is mentioned aloud, a separate festival should be called for. But not many people enter this temple. There might be a curse in this temple, Agastya feels.

The rarest of the rare, that the nava grahas appearing with their spouses happened here in the world first. This place will make peace among people and couples. If there is some hindrance in the marriage happening, one need not come here in person, but they could send a small offering to the nava graha couples here. Else, if prayed to these couples with a pure heart, there won’t be any hindrance to their marriages. Not just marriage, any obstacle, problems that one may encounter in their lives through others, all are included.

As I speak, there is a wonderful thing happening here. Agastya Himself is performing sandalwood abisheka and rosewood water abisheka to the nava graha couple. They are going to rule the world.

As the temple priest started chanting the artha jama puja mantra aloud, it was disturbing what Agastya was saying and so the Maha Muni concluded as well.

“To say a few things further, come to Chendur. Let’s talk” – He said. I closed the Nadi and went inside the temple to take part in the Artha Jama puja with my friends.

~ to be continued…!