The GOS 157 – Karumkulam, Lord Muruga’s shrine

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As soon as Agastya Muni came in the Nadi, His instructions came flying.

“This is the time Kettai is born. Before sharing a wondrous history, would Agastya’s son do such a mistake? Remove the upper garment you’re wearing!”

One of my friends said, “Swami! He is referring to you only”

“Hmm. It seems a pleasure if I get a whipping.” – I removed my shirt and kept it aside, opened the Nadi again.

“To tell the truth, one should not wear a shirt when entering a temple as per the rule nowadays. Don’t you know that this rule prevails from right here till Chendur Muruga temple? Hence, it is Agastya’s rule to read His Nadi without wearing a shirt. How dare you wear a shirt da? You should be wearing a ‘Anga Vastra’, apply a mark in your forehead (like sacred ash or the holy mark of Vaishnavas etc), but you are reading the Nadi as though you’re a foreigner, wearing a shirt and all, that too in a Navagraha sthala? I won’t accept it.

Hence I say, if the methods are not followed properly, it further strengthens the possibility of mistakes to happen. Agastya is not happy. Though it is advisable not to wear a shirt, though it is a practice of nowadays, it is not good to wear shirts of black colour, stripes going cross way, whatever type of shirts etc., and read an auspicious thing.”

“He just tore me apart.” – I said.

“I ordered since it is not supposed to be read that way. You shouldn’t be feeling that Agastya is scolding or is angry etc. I just mentioned that you are not supposed to read these wearing black shirt.

I further say. As per my instructions, these people have carried out all that I said, I indeed blessed them all when they took a holy dip in Thamirabarani. You may ask, what is the identification mark that I had blessed? I did that whenever you took a dip in the right side (valampuri). All the merits as I said (to the relatives and friends, family etc for 33.1/3 percent) have been added to your account. I got this information from Chitra Gupta (the secretary of Yama Dharma who keeps an account of every individual’s punya and papa whose effects are returned to them in different ways, as per Hindu religion) just now and I felt happy as my orders are being accepted.

Sometimes, the holy trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) does not listen to what Agastya says. Only when I stand next to them, they rub my back and say ‘ok, here we accept’. Agastya used to wish that this should change. As I blessed you all today with all the merits said above, I came to know that they have been added to your accounts. Your friends and family will start feeling really fresh from this afternoon as there is no danger for them. They will feel happy as they received something without expecting. I hope that Chitra Gupta will continue to listen to what I say.

Today is a special day. In about a Naghigai, I will be behind Lord Subramanya in his sanctum sanctorum. In this nazhigai now, I asked you to reach Karumkulam and mentioned its story. The curse of Indra got cured here. He did not come with his spouse there, he came alone, suffering. This place and this time is right exactly the same when the nava grahas and their spouses blessed Indra. As per your calculations, it happened some 3241 years back, the same Sunday after 4.30, in Rahu Kala. If this is mentioned aloud, a separate festival should be called for. But not many people enter this temple. There might be a curse in this temple, Agastya feels.

The rarest of the rare, that the nava grahas appearing with their spouses happened here in the world first. This place will make peace among people and couples. If there is some hindrance in the marriage happening, one need not come here in person, but they could send a small offering to the nava graha couples here. Else, if prayed to these couples with a pure heart, there won’t be any hindrance to their marriages. Not just marriage, any obstacle, problems that one may encounter in their lives through others, all are included.

As I speak, there is a wonderful thing happening here. Agastya Himself is performing sandalwood abisheka and rosewood water abisheka to the nava graha couple. They are going to rule the world.

As the temple priest started chanting the artha jama puja mantra aloud, it was disturbing what Agastya was saying and so the Maha Muni concluded as well.

“To say a few things further, come to Chendur. Let’s talk” – He said. I closed the Nadi and went inside the temple to take part in the Artha Jama puja with my friends.

~ to be continued…!

4 thoughts on “The GOS 157 – Karumkulam, Lord Muruga’s shrine

  1. Lakshmi Kantian.S says:

    I wish to seek blessings of Lord Muruga Please post the address of Karungulam.nearest town and district.

    • Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

      Om Agastheshwaray Namah

      Karungulam is on the highway of Tirunelveli to Tirchendur, just 40-50 km from Tirunelveli.

  2. K Kalyanaram says:

    hi. where is the navagrahas shrine in karumgulam? is there a separate murugan koil where they are housed or are they inside a sivan temple as it is usually found? please advise.

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