The GOS 158 – Thiruchendur, darshan of Lord Muruga and Hanuman!

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We reached Thiruchendur as per Agastya Muni’s order. We relaxed in a hotel room for a while, took bath and went to the temple. It was noisy as there were a lot of people. We gasped for a moment and decided to have the darshan first. The crowd was there too and so was noisy. The priest showed his frustration while coming out of Sanctum Sanctorum and was displaying his frustration even when entering the shrine. This made us feel very irritated. A brahmin came to us and asked whether we would like to do the archana or to have the darshan first. We just replied that we wanted to have the dharma darshan (free queue to darshan) and moved away.

The dharma darshan queue was moving a little faster. We could get only a little closer to the shrine. When we reached there, we saw the handsome Lord Subramanya while the temple staff who was organising the flow of crowd, chasing them away, just moved out. We wanted to utilise the opportunity and took a good darshan of the Lord. Not sure how, all the noise subdued. Deepa aradhana happened where the Lord’s face showed such a compassion and majesticity, I stored that image well in my mind. The priest came out and gave us the Vibuthi (holy ash) to us, placed in a leaf. The darshan gave a very peaceful feeling inside.

Till the time we came out and looked for a place to rest in the prakara, the peace remained. We could know the reason for this peace only when Agastya explained later. It is all Lord Subramanya’s grace.

We could not find a place to sit and so we decided to move to our hotel room, deciding to tell the Maha Muni that we couldn’t find a place and hence we came to the hotel itself. Let us then follow what he suggests.

We chose a clean spot in the hotel and seated facing north, prayed well and opened the Nadi. The information that came was like a bomb exploding and some information which took us to the core of happiness.

“This is the time Moolam star appeared. We are seated right in front of Our beloved Father Lord Muruga’s shrine and say a few things. I asked you to visit the place where Nava Grahas are present with their spouses. You did.  We mentioned a lot about that shrine in that hill the other day. Now in this place near the ocean, we are going to tell a few things for them to get a peaceful life.

You do not know much about astrology, you should. The Moolam star, which I mentioned as Ozhi Marai Moolam, the mighty Lord Hanuman, who is of Moola, is right here. There is a surprising thing, if you get a chance, you can witness it. In the Raja Gopura sculptures, you can spot a Hanuman statue. You had had darshan in the shrine right at the time when Hanuman of Moola star, came in to have Lord Muruga’s darshan, right when Moola star appeared. Agastya was present there as well. I was there waiting for you all when that surprising thing happened. The Lord Hanuman whom I praise and worship myself, came here to have darshan of Lord Subramanya. When I had the darshan of Hanuman, you all entered and had darshan.

But you all had a thought, a nagging one at that. In a temple, there should be peace, tranquility, bliss, a place to sit and meditate etc. Nothing is there in this temple, you all thought. Let me tell you something. When you had darshan, it was the time that I had darshan of Lord Hanuman and Subramanya and Hanuman had the darshan of Lord Subramanya. It all happened at the same time. You cannot fix the world and so don’t worry.

Lord Muruga is my God, He is my Guru, Teacher, He asked me to come here for a reason, many. If I say, one has to write them pages out of pages. Why I asked you to come here is because, I wanted you to have His darshan and get His complete blessings. You had an indirect darshan of Nambi in a hill. You had darshan of those holy rivers, then I asked you to come near this seashore temple to have the darshan of this Lord. Just think of all these, peaceful life, mountain, river and then ocean, right from the beginning. That is, from Lord Vinayaka till Hanuman, a very good thing has happened. Don’t begin researching as to why Hanuman should come here. He is seated in 9 different sculptures here, blissfully. See if you can, I said.

You may think, ok we are here, what next. The place where Agastya is saying His clairvoyance, the room number is 203, becomes 5 when added, which denotes the Pancha Bootha (5 elements). I opened my mouth here and didn’t do it in the temple because of the noise and all the crowd. You may not be able to concentrate and would become frustrated. I wanted to say some things without bias. There one rascal interrupted when Agastya was saying, do you know how big of a sin he has committed? He peeped in when he knew that Agastya is speaking! I am not frustrated or am cursing, but his act was such! I narrated so many things there, how Indra got cured, how it is rare to see the Nava Grahas in a straight line, which you would never see anywhere, a wondrous thing that happened some 2400 years back, why I say all these is because, when I was saying all those, all the nava grahas turned towards my direction.

Right at that time, that ignorant person got stuck by interfering. One can see nava grahas in a straight line only in Panchesti Gopura’s top. That I showed you all here. The nava grahas blessed you all. I then said we shall see the rest in Chendur but never said that let’s talk further in Thiruchendur temple for I know that there are a lot of sinful activities that’s happening there!!!

~ to be continued…!

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