The GOS 160 – To lit a lamp, life of a Sannyasin, blessings to be a Siddha!

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If there is anything as ‘written in the fate’ or destined even while at the womb, it is his. If you analyze it with your modern science, there is a strong relation between spirituality and his previous births. He lit one lakh lamp in the banks of Godhavari to Lord Rama and felt wondrous about it. The next time when he was lighting them, unexpected flood surrounded the Godhavari Rama. No one could enter. I am not sure what you know about Godhavari Rama. It is a temple on top of a small mount. The water surrounded at hip level with people suffering. This one but was carrying the ingredients like ghee, oil, the thread on top of his head to lit a lakh and eight thousand lamps and was waiting.

Just like how it rained during the birth of Sri Krishna where Adi Sesha came as an umbrella, when he was carrying the ghee and oil etc to the hill top, someone just snatched all of them and placed it in a safe place in the pathway to the hill. It was saved from getting drenched. That person threw a towel to this one to grab on to and saved him. That night, all the lakh and eight thousand lamps were lit beautifully midst that heavy rain da! We see that even if one lamp is lit, Lord Vayu will come and blow it away (He says it in a lighter vein), but here it was a lakh and eight thousand lamps, all glowing to glory. It was a help from Lord Varuna too.

I could have mentioned this in the morning itself but it might have sounded like praising a particular one and he might end up carrying ego or might cause embarrassment. But the truth is a truth. He therefore got the bhagya today. Whether it is one face lamp or anything, whatever he thought of when litting it up, to whoever he lit that lamp for, be it anything but as the lamp glows and glows, it is glory to him and his family. All good will happen to whoever he asks for, thinks about when praying.

Even today, he thought about the poor people when he lit the lamp today. All the merits will be of him. It will also protect his family and give a great life. But however, there are small boils in his body for which he prays to Agastya for one and a half years. Agastya does not seem to pay attention. Truly, for Agastya who carries out so many things, He could have dissolved those boils but he didn’t, one may feel dissappointed. Nothing wrong in it. Why I keep coming to him is because, there is a relation between him and the ‘Moola’.

Why everything, the time that Agastya speaks, the time you sought Agastya, everything revolves around Moola is because, he was born in the Moola star in his previous birth. All the lamps he has lit, all the merits he has accumulated, I am reminding him of all these and feel like patting him on the back and bless him, that’s why I said all these. All of those in front of me are heading towards the Siddha State. They all have left everything they do and have come for the love of Agastya. With them, like a small monkey grabs his mother tightly, there is this small boy who accompanied all of you. Agastya is very pleased as I said in the morning and wanted to show some gratitude, hence I asked you to come over.

It is impossible to change the fate. Everyone will say, I shall change the fate. Not possible. But Agastya can. Agastya does and is doing. But I don’t interfere in the way that system work, neither do I hurt Brahma, Vishnu or Maheshwara, I won’t interfere but at the same time, have given them some rest and taken over the responsibility. Those who were about to get distracted out of tiny little issues, I grabbed them and have gathered them all here. There are so many things in one’s life, merits, grief, disappointments, loss, everything. They exist in both the lives of a family man as well as a saint.

Agastya feels sorry about a few who lives like a hermit in their family life, that they are not carrying out their duties properly. But a state of Siddha is altogether different, it is wonderful. I have granted them to you already. Some more will come closer too, I shall grant them that state too. Who is blessed, this I won’t say now. There are things that even Agastya wouldn’t say, for it may not happen if I say it out loud. Let them come, I shall take care I say.

Therefore, even if one lives a life of a hermit, they shouldn’t leave away the responsibilities of the family man, the dharma of a gruhasta. Agastya wishes that they shouldn’t hurt anyone and should carry out their dharma properly. This life is to spend the effects of Karma for there are two types of Karma (good and bad or papa and punya). Though there may have been papa karma for them, their search for Rishi-Muni, Siddha has reduced the sinful karma. I can say even more bravely, this day, for all of you, the burden of previous birth, the burden of three previous births, has been nullified this morning, when you all took the holy dip.

[[[ Let us sincerely pray to Agastya Maha Siddha that those who read this post, let their bad karma get reduced too!]]]

~ to be continued…!

2 thoughts on “The GOS 160 – To lit a lamp, life of a Sannyasin, blessings to be a Siddha!

  1. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

    While reading article I really feel blessings of MahaMuni.

    Thank you Gnanabhoomi and special thanks to the translator who translate each and every chapter in such a way that we actually feel MahaMuni.

    MahaMuni will bless all of us and reduce our Past karma.

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