The GOS 164 – The yagna that happened in Chathuragiri 3247 years back!

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Agastya Muni has suggested many a yagna for the welfare of the world and its people. I have witnessed and wondered that as soon as one yagna gets completed in a grand manner, the following one surpasses the previous one in all grandeur.

Just so, He pointed out 4 different people who are experts in the Vedas, pointed out specific herbs to be offered in the yagna and sent me. As I was worried about my health and if I could make it all the way up to the Holy Hill, I expressed it to Him.

“Appoint someone on your behalf and ensure that it happens just as instructed. No mistakes should happen!”

He pointed out the person to appoint also, my friend to whom I requested to carry out the mission explaining that it is Agastya Himself who has commanded it and shown me the person, my friend. He took it whole heartedly and began to make arrangements. A crew of 50 travelled to Chathura Giri.

The hills of Chathuragiri (chathura – four, giri – hill or mountain) is tough to climb with various difficult pathways. To climb up with all the things mentioned for yagna and to locate a suitable spot and to complete it is well of a task.

A person from the crew called me up from Thaniparai (the basement from which one has to start climbing the hill).

“Nothing to worry. This is carried out by Agastya Himself and is being overseen by Him. Do not fear for He will take care of everything. Pray to him at the basement of the Hill and begin.” – I said.

Though I said so, I felt a little shivering to my surprise for it never happened before. I consoled myself that Agastya will take care of everything.

In those days, the communication from Chathuragiri Hill was not that established. Anyone who climbs up has to come down to communicate anything or else the Nadi has to be read asking, “Guru Natha! Kindly tell us what happened!”

I didn’t feel like asking the Nadi as He Himself will be present in the Yagna
and I don’t want to disturb him and get scolding, so I left it. The next day, someone who got down contacted me to say that the Yagna went really well and asked what Agastya mentioned in the Nadi. I told him that I did not check anything in the Nadi and was waiting for all of them to return to do so.

The fifth day of the crew coming down, I asked the Maha Muni in the Nadi. He asked me to safeguard certain secrets and then came to the Yagna matter.

“We asked to visit Chathuragiri and witness the place where Agastya meditated. He took the charge and went up with all his friends. Agastya had sent Sattai Muni and Rama Deva along to ensure no obstacles are present.

They both took very good care of the crew right from Thani Parai to Thavasi Paarai (paarai – rock) and took care of them and the two ladies who came along. Though through Agastya’s arrangements, everything went well, some of them did gasped for breathing, some got minor injuries etc, the son of Mesha got a boil in his feet, it is true da! It was due to a thorn (Nerinji plant’s thorn). Still, due to the tapasya done, due to the Mohana Siddhi practice done by him and the Siddha mindset being gained by him, the boil did not affect him much.

It is also a lesson, this mountain climbing. It says that life will also have ups and downs, rough rides etc., and that one should prepare themselves, stay calm and focussed, be patient and tolerant to face them. It is a drama enacted by Agastya to teach them this lesson and Agastya did enjoy it much when they put their efforts to climb up, jumping and crawling like monkeys, gasping, with all the desire to reach the top, all that. Wonderful!

Agastya chose a place to do yagna. It was right beneath the northeastern direction of Thavasi Paarai. We sat at the southern direction of the north-east. Lord Brahma Himself was present there too. He Himself started the Ganapathy Homam by saying ‘Shuklam Baratharam…’. It happened in the early morning hours of Bhu-Loka, in the Brahma Muhurtha. For the crew present there during this yagna, We made them smell the fragrance of ghee and sambraani. Those who smelt the ghee are very blessed because this yagna to Lord Ganesha is being done by all 18 Siddhas with great devotion and respect.

The most surprising thing was, Lord Ganesha himself appeared there and happily blessed us by touching our heads. It wasn’t just us who got blessed but those who smelled those fragrances got that blessings. I have arranged certain visions for those who slept off being tired after a steep climb, and certain for those who longed for the darshan of Siddhas and a few visions. Agastya just thought that no one should feel like they are left out. It was a lovely vision with Agastya, Lord Brahma, Lord Ganesha and Lord Subramanya Swamy himself, present in that yagna.

Most of the devas were present and were witnessing the yagna. This is because, this yagna happened approximately 3247 years back under Kaka Pujunda’s lead!

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 164 – Cure from Aids

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Those who trust in Agastya will never be forsaken. How much ever sinful they may be, how much ever they may be suffering from the karmic effects, “I shall take care, do this, this and this” said by Agastya and when it is followed just as He suggests, we can be saved. There are many those who just did so and have made their lives better. Just another day, a person came. I welcomed him.

“I need to read the Nadi”

“What’s the issue for you need to read it?”

“I have a peculiar disease. I checked with many doctors and have followed many Nadi’s too and have done everything suggested but of no use. I am ok to suffer but I am worried that my wife and children might be affected by this disease too. I have come here with so much of hope and trust in Agastya. Only He can save me and my family.” – that middle aged person said this with folded hands, still standing.

It took an effort to make him sit.

It might be a cancer that all doctors have abandoned, I thought at first. But then later when I spoke, I came to know that it is actually Aids that he got.

“My wife was worried as she checked with the doctors that this disease has affected her too, and is in the beginning stage. Worst still, I came to know that my two children have got the virus too. I then decided that we all should consume poison and bid farewell.”

“It’s all my fault but the Almighty has given a severe punishment to my entire family. I came here from Namakkal to listen to Agastya’s words for one last time.”

I was wondering how Agastya Maha Muni is going to answer this person since for about 30 years, no one came to me asking a remedy to Aids. I prayed to His Holiness Agastya and sought His help.

“Better than Agastya, our Bhoga must definitely be having a cure for such things. Wait, let Me ask Bhoga Himself….”! – said Agastya.

I asked the person to remain calm and I relaxed myself, then opened the Nadi after an hour again.

“There are about 4128 different diseases in a human body, right from sneezing ‘hachch’ till the worst one called ‘Kandamalai’. This one comes at the count 3798th. This disease weakens the blood and kills one slowly.

However, there is a herb for this disease in Chathuragiri and Podhigai Hills. If prepared in the right method, let it cool inside a hole of a Neem Tree for One Mandala (48 days) and consumed on a Amavasya day along with Honey and Thinai Maavu (a kind of flour obtained from Thinai, a Tamil word), it’s enough.

If the disease is in its beginning stages, it will reduce gradually in about 18 days. If its been there for a few months, then one should mix the above with a juice of mango’s skin and should consume it in the Brahma Muhurtha (early morning between 4.30 to 6).

If its in an advanced stage, a few poisonous herb along with ‘vaal milagu’ (a kind of pepper) powdered should be taken. On the day this is consumed, one should not take anything for food except ‘Sevvilaneer’ (a type of tender coconut where it appears almost yellow in colour) for three times that day.

Once this medicine is taken, one feels like he is affected by Janni (a kind of fever where the body feels severe cold) where the body shivers like anything, right after 18 hours. At least four people should grab hold of the person who took the medicine and make sure he doesn’t move. This will continue for an hour and no worries thereafter. All the poisonous virus will disappear as if they were not present in that body at all.” – said Agastya!

“Before all these are carried out, this person should check for any karmic effects, any sinful effect affecting long life, his wife’s Kalathra Dosha state, the children’s karmic fate, everything must be taken in to account and appropriate remedial measures are to be taken care of. If done, anyone can be saved from diseases like Aids.” – concluded Agastya.

The person took notes in a hurried manner and asked if these medicines can be obtained in local stores that specializes in country medicines!

“Try your luck or else, visit the mountains that He suggested. Agastya will definitely help.” – said I.

He folded his hands with tearful eyes. I felt pity on him myself.

45 days must have passed by.

He sent a post through a person who came from Chathuragiri Hills.

“I am staying here in Chathuragiri Hills for the past 15 days with my family. We are chanting the Holy name of Lord Agastya and are awaiting someone who might give us the medicines. All our money are spent. We are eating rarely therefore but are determined that we are not going back without the medicines that Agastya muni suggested. We may lay down our lives here but won’t return till we get what we are after. Please pray to Agastya for our lives. That is all I could write due to the disease reaching its peak. Please understand our situation.” – the letter was written right at the edge of death.

All I could do is to pray to Agastya earnestly for 5 minutes thinking of him and his family, particularly his children.

25 more days passed by and there was no information from him whatsoever. I even thought that probably the entire family is no more. I thought of opening the Nadi several times but something was stopping me from doing so. I too felt that the omen was not right and left it.

That evening…

Another person who came from Chathuragiri began to say, “Sir, do you know about a miracle that happened in Chathuragiri?”

“A family was literally begging for a particular set of herbs from anyone who visited there but no one paid any attention. All four of them decided to commit suicide therefore.

Right at that time, two men of sage like appearance came in front of them and almost commanded them to follow. Then all four of them were found in Sundara Mahalingam Temple.

Upon enquiry, they said that the two sage like men took them to dark bushes and gave them a medicine, herbal juice mixed with honey and Thinai Maavu and then they felt that their disease disappeared. When they woke up, they found themselves in Sundara Mahalingam’s temple. Isn’t this surprising?!” – I was joyous indeed. I thought that Agastya Muni & Bhoga Siddha themselves must have saved this family. I could meet them only after 3 months.

They said that it was indeed Agastya and Bhoga who saved them. They were poured a medicine in their mouths and were given a few more herbs with specific mixtures. Whatever the mixture were, there is no harmful effects of the disease for the family and no one except Agastya could have done this.

It is also possible that the Siddhas in Chathuragiri Hills must have saved them as per the order of Sudara Maha Lingam! It could be that the very presence of Chathuragiri Hills must have cured their disease, if it was in the beginning stage. But one thing is for sure. Whoever gets this blessings are really lucky. Most importantly however, those who surrenders to Agastya are never forsaken!

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 163 – Various information

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As Agastya Peruman’s orders and blessings, we set forth to have darshan of the remaining eight Tirupathi. It was a peaceful, blissful pilgrimage. We all felt that such thing never happened before, we just felt like keep going and not one of us felt even the necessity to talk for the mind was so quiet.

Though Lord Narayana looked similar in all places, we felt the subtlety just as the Maha Siddha mentioned, something subtle in each one of them. Though we didn’t understand what it is, we indeed felt that it went in to us and did good. We had darshan at Azhwar Thirunagari finally and sat peacefully in a place. As we wanted to see what Agastya Muni says and when opening the Nadi, a powerful wind blew. I remained silent for a while till the intensity of the wind slow down and opened the Nadi.

“You are right that the wind blows strongly as a hindrance for there are some connections of the witchcraft. They normally relate it to ghosts and pisachas. They also refer it by the name ‘Kaatru Pidithal’ (in Tamil). For that kaatru (wind) is not from this world but an effect of the past deeds. Those who were affected by this are mentally unstable. In such a place when Agastya talks, I must say one thing. This is a nice place and so I have to say. The beautiful goddess is blessing Agastya, it means that she has blessed you also. This is a good thing today and you are gaining that punya now.

I asked you to go to the temple and not to do any archana or to do any prayers. You all had a great yatra. But one can talk freely only when there is no one else. One can think straight only when in solitude. One can think of good deeds only when in solitude. You all are used to live in a hurried state and have come in search of peace. You must be granted peace right. When you had darshan, you had no hurry, no anger, no expectations, you had solitude, you had a direct connection with the Lord. Such darshan, such prayers will be granted its results at once by the Lord. All your prayers have fell in His feet.

Agastya says this. Right from the morning when you started, you all did wonderful things. I have offered the medicines required for the treatments. Now let Agastya take leave for whatever I promised to show, all have been done. Now whatever happens will be of good, for good and Agastya blesses you and your family to live a happy and peaceful life, that your children will live happily without any disease and let you all have a peaceful life, Agastya blesses you in front of this great temple.

Right in front of this temple is where Indra stayed and was awaiting for the Nava Grahas. Right side of this place about three Kadha distance if you go, there is a wonderful temple There is an ant-hill, beneath which is a huge under ground pathway. It goes all the way to Thiruchendur Murugan temple. There is a pathway underground which goes in the left. It goes straight up to Thirunelveli Nellayappar Temple, right in to the shrine of the Lord. But it is very difficult to find it out and so I mentioned it just like that. In that pathway, one may find precious gems, nava-rathnas, swarnas, pearls, rubies etc., It’s different, why I mentioned it is, this place is when Kulothunga Chozha took his army against a Pandya king, he got down in this pathway from Subramanya Swamy’s shrine with a help of a torch and came all the way till here. His son was born at that time who became the king of Nellai Seemai, which are all old stories da! This is the place where the basement for all that happened.

Every place has its uniqueness for this is one such. It is from this pathway that the king came out and saved everyone.

Another thing, during the time of Ettayappa, this place gave shelter to even the Britishers. When those were chased by the Melachas, the king Aditya by name, gave shelter. Nowadays the name Sivandhi-Adithan appears in the newspapers right, it is this Aditya king’s dynasty, for there is a history. They brought the Britishers here to Azhwar Thirunagari and had a discussion for peace.

There are some deva rahasya (secrets) which I can’t say now. If some calamity happens, even pralaya happens, one can escape through that pathway till here. It is the same place where Agastya is seated and am talking.

If one goes towards the right, there are about 27 temples buried inside the earth. If one goes about 5 Kadha distance, there is a Mudhuvennai Thazhi (a type of vessel, maybe of a huge size) in the place called Adhicha Nallur. There are many a temples, Sudalai Madan Temple, Pechi Amman Temple, Isaki Amman Temple, Pidari Amman temple, Ucchi Makali Amman Temple, Perumal Temple, The temple where Lord Muruga’s nine different Alankaras are there, then Ayyappan Temple. It is nothing but Saastha Temple, who is called Pathinettam Padi Sastha. All these temples are buried inside. Someone may bring them out some day. They can be given guidance for also!

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 162 – Surrender to Agastya, He will make you a star!

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The tiger was there right behind where they stayed, but for whatever reasons, he did not come out. It came here searching for its prey, not for you. But some intuition was there in all of you where no one slept for everyone was scared. The reason for asking the Siddhas to save you is to ensure that the tiger doesn’t get the odour of humans or any prey. Hence it was made that the air flow was intense, to divert the tiger. Though it was an old tiger, it is a tiger and so it is scary, right?

Agastya won’t say that that tiger was Pulippani Siddha for it was just an animal. Had I told you that yesterday, you would have got scared terribly and some of you might have got heart attack also for life is sweet for humans. Life may go and come but how life is, that’s the question. You shouldn’t get stuck here in danger after having left out everything you do and came after the name of some Agastya, hence I saved you.

This is a wonderful time as right about 227 years back, these five did tapasya in this jungle where wild animals roam around. At that time, some might have prayed due to the fear of wild animals. A son and another changed Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra it seems, for they were scared for life. In spite of it, the nature, the way you lived, the environment made you live just as a forest dweller. You might not have lived like a forest-man even if you had taken a weapon for safety. You cooked food here in this forest some 227 years back and were searching for Siddhas.

You searched for Siddhas for about 17 days. You roamed in the forest for 17 days and got out. There is some connection with you and the Siddhas which is a big story and it was the same day, yesterday. I wanted to tell you all these things and said these in the shrine of my beloved Lord Muruga. It is true that the Nava Grahas with their spouses blessed you all, when that one lit a lamp. It is a great blessing that they saw you, were pleased with you and blessed you all. Agastya never abandons His children. For that, it is just a beginning I said.

I desire to show you many such miracles but also concerned that you shouldn’t be distracted by them. Just as I feel that you shouldn’t get in doing wrong things, pray to Agastya with a fake heart, get frustrated because things are not happening as wished, for all these, I stay close to you all and feed you the state of Siddha, Gnana and Bhakthi, slowly.

It is strange and wonderful, morning in the mountain and evening in the ocean. A day closely being with nature for you get along well with nature. One asked, ‘how happier will it be if we just continue living like this?’. Another one said, ‘we had missed this fortune all the while, at least now we got it’. One said that everything He carries out and went in the direction of Siddha-Veda. One said, whatever happens, my route is different. So totally, you all have matured, Agastya is very pleased. It is not necessary that the state of Siddha is obtained only by Mantropadesa (Mantra Upadesa). I mentioned it indirectly in the morning that even if you offer a flower with all your heart, you may attain the state of Siddha. It is no shortcut but it is the straight route. Agastya Himself prayed to the Almighty, recommended and The Lord blessing those towards the state of Siddha. I have done this to many and changed them.

There is one more. I mentioned yesterday, it is possible to change a human to a star, I have done so. This is precisely what happened in Chatura Giri today. There are many such whom I changed to star and made them seated in that holy mountain. These five may be among them, I say indirectly, for….Hanuman is about to start and so is Agastya. Your enroute, there are many a holy place. This one just saw one Tirupathi out of Nava Tirupathi. They are all the same temple, stone sculpted, same vigraha, same Tirumann Namam but each one has a subtlety. So you must step in all these places. You do not have to do prayers, no need to offer money, no archana is required, not even sit there and pray within yourself but just go there and ensure your feet touches those holy spot, it is enough, all the Nava Tirupathi, the remaining eight I meant. What its effects will be, I shall say it in four days, blessings!

The GOS 161 – Advises

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If at all something gets stick to, it will be of a different kind only (any sinful effects) otherwise, out of the karma from past three births, the papa-karma has reduced. No one discussed this with Agastya as everyone thinks of karma as papa (sin) only. Instead of asking Agastya on what Karma is, they just brand it as sinful effects. But it is not all, and there is nothing wrong in branding since they brand it as much as they know. But they have done a lot of good karma too. When they took a holy dip and bathed blissfully, it is all good karma. I distributed a few percentage of those good karma to your family just because I thought your family should also get the good effects.

Out of all that happened so far, there are a lot of good things. Everyone has come with a lot of expectations. Agastya felt pleased when He saw those 9 Siddhas blessed you all, I praised myself thinking that these Siddhas are listening to Agastya’s words and gave a pat on my back myself. Though it may seem bit exaggerated on what all Agastya has given to these five beloved sons, but today is the day where most part of your papa-karma has dissolved.

Hence, there are many a good karma. So, never under-estimate yourself at any day, ever. Do not lose hope that you don’t have any life. You may feel that whatever you thought is not happening, you may suffer, mentally, you may even scold Agastya. Without a reason, Agastya does not do anything. The moment you understand Me completely, no delay in anything happening or any obstacle shouldn’t befall you. Why I say this is because, there are many a good karma which has prevented you from doing sinful acts. Sometime you may get some power (responsibility), some lives may have been saved or you may get some money. But those money and status may be sinful by itself and you shouldn’t get stuck after doing a mistake and hence I block certain things, delay certain and guard you.

You think that whatever you wish doesn’t happen, my family should not suffer and feel that Agastya does not make this happen. As long as this grief is there with you, Agastya will be there with you for if this ins’t there, you won’t think of Agastya. This I know too. If everything happens well, you may think as what job does this Agastya have. If happen to see Me somewhere, you may wave your hand ‘O Agastya, are you well?’ and move on. Even the Siddhas have played with you, with Agastya’s beloved son and have disappeared.

Why I say all these is, you are just humans. You are controlled by your emotions. As long as there is blood and sweat in you, such issues will remain. As long as you are with the family, such issues prevail. Small things may happen which will make you feel frustrated or disappointed. The MIND IS THE REASON for all these. Hence, do not lose heart ever for Agastya will stand as a light-house and save.

I shall put both my hands and save the light being lit, in spite of Lord Varuna’s wind. Just how a tiger carries its baby in its jaw, I shall take care of you. You may think now, why is He talking suddenly about tiger while saying all these. Do you know what happened last night? The place where you all were staying, just 47 feet behind you, that dushta tiger stayed, truly.

~ to be continued…!