The GOS 161 – Advises

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If at all something gets stick to, it will be of a different kind only (any sinful effects) otherwise, out of the karma from past three births, the papa-karma has reduced. No one discussed this with Agastya as everyone thinks of karma as papa (sin) only. Instead of asking Agastya on what Karma is, they just brand it as sinful effects. But it is not all, and there is nothing wrong in branding since they brand it as much as they know. But they have done a lot of good karma too. When they took a holy dip and bathed blissfully, it is all good karma. I distributed a few percentage of those good karma to your family just because I thought your family should also get the good effects.

Out of all that happened so far, there are a lot of good things. Everyone has come with a lot of expectations. Agastya felt pleased when He saw those 9 Siddhas blessed you all, I praised myself thinking that these Siddhas are listening to Agastya’s words and gave a pat on my back myself. Though it may seem bit exaggerated on what all Agastya has given to these five beloved sons, but today is the day where most part of your papa-karma has dissolved.

Hence, there are many a good karma. So, never under-estimate yourself at any day, ever. Do not lose hope that you don’t have any life. You may feel that whatever you thought is not happening, you may suffer, mentally, you may even scold Agastya. Without a reason, Agastya does not do anything. The moment you understand Me completely, no delay in anything happening or any obstacle shouldn’t befall you. Why I say this is because, there are many a good karma which has prevented you from doing sinful acts. Sometime you may get some power (responsibility), some lives may have been saved or you may get some money. But those money and status may be sinful by itself and you shouldn’t get stuck after doing a mistake and hence I block certain things, delay certain and guard you.

You think that whatever you wish doesn’t happen, my family should not suffer and feel that Agastya does not make this happen. As long as this grief is there with you, Agastya will be there with you for if this ins’t there, you won’t think of Agastya. This I know too. If everything happens well, you may think as what job does this Agastya have. If happen to see Me somewhere, you may wave your hand ‘O Agastya, are you well?’ and move on. Even the Siddhas have played with you, with Agastya’s beloved son and have disappeared.

Why I say all these is, you are just humans. You are controlled by your emotions. As long as there is blood and sweat in you, such issues will remain. As long as you are with the family, such issues prevail. Small things may happen which will make you feel frustrated or disappointed. The MIND IS THE REASON for all these. Hence, do not lose heart ever for Agastya will stand as a light-house and save.

I shall put both my hands and save the light being lit, in spite of Lord Varuna’s wind. Just how a tiger carries its baby in its jaw, I shall take care of you. You may think now, why is He talking suddenly about tiger while saying all these. Do you know what happened last night? The place where you all were staying, just 47 feet behind you, that dushta tiger stayed, truly.

~ to be continued…!

7 thoughts on “The GOS 161 – Advises

  1. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

    Oh my very kinf Dad, please stay with us and bless our Souls in all situations..

  2. Pruthviraj Palaskar says:

    Om Agasteshwaray namah
    splendid Godfather Agastya..
    hi Sagar Bhavsar you seem to be from Maharashtra, me too. I am interested to visit places mentioned by maharishi agastya. shall we team up?

    • Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

      Om Agastheshwaray Namah

      Sure Sir, we already have a team of 3 person and we visit each and every place which is mentioned by Agathiyar and have many miraculous experience and blessings.
      Contact: 9096065068

      • Rakesh says:

        Dear Sir,

        I consider you lucky and blessed to visit the places suggested by Agastya Rishi. I have a request from my end. If you happen to visit any of the holy places, I kindly request you to light a lamp to Agastya on my behalf.

        Also, if you are involved in any charity work or annadhan I would like to contribute.

  3. Rakesh says:

    I felt as though he was talking to me and trying to convey his message…. I don’t know about my karma balance – good vs bad.. But I trust him and I know he is there for me, regardless.. On agatheesaya namaha

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