The GOS 162 – Surrender to Agastya, He will make you a star!

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The tiger was there right behind where they stayed, but for whatever reasons, he did not come out. It came here searching for its prey, not for you. But some intuition was there in all of you where no one slept for everyone was scared. The reason for asking the Siddhas to save you is to ensure that the tiger doesn’t get the odour of humans or any prey. Hence it was made that the air flow was intense, to divert the tiger. Though it was an old tiger, it is a tiger and so it is scary, right?

Agastya won’t say that that tiger was Pulippani Siddha for it was just an animal. Had I told you that yesterday, you would have got scared terribly and some of you might have got heart attack also for life is sweet for humans. Life may go and come but how life is, that’s the question. You shouldn’t get stuck here in danger after having left out everything you do and came after the name of some Agastya, hence I saved you.

This is a wonderful time as right about 227 years back, these five did tapasya in this jungle where wild animals roam around. At that time, some might have prayed due to the fear of wild animals. A son and another changed Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra it seems, for they were scared for life. In spite of it, the nature, the way you lived, the environment made you live just as a forest dweller. You might not have lived like a forest-man even if you had taken a weapon for safety. You cooked food here in this forest some 227 years back and were searching for Siddhas.

You searched for Siddhas for about 17 days. You roamed in the forest for 17 days and got out. There is some connection with you and the Siddhas which is a big story and it was the same day, yesterday. I wanted to tell you all these things and said these in the shrine of my beloved Lord Muruga. It is true that the Nava Grahas with their spouses blessed you all, when that one lit a lamp. It is a great blessing that they saw you, were pleased with you and blessed you all. Agastya never abandons His children. For that, it is just a beginning I said.

I desire to show you many such miracles but also concerned that you shouldn’t be distracted by them. Just as I feel that you shouldn’t get in doing wrong things, pray to Agastya with a fake heart, get frustrated because things are not happening as wished, for all these, I stay close to you all and feed you the state of Siddha, Gnana and Bhakthi, slowly.

It is strange and wonderful, morning in the mountain and evening in the ocean. A day closely being with nature for you get along well with nature. One asked, ‘how happier will it be if we just continue living like this?’. Another one said, ‘we had missed this fortune all the while, at least now we got it’. One said that everything He carries out and went in the direction of Siddha-Veda. One said, whatever happens, my route is different. So totally, you all have matured, Agastya is very pleased. It is not necessary that the state of Siddha is obtained only by Mantropadesa (Mantra Upadesa). I mentioned it indirectly in the morning that even if you offer a flower with all your heart, you may attain the state of Siddha. It is no shortcut but it is the straight route. Agastya Himself prayed to the Almighty, recommended and The Lord blessing those towards the state of Siddha. I have done this to many and changed them.

There is one more. I mentioned yesterday, it is possible to change a human to a star, I have done so. This is precisely what happened in Chatura Giri today. There are many such whom I changed to star and made them seated in that holy mountain. These five may be among them, I say indirectly, for….Hanuman is about to start and so is Agastya. Your enroute, there are many a holy place. This one just saw one Tirupathi out of Nava Tirupathi. They are all the same temple, stone sculpted, same vigraha, same Tirumann Namam but each one has a subtlety. So you must step in all these places. You do not have to do prayers, no need to offer money, no archana is required, not even sit there and pray within yourself but just go there and ensure your feet touches those holy spot, it is enough, all the Nava Tirupathi, the remaining eight I meant. What its effects will be, I shall say it in four days, blessings!

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