The GOS 163 – Various information

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As Agastya Peruman’s orders and blessings, we set forth to have darshan of the remaining eight Tirupathi. It was a peaceful, blissful pilgrimage. We all felt that such thing never happened before, we just felt like keep going and not one of us felt even the necessity to talk for the mind was so quiet.

Though Lord Narayana looked similar in all places, we felt the subtlety just as the Maha Siddha mentioned, something subtle in each one of them. Though we didn’t understand what it is, we indeed felt that it went in to us and did good. We had darshan at Azhwar Thirunagari finally and sat peacefully in a place. As we wanted to see what Agastya Muni says and when opening the Nadi, a powerful wind blew. I remained silent for a while till the intensity of the wind slow down and opened the Nadi.

“You are right that the wind blows strongly as a hindrance for there are some connections of the witchcraft. They normally relate it to ghosts and pisachas. They also refer it by the name ‘Kaatru Pidithal’ (in Tamil). For that kaatru (wind) is not from this world but an effect of the past deeds. Those who were affected by this are mentally unstable. In such a place when Agastya talks, I must say one thing. This is a nice place and so I have to say. The beautiful goddess is blessing Agastya, it means that she has blessed you also. This is a good thing today and you are gaining that punya now.

I asked you to go to the temple and not to do any archana or to do any prayers. You all had a great yatra. But one can talk freely only when there is no one else. One can think straight only when in solitude. One can think of good deeds only when in solitude. You all are used to live in a hurried state and have come in search of peace. You must be granted peace right. When you had darshan, you had no hurry, no anger, no expectations, you had solitude, you had a direct connection with the Lord. Such darshan, such prayers will be granted its results at once by the Lord. All your prayers have fell in His feet.

Agastya says this. Right from the morning when you started, you all did wonderful things. I have offered the medicines required for the treatments. Now let Agastya take leave for whatever I promised to show, all have been done. Now whatever happens will be of good, for good and Agastya blesses you and your family to live a happy and peaceful life, that your children will live happily without any disease and let you all have a peaceful life, Agastya blesses you in front of this great temple.

Right in front of this temple is where Indra stayed and was awaiting for the Nava Grahas. Right side of this place about three Kadha distance if you go, there is a wonderful temple There is an ant-hill, beneath which is a huge under ground pathway. It goes all the way to Thiruchendur Murugan temple. There is a pathway underground which goes in the left. It goes straight up to Thirunelveli Nellayappar Temple, right in to the shrine of the Lord. But it is very difficult to find it out and so I mentioned it just like that. In that pathway, one may find precious gems, nava-rathnas, swarnas, pearls, rubies etc., It’s different, why I mentioned it is, this place is when Kulothunga Chozha took his army against a Pandya king, he got down in this pathway from Subramanya Swamy’s shrine with a help of a torch and came all the way till here. His son was born at that time who became the king of Nellai Seemai, which are all old stories da! This is the place where the basement for all that happened.

Every place has its uniqueness for this is one such. It is from this pathway that the king came out and saved everyone.

Another thing, during the time of Ettayappa, this place gave shelter to even the Britishers. When those were chased by the Melachas, the king Aditya by name, gave shelter. Nowadays the name Sivandhi-Adithan appears in the newspapers right, it is this Aditya king’s dynasty, for there is a history. They brought the Britishers here to Azhwar Thirunagari and had a discussion for peace.

There are some deva rahasya (secrets) which I can’t say now. If some calamity happens, even pralaya happens, one can escape through that pathway till here. It is the same place where Agastya is seated and am talking.

If one goes towards the right, there are about 27 temples buried inside the earth. If one goes about 5 Kadha distance, there is a Mudhuvennai Thazhi (a type of vessel, maybe of a huge size) in the place called Adhicha Nallur. There are many a temples, Sudalai Madan Temple, Pechi Amman Temple, Isaki Amman Temple, Pidari Amman temple, Ucchi Makali Amman Temple, Perumal Temple, The temple where Lord Muruga’s nine different Alankaras are there, then Ayyappan Temple. It is nothing but Saastha Temple, who is called Pathinettam Padi Sastha. All these temples are buried inside. Someone may bring them out some day. They can be given guidance for also!

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Ramesh Muthaiyan

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