The GOS 164 – Cure from Aids

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Those who trust in Agastya will never be forsaken. How much ever sinful they may be, how much ever they may be suffering from the karmic effects, “I shall take care, do this, this and this” said by Agastya and when it is followed just as He suggests, we can be saved. There are many those who just did so and have made their lives better. Just another day, a person came. I welcomed him.

“I need to read the Nadi”

“What’s the issue for you need to read it?”

“I have a peculiar disease. I checked with many doctors and have followed many Nadi’s too and have done everything suggested but of no use. I am ok to suffer but I am worried that my wife and children might be affected by this disease too. I have come here with so much of hope and trust in Agastya. Only He can save me and my family.” – that middle aged person said this with folded hands, still standing.

It took an effort to make him sit.

It might be a cancer that all doctors have abandoned, I thought at first. But then later when I spoke, I came to know that it is actually Aids that he got.

“My wife was worried as she checked with the doctors that this disease has affected her too, and is in the beginning stage. Worst still, I came to know that my two children have got the virus too. I then decided that we all should consume poison and bid farewell.”

“It’s all my fault but the Almighty has given a severe punishment to my entire family. I came here from Namakkal to listen to Agastya’s words for one last time.”

I was wondering how Agastya Maha Muni is going to answer this person since for about 30 years, no one came to me asking a remedy to Aids. I prayed to His Holiness Agastya and sought His help.

“Better than Agastya, our Bhoga must definitely be having a cure for such things. Wait, let Me ask Bhoga Himself….”! – said Agastya.

I asked the person to remain calm and I relaxed myself, then opened the Nadi after an hour again.

“There are about 4128 different diseases in a human body, right from sneezing ‘hachch’ till the worst one called ‘Kandamalai’. This one comes at the count 3798th. This disease weakens the blood and kills one slowly.

However, there is a herb for this disease in Chathuragiri and Podhigai Hills. If prepared in the right method, let it cool inside a hole of a Neem Tree for One Mandala (48 days) and consumed on a Amavasya day along with Honey and Thinai Maavu (a kind of flour obtained from Thinai, a Tamil word), it’s enough.

If the disease is in its beginning stages, it will reduce gradually in about 18 days. If its been there for a few months, then one should mix the above with a juice of mango’s skin and should consume it in the Brahma Muhurtha (early morning between 4.30 to 6).

If its in an advanced stage, a few poisonous herb along with ‘vaal milagu’ (a kind of pepper) powdered should be taken. On the day this is consumed, one should not take anything for food except ‘Sevvilaneer’ (a type of tender coconut where it appears almost yellow in colour) for three times that day.

Once this medicine is taken, one feels like he is affected by Janni (a kind of fever where the body feels severe cold) where the body shivers like anything, right after 18 hours. At least four people should grab hold of the person who took the medicine and make sure he doesn’t move. This will continue for an hour and no worries thereafter. All the poisonous virus will disappear as if they were not present in that body at all.” – said Agastya!

“Before all these are carried out, this person should check for any karmic effects, any sinful effect affecting long life, his wife’s Kalathra Dosha state, the children’s karmic fate, everything must be taken in to account and appropriate remedial measures are to be taken care of. If done, anyone can be saved from diseases like Aids.” – concluded Agastya.

The person took notes in a hurried manner and asked if these medicines can be obtained in local stores that specializes in country medicines!

“Try your luck or else, visit the mountains that He suggested. Agastya will definitely help.” – said I.

He folded his hands with tearful eyes. I felt pity on him myself.

45 days must have passed by.

He sent a post through a person who came from Chathuragiri Hills.

“I am staying here in Chathuragiri Hills for the past 15 days with my family. We are chanting the Holy name of Lord Agastya and are awaiting someone who might give us the medicines. All our money are spent. We are eating rarely therefore but are determined that we are not going back without the medicines that Agastya muni suggested. We may lay down our lives here but won’t return till we get what we are after. Please pray to Agastya for our lives. That is all I could write due to the disease reaching its peak. Please understand our situation.” – the letter was written right at the edge of death.

All I could do is to pray to Agastya earnestly for 5 minutes thinking of him and his family, particularly his children.

25 more days passed by and there was no information from him whatsoever. I even thought that probably the entire family is no more. I thought of opening the Nadi several times but something was stopping me from doing so. I too felt that the omen was not right and left it.

That evening…

Another person who came from Chathuragiri began to say, “Sir, do you know about a miracle that happened in Chathuragiri?”

“A family was literally begging for a particular set of herbs from anyone who visited there but no one paid any attention. All four of them decided to commit suicide therefore.

Right at that time, two men of sage like appearance came in front of them and almost commanded them to follow. Then all four of them were found in Sundara Mahalingam Temple.

Upon enquiry, they said that the two sage like men took them to dark bushes and gave them a medicine, herbal juice mixed with honey and Thinai Maavu and then they felt that their disease disappeared. When they woke up, they found themselves in Sundara Mahalingam’s temple. Isn’t this surprising?!” – I was joyous indeed. I thought that Agastya Muni & Bhoga Siddha themselves must have saved this family. I could meet them only after 3 months.

They said that it was indeed Agastya and Bhoga who saved them. They were poured a medicine in their mouths and were given a few more herbs with specific mixtures. Whatever the mixture were, there is no harmful effects of the disease for the family and no one except Agastya could have done this.

It is also possible that the Siddhas in Chathuragiri Hills must have saved them as per the order of Sudara Maha Lingam! It could be that the very presence of Chathuragiri Hills must have cured their disease, if it was in the beginning stage. But one thing is for sure. Whoever gets this blessings are really lucky. Most importantly however, those who surrenders to Agastya are never forsaken!

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Govind Samy

One thought on “The GOS 164 – Cure from Aids

  1. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

    MahaMuni and Bogar Maharishi I sincerely pray you for your blessings on those who are really suffering with many life threatening diseases.

    After this article Personally, this soul got blessings of Mahamuni and way to help different patients.

    Thank so much…

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