The GOS 164 – The yagna that happened in Chathuragiri 3247 years back!

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Agastya Muni has suggested many a yagna for the welfare of the world and its people. I have witnessed and wondered that as soon as one yagna gets completed in a grand manner, the following one surpasses the previous one in all grandeur.

Just so, He pointed out 4 different people who are experts in the Vedas, pointed out specific herbs to be offered in the yagna and sent me. As I was worried about my health and if I could make it all the way up to the Holy Hill, I expressed it to Him.

“Appoint someone on your behalf and ensure that it happens just as instructed. No mistakes should happen!”

He pointed out the person to appoint also, my friend to whom I requested to carry out the mission explaining that it is Agastya Himself who has commanded it and shown me the person, my friend. He took it whole heartedly and began to make arrangements. A crew of 50 travelled to Chathura Giri.

The hills of Chathuragiri (chathura – four, giri – hill or mountain) is tough to climb with various difficult pathways. To climb up with all the things mentioned for yagna and to locate a suitable spot and to complete it is well of a task.

A person from the crew called me up from Thaniparai (the basement from which one has to start climbing the hill).

“Nothing to worry. This is carried out by Agastya Himself and is being overseen by Him. Do not fear for He will take care of everything. Pray to him at the basement of the Hill and begin.” – I said.

Though I said so, I felt a little shivering to my surprise for it never happened before. I consoled myself that Agastya will take care of everything.

In those days, the communication from Chathuragiri Hill was not that established. Anyone who climbs up has to come down to communicate anything or else the Nadi has to be read asking, “Guru Natha! Kindly tell us what happened!”

I didn’t feel like asking the Nadi as He Himself will be present in the Yagna
and I don’t want to disturb him and get scolding, so I left it. The next day, someone who got down contacted me to say that the Yagna went really well and asked what Agastya mentioned in the Nadi. I told him that I did not check anything in the Nadi and was waiting for all of them to return to do so.

The fifth day of the crew coming down, I asked the Maha Muni in the Nadi. He asked me to safeguard certain secrets and then came to the Yagna matter.

“We asked to visit Chathuragiri and witness the place where Agastya meditated. He took the charge and went up with all his friends. Agastya had sent Sattai Muni and Rama Deva along to ensure no obstacles are present.

They both took very good care of the crew right from Thani Parai to Thavasi Paarai (paarai – rock) and took care of them and the two ladies who came along. Though through Agastya’s arrangements, everything went well, some of them did gasped for breathing, some got minor injuries etc, the son of Mesha got a boil in his feet, it is true da! It was due to a thorn (Nerinji plant’s thorn). Still, due to the tapasya done, due to the Mohana Siddhi practice done by him and the Siddha mindset being gained by him, the boil did not affect him much.

It is also a lesson, this mountain climbing. It says that life will also have ups and downs, rough rides etc., and that one should prepare themselves, stay calm and focussed, be patient and tolerant to face them. It is a drama enacted by Agastya to teach them this lesson and Agastya did enjoy it much when they put their efforts to climb up, jumping and crawling like monkeys, gasping, with all the desire to reach the top, all that. Wonderful!

Agastya chose a place to do yagna. It was right beneath the northeastern direction of Thavasi Paarai. We sat at the southern direction of the north-east. Lord Brahma Himself was present there too. He Himself started the Ganapathy Homam by saying ‘Shuklam Baratharam…’. It happened in the early morning hours of Bhu-Loka, in the Brahma Muhurtha. For the crew present there during this yagna, We made them smell the fragrance of ghee and sambraani. Those who smelt the ghee are very blessed because this yagna to Lord Ganesha is being done by all 18 Siddhas with great devotion and respect.

The most surprising thing was, Lord Ganesha himself appeared there and happily blessed us by touching our heads. It wasn’t just us who got blessed but those who smelled those fragrances got that blessings. I have arranged certain visions for those who slept off being tired after a steep climb, and certain for those who longed for the darshan of Siddhas and a few visions. Agastya just thought that no one should feel like they are left out. It was a lovely vision with Agastya, Lord Brahma, Lord Ganesha and Lord Subramanya Swamy himself, present in that yagna.

Most of the devas were present and were witnessing the yagna. This is because, this yagna happened approximately 3247 years back under Kaka Pujunda’s lead!

~ to be continued…!

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