The GOS 169 – Kanja Malai – The place where Bala Muruga chose His vehicle!

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One day, when I had finished reading the Nadi, mentioned about Agastya’s clairvoyance and thought we can call it a day, an order came from Him: “Go at once to Kanja Malai and seek the blessings of Lord Muruga. We shall appear there and mention further.” – Though I thought how am I going to make it at this time, I knew that there must have been some reason why He says so, I therefore called my friends and started immediately.

We reached Kanja Malai the next morning, prayed to Lord Muruga there, chose a good place to sit and opened the Nadi. Right after I opened it, an instruction came: “Like in modern terms, I am starting with a brief gap. Did you see this strange thing? The idol of mine here in the western direction, its made in such a way that I have a huge tummy and I look like an old man. On the contrary, Lopa Mudra is pictured as a 18 year old young girl. I thought of these humans who are making fun of even Me. It seems I am some 70 years old and She is of 18. The idol is made just so. Look up where you are seated which has my idol too. It appears as if I am 90 years old. How is this difference? I pointed these out to mention that they don’t listen to what Agastya says properly, they aren’t able to believe what I say.

I am being forced to broadcast about myself at times. Know this, these humans will change the form of Gods as per their wish. But God surpasses all these and remains forever. He is beyond desires. But humans, they derive various forms of the Gods through their wishes and desires. I just wanted to point out these. Ok. I must say a few words about this holy place. I have mentioned many a deva rahasyas to my beloved son and asked him not to reveal it to anyone. He asks why I say so. It is because, people in those days sometime achieve bliss in their spiritual practice and without realizing that the same method won’t suit everyone just as themselves, they broadcast everything that they did, resulting in more harm than good. Sometimes, nothing will happen to others.

One should know how to restrain his mind. To indicate that grief is part and parcel of this human life, certain sukshuma rahasyas are being revealed. Agastya is not here to give lecture on spirituality. They narrate some miracles in this ancient Tamil Nadu that how all these Siddhas lived etc., and drive people crazy. You all should be aware of it as you are progressing in the Siddha way and you must be guided properly. Else, you will be distracted and misleaded, hence I say these things at times. I am not saying these as a guru who imparts gnana but I am giving you wisdom that you won’t get even out of your experience.

Those who travel in the true spiritual path will get the meaning of what Agastya says. It is not for those ‘fast-food minded people who pursue spirituality with some desires in mind. To say that even my words contain certain sukshuma (subtle message), I mention these. The deva rahasyas are wonderful and they are happening in this world even to this date. Myself and other Siddhas quietly watch them, and with the desire of revealing to qualified humans, but at the same time not letting them distracted, we say things subtly and say a few words.

This place is named Kanda Ashram. Lord Muruga has played here. Not many know about this. They may ask, it was a different place know, how did He come here etc., None has seen the Bala Muruga (Muruga in His childhood). Agastya has. The laughter that came out of His cute little cheeks echoed everywhere here. There are about 29 mountains here I said. He has played here in all 29 mountains with His tiny toes. The ladies taking care of him has gasped without being able to find Him out. Then it was known that there are 29 different secrets in these mountains and only to show them, He played here. The Krithika girls didn’t know it at first. But let me move on as it will take time if I begin to say about Bala Muruga.

Muruga asked His Father to give Him a vehicle as that of the Adikara Nandi. The Dad has the vehicle of a bull and ask of the Mom, She has a lion. All these are wild and I can’t take them. He wanted something soft and therefore, here is the place that He chose the peacock as His vehicle!

Muruga & Vinayaka in the peacock

~ To be continued…!

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The GOS 168 – Sugam Tharum Sundara Kandam

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After Agastya Muni’s Jeeva Nadi came to me, a lot of miracles happened in my life. When I came to know from Agastya Muni that this rare blessing was bestowed on me because of my Mother who wrote ‘Sri Rama Jayam’ many a crores of times, my joy knew no bounds. Isn’t it true that the parents are the source of all that happens to the children? Through Jeeva Nadi, Agastya was the reason for me to get the darshan of Lord Rama, Sita Devi, Lakshmana, Anjaneya, Sri Raghavendra Swamy, Narasimha Murthy, Venkatava, Lord Shiva, Brahma, Saraswathi Devi, Lord Muruga. I won’t forget the minutes those darshan happened for the rest of my life.

One day, when I was praying to Anjaneya Swamy, I placed this request in front of him.

“A lot of people write Sundara Kandam. I would like to write your praise as well. I pray for your blessings to do so.”

“With the presence of the foremost of Siddhas, Agastya – He, Anjaneya will himself show the way.” – said Agastya in the Nadi. When I mentioned about the incident where Anjaneya Swami appeared in the Jeeva Nadi and gave His words, Agastya said: “Have patience the son of Dasharatha, the holiest one, through the son of Saradha Devi, you will be able to write about the avatara of Anjana Devi’s son (Hanuman). I will guide as well. Blessings!”

Twenty years passed by. I was thinking and waiting that someone will start a magazine by the name ‘Son of Saradha Devi’ and I will be given a chance. But through the grace of Maha Sri Sri Sri Maha Sannidhana chief Shringeri Swamigal, there was a magazine named ‘Amman Darisanam’, I realized that it is the magazine that the Maha Muni was referring to. Though I was writing many a articles in the magazine, I didn’t get the thought of Sundara Kandam. Due to some reasons in between, I wasn’t able to write continuously.

When I got a call from the magazine again, I asked in the Jeeva Nadi.

“We mentioned that day itself, even We forgot. The mighty Lord Hanuman’s Sundara Kandam to come out, the one with the name of Muruga who has taken the third birth, who has been a poet all through, He runs the magazine through the grace of Sri Saradha Devi, there let it get published.” – He blessed.

Through the grace of Hanuman, after twenty years, with the blessings of Agastya, I published the story of Sundara Kandam with the title ‘Sukam Tharum Sundara Kandam’ (the Sundara Kandam that gives pleasure) – it was written with the reference of Valmeeki Ramayana and in the lines of Kavi Chakravarthi Sri Kamba.

The greatest surprise in that was when Agastya appeared in between and suggested that certain slokhas are to be recited for those who were born in a certain Dasha Budhi. To say the truth, I did not write them. It was Agastya and Hanuman who brought it out through me. Hence, if this book brings any joy to anyone, the total credit goes to these two Maha Purushas.

In the series, it is clearly mentioned on what sloka to recite when a particular ‘Dasha’ is happening. Just having the book in hand will devoid one from any harm because, the words in the book came out through the blessings of Hanuman, and through the guidance of Guru Agastya. I thanked both of them when a large number of people contacted me to know that they got rid of such and such trouble by reciting the suggested sloka.

Hanuman and Agastya

O beloved devotees of Agasgtya!

When I came to know about these, I began to search if someone has published these articles as a book. One of my friends mentioned that he has purchased the book and will send it to me. When I started reading it, a number of troubles vanished and I got what I wished for. It is all through the grace of Agastya.

I am giving the information here below with the thought that everyone should benefit. Those who wish may get a copy and read them everyday. This information is NOT published here with any commercial motives for anyone including the publishers. It is mentioned with only a good will that you may live peacefully and happily. All the praise is offered in the holy feet of Agastya!

Name of the book: Sugam Tharum Sundara Kandam

Arul Migu Amman Pathipagam
16/116, T.P. Kovil Street,
Thirumala Flats,
(Opposite to Sri Raghavendra Mutt)
Triplicane, Chennai – 600 005
Phone: 4266 3546, 4266 3545

~ To be continued…!

The GOS 167 – The darshan of Adisesha!

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…I won’t blame them for they will get the darshan in a different manner. The Siddhas infact stroll in the form of light only to show their darshan to everyone. Didn’t you see the 18 Siddhas in light form that day? All 18 of them shed tears of joy together. I shall say another thing. A Siddha took the form of a rock and was lying there. If he had fallen a few feet apart, he would have fallen down a 2000 feet. Why it didn’t happen? He is a Siddha! You had the darshan of that Siddha, who will get such rare sights?

Such miracles happen in Chathuragiri every day, in thousands. Only Agastya knows them. I shall teach them to the beloved son too. If he wants, he could have the darshan in the palm leaves, I have given him the rights. The one was lying down in the rock, they all got scared, how can he fall? He used to sleep while floating. I showed you the Siddha himself. The humans have this question always. Will the Siddha show himself up? Will they come in the form of light? Though they show up in light form, I showed you the Siddha himself, in human form. Those who get such sights, they are blessed indeed.

In spite of having committed sins, they are blessed. They are humans after all and they have to go through this. In fact, when one commits a sin, he can think about it, realize his mistake and thereby attain punya by nullifying it. There are some sins that one must not do too much. One gets moksha if one realizes their mistakes. There are rules. One might be forced to do certain mistake because they have to function in this world. It is the rule of the Lord and Agastya won’t go against them. I am working towards doing miracles for good to happen in their lives too.

You may be thinking, ha, this Agastya is diverting the topic somewhere else right? There is a meaning for every word spoken.

The one, who has come surrendering to Agastya, it is Agastya’s responsibility, duty to ensure that he doesn’t get any shortcomings. Agastya will save them. I say this auspicious word and showed 18 Siddhas in a light form. I showed the Holy Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara). I made them get the fragrance of the yagna being done. I showed how the Siddhas take care of them all the way down.

Do you know, Bhairava Siddha came? Do you know why He came? The Serpent, Adi Sesha, was seated right there. He needs darkness and a pit kind of a place. He was seated there, breathing busss, busss and watched the yagna. Had he been here, everyone would have fallen unconscious. It was alahala visha right there. Think about the Bhairava Siddha walking past the Karkodaka. He slided his head once, then again, bowed to Adi Sesha to get his blessings, and walked past, just connect all these and see. Adi Sesha did not open His eyes for his focus was in the yagna, that He watched from his eyes of wisdom. Had He opened the eyes, then its a different story. He protected the tapasya being done by those rishis, munis and Siddhas.

Why I say all these in advance and caution you is, the Siddhas themselves were present in his words. He didn’t say that for We made him say that on time. When the yagna is happening, there shouldn’t be any disturbance. Else, one has to incur the wrath. Do you know how careful one has to behave? One should not think that just because they have climbed up, they will get the darshan of the holy ones. It is not so easy to get the darshan of holy ones just like that. They have witnessed a yagna which took place after so many pralayas. I had asked the Siddhas stroll by all through the way, just to ensure that everything is smooth. Nothing happened that day but on the next day, two cows have been killed by the tiger.

You might have heard the roar of the tiger and the bear. The places that these cows went is a place that one shouldn’t go. They got killed when they went to that place. It is not a murder, for your kind information for a Siddha was there in the form of tiger, sent those cows to Moksha.

I said right, there are countless miracles happening in Chathuragiri, about 11247 such miracles. Yugas won’t be sufficient if they all have to be narrated for you cannot make a note when Agastya narrates. This is neither the time to discuss all that. It is the time when Barani star rises up whilst Ashwini star goes down. All that happened so far in Chathuragiri happened as We willed. I am pleased myself. All those who are supposed to be getting the blessings, they got, the sins for some got nullified. I asked you all to be here just for this. We are now heading to Podhigai Hills for there seated is the Three Eyed Lord (Shiva). I have to massage His feet. Here is Agastya’s blessings to everyone.

[[The Chathuragiri yatra episodes comes to an end here. The author who wrote the Tamil episodes got the blessing of visiting Chathuragiri Mahalingam, that he spontaneously wished for. He also got the blessing of taking part in the yagna along with his friends. It is all Agastya’s blessings.]]

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 166 – Ezhuthani Mandapa

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As I said before, it was the day when Lord Shiva opened His Third Eye to demolish the asuras, where all your group were there in Chathuragiri. Some of them might have got the glimpse of that divine light that day. Those who desparetly wanted to come, those who just accompanied, everyone got that blessing. One may think as to why Agastya chose selective people. It’s not so. We had already hinted about this yagna, those who got the blessings to be present, they might. But Agastya never compells anyone. Those who trust in Agastya and His beloved son, we wanted them to be here. We also wanted to plant the thought of worshipping Shiva and Vishnu as the same, hence we asked them to be here.

It is the human life that has difference. Who knew that Lord Vishnu was present next to me that day? Lord Brahma was there on my right side, blessing everyone. I showed the Trimurti in light form. I showed the Three Eyed Lord, and the trinity, Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara who are the Three Eyed Lord, I showed them too. Will I get Shiva Darshan, will Vishnu Bhagawan appear before me, will Lord Brahma open His eyes to show His darshan? Have you ever heard of? Such a rare sight, We showed.

A 1547 years back, Lord Shiva performed His Ananda Thandava here. Pay attention, it is Ananda Thandava. The Thandava He performed in Kailasa Mountain was Rudra Thandava. What He danced here at Chathuragiri is Ananda Thandava. No one will ever get to see that, even the Siddhas present there couldn’t see. They said, ‘O Agastya, you had called upon all these, had You mentioned this to us, we would have enjoyed it too!”

There is lot of history about the Siddhas in Chathuragiri. Do you know Rama Deva Siddha? Do you know Sattai Muni? They are right here, but they did not get this holy sight. Lord Shiva pats their shoulder every now and then saying, ‘You will surely get the darshan of my Ananda Thandava’, but I think He is playing with them. For you, those who trusted in Agastya and His beloved son, We showed the rare sight. Some of you slipped enroute, it is due to the sin you committed.

You may think that I am talking without coherence. But in every word I say, there is a deeper significance. I am just blasting your thoughts. If you had got that darshan, all your sins are washed off. All your sins are cleansed. I shall show you the sight which you won’t get even in Kailasa, for it is impossible to get such sights without being in Kailasa, as all the Siddhas are in Kailasa.

There is something else too. We 18 Siddhas conducted that yagna but there were other great Siddhas who were present too. We shall talk about these Maha Siddhas eventually.

First of all, those who listened to Agastya’s instructions and had My darshan as well as Lord Shiva’s, let me say: There is a Ezhuthani Mandapa (Ezhuthani = Ezhuthu + Aani, the sharp needle that used to scribble words in the palm leaves those days were called Ezhuthani). There is a Bhoga Mandapa too. Great Siddhas gather there and go tapasya. When the yagna happened yesterday, they wrote about the people who were present in the yagna in their palm leaves. From the 16th till 32nd leaves, their names are present. Agastya might get those leaves years later and I will see your names. Such a blessing, who will get da?! The others need not feel sad. You may be entitled for greater blessings still. Some might get the darshan of Siddhas helping people to climb up, make them float in the air etc., I won’t say who will get such darshan for all the Siddhas are with me.

This is the time of Siddhas da!

Those who trust in Agastya, those who maintain patience, those who trust Agastya’s words like God’s, I shall show them that darshan. Don’t think why I am referring to Agastya’s beloved son everytime. I asked a yagna be performed. If the son has some inconvenience, even when Vyazha Anukula isn’t there, I had mentioned that I will be present in his tongue. So even when Agastya is at penance, his words will become true. He may get angry at people. So others may think that why is this person given so much preference. There is a history behind it as well. Who is he? Why has he taken birth as a human and is roaming around, all these are secrets only Me and he knows. He won’t say it out for if he does, I won’t stay with him. He is aware of it. Hence, he won’t say the shukshuma in some matter. He himself will know them later. So, do not feel that Agastya is talking irrelevant. There is reason behind everything.

Those who are born in Kethu’s star, they all have Gnana. He was born in a Moola star. Such people won’t talk much, they think differently. Agastya will be present in them and show them the way. They say that the way of Siddha is that of Lord Shiva. One may understand it slowly, one may not understand it at all. But there is a meaning.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 165 – The Vishwaroopa of Lord Shiva!

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..then afterwards some 1857 years back, Agastya did the very same yagna. All the devas, rishis and even Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva were present, contributing to it. Then around 727 years back, when a similar yagna was performed, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu did not take part in it. We Siddhas did it. All the devas and asuras stood here and there with folded hands.

Why I said this is, I then asked such a rare yagna be performed, in order to bless not only the ordinary humans but also the human-Siddhas. I wanted everyone  to feel in their gnana eyes the yagna that Agastya performs and hence We ourselves did some preparations. Not just Bhoga, Sattai Muni Siddha helped a great part here. There is a big history for Sattai Muni Siddha, from where He was, what He was, what all He became etc., Agastya’s beloved son will write the history of Sattai Muni Siddha one day. That Sattai Muni Siddha himself embraced you and took you all to the holy hill top, what a rare blessing it is! None of you realize it. What a great blessing it is that a Siddha Himself takes you along, though there isn’t a compulsion for Him to do so, for He did it for you all are blessed by Agastya, that He is immensely pleased.

Nowhere it is heard in history on those who got Agastya’s blessings, but to those 50 people who went up to Chathuragiri, in addition to those who carried the things for the yagna with Sattai Muni caretaking all of you, such a rare and wonderful sight da! I did all these to ward off their doshas, sins that they committed in the past three births, knowingly and unknowingly. Lord Agni embraced you all. The one who gets blessed by Lord Agni, there is no sin in that person thereafter, true! This carries on for the next 12 years. Lord Agni voluntarily did it for you all, you were blessed.

You may ask, ‘you were blessed by Agni’ but did Agastya bless us? Agastya Himself is the root for this yagna. Some of them missed partaking it but even they shouldn’t feel hurt. So We will conduct this yagna again in sometime. There is going to be a wonderful yagna. I won’t say when and how it will happen now. It will happen with the blessings of Lord Brahma. Those who will be part of that yagna will be blessed really. For those who were thinking of these as blessings, we can say, its just a drop. I will show them ‘Thaila Kinaru’ (a well of herbal juices).

If one applies a drop from that well, he will live for 400 years. I am laughing at those who are searching for that well. Why are you humans so full of desires da? For their desire to live long, they forsake the principle of not committing Papa (sin). I laugh at this. But have patience for the day that Agastya pointing out that well and giving a drop from it is not too far.

Then…Agastya began that yagna. All these came and sat. For those who did not worry whether the fragrance of ghee or the smoke from that yagna touch them etc but who just thought ‘we have come to your shrine, bless us!’, for them, Agastya showed myself very clearly. I showed the yagna. Those who got it, let them think about it.

Bhoga Himself came asking ‘what should I be doing?’. We mentioned, ‘these devotees who came in our shelter, show them the way, show your darshan’. We don’t know what He did but I am sure He must have done His part. But above all, the most surprising part is Lord Shiva showed His Vishwaroopa in your early morning time. This is the place where Lord Shiva showed His Vishwaroopa. This is the place where He opened His Third Eye to burn all the asuras. I am hinting an incident which happened 4000 years ago. He destroyed the asuras that day and since then, no asura stepped in this holy hill till now.

Lord Shiva

Asuras stand in every hill, blocking those who want to attain spriritual growth in every possible way. It is their duty or nature, let them do it. But here in Chathuragiri, the demonic nature of asuras are destroyed some 3247 years back. Why I say this is, it is the same day that Lord Shiva showed His Vishwaroopa that they all were present!

~ to be continued…!

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