The GOS 165 – The Vishwaroopa of Lord Shiva!

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..then afterwards some 1857 years back, Agastya did the very same yagna. All the devas, rishis and even Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva were present, contributing to it. Then around 727 years back, when a similar yagna was performed, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu did not take part in it. We Siddhas did it. All the devas and asuras stood here and there with folded hands.

Why I said this is, I then asked such a rare yagna be performed, in order to bless not only the ordinary humans but also the human-Siddhas. I wanted everyone  to feel in their gnana eyes the yagna that Agastya performs and hence We ourselves did some preparations. Not just Bhoga, Sattai Muni Siddha helped a great part here. There is a big history for Sattai Muni Siddha, from where He was, what He was, what all He became etc., Agastya’s beloved son will write the history of Sattai Muni Siddha one day. That Sattai Muni Siddha himself embraced you and took you all to the holy hill top, what a rare blessing it is! None of you realize it. What a great blessing it is that a Siddha Himself takes you along, though there isn’t a compulsion for Him to do so, for He did it for you all are blessed by Agastya, that He is immensely pleased.

Nowhere it is heard in history on those who got Agastya’s blessings, but to those 50 people who went up to Chathuragiri, in addition to those who carried the things for the yagna with Sattai Muni caretaking all of you, such a rare and wonderful sight da! I did all these to ward off their doshas, sins that they committed in the past three births, knowingly and unknowingly. Lord Agni embraced you all. The one who gets blessed by Lord Agni, there is no sin in that person thereafter, true! This carries on for the next 12 years. Lord Agni voluntarily did it for you all, you were blessed.

You may ask, ‘you were blessed by Agni’ but did Agastya bless us? Agastya Himself is the root for this yagna. Some of them missed partaking it but even they shouldn’t feel hurt. So We will conduct this yagna again in sometime. There is going to be a wonderful yagna. I won’t say when and how it will happen now. It will happen with the blessings of Lord Brahma. Those who will be part of that yagna will be blessed really. For those who were thinking of these as blessings, we can say, its just a drop. I will show them ‘Thaila Kinaru’ (a well of herbal juices).

If one applies a drop from that well, he will live for 400 years. I am laughing at those who are searching for that well. Why are you humans so full of desires da? For their desire to live long, they forsake the principle of not committing Papa (sin). I laugh at this. But have patience for the day that Agastya pointing out that well and giving a drop from it is not too far.

Then…Agastya began that yagna. All these came and sat. For those who did not worry whether the fragrance of ghee or the smoke from that yagna touch them etc but who just thought ‘we have come to your shrine, bless us!’, for them, Agastya showed myself very clearly. I showed the yagna. Those who got it, let them think about it.

Bhoga Himself came asking ‘what should I be doing?’. We mentioned, ‘these devotees who came in our shelter, show them the way, show your darshan’. We don’t know what He did but I am sure He must have done His part. But above all, the most surprising part is Lord Shiva showed His Vishwaroopa in your early morning time. This is the place where Lord Shiva showed His Vishwaroopa. This is the place where He opened His Third Eye to burn all the asuras. I am hinting an incident which happened 4000 years ago. He destroyed the asuras that day and since then, no asura stepped in this holy hill till now.

Lord Shiva

Asuras stand in every hill, blocking those who want to attain spriritual growth in every possible way. It is their duty or nature, let them do it. But here in Chathuragiri, the demonic nature of asuras are destroyed some 3247 years back. Why I say this is, it is the same day that Lord Shiva showed His Vishwaroopa that they all were present!

~ to be continued…!

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3 thoughts on “The GOS 165 – The Vishwaroopa of Lord Shiva!

  1. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agatheesaaya Namah

    Om Namah Shivay Shivay Namah

    No words to explain this blessings, MahaMuni call me to attain Kumbhabhishekam recently and there we all got blessings of 18 Siddhars and MahaMuni with all deities in the form of white fumes during Yagya….

    Our Father is so kindly take care of all of us in each moment….

      • Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

        Om Agatheesaaya Namah

        Dear sir,

        I am not present the Yagya in Sathurgiri but the similar Yagya perform at Thogai Malai, which was conducted under guidance and presence of MahaMuni along with all Siddhar.

        Kindly guide if you have information about when there will be next similar Yagya at Sathurgiri. As its already mentioned in the article about the next Yagya.

        Thank you so much

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