The GOS 166 – Ezhuthani Mandapa

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As I said before, it was the day when Lord Shiva opened His Third Eye to demolish the asuras, where all your group were there in Chathuragiri. Some of them might have got the glimpse of that divine light that day. Those who desparetly wanted to come, those who just accompanied, everyone got that blessing. One may think as to why Agastya chose selective people. It’s not so. We had already hinted about this yagna, those who got the blessings to be present, they might. But Agastya never compells anyone. Those who trust in Agastya and His beloved son, we wanted them to be here. We also wanted to plant the thought of worshipping Shiva and Vishnu as the same, hence we asked them to be here.

It is the human life that has difference. Who knew that Lord Vishnu was present next to me that day? Lord Brahma was there on my right side, blessing everyone. I showed the Trimurti in light form. I showed the Three Eyed Lord, and the trinity, Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara who are the Three Eyed Lord, I showed them too. Will I get Shiva Darshan, will Vishnu Bhagawan appear before me, will Lord Brahma open His eyes to show His darshan? Have you ever heard of? Such a rare sight, We showed.

A 1547 years back, Lord Shiva performed His Ananda Thandava here. Pay attention, it is Ananda Thandava. The Thandava He performed in Kailasa Mountain was Rudra Thandava. What He danced here at Chathuragiri is Ananda Thandava. No one will ever get to see that, even the Siddhas present there couldn’t see. They said, ‘O Agastya, you had called upon all these, had You mentioned this to us, we would have enjoyed it too!”

There is lot of history about the Siddhas in Chathuragiri. Do you know Rama Deva Siddha? Do you know Sattai Muni? They are right here, but they did not get this holy sight. Lord Shiva pats their shoulder every now and then saying, ‘You will surely get the darshan of my Ananda Thandava’, but I think He is playing with them. For you, those who trusted in Agastya and His beloved son, We showed the rare sight. Some of you slipped enroute, it is due to the sin you committed.

You may think that I am talking without coherence. But in every word I say, there is a deeper significance. I am just blasting your thoughts. If you had got that darshan, all your sins are washed off. All your sins are cleansed. I shall show you the sight which you won’t get even in Kailasa, for it is impossible to get such sights without being in Kailasa, as all the Siddhas are in Kailasa.

There is something else too. We 18 Siddhas conducted that yagna but there were other great Siddhas who were present too. We shall talk about these Maha Siddhas eventually.

First of all, those who listened to Agastya’s instructions and had My darshan as well as Lord Shiva’s, let me say: There is a Ezhuthani Mandapa (Ezhuthani = Ezhuthu + Aani, the sharp needle that used to scribble words in the palm leaves those days were called Ezhuthani). There is a Bhoga Mandapa too. Great Siddhas gather there and go tapasya. When the yagna happened yesterday, they wrote about the people who were present in the yagna in their palm leaves. From the 16th till 32nd leaves, their names are present. Agastya might get those leaves years later and I will see your names. Such a blessing, who will get da?! The others need not feel sad. You may be entitled for greater blessings still. Some might get the darshan of Siddhas helping people to climb up, make them float in the air etc., I won’t say who will get such darshan for all the Siddhas are with me.

This is the time of Siddhas da!

Those who trust in Agastya, those who maintain patience, those who trust Agastya’s words like God’s, I shall show them that darshan. Don’t think why I am referring to Agastya’s beloved son everytime. I asked a yagna be performed. If the son has some inconvenience, even when Vyazha Anukula isn’t there, I had mentioned that I will be present in his tongue. So even when Agastya is at penance, his words will become true. He may get angry at people. So others may think that why is this person given so much preference. There is a history behind it as well. Who is he? Why has he taken birth as a human and is roaming around, all these are secrets only Me and he knows. He won’t say it out for if he does, I won’t stay with him. He is aware of it. Hence, he won’t say the shukshuma in some matter. He himself will know them later. So, do not feel that Agastya is talking irrelevant. There is reason behind everything.

Those who are born in Kethu’s star, they all have Gnana. He was born in a Moola star. Such people won’t talk much, they think differently. Agastya will be present in them and show them the way. They say that the way of Siddha is that of Lord Shiva. One may understand it slowly, one may not understand it at all. But there is a meaning.

~ to be continued…!

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