The GOS 167 – The darshan of Adisesha!

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…I won’t blame them for they will get the darshan in a different manner. The Siddhas infact stroll in the form of light only to show their darshan to everyone. Didn’t you see the 18 Siddhas in light form that day? All 18 of them shed tears of joy together. I shall say another thing. A Siddha took the form of a rock and was lying there. If he had fallen a few feet apart, he would have fallen down a 2000 feet. Why it didn’t happen? He is a Siddha! You had the darshan of that Siddha, who will get such rare sights?

Such miracles happen in Chathuragiri every day, in thousands. Only Agastya knows them. I shall teach them to the beloved son too. If he wants, he could have the darshan in the palm leaves, I have given him the rights. The one was lying down in the rock, they all got scared, how can he fall? He used to sleep while floating. I showed you the Siddha himself. The humans have this question always. Will the Siddha show himself up? Will they come in the form of light? Though they show up in light form, I showed you the Siddha himself, in human form. Those who get such sights, they are blessed indeed.

In spite of having committed sins, they are blessed. They are humans after all and they have to go through this. In fact, when one commits a sin, he can think about it, realize his mistake and thereby attain punya by nullifying it. There are some sins that one must not do too much. One gets moksha if one realizes their mistakes. There are rules. One might be forced to do certain mistake because they have to function in this world. It is the rule of the Lord and Agastya won’t go against them. I am working towards doing miracles for good to happen in their lives too.

You may be thinking, ha, this Agastya is diverting the topic somewhere else right? There is a meaning for every word spoken.

The one, who has come surrendering to Agastya, it is Agastya’s responsibility, duty to ensure that he doesn’t get any shortcomings. Agastya will save them. I say this auspicious word and showed 18 Siddhas in a light form. I showed the Holy Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara). I made them get the fragrance of the yagna being done. I showed how the Siddhas take care of them all the way down.

Do you know, Bhairava Siddha came? Do you know why He came? The Serpent, Adi Sesha, was seated right there. He needs darkness and a pit kind of a place. He was seated there, breathing busss, busss and watched the yagna. Had he been here, everyone would have fallen unconscious. It was alahala visha right there. Think about the Bhairava Siddha walking past the Karkodaka. He slided his head once, then again, bowed to Adi Sesha to get his blessings, and walked past, just connect all these and see. Adi Sesha did not open His eyes for his focus was in the yagna, that He watched from his eyes of wisdom. Had He opened the eyes, then its a different story. He protected the tapasya being done by those rishis, munis and Siddhas.

Why I say all these in advance and caution you is, the Siddhas themselves were present in his words. He didn’t say that for We made him say that on time. When the yagna is happening, there shouldn’t be any disturbance. Else, one has to incur the wrath. Do you know how careful one has to behave? One should not think that just because they have climbed up, they will get the darshan of the holy ones. It is not so easy to get the darshan of holy ones just like that. They have witnessed a yagna which took place after so many pralayas. I had asked the Siddhas stroll by all through the way, just to ensure that everything is smooth. Nothing happened that day but on the next day, two cows have been killed by the tiger.

You might have heard the roar of the tiger and the bear. The places that these cows went is a place that one shouldn’t go. They got killed when they went to that place. It is not a murder, for your kind information for a Siddha was there in the form of tiger, sent those cows to Moksha.

I said right, there are countless miracles happening in Chathuragiri, about 11247 such miracles. Yugas won’t be sufficient if they all have to be narrated for you cannot make a note when Agastya narrates. This is neither the time to discuss all that. It is the time when Barani star rises up whilst Ashwini star goes down. All that happened so far in Chathuragiri happened as We willed. I am pleased myself. All those who are supposed to be getting the blessings, they got, the sins for some got nullified. I asked you all to be here just for this. We are now heading to Podhigai Hills for there seated is the Three Eyed Lord (Shiva). I have to massage His feet. Here is Agastya’s blessings to everyone.

[[The Chathuragiri yatra episodes comes to an end here. The author who wrote the Tamil episodes got the blessing of visiting Chathuragiri Mahalingam, that he spontaneously wished for. He also got the blessing of taking part in the yagna along with his friends. It is all Agastya’s blessings.]]

~ to be continued…!

3 thoughts on “The GOS 167 – The darshan of Adisesha!

  1. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agatheesaaya Namah

    With Agathiyar order want to share information that recently many souls also got the blessings of 18siddhas and Mahamuni in the form of white fumes during Yagya at Thogai Malai.

    Thanks to Gnanabhoomi for revealing this miracles to all devotees by translation of original articles.

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