The GOS 169 – Kanja Malai – The place where Bala Muruga chose His vehicle!

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One day, when I had finished reading the Nadi, mentioned about Agastya’s clairvoyance and thought we can call it a day, an order came from Him: “Go at once to Kanja Malai and seek the blessings of Lord Muruga. We shall appear there and mention further.” – Though I thought how am I going to make it at this time, I knew that there must have been some reason why He says so, I therefore called my friends and started immediately.

We reached Kanja Malai the next morning, prayed to Lord Muruga there, chose a good place to sit and opened the Nadi. Right after I opened it, an instruction came: “Like in modern terms, I am starting with a brief gap. Did you see this strange thing? The idol of mine here in the western direction, its made in such a way that I have a huge tummy and I look like an old man. On the contrary, Lopa Mudra is pictured as a 18 year old young girl. I thought of these humans who are making fun of even Me. It seems I am some 70 years old and She is of 18. The idol is made just so. Look up where you are seated which has my idol too. It appears as if I am 90 years old. How is this difference? I pointed these out to mention that they don’t listen to what Agastya says properly, they aren’t able to believe what I say.

I am being forced to broadcast about myself at times. Know this, these humans will change the form of Gods as per their wish. But God surpasses all these and remains forever. He is beyond desires. But humans, they derive various forms of the Gods through their wishes and desires. I just wanted to point out these. Ok. I must say a few words about this holy place. I have mentioned many a deva rahasyas to my beloved son and asked him not to reveal it to anyone. He asks why I say so. It is because, people in those days sometime achieve bliss in their spiritual practice and without realizing that the same method won’t suit everyone just as themselves, they broadcast everything that they did, resulting in more harm than good. Sometimes, nothing will happen to others.

One should know how to restrain his mind. To indicate that grief is part and parcel of this human life, certain sukshuma rahasyas are being revealed. Agastya is not here to give lecture on spirituality. They narrate some miracles in this ancient Tamil Nadu that how all these Siddhas lived etc., and drive people crazy. You all should be aware of it as you are progressing in the Siddha way and you must be guided properly. Else, you will be distracted and misleaded, hence I say these things at times. I am not saying these as a guru who imparts gnana but I am giving you wisdom that you won’t get even out of your experience.

Those who travel in the true spiritual path will get the meaning of what Agastya says. It is not for those ‘fast-food minded people who pursue spirituality with some desires in mind. To say that even my words contain certain sukshuma (subtle message), I mention these. The deva rahasyas are wonderful and they are happening in this world even to this date. Myself and other Siddhas quietly watch them, and with the desire of revealing to qualified humans, but at the same time not letting them distracted, we say things subtly and say a few words.

This place is named Kanda Ashram. Lord Muruga has played here. Not many know about this. They may ask, it was a different place know, how did He come here etc., None has seen the Bala Muruga (Muruga in His childhood). Agastya has. The laughter that came out of His cute little cheeks echoed everywhere here. There are about 29 mountains here I said. He has played here in all 29 mountains with His tiny toes. The ladies taking care of him has gasped without being able to find Him out. Then it was known that there are 29 different secrets in these mountains and only to show them, He played here. The Krithika girls didn’t know it at first. But let me move on as it will take time if I begin to say about Bala Muruga.

Muruga asked His Father to give Him a vehicle as that of the Adikara Nandi. The Dad has the vehicle of a bull and ask of the Mom, She has a lion. All these are wild and I can’t take them. He wanted something soft and therefore, here is the place that He chose the peacock as His vehicle!

Muruga & Vinayaka in the peacock

~ To be continued…!

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