The GOS 173 – Agastya Muni’s gift of ‘Life’

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The human mind is a strange thing. The supreme has given the rights to think over and decide but due to greed, the short-cuts they take to achieve something, circumstances, not being clear etc, pushes a man to ditch. When stuck at such situations, if someone surrenders to the Siddha, He will guide them in the right direction. Today’s post is one such incident.

A 24 year old lad came in to read Nadi. I inquired him.

“I need to get a Nadi reading”

“What do you want to ask Agastya Muni?”

“I have a debt of 25 lakhs. My monthly salary goes off just paying the interest. Can you please ask Agastya Muni to show me a way out of debt?”

I was surprised, 25 lakhs debt at this age? How? I looked at him, he looked down. He began to speak as I was thinking.

“I desired to earn a lot of money right from my childhood, to get car, bungalow etc. Then it became an obsession where I got stuck.”


“I got a message that I have got a lottery of 1.25 crores and that two representatives will meet me. I was surprised and thought that people might be jealous of this if they come to know and might even try to stop this somehow. Hence I kept it as a secret.”

“Didn’t you tell this to those at home?”

“None whatsoever. I just thought I can take them all by surprise once I got the lottery money.”


“One day, two men and a young lady came to meet me showing a cheque for 1.25 crores. They said that I have to give them 25 lakhs at first which will be returned to me as well. I could not control myself on seeing the cheque in my name for 1.25 crores. I thought there is nothing wrong in giving 25 lakhs to get such a lump.”

“Didn’t you ask them why they needed that 25 lakhs?”


“Then..what did you do?”

“I mentioned this to my parents and brother. They didn’t believe at first but I convinced them and sold the jewels, there was a land for us which I sold too. The money wasn’t sufficient then too and I sold my father’s house, got loan in the office and friends. I borrowed money for unbelieveable interest (Kandhu Vatti as its called in Tamil Nadu). As the company wanted the money within one week for me to become eligible for 1.25 crores, I made all arrangements and gave them the 25 lakhs.”

“Were they in contact with you all the while?”

“No. They said they’ll visit Mumbai and Delhi, came back after a week asking if I made all arrangements. They gave 10 more days and collected whatever I had got.”


“It took one more month for me to hand over all that money, they gave the 1.25 crores cheque. I floated in the seventh heaven that I became a millionnaire and I kept the cheque at home thinking I should deposit it in an auspicious day. Then I figured out that it was a fraud and that there wasn’t any such company.”

“What’s your education?”

“M. Tech. I work for a software company.”

You can feel how surprised I was.

“I do not know whether to live or to die. I even tried committing suicide twice and escaped somehow. How will I get out of my debt? What’s my future? Only Agastya can tell me.” – the software engineer’s eyes were moist, his voice choked with emotion.

I prayed to Agastya Muni to ‘guide’ him.

“He took the short cut route to become rich. He could have consulted with someone well ahead. Greed blindfolded him and pushed him in a ditch. Agastya would not blame it on ‘Fate’ for it is his greed which blinded him, spoiled his family. The younger brother who got in to debt because of this man left the house, yet to come. Isn’t there a talk in the town that he committed suicide?” – Agastya asked, making that man tremble.

“Further, his parents might try committing suicide in a few days or months as they could not bear the insults being faced. Agastya feels that his parents should not commit suicide for the mistake their son did and hence, let me show him a wonderful way out.

Before that, let him go to the Aru Padai Veedu of Lord Subramanya (Lord Muruga has 6 battle houses in Tamil Nadu) with his parents. If he embarks this journey with devotion, a miraculous incident will happen. Then let him come back to Agastya again.” – said Maha Agastya.

“I do not have the money to visit all the 6 places…” – software engineer worried.

“Try trusting Agastya. Someone will be pointed by Agastya Himself.” – said I.

He bid farewell with a tearful eyes. Two months went by when I heard a knock at my door. I opened to door to see that lad, I remembered the past and asked if he visited all the 6 holy places.

“I came back just yesterday. I have to tell you a happy news.”

“What is it…have you got a way out of your debt?”



“I was in need of a few thousands to visit all the 6 battle houses, as Agastya Muni instructed. I asked many but couldn’t get it. I visited the Chennai Vada Pazhani Muruga temple on a Friday, cried thinking of Lord Muruga and felt unconscious. I do not know for how long I remained there but when I woke up, I found a red bag made of cloth near me. As no one claimed ownership, I opened the bag. It had 6 pairs of golden bangles wrapped in a paper neatly. I assumed that it is Lord Muruga’s gift to me and I took it to the broker.

What I did was wrong but I thought that I will return these bangles to Lord Muruga’s temple hundi and went on with my pilgrimage. My conscience kept asking me, if what I did was the right thing. But I had no other go. While I was visiting the temples, I found a rich man’s family, who was visiting the battle-house temples. His daughter was suffering from polio and therefore, none was ready to marry her. When he saw me, he liked me and so he asked my parents if I would marry his daughter.

The girl, though uneducated, a bit bulky, disabled, her eyes looked longing. I agreed to marry her. My parents asked me if I am agreeing for the lust of money.

“No. Agastya Muni said that when I visit the 6 battle-houses, a miraculous incident would happen. Hence I agreed to marry her.” -having said this, the lad had come over.

He wanted to know what Agastya would say if his decision was right. The Maha Muni agreed. The boy was pleased. His debts were cleared off and he is living with his wife happily.

O devotees of Agastya!
There is nothing wrong in desiring to come up in life. But one should watch over that the desire doesn’t become a greed and swallow oneself. Agastya’s grace will definitely surround us and protect.

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 172 – Karungulam, needed information for all

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O beloved devotees of Agastya Muni!

I humbly feel that every thought gives an experience from which one can realize the divine’s grace and the mercy of wise ones. When Agastya Muni mentioned about Karungulam and the Navagraha shrine where they are seated with their spouses, He mentioned this simple remedy that everyone can do.

“The place where Nava Grahas are seated with their spouses happened only here in all the world. I asked to come here only to show you this rare sight and to bless you all, to wash off all your curses. All the grahas who always face opposite direction are seated next to each other in a happier mood. Those who think bad of you, plan bad things to happen to you, all of them are going to be just quiet. Whatever the obstacle may be, one need not have to come here, just think of this place and send anything little as a contribution to this place (where Navagrahas are seated with their spouses) and remember. Or, think of them with a pure heart and pray to them, their marital life won’t be affected by any means. Not just that, who does whatever obstacles, everything is within this world of Nava Grahas”.

Karungulam Nava Grahas

I seldom go near Nava Grahas but at the same time, I don’t talk ill about them. If I had to cross their shrine in any temple, I just think ‘This one came to have the darshan of the almighty, there only it goes.” and cross. Sometimes I say, “Please do what you have to do. I am going to surrender myself to the Lord.” and go pass by. I don’t think whether it is right or wrong. When the order came from up, I don’t think about it. It’s my practice.

When a lot of people started inquiring about Karumgulam like the address or phone number, I could not give them these details. I was thinking ‘why weren’t this information available, when Siddha gave so much about this place’. Then I decided to go and get all the information. As I didn’t want to go alone, I asked one of my friends who accepted but there was still some confusion within. Why is Agastya giving me such a task who does not go seeking the Nava Grahas. “O Sire! Please guide me through this. There shouldn’t be any trouble in going here.” – I prayed.

The friend came the night before and asked if our journey is confirmed and related questions. I could not give him an answer and I sat for meditation. I understood that my mind could not take a firm decision on going there. There was a brief silence and then…

“You will see my Aani Thirumanjanam!” – I heard as if someone said this to me. I came out happily and confirmed to my friend that we will proceed with the plan. Then when checking the calendar, I saw that the month Aani is being born the next day. I could understand that something is going to happen and remained at peace.

It got delayed when we started the next day. I assumed that the temple might be open till 10 in the morning. I wasn’t sure if I will get the darshan. It migth be around 10.30 when we reach there. I prayed to Lord Narayana.

“O Lord! We are coming. Please give us darshan. We got delayed. Please do something..”

Karungulam Shrine

It was 10.30 when we reached. As it might take some more time if we climb up the stairs, I should say that Lord Narayana let us travel in a vehicle till hill top. We rushed to the shrine where a number of people from the same family were seated. The shrine was closed. There were two shrines in the hilltop. One is Karungulam Perumal shrine and other is Srinivasa Shrine. The priest had closed the Srinivasa Shrine and was going to the Madapalli (the place where the temple prasad and food is cooked). He came out and called out to the head of the family ‘Has everyone come? I am not sure why, but everything is getting delayed today. Can the Thirumanjanam start now?’ The head of the family nodded after confirming everyone was present. I could only smile. Can the Lord wait for His devotee?

When the priest opened the alankara (decoration), I could see that there were no idol but as that of a Sudhai Sirpam (a form of sculpture). It was made of Sandalwood. It bore a big Nama, slightly bigger than that of Lord Balaji in Tirumala. That’s all.

Abisheka was performed and it was a blessing sight. Though it appeared like a Sthupi (a pillar form, see Google images), it was as if Lord Narayana opened His eyes to see us. I thought its occuring just to me but my friend confirmed it too. We felt a grace surrounded us. We could not pray anything or ask for anything. I just said ‘O Lord, please bless everyone that they live peacefully. Please shower your grace.” When the alankara happened after abisheka, the priest had transformed the Sthupa form of the Lord to Lord Narayana Himself. One has to see in person to know what I mean. It was so beautiful.

The pooja got over and everyone was given three different types of prasad. When inquired about the Nava Graha shrine, someone said that it is there in the Shiva temple at the basement and that the shrine where the Nadi was read, Lord Muruga’s, is there too.

“But now it will be closed. Do something. Find the Shiva temple priest’s house and inquire.” It was very hot. We got down via the stair and found out where the priest lives. He said that his sons will be there though the temple is closed. They will be working on the lamp pooja for the Sastha temple but will open the temple if asked for. I thanked him while leaving and felt that it is not right to ask them to open a temple which is closed. I went there in front of the shrine, prayed ‘I shall visit on time to have your darshan O Lord’ and went to Kotaka Nallur.

We then took a blissful bath for an hour and a half in Thamirabarani and waited for the priest. They opened the shrine at 6 in the evening. No one were there by us. Wonderful darshan. We earnestly thanked the Perumal of Karungulam and returned.

Karungulam Temple

Ok, let me come to the point. Here’s the contact details of Karungulam. Those who wish can do the Parikara as the priest said that he will perform the pooja and send the prasad.

Name of the priest: S. Meenakshi Sundara Battacharya
Address: Shri Mahadeva Marthandeshwara Temple,
Karumkulam, Pincode 628 615.
Thirunelveli District
Phone: +91 9488619703
Residence: +91 04630 264077

O devotees of Agastya, this information is given with a wish that you all can ward off your problems and live peacefully and happily. Please contact and get benefitted. Best wishes.

Another thing. A devotee of Agastya named Manikandan Subramaniyan has agreed that he will send the book ‘Sukam tharum Sundara Kandam’ for free even to those who live abroad, if they wish. Those who wish to get a copy of that book may contact him at If you are lucky, the book will find its place to you.

Another more thing. When I was talking to one of my friends, he said: ‘Just as Lord Shiva has 63 Nayanmar and Lord Narayana has 12 Azhwars, there are 41 devotees of Lord Muruga. There are however no information about them. If there is any book or information about this, please forward it to and Thank you!

Placing everything at the holy feet of Agastya with prayers…

Om Shri Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

~ to be continued…!

Image courtesy: Shrinivasan

The GOS 171 – The history of Kanja Malai

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The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


Pranam to the devotees of Agastya Muni!

As soon as the post about Kanja Malai came, there were quite who inquired about further details. As far as I (the original author of the Tamil series) answered them, a gentleman from Salem named Sami Rajan who reads the Siththan Arul series sent a detailed email about Kanja Malai. I have given the same here below for your information. All credits goes to Sami Rajan.


The sthala (holy place) history of Kanja Malai (or) Chitrakovil…

Shri Siddheshwara Temple

Kalangi Siddha is the guru of Bhoga, who installed the Nava Bashana idol of Muruga in Palani. He comes in the line of Thirumula, who wrote the Thiru Mandiram. He is an expert of Ashtama-Siddhis (eight great Siddhis) such as transcending from one cage (here, the body is referred to as cage, representing the prisoner like situation of a soul which is free and boundless) to another. He established about 7 Mutt (spiritual centers).

“Kanja” means Lotus. It might have been named so as it looked like lotus from above. They say that when Hanuman carried the Sanjeevani Mountain, a portion of it fell down here, which is referred to as Kanja Malai (Gnana Boomi always refers to this incident of ‘a part of Sanjeevani mountain falling in certain place’ as an illustration, which means that the suggested mountain is rich in herbs and other fauna which are medicinally invaluable). As a smaller portion fell down, it might have been called ‘Kanja’ in Tamil, which refers to miser.

How the Siddha came: Kalangi Siddha and His Guru Thirumula came here in search of rare herbs. Thirumula asked His disciple Kalangi to cook for both and went in search of herbs. As the rice was boiling, Kalangi could not find a ladle, he took out a stick piece from a nearby branch to stir the rice. It became black in color. Kalangi Muni got scared that the Guru might get very angry at this. He picked up the rice and ate it all. Just after that, there was a great change in His body. The Kalangi who was a middle aged man became young. It was due to the piece of stick He broke from the plant. Thirumula came back to see that His disciple was missing and there stood a young man.

“Hey there! Did you see my disciple who was here? I am hungry and He seems to have disappeared!” – said Thirumula.

“O Gurudev! I am Kalangi myself” – said Kalangi muni while prostrating at His guru’s feet, explained everything. Thirumula was very surprised though He did not express it. He said, “O you ate before I could! Do a prayaschith (remedial act for a mistake) yourself”. Kalangi put His fingers in to the throat and vomited out what He ate. Thirumula took a few of it and ate it Himself, becoming young too.

The place where they both became young is still here, where the place itself is called ‘Ilam Pillai’ (young one), which is there near to Kanja Malai. Thirumula then ordered Kalangi to help people in their health issues, granting Him the title “Siddha”, to be known as Kalangi Siddha. He eventually became an iron ore and sat right here. It seems He did penance to Lord Shiva for thousand years and Shiva was pleased by it, honoring Him with the title of ‘Siddheshwara’. Hence the Siddha’s shrine is in the form of Shiva Linga right here.

I am very proud to have been born here in Salem where such wonderful incidents happened. It is ideal to say Siddhar Kovil than to say Kanja Malai. The name Siddhar Kovil have transformed to Chitra Kovil.

Thank you Shri Karthikeyan!

R. Samirajan

Take a look at this photos collection:

~to be continued…!

The GOS 170 – Kanja Malai, to get the darshan of Lord Muruga

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The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


The place where Lord Muruga chose the peacock as His vehicle and friend, this place is that special. The peacock with its long beak grabs the snakes. How many ever snakes bite the peacock, the poison does not affect it. He has this peacock. Whoever is bitten by the snake, Muruga sends His peacock to ward off the poison. The mongoose has the courage to grab the snake, even kill it. But still, after killing a snake, it eats the darbai (a grass) to break the poisonous effect for Darbai has that quality.

They put the darpai grass in food in the eclipse day, why I say this is, there is going to be an eclipse in two days. There will be harmful, poisonous effects in the food and to devoid of it, they put the darpai in the food. They keep it in all parts of the house. No matter which herb breaks the poison, this darpai does. If one takes the darpai grass, grinds it and mixes it with honey and consumes it, nothing will happen to him if a snake bites him. The snake on the contrary will die. The poison won’t get mixed in your blood. If consumed thrice a day, the longevity increases. The heart functions normally. The poison is driven away from the body. If honey is mixed with kadukkai and consumed, all sorts of skin diseases will vanish. If darpai is mixed with milk, honey, rosewater and taken in full moon day or amavasya day, any brain or nerve related complaints will be gone.

The mongoose always grabs the head of the snake. I am not sure if you have witnessed a fight between mongoose and snake but let me tell you. It always focuses on the head of the snake and never at any other part of the snake’s body. It bites the head of the snake and throws it away for the mongoose knows where the poison reside. The mongoose’ teeth itself has the quality to break the poison. But for peacock, let the snake bite it how many ever times, the poison does not get in. Such a bird, Lord Muruga chose when He was 7, right here. Even the heirs of that peacock is roaming here.

Not just that. I mentioned about the 29 different Mountains. Its right when Lord Muruga came here, Lord Rama came too. When Lord Muruga wanted to have the darshan of Lord Rama and walked towards His Temple, Lord Rama himself came and embraced Lord Muruga. So, this is also the place where Lord Muruga went to see Rama, but Lord Rama also came with His family, met Muruga, embraced and remained blissful on hearing the Tamil that Muruga sang. This holy place has the capacity to take off the poison. If one visits this place on a Amavasya or Full Moon day or Ashtami or Navami day..they say that Ashtami is not suitable for auspicious things. But if one visits here on Ashtami, whatever good deeds they could not do on other days, all the merits will be given to them if they visit here on an Ashtami day. For some, auspicious day doesnt work.

As they keep thinking bad and attract likewise, how many years it could have been, how many janmas ever it might have been, all the doshas to get washed off, one has to come here on a Ashtami day and have darshan of Lord Muruga, sit blissfully, recite Kanda Shashti Kavacham or Subramanya Bujangam, just three times and go. All the bodies’ ailments will be gone. Particularly the poison, poison in speech, in glance, in body, in character, its what rules the country now. It is the time when the Kali Purusha’s atrocities are increasing. So its poinson everywhere. None knows how it comes, where it comes from but once come, it affects one and his family. I said poison in glance and character. It may be there all around you. Jealous might surround you. They might try to pull you down on having jealousy in your growth.

They may be whoever, just think of this Subramanya seated in His peacock, He will send His peacock and destroy all the poison. Just the feather of the peacock has to touch, the poison wards off. So, this place is not just that one He played, He strolled in all 29 mountains, His foot prints are still seen here. One can hear His laughter.

Those who cannot see Him, those who think of His holy feet, those who are waiting to quarrel with him right royally, His ardent devotees, if they sit in this mount or the shore of this river on a Tuesday between 8 and 9 in the night and call Him ‘Muruga’ with all devotion, He will appear before you, blessings!


(O devotees of Agastya, the sound track stopped with this. I tried with whatever means I could. I even gave it to people in the IT field as experts to see if they can get something out of it. They all said the same thing…there is nothing recorded in it. I thought well, this is all is written in our fate and have given them as it is. Kindly accept).

When researching about this mountain, I got a few information:

1. Those who do Girivalam around this mountain on a Pournami (full moon) or Amavasya day need to go around 18 kilo metres. Even if done once, all the body ailment will be gone when the herbal air touches our body.

2. Nearby this temple around 20 kilometres, there is a place called Ayodhi Pattinam where a Godhanda Rama temple is. It’s a special temple. The Pattabisheka of Sri Rama happened here. As the auspicious time was crossing and not to miss it, they performed the Pattabisheka here first it seems. Then Rama went to Ayodhya and the Pattabisheka happened there again. An important thing is, Sri Rama is seated with one of His legs bent with Seetha Devi, Lakshmana, Anjayena, Sugreeva, Vibeeshana are all standing around.

3. Sri Rama is said to have mentioned that it is sufficient to have His darshan here than in Ayodhya to get His blessings.

Please visit too.

…to be continued…!