The GOS 170 – Kanja Malai, to get the darshan of Lord Muruga

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The place where Lord Muruga chose the peacock as His vehicle and friend, this place is that special. The peacock with its long beak grabs the snakes. How many ever snakes bite the peacock, the poison does not affect it. He has this peacock. Whoever is bitten by the snake, Muruga sends His peacock to ward off the poison. The mongoose has the courage to grab the snake, even kill it. But still, after killing a snake, it eats the darbai (a grass) to break the poisonous effect for Darbai has that quality.

They put the darpai grass in food in the eclipse day, why I say this is, there is going to be an eclipse in two days. There will be harmful, poisonous effects in the food and to devoid of it, they put the darpai in the food. They keep it in all parts of the house. No matter which herb breaks the poison, this darpai does. If one takes the darpai grass, grinds it and mixes it with honey and consumes it, nothing will happen to him if a snake bites him. The snake on the contrary will die. The poison won’t get mixed in your blood. If consumed thrice a day, the longevity increases. The heart functions normally. The poison is driven away from the body. If honey is mixed with kadukkai and consumed, all sorts of skin diseases will vanish. If darpai is mixed with milk, honey, rosewater and taken in full moon day or amavasya day, any brain or nerve related complaints will be gone.

The mongoose always grabs the head of the snake. I am not sure if you have witnessed a fight between mongoose and snake but let me tell you. It always focuses on the head of the snake and never at any other part of the snake’s body. It bites the head of the snake and throws it away for the mongoose knows where the poison reside. The mongoose’ teeth itself has the quality to break the poison. But for peacock, let the snake bite it how many ever times, the poison does not get in. Such a bird, Lord Muruga chose when He was 7, right here. Even the heirs of that peacock is roaming here.

Not just that. I mentioned about the 29 different Mountains. Its right when Lord Muruga came here, Lord Rama came too. When Lord Muruga wanted to have the darshan of Lord Rama and walked towards His Temple, Lord Rama himself came and embraced Lord Muruga. So, this is also the place where Lord Muruga went to see Rama, but Lord Rama also came with His family, met Muruga, embraced and remained blissful on hearing the Tamil that Muruga sang. This holy place has the capacity to take off the poison. If one visits this place on a Amavasya or Full Moon day or Ashtami or Navami day..they say that Ashtami is not suitable for auspicious things. But if one visits here on Ashtami, whatever good deeds they could not do on other days, all the merits will be given to them if they visit here on an Ashtami day. For some, auspicious day doesnt work.

As they keep thinking bad and attract likewise, how many years it could have been, how many janmas ever it might have been, all the doshas to get washed off, one has to come here on a Ashtami day and have darshan of Lord Muruga, sit blissfully, recite Kanda Shashti Kavacham or Subramanya Bujangam, just three times and go. All the bodies’ ailments will be gone. Particularly the poison, poison in speech, in glance, in body, in character, its what rules the country now. It is the time when the Kali Purusha’s atrocities are increasing. So its poinson everywhere. None knows how it comes, where it comes from but once come, it affects one and his family. I said poison in glance and character. It may be there all around you. Jealous might surround you. They might try to pull you down on having jealousy in your growth.

They may be whoever, just think of this Subramanya seated in His peacock, He will send His peacock and destroy all the poison. Just the feather of the peacock has to touch, the poison wards off. So, this place is not just that one He played, He strolled in all 29 mountains, His foot prints are still seen here. One can hear His laughter.

Those who cannot see Him, those who think of His holy feet, those who are waiting to quarrel with him right royally, His ardent devotees, if they sit in this mount or the shore of this river on a Tuesday between 8 and 9 in the night and call Him ‘Muruga’ with all devotion, He will appear before you, blessings!


(O devotees of Agastya, the sound track stopped with this. I tried with whatever means I could. I even gave it to people in the IT field as experts to see if they can get something out of it. They all said the same thing…there is nothing recorded in it. I thought well, this is all is written in our fate and have given them as it is. Kindly accept).

When researching about this mountain, I got a few information:

1. Those who do Girivalam around this mountain on a Pournami (full moon) or Amavasya day need to go around 18 kilo metres. Even if done once, all the body ailment will be gone when the herbal air touches our body.

2. Nearby this temple around 20 kilometres, there is a place called Ayodhi Pattinam where a Godhanda Rama temple is. It’s a special temple. The Pattabisheka of Sri Rama happened here. As the auspicious time was crossing and not to miss it, they performed the Pattabisheka here first it seems. Then Rama went to Ayodhya and the Pattabisheka happened there again. An important thing is, Sri Rama is seated with one of His legs bent with Seetha Devi, Lakshmana, Anjayena, Sugreeva, Vibeeshana are all standing around.

3. Sri Rama is said to have mentioned that it is sufficient to have His darshan here than in Ayodhya to get His blessings.

Please visit too.

…to be continued…!

2 thoughts on “The GOS 170 – Kanja Malai, to get the darshan of Lord Muruga

  1. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agatheesaaya Namah

    Thank you Gnanabhoomi team for all your efforts. This is really appreciated. We will pray that MahaMuni provide us more of Kanja Malai.

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