The GOS 171 – The history of Kanja Malai

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Pranam to the devotees of Agastya Muni!

As soon as the post about Kanja Malai came, there were quite who inquired about further details. As far as I (the original author of the Tamil series) answered them, a gentleman from Salem named Sami Rajan who reads the Siththan Arul series sent a detailed email about Kanja Malai. I have given the same here below for your information. All credits goes to Sami Rajan.


The sthala (holy place) history of Kanja Malai (or) Chitrakovil…

Shri Siddheshwara Temple

Kalangi Siddha is the guru of Bhoga, who installed the Nava Bashana idol of Muruga in Palani. He comes in the line of Thirumula, who wrote the Thiru Mandiram. He is an expert of Ashtama-Siddhis (eight great Siddhis) such as transcending from one cage (here, the body is referred to as cage, representing the prisoner like situation of a soul which is free and boundless) to another. He established about 7 Mutt (spiritual centers).

“Kanja” means Lotus. It might have been named so as it looked like lotus from above. They say that when Hanuman carried the Sanjeevani Mountain, a portion of it fell down here, which is referred to as Kanja Malai (Gnana Boomi always refers to this incident of ‘a part of Sanjeevani mountain falling in certain place’ as an illustration, which means that the suggested mountain is rich in herbs and other fauna which are medicinally invaluable). As a smaller portion fell down, it might have been called ‘Kanja’ in Tamil, which refers to miser.

How the Siddha came: Kalangi Siddha and His Guru Thirumula came here in search of rare herbs. Thirumula asked His disciple Kalangi to cook for both and went in search of herbs. As the rice was boiling, Kalangi could not find a ladle, he took out a stick piece from a nearby branch to stir the rice. It became black in color. Kalangi Muni got scared that the Guru might get very angry at this. He picked up the rice and ate it all. Just after that, there was a great change in His body. The Kalangi who was a middle aged man became young. It was due to the piece of stick He broke from the plant. Thirumula came back to see that His disciple was missing and there stood a young man.

“Hey there! Did you see my disciple who was here? I am hungry and He seems to have disappeared!” – said Thirumula.

“O Gurudev! I am Kalangi myself” – said Kalangi muni while prostrating at His guru’s feet, explained everything. Thirumula was very surprised though He did not express it. He said, “O you ate before I could! Do a prayaschith (remedial act for a mistake) yourself”. Kalangi put His fingers in to the throat and vomited out what He ate. Thirumula took a few of it and ate it Himself, becoming young too.

The place where they both became young is still here, where the place itself is called ‘Ilam Pillai’ (young one), which is there near to Kanja Malai. Thirumula then ordered Kalangi to help people in their health issues, granting Him the title “Siddha”, to be known as Kalangi Siddha. He eventually became an iron ore and sat right here. It seems He did penance to Lord Shiva for thousand years and Shiva was pleased by it, honoring Him with the title of ‘Siddheshwara’. Hence the Siddha’s shrine is in the form of Shiva Linga right here.

I am very proud to have been born here in Salem where such wonderful incidents happened. It is ideal to say Siddhar Kovil than to say Kanja Malai. The name Siddhar Kovil have transformed to Chitra Kovil.

Thank you Shri Karthikeyan!

R. Samirajan

Take a look at this photos collection:

~to be continued…!

5 thoughts on “The GOS 171 – The history of Kanja Malai

  1. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agatheesaaya Namah

    Thank you Karthikeyan sir for sharing such miraculous history of Kanja Malai reported by R Samirajan ji. As there are 29 mountains and skanda muni always show there presence in that area, so definitely that is mysterious place. Kindly share more details if possible.

    Thank you so much to all Gnanabhoomi team.

  2. Jagadeesan says:

    Respected Karthikeyan Sir,

    Thalayaya siddhar Agathiyar padam potri potri.

    Pranams and thank you for sharing this.. I am missing your Tamil mails which you used to send on Thursdays. Please send again. Eagerly waiting for them.

    With respects,


    • Dear Sadhujag
      Shri Karthikeyan mentioned that the posts are published in Siththan Arul blog every Thursday and asked you to check it. Thanks.

  3. Maneet kaur says:

    Om agatheesaaya namah

    Is there medicines for brain calcification or brain damage by toxoplasmic infections(consuming any food or mud during pregnancy with cats litter).

  4. appu says:

    I am told that there is a temple high in the mountains, at kanja malai. I had visited the keezh koil. I would like to know if there is a temple in the mountains and if it is possible to climb and have darshan of the LORD. How difficult is it? Any particular days? Any other relevant information? Please advise.

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